Sunday, April 19, 2009

Responsive Poetry - Thomas Kemp & Glenda Bixler

Remember Me
The house was as cold as the night air.
Snow had been falling for as long as we had been lying
Next to each other we were a pair, a couple of lovers.
We were fit for any story about love.
As you brush the snow from my face with your long hair,
I felt your fingers wipe my tears.
Does passion have a sister or a mother
As lovely as you had become to me?
Where I was cold you were hot and where I was hot you were…
Lost in the darkness of the Moonless hours
Trying to cover your nakedness, worrying about the time
I made just one mistake, telling you to hurry.
Be safe now, and hurry again to my face,
hurry and come to me
Forgive my loud sounds; my rushing kisses…
please, remember me.


Thomas kemp/poet
I Remember...
My bedroom is never warm during winter months
sitting against the hillside, catching the blowing winds
Sleeping alone requires quilts, covers tightly wound 'bout me
How I wish you were here to provide your heat...
I remember the first time we met I'd worn
a sexy coat to look alluring for you
You pulled out one of your own for me to wear to tour
But when I left you said I was lovely and lightly kissed me
So, now, even when we are apart I remember
your voice, low, telling me your stories, your words
You claimed I fell in love with your voice;
perhaps I did, but so what? I wanted to...
The next time, you touched me as I stood
there on the patio, I wanted more, even then
Even though years go by
I remember all those times, those touches
I shall always remember you...
with burning warmth that simmers
and with love...
Glenda Bixler, 2009

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