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False Awakening by Arianna Fox - Young Adult Novel Becomes Personal Favorite For This Adult!

“To the world it will be a surprise How a smart man will succeed and rise And you must stop him at all cost Or hope will eternally be lost He wants a new world – his very own When his company has fully grown.”

Taryn Johnson was completely in shock. She kept opening her mouth to say something, but the truth is, she had no idea what to say. So, she just stared blankly at Chris. Chris exhaled slowly. “I’m sorry. I can’t help you. If you’re here to recruit me because of some secret that I have or know or something, you’re out of luck. I don’t even have this secret. And I’m not a good asset for you, Taryn. Certainly not because of some poem that my dad read to me when I was, like, 9 years old.”

 To say Taryn was disappointed would be an understatement. She looked around the room hastily, clearing her scratchy throat and trying to smile, although it didn’t turn out anything like a smile. “Is there anything I can get you?” Taryn asked. “Tickets back to the States? Coffee? Everyone loves coffee, right?” Taryn snorted a little. Chris just stared downward. “Nothing? Okay.” Taryn frowned as she sat back on her chair and looked at some papers on her desk. “Wait!” Chris finally raised his head and met her gaze. “What do you mean by ‘tickets back to the States’? Are we not in the U.S.?” Taryn smirked a little, swiveling in her chair to face the old, green wooden door. “Go outside and take a peek.” Chris’s gaze followed hers. He quickly stood up and opened the door. His pupils dilated; his heart rate and pulse quickened; his face paled. What he saw was something very few have seen in person before, except as photos in coffee table books or postcards. What he saw was completely breathtaking and almost … otherworldly. He’d seen those pictures and recognized the scene before him. Suddenly he became aware of how he’d been laboring to breathe in the thin air. “I’m in the Himalayas,” Chris whispered, his eyes widening at the familiar mountain peaks, snow-capped, graceful, and majestic. “I’m in the Himalayas!” he shouted as he turned toward Taryn. Taryn joined him on the front porch of the creaky old house. “We’re in the Himalayas,” she confirmed. “It’s where our base is. But there’s no way I’m telling you which mountain it’s on,” she laughed. “Unless you join us, of course. Which, apparently you won’t.” 

“I won’t because I can’t, Taryn,” Chris repeated, annoyed that he cared how she, a stranger, felt. “I don’t know any secret that you’re talking about. Okay?” Taryn looked down thoughtfully, thinking whether she really did believe him. After a few seconds, she slowly looked back up at him and nodded. “Okay, Chris. Okay.” Chris looked at Taryn, his eyebrows scrunched in confusion. He saw a fresh scar on the right side of her neck that he hadn’t seen before in his vision or any of the other times he saw her. He swallowed unsurely as his mind drifted to the fact that she was able to track him down and spy on him in all those dreams of his. He swallowed, ready to ask the question yet dreading the answer that would follow. “Taryn,” Chris asked. “How did you find me in all those dreams? I just don’t understand.” 

“What I am about to tell you is considered ‘CLASSIFIED’ in our logbooks,” Taryn explained, “but I don’t consider it exactly ‘classified’ anyway.” Taryn sighed. “We use our computers. We know what’s been happening to you. We know about the dreams. Your dream-inside-of-a-dream predicament is caused by Erik Kane and his subordinates. Every time I try as hard as I can to reach you, they try as hard as they can to stop me from reaching you and they ‘pull the plug’ in your brain, so to speak. The problem is, though, with every ounce of battery power we use to find you, the more they can track us down and find our base.” She shook her head as if denying the possibility. “I barely understand how they do it, so don’t ask for details. It’s sort of like if you get a phone call from the FBI or CIA or any police, and they’re able to track your call and location as long as you’re on the line. So, yeah, they’re basically everywhere.” She gave him a hard stare. “Those dreams are the key, but I can’t explain. You’ll have to figure it out.”


“Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize Something was actually strange.” - Dom Cobb, Inception

Ok, Ok, it had to happen sooner or later, but I was very impressed when a writer who was 11 when she first published the book, created a character who most of us will recognize! You know, a man who is running for president of the United States and actually has the goal of taking over the entire world... Yeah that one! The characteristics of Eric Kane were so noticeable for me that I was all in on moving forward to the ending...which turned out to be an interesting twist... And an ending statement, "We will be the Coalition of Guardians" which I hope means that there will be at least one, or more, books following!

I'm giving a special shoutout of Kudos to this amazing young writer and highly recommend her book for those between the ages of 9 and 18...or, any book addict you know who reads anything and everything... Seriously any scifi or fantasy reader will enjoy the plot and characters...

Most of the main characters appear to be teens, but could clearly be intellectually and physically prepared for super-hero status, while others are older but as members of the group who had earlier been formed, again with special skills--each one slightly different.

Chris Coleman is the main character and by profession an engineer who enjoys participating in creating gadgets of all kinds such as a thermal jacket that could be regulated hot or cold... Chris was actually on his way to work when he suddenly braked, knowing that something physically was happening to him--everything was spinning. But, as he sat in he middle of the road he realized that his head wasn't spinning--the world was spinning around him! Actually, my first thought was Vertigo! But, it proved to be something much more complicated! 

He had been dreaming. a dream so real that he could hear the horns blaring and people screaming for him to get out of the way! But in that dream, there was a woman with piercing eyes watching him, seriously, but he just thought she was frustrated with the delay...

Shall we say that was his first encounter, of a different kind?

Because even while he got dressed and went outside, he was still groggy as he began to drive. Chris was fearful that he would be ok. And, almost immediately he remembered what his father would always tell him when he was afraid:
Do you remember what you do when you’re scared, or worried, or sad? You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think to yourself, “I got this.” I believe in you, son.

But when he got to work and was interacting with his co-workers, he noticed a woman watching him--who later was gone. His friends teased him about his new imaginary friend... But he could see her in his mind, almost like a dream and she was telling him that she needed his help!

And, then, readers, you will be taken completely out of the plot as a journalist log book is thrown into the mix, as if, like we see on television, the journalist is attempting to record what is happening, but sometimes hasn't even a clue of what is going on... Then at other times, he will be providing new info to we readers... And, really, folks, isn't that the way we get our world news? This one concept, thrown in by the writer, reveals a level of creativity that is simply fascinating...

Readers will begin to be on edge as dreams are described and cries for help are heard, one of which seemed to be coming from a little baby in a crib! What is going on? And, soon, Chris was astounded when he woke up, looking around and could see mountains! Where was he? Later, he would remember that Eva, one of the other engineers with whom he's been friendly, had surprised him by giving him a shot. But he had been feeling woozy, blacking out, and waking up, not sure whether he was dreaming...or not...

But, at least, this time, there was somebody there to talk to. Taryn Johnson, a member of a group calling themselves The Rebellion... She then went on to tell him about the danger presented by Erik Kane who was head of a large corporation and who was now running to be president of the United States...
Chris nodded after a few moments of thinking. “Okay, fine! I’ll wait, but not for long.” He paused and sighed. “Erik Kane,” he murmured, “the billionaire businessman?” At her nod, he shook his head as if to clear it. This was getting weirder by the minute. Chris looked up at Taryn. “Now, why in the world do I need to stop Erik Kane of all people?” Taryn gave him a cold and serious stare. “Erik Kane is not just some hotshot businessman. His father … how do I put this? His father, Dominic Kane, is a murderer and a liar. He tricked us all into electing him President of the United States, but he really used that position to help him elevate himself. He wanted world dominance, but two terms in the White House wasn’t quite long enough to achieve it. He even started the process—don’t you remember that big nuclear scare? Yeah, that was Kane. So now that his son Erik is running for President, we need to make sure we defeat him before he begins Phase Two of his plan for ruling the world just like his father did.” “Consider your words marked, Taryn, but I’m still confused as to what he does, or did, that’s so evil that we have to stop him—him, the son of the former President, for crying out loud. And why me?” Chris tried at his old point again. “Didn’t his father do the evil things, not Erik himself?” “It’s not what he did, Chris,” Taryn said. “It’s what he wants.
I know this sounds corny or cheesy, like one of your favorite action movies, but Chris, please just listen to me. The rules he’ll put into play are wicked and cruel. And he’s a smart man, too smart for any of us to try to defeat him individually. Somehow he seems to know our every move; whenever we go on a special mission to try to track him and his base down, we lose several men. Good soldiers, too. Those that are gone are gone because of Erik Levi Kane.”

Sorry, folks, but that's about all I dare to share...You really have got to read the book to move into and out of the dreams, always wondering is this a False Awakening...or am I really in a lot of trouble?! The scenes are both intriguing and fun to consider as Chris little by little learns...the...secret...he...has!


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Diamonds In The Dumpster: A Silver Sisters Mystery Presented by Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner - Join The Fun!

“Stuff it. He’s got enough to do as it is.
Besides, don’t you know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”
“Hogwash. We’re old. 
We learn new tricks all the time.”

“Such a mensch, my son-in-law!” Flossie reached up and patted his cheek. “It was so sweet of you to do this for us. I read the cards this morning and they even indicated magic and mystery—reminded me of that old Beatles song Magical Mystery Tour.

Flossie plopped into her chair just as the orchestra began to play a John Phillip Sousa march and the lights dimmed. A stream of waiters carrying trays of Baked Alaska adorned with flashing sparklers marched around the dining room in step with the music. Their waist-length red jackets, worn over crisp white trousers, featured epaulets trimmed with gold braid. Their snazzy uniforms added to the spirit of a wonderful parade. Most of the other diners were excited, but Flossie was bummed. 
“I didn’t learn a darn thing. She couldn’t get rid of me fast enough.” “Well, Old Girl, I guess this show’s a wrap. Ali Kazaam won’t be zapping any more assistants with his electronic doodads, his murderer has been caught, and the elusive Jade will remain an enigma. It was an exciting cruise, though, with some mystery theater thrown in to keep us on our toes.” Flossie scooped a few morsels off her plate into a napkin and tucked them into her handbag. “I’ll bring these to Waldo. I think he deserves some extra treats for his part in sniffing out the bad guys.” “You can say that again. Waldo got quite a workout. I’m glad we left him in the cabin tonight. 
To think, Goldie thought this cruise would be relaxing. Hah!” Before they left the table, Red gave Flossie and Sterling hugs and told them how great it had been to have them on his ship. “Sorry about the murder, but I really didn’t have any control over that.” 
“Oy, it was a real shame that arrogant Sheik bit the dust, but it sure made things exciting for us.” Red shrugged. “That it did, but I could do without that kind of excitement. I might not see you in the morning because I’ll have my hands full with the passengers disembarking.” “Don’t worry about us, Red. Flossie and I will find our way off the ship with no problem.” “Just the same, I arranged for you to be in the first group of passengers to leave. Deke Hand, one of my crew members, will come to your cabins, help you with the whole process and hand you off to Godiva. I talked to her last night and she’ll be waiting at the dock. Take care of my favorite service dog, okay? I’ll miss old Waldo.”


What a Fun Story! I've been on several cruises, but never ones that resulted in my finding a dead body! And that's not even the whole story... He had been murdered! Ok, we knew that somewhere along the way there was going to be at least one murder, else it wouldn't be a mystery where amateur detectives actually solve the case! But... Most of the time, one of the detectives would not have verbally accosted the victim... Oy vey, what a mess!

So, let's begin at the beginning. Two retired magician act members--Sterling Silver and his sister-in-law, Flossie Silver, who was his assistant--but is also the proud mother of a set of twins--Godiva and Goldie--and Waldo the Wonder Dog. They now all of are living in small bungalows on the estate of Godiva who is a rich widow who arranges for the "oldsters" to go on a cruise. Goldie only comes for a visit from her primary home in Alaska, to help in this time of Distress, yes, with a capital D! 

Red Pepper, Goldie's husband, is Captain of a cruise ship, the Aurora Borealis... and after much discussion among the family, Red agreed to host Sterling and Flossie on a cruise when it would be hosting magicians from all over! And, with a little bit of truth-twisting, Waldo was to become Sterling's service dog because he was prone to "fits" and Waldo could tell when one was coming on and help...

Thing was, when Sterling actually had the "fit" for which he would be later jailed, Waldo did little, to help Sterling, because he was later very busy finding the body of Sheik Ali Kazaam... who was twisted between several deck chairs and discovered on an evening stroll during which Flossie pointed out that Sterling really shouldn't have made such a fuss after performance. The key point for Sterling was that the Sheik used electronic gizmos and the Sheik's former assistant had been electrocuted during their last rehearsal... Now, she had been replaced by another beautiful woman who could also be accidentally hurt because the Sheik had chosen these dangerous tools rather than learn the old, but safer vaudeville magic...

Even though Sterling was very upset, he, nonetheless, was personally attracted to the turban that the Sheik wore! And, when they found the Sheik and Flossie had gone for help, Sterling had picked up the turban between the deck chairs and stuffed it down deep into Flossie's large bag in which she always carried possible needs, including water, a sweater...and more... That would prove to be the worst mistake that Sterling had ever made, or at least...the latest! 

Of course, the investigation begins onboard; however, everybody there, including Red's family members were not only allowed to leave, but he had arranged for them to leave as part of the first group and would be met by Red's Wife, Flossie's daughter...

Actually, once they had left the ship is when the major work on the murder mystery begins... And it becomes quite complex, even if readers can begin to identify the villains. While the plot may be simple and fun, the complexity is found in the characters and how they play their roles... Flossie is certain, when she finds out that Sterling had stolen the turban, that it would lead to bad luck and began to read the cards to find out exactly what could happen. While the two daughters got together, comparing their clothes and personalities that were so different even as twins and then settled down to work.

Godiva was a newspaper columnist, called Ask G.O.D. for Advice and they had so many submissions, they picked the very "worst" to print:
Dear G.O.D., A few weeks ago I got sick and my husband said he would take care of the house. In a couple of days, when I felt better, I walked around and everything looked fine until I opened the dishwasher. I don’t know what he was thinking, but there in the top basket along with the glasses and cups were two toilet bowl brushes, a pair of old sneakers and the mud flaps from his pickup truck. Now I can’t bear to eat off my dishes. I’m using paper cups and plastic spoons. He says the hot water sanitizes everything and I’m just acting crazy, but I’m ready to throw the bum out with the dishwater. What should I do?

So readers will enjoy reading a number of letters from the many who seek advice... and I have to say, the responses are just as explosive as you will ever see in similar columns you might have read. I love this silly little addition to our reading pleasure. 

By the way, did I mention that the main characters, Sterling and Flossie are in their eighties?! And, it was very clear that Flossie had the deeper drive to solve what happened... Her persistence in chasing after those with whom she wanted to speak is intense and when it results in not having moved the case further, she quickly acknowledges she shoulda, coulda, woulda figured it out if only... Actually, though, I could be wrong, but I think this book will have a follow-up story... Otherwise, there's a lot of rare jewels that are floating somewhere around the world, only waiting for Sterling and Flossie to get back on the trail! And I'll be waiting to follow them wherever they travel... I'm hooked on this fantastic and endearing family who comes together for any crisis... Got to love them all!

“Hmmmph. Who’d ever thought you’d have a jade Buddha, a gaudy menorah, and a huge jewel-encrusted gold cross all in the same display? Either she’s got a sense of humor, or can’t make up her mind. Wanna go in?”


Flossie jumped in before her daughter could say anything, “I just don’t get it, with your sister’s looks and all her money you’d think she’d find the prince—not the frog. But, what does she do? She attracts another schlemiel.”



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Come With Me to Rancho Mirage, CA Where The Heat is High and Murder, Mayhem and Madness Occurs! Presented by Anna Celeste Burke


So Posh Even Thugs Wear Armani!

And, supposedly, Irving Berlin wrote White Christmas in the gracious resort with magnificent views of snow-capped mountains in the winter.

I don’t think it has anything to do with God, if there is one, since I’m not too sure about that right now. We’re all just a bunch of imperfect people doing imperfect things. All we can do is pick ourselves up and trudge on. Maybe someday things will make more sense than they do right now.

Jessica dragged herself out of bed, took a quick shower, and dressed in a fresh set of leggings and a t-shirt. When she got to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee, she tried not to look at the backyard where the crime scene tape was flapping in the morning breeze. As she was about to sit down and drink her coffee, the doorbell rang. She jumped out of her skin. 

From the back wing, she heard Bernadette holler something about “security company… guard gate called… be there in a minute.” “I’ll get it! You stay put unless you want to meet our new babysitters.” “Of course I do,” Bernadette said, hustling down the hall toward Jessica. Jessica went to the front door and looked through the peephole. A tall man with broad shoulders, stood at the door. He was wearing a polo shirt with the name of the company emblazoned on the shirt and a pair of khakis. Still being cautious, Jessica opened the door with the security chain in place. “Can I see some I.D.?” “Ms. Huntington-Harper, I presume?” “I.D. please.” He reached into a pocket of his khakis and pulled out an identification wallet. He passed it to Jessica who looked at it. The man standing before her matched the picture on the I.D. badge and the name was the same one given to her when she’d called the firm the night before. She breathed a little easier, closed the door to release the security chain, and invited him in. 

Peter March did just that. He marched into the house. His bulky figure almost filled the doorway as he crossed the threshold. “You want coffee?” Bernadette asked as she slid into hostess mode. “That would be great. I understand there’s been trouble.” As he said that, he peered at Jessica’s still blemished face. “Anyone else injured?” he asked. “Brien the pool guy, a friend of ours who went home last night after the latest ruckus,” Jessica said in response to his question. 

“Ruckus, huh? By that do you mean the surreptitious entry into the gated community, breach of your property, and the attempted kidnapping of your house guest?” “Yeah, that’s it. Well, that’s part of the story.” “Tell him about the guy I shot. He’s injured too, in the trasero.” Bernadette pointed to her own behind as she spoke. “You can fill me in a little more, and then I’d like to walk around the house and grounds, if that’s okay with you two. After that I can make a recommendation about how we can best be of service.” As he spoke, he slid the dark glasses he wore to the top of his head. His hair clipped short, was worn almost in a buzz cut. When he raised his hand to move his glasses, Jessica noticed he wore an insignia ring. He caught her looking at it. “Annapolis grad, class of ’82. I served twenty-five years with the Navy before I took on this job, a member of their special forces. Most of our staff members are ex-military or have law enforcement backgrounds. We provide armed response, but avoid the use of more force than necessary. We can talk about what else you can do to make the premises more secure after I do my walk through.” 

“How do you take your coffee Mr. March?” Bernadette asked, smiling sweetly at the massive man trailing after her into the kitchen. Even the hulking Mr. March couldn’t resist St. Bernadette’s enticing smile. He responded with a broad smile that revealed a perfect set of dazzling white teeth. The smile softened the rugged features of his face, etched with years of wear and tear Jessica wasn’t sure she cared to learn more about. He wasn’t an unpleasant man, just daunting. Seeing small scars, one on his jaw and another on his right cheek, Jessica reached up and touch the remnants of the scrape on her face. The area around her eye was no longer tender, but still discolored by faded purple, red, and yellow hues. She felt safer just walking behind the wall of a man. Things would settle down now. They just had to.


Jessica, the lead character, who had filed for divorce when she caught her husband in their bed with a bimbo, had still not signed the divorce papers; and, indeed, had fallen into depression while she was still carrying them, only getting some relief when she went out and binged shopping at the elite stores of her small community, Rancho Mirage... Or, consider the latest fiasco, when Bernadette woke her up with not only her gay friend but the pool boy in her bed--and Jessica had no idea what they had gotten into! Yeah, she might be rich, but that didn't help much at this point...

She later realized that, only after her best friend, Laura's, husband was murdered and she had been asked to represent his wife, in case she was questioned as the prime suspect, did she begin to move past her depression. On the other hand, her best friend was now drowning in her worries, as they were finding that her husband had been in trouble financially, and it was very possible that she would not only lose her home, but would be in jail if they didn't discover who had murdered her husband...

Quickly, Jessica took charge, once again being able to use her legal experience in helping her friend. Soon, she had pulled together her "cat crew" who would be helping in the investigation. Even Detective Hernandez was willing to share information since she was rich enough to have a dedicated private investigator working on the case, as well as her own pro bono participation...

Who knew that her entire crew would be followed? That became abundantly clear when Jessica was first attacked!

She remembered a favorite quote her mother borrowed from Dorothy Parker and used in response to telephones and doorbells: What fresh hell is this?

And then everybody realized that whoever murdered Laura's husband wasn't going to wait around for any investigation, because the Armenians were involved!

 Even hairline fractures in your soul can shatter under pressure if you don’t work at it—cultivate fortitude and courage—virtues like that.

“Margarit Tilik took a pack out of her purse yesterday and I got a whiff. That reminded me of the odor you described when you first walked into the house Saturday morning. I asked Tommy to pick up a pack so we can check it out. Anyway, Margarit claims that Roger was her driver several days last week, and had been her driver since April. That coincides with the start of those cash payments. Her fiancĂ©, a man named Alan Bedrossian, is the one who hired and paid Roger. Does that name ring a bell either?” “It’s all news to me; the job, the woman, her fiancĂ©, and the little BMW sports car parked outside my house. I’ll bet she’s gorgeous. If she came to the house in that sports car, why does she need a driver?” “Good question. She also works as a courier and translator for Alan Bedrossian. It sounds like he’s the suspicious type and uses the drivers as spies to keep tabs on his sweetheart. Quite the love story, huh?” “Couriers, translators, and spies! Who is Alan Bedrossian? Is he some reclusive billionaire businessman, or a government agent or something?” “Well, not exactly. Now that you mention it, they do kind of remind me of Boris and Natasha, the spies in those old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon shows. He’s a businessman, but not altogether legit. I’m not sure yet how he and Roger hooked up, but Bedrossian’s well-connected to a lot of nasty things. I think he goes to the head of the list as the most unsavory character in the middle of this debacle. His beloved, Margarit, is a close second.” “And Roger’s not too far behind! I just didn’t know the man. Did he change or was I deluded all those years as his wife?” she asked a plaintive tone in her voice.


I have a hard time placing this book in the cozy mystery genre, even if a number of amateur detectives are part of the crew trying to solve the murder of Laura's husband, Roger, who had been keeping a lot from his wife. Mainly because of the setting! It's hard to feel fear for the main character when she's asked to come to a spa where she will have a scheduled appointment while she learns from a woman who drinks one after another, and slurs her words explaining exactly what had been happening leading up to the murder...

Seriously, folks, you just cannot get too excited when you are enjoying the absurdities of the rich and famous, who, upon learning of a murder, the main character goes out to buy an entire wardrobe for her friend, adding on several items for herself, her housekeeper, and even her friend's sister! And then, in these new clothes, gets attacked, ruining those new clothes so badly that they are immediately thrown away...twice!

On the other, the cat crew that was formed around Jessica revealed a closeness, a concern for each other that only good friends would exhibit. Even the hired PI rapidly is absorbed into the crew, while his boss, upon meeting Jessica, immediately begins to think about adding her to his legal firm now being formed. The characters are each so original that you wonder just how they were conceived--after all, the rich and famous rarely cares or even knows the name of their pool boy, right? But he's right there in the middle, helping to keep everybody safe...

What an escape from reality, isn't it? That's why it is so much fun... But then, readers find little gems of wisdom to ponder, such as the ones included here:

Money, while not the root of all evil, was certainly fertile ground for misguided choices. Her own life of privilege had shown her that.

I think you will enjoy this one and, yes, it has a satisfactory ending that clears everything up! Kudos to the Author, Anna Celeste Burke...


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Lin Wilder Presents Plausible Liars - A Dr. Lindsey McCall Medical Mystery! This is the Best Book Written Thus Far by An Outstanding Author!


Plausible Liars Finalist Book Excellence

Medical Fiction 2023

"Father John said, speaking into the silence, “I’ve learned that it is best to first understand the consequences when seeking to rescue another person.”

University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston Doctorate in Public Health, Medical Ethics 

Boston University Boston University MS, Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration

Dominican College Bachelor's degree, English Language and Literature/Letters

This latest book is the 5th in Series. It also includes A Price for Genius (3) Malthus Revisited (4) Do You Solemnly Swear (2) and The Fragrance Shed by a Violet (1)

This novel may be as important to you, as it was to me. In fact, I included information on the author's credentials. To me, knowing the background of a writer often allows me to evaluate what is covered in the book and whether the writer has the credentials to have done so. I know that I usually reserve this for non-fiction books. However, this book in many places reads as a non-fiction book and, in my opinion, the author's inclusion of documentation was needed to make this book, in my opinion, the best book that I have read by this author, and, the best coverage of a sensitive issue that must prove that the information is Truthful...

Plausible Liars is a Must-Read. Given the state of America where lying has become acceptable, even by our highest office holder, this could be the most important book written by the author, thus far.

Many of us will remember the sensation when Bruce Jenner, named as the greatest athlete suddenly proceeded to move toward become a transgender woman. And letting the world know about it... Let me very clear, Gender Identity is now a choice that is covered under Federal Government Laws. BUT 
Bruce Jenner was in middle age when he moved forward by choice... I support the coverage, just as I support laws that cover those of us, such as me, as a woman who has been discriminated against, is covered...under the phrase All Are Created Equal.

BUT, as we also all have seen, those who are prone to "hate," often may be those who have been torn apart by hatred, discrimination, prejudice, and often find  themselves in trouble, through no action or fault of their own. In fact, many have found that only through pushing for recognition are they able to be the person that they really are... For me? I believe this is a matter between the individual and God... and possibly family, if age is relevant.

Plausible Liars is a fascinating, heart-breaking story of people who have been influenced by their past and, many more than the average individual, have formed either a tough skin, or a world of pain in which they must live. Even Bruce Jenner in the early video above, expressed that what he felt inside was what he had always felt... Key issue is that he was old enough to make that decision himself, perhaps through counseling, religion, or just spending years reviewing what he knew about himself and what he was willing to do about it.

I felt compelled to provide basic groundwork before I proceeded. Because this very important book is about gender identity... And there are so many misconceptions, disinformation, and confusion in knowing what is true or not... Why? Because we already know that many are using religion to promulgate hatred, divisiveness, and violence...

Note:  These two cases, in my opinion, are quite different from the two in the book, although there would be some, as is seen, that have strong opinions about what is happening... I welcome further discussion through the comment section immediately after each post... We all have the right to have opinions, as long as we remain open for receiving further information and listen to opposing views. How else are we to learn and better understand each other?

I have seen this over and over and over. The government announces a new policy... Yet does nothing to ensure implementation and training... One of the major issues I got involved with is when the new American Disabilities Act was approved. An Important Act, but little guidance was given for actual implementation. They put out some specifications about measurements, but, especially in classrooms for which I was responsible, they stuck an empty location in the front of the room in case somebody was in a wheelchair. That's it! Nothing about hearing or seeing limitations were even considered, yet there were undoubtedly more of those problems than with somebody in a wheelchair. And what if that individual who was expected to sit in the front, yet could not see over the demonstration bench for labs, which was the instructor's location for teaching? The thing is that America has gotten into a very bad habit--we stereotype anything and everything that we either don't like or that we have not taken the time to think through the ramifications and actually establish a plan of action or indeed a solid breadth and scope of knowledge for any given issue. It was my job to be responsive to all ADA facilities issues, particularly in classrooms, and later in facilities planning of all facilities.

I include this trailer by a book review agency. The emphasis on drugs, in my opinion, sadly misses the full impact of the book. For surely, how drugs are being prescribed is very important, but, in my mind, the impact of possibly allowing a sex change to take place... is the primary topic of the book, even if drugs are in some way, related or, at least covered in equal weight. Disinformation? On Purpose? We can't be sure, can we?

Please note that when something has been made a law, some division is responsible for implementation. Certainly, we all expected the past president, when he initiated the Covid vaccine with pharmaceutical companies to also begin planning for implementation and distribution. He did not. In fact, he began to cause problems related to masking even as his own administrative departments were giving tight regulations for Americans... causing mass infighting rather than allowing the major concern to be to save all lives if at all possible.

And certainly when gay marriages were made legal, if regulations and procedures had been distributed--perhaps they were?-- then we would not have had court cases, such as having to decide whether to bake a cake for a gay couple getting married. If you choose to work as a service provider, then you should do the job fully. Your religious concerns has no place in doing a job, but that's my opinion, maybe because I believe that doing your job is an act of service to Him.

Somewhere along the line, individuals started making a choice based upon their own life. They felt more like boys than girls (or vice versa). For instance:
Lili Elbe (born December 28, 1882, Vejle, Denmark—died September 13, 1931, Dresden, Germany) Danish painter who was assigned male at birth, experienced what is now called gender dysphoria, and underwent the world's first documented sex reassignment surgery. Born Einar Wegener, Elbe lived nearly her whole life as a man.

These changes began and were considered new options until around 1969 when they became more normalized... And it was in the mid-1980s when the government recognized these individuals and allowed the surgery... Later the Supreme Court merely added sexual identity to be covered under a current law on discrimination. 

But as the author, Lin Wilder, determined that she would write the book she had been asked to write, she realized that she would have to dig deep into her characters--to be more empathic, perhaps, than she had ever been before. Readers will know this as her main character, Dr. Lindsey McCall, shares both the internal thoughts of those involved--yes, from both sides of the story... I was especially impressed with this, because it reflects the maturity of the author in ensuring her complete story is told--even when we, as readers, may understand the why of the "villain" in this case, but know that his decision was based upon his personal past and should never have been used to advise and counsel others... Shall we, then, begin...


"The beauty around her pushed back the malicious darkness of social engineering and the insanity of a world led by people who deified humanity while wholly unconscious of consequences."

“The story, tell me the whole story.” Kate smiled and wiped away her remaining tears. “Because three-year-old Danny Sugarman decided he no longer wanted to be called Danny but Susan, Addison Meeks, the preschool teacher, bought Danny/Susan a chocolate cake with the name ‘Susan Sugarman’ written on it. Then Addison took all the kids outside to circle Danny and sing, ‘Susan, come out.’ Danny removed his pants and put on a skirt Addison had purchased. 

Since I was getting JH early for once, I got to see and hear the entire bizarre party. “After I parked, I sat and watched because it looked odd. The kids were outside, and Danny Sugarman was in the middle of their circle, looking at a cake. Curious, I got out of the car and walked up the driveway. When I got there, Danny began crying hysterically, screaming that he didn’t want to be Mia, over and over. The other kids, including JH, started to cry, too. So, I asked Addison if I could help. When she said I could, I picked up Danny, swapped the skirt for his trousers, and he stopped crying instantly. Addison didn’t care for that. She asked me what I was doing and why. “Instead of answering her, I suggested we get all the children back inside the kindergarten. I hoped the situation could be managed before the other moms and nannies arrived. So, I had JH take Danny and two girls inside the kindergarten without waiting for Addison to say anything. 

Meanwhile, Addison asked me again why I’d changed Danny back into the trousers he’d been wearing before he ‘came out.’ “‘Addison, you heard Danny screaming because he didn’t want to be like his older sister, Mia, right? And now he’s no longer screaming. You see this, correct? In fact, he’s acting like any other three-year-old little boy, chasing after JH and the others.’” Although it had been months, Kate shook her head, still trying to process what seemed like wholly irrational behavior on the part of the young teacher. “Addison nodded as if she agreed and started to say something, but I cut her off and asked her why she would treat a three-year-old child as mature enough to decide that he wanted to be a girl and then to treat him as if he were a transgender male to female, even ceremonially changing his name and clothing. Why would she do such a thing? Then I asked if Danny’s parents had told her it would be OK with them.” Listening to Kate’s objective and straightforward story, Lindsey was impressed with how she’d handled herself. She had covered all the angles, even the unlikely possibility that Danny’s parents would approve of him transitioning to a girl. 

“Acting huffy, Addison said that she’d studied under Dr. Matt Heathcock, one of the theorists who brought the diagnosis of gender dysphoria into the twenty-first century. He also wrote and passed the transgender education legislation pioneered in California.” Kate smiled sardonically. “Another step forward for humanity from Sacramento.” Lindsey shook her head, impressed by this gutsy, levelheaded woman. “According to Addison, Danny has the right to decide his gender,” Kate continued. “Since Danny had been calling himself a girl for the last couple of afternoons, Addison felt obligated as his teacher to ‘affirm’ his gender identity. She said that, unfortunately, parents are frequently too ‘emotionally involved’ to help their children become who they are meant to be. “Once we got the detritus of the cake cleaned up and all twelve of the kids back inside, Addison thanked me for my help. For a moment, I thought she was having second thoughts about what had happened. So, I asked Addison if she planned to speak with Danny’s parents about the party and what had happened. Then you’ll never guess what this twenty-something-year-old child did. She smiled at me and said, ‘Kate, you mean Susan’s parents, not Danny’s, right?’” 

Lindsey studied Kate. “What? You’re looking at me as if I’ve developed a third eye or something, Lindsey!” “I’m just flabbergasted at this story.” She picked up the second scone and broke off a piece. Without picking it up, Lindsey said, “And I can’t express how very proud I am to be your friend.” Toying with the piece of scone, Lindsey popped it into her mouth, swallowed, and said, “So many of us would have just grabbed our kid and walked away. And tried to forget what had happened. Even pretend it didn’t happen.”


I love all the characters in this book, especially the two female lead characters who are also friends, Lindsey McCall and Kate Townsend, the latter being a Pulitzer Prize winning Investigative Journalist. Kate had just completed a series of articles for her newspaper, while Lindsey has been counseling a local teenager at his request while he volunteered to care for dogs in her clinic... The book opens as Lindsey and Kate have just been let out of jail on bail for wrongful death of a minor... The teenager had died...

Readers then begin to hear from two successful and involved women, first, separately, and then together, in participating in issues which directly affect the children of America... Kate had already finished with the last in a series of articles concerning transgenderism. 

While Lindsay had only become involved because the young teenager was a friend of a young student living with Lindsay's family. I will quickly point out that Morgan, the involved friend has Autistic spectrum disorder … Asperger’s, high-functioning autism, with high perception abilities who knew what was happening with her friend before anybody else... I was pleased to see her character since I've had the pleasure of living with a great-nephew who exhibited the traits I was reading in the book, although Morgan has a paranormal ability as well... Cool, right?!

"Once again, Lord, there are no coincidences with you, are there? Father John had acted as consultant and advisor to their mutual friend, Kate Townsend, for the last few months..."

You see, a triangle of faith had been made by that time and when either of the women felt a need for guidance, they called Father John. Lindsey had called him about the young teen, but during that conversation, Father John was able to tell Lindsey all about the work of Kate, with whom she had not been in contact with for some time... Surely, this was a sign, a God Incident, where concern for His children, was brought forward for His faithful to help correct, but for one, it was too late, sadly...

Kate had had a hard time getting into what she needed to write. She kept seeing the results of what could happen allowing children to choose a sex change. Surely everybody should know this, right?

Wrong... for one reason or another, an individual can become so immersed in their opinions, their beliefs, that they may feel like they are acting as they should. The woman in the above video, also a teacher, thought she was being responsive to the child... However, the teacher in Kate's experience had pointed out her training, her indoctrination of an important issue and chose to act immediately and extremely with the child she was now teaching. Based upon the teachings she had received from an individual with skewed and strong negative thinking of what his own life was like--and, actually, thinking that he, too, was helping children...

Where and How Did We Come To This? In my personal opinion, when we fail to place Love Your Neighbor, whoever they are, as primary to our decisions, then our children are those who suffer and grow to be what they may become, based upon, even, sometimes religious beliefs... Children must learn through what they see, what they are taught nonverbally as well as verbally. And, when parents aren't prepared--if teachers aren't prepared--if religious leaders aren't prepared-- only then, it seems that laws came into existence to protect those damaged by actions that are based on wrong information...

While Kate was highlighting concerns about teachers with access to young children too young to make any decisions, Lindsey had been working with a teenager who was being prepared for a sex change from female to male. From an early age. But then her body was maturing, she started binding her breasts! The medication was causing major problems for her and she on her own had started to slow down taking the meds. In other words, she was already prepared and needed to talk to somebody to prevent an operation that was already scheduled... Lindsey was that person who had been helping her. But the damage was already too far along...

Now here's a key factor for me and I believe readers as they begin to digest this important novel. Remember what I said about love? For thousands of years, people have not been satisfied with working together. Many, such as the early slaves brought to America against their will, were abused and started to fight back. Many wanted money and power and did anything to get that. You will see that the characters in this book are either loving and concerned, or they are mentally skewed, not able to see the children as somebody to love and protect... Unfortunately, at this point, our children are getting the brunt of those in power wanting to continue in power, regardless of concern...for...anybody... Think separation of children from parents at the border years ago that still haunts us because many have never been reunited... Or think of the children who have died by gunfire, because republican politicians refuse to take certain guns away!

Those who are loving are forced into legal battles such as both Kate and Lindsey were placed. Laws are only as good as the people who forced laws to be made are. Meaning, they can't force everybody to love one another. The world is in a crisis made by those who have no concern for anybody but themselves. Our children, God's children are suffering.

What do we do? Well, as you know, I read and talk about what I read. Writers are writing about what they see and learn about. They do the research and present both fiction and non-fiction for all of us to learn from, to begin to understand more about what those who place themselves above the law as well as above Love for more than themselves, is doing to the world we live in.

In my opinion, this book is the most important book thus far written by Lin Wilder. She strikes deep into a subject that is not only confusing and hard to understand for those of us who don't truly have those feelings... and, which, is being used by political power thirsty individuals who... really... don't... care... about... anything... but... staying... in...power... When you see things like transgenderism, which is normally a small percentage--a small group of people who have these feelings... AND... Are Adults... suddenly become a visible "issue" of politicians, then we need to be prepared to participate and logically talk about it. Certainly it is in schools. Teachers who have never had training or bad guidance based upon disinformation; i.e., information that is purposely skewed or falsified in order to have acceptance by the listener... Just like Physicians who have had training but are being threatened with jail for trying to help those desperately in need during difficult pregnancies... This is Crazy!

Then, my readers, you have a world of chaos and such great turmoil that we can not even trust our courts to be truthful and concerned for all of our citizens... If you have children, read this book! But, more, read books or movies like God and Country, to begin to understand and realize that we must all be involved.

Because, there is no way around it. Following God's guidance in placing Love--for Him--and for our neighbors--first, or we will possibly lose our great nation. Be diligent, force yourself to watch multiple news, not just what makes you feel comfortable... If you are not up to date on the hate and violence that is occurring daily in America and across the world... Then, you really have no reason to ever make any personal statement, even for voting... If you do not Love... If you seek only violence, power, and hatred of all those who are different from you... then, we, the world of Love will reject you...Humans are different from God. God may forgive you at the final hour... But a mother who has lost a child to guns, to disinformation, to hate... will never forget what those who choose Hate have done to our country...

And, thank you Lin, for taking the challenge and writing this book! Indeed it is clearly a book inspired by God...


Friday, January 12, 2024

Open Memoir: Emotionally Damaged - I Believe in Evil But--Is it The D....?


This is meant to be satiric...I thought I'd better say that up front today--yes, I guess it is today even though, once again, I got up in the middle of the night... You know, folks, I wouldn't say that I've spent a lot of time expanding my vocabulary, because, simply, I want to know what each word means when I use it... I call myself a literalist... Actually, I didn't even know that word was "real" before I checked... What I meant when I made myself a literalist was that I take words in a literal fashion...

As I mentioned earlier, I had decided to read the latest book from Lin Wilder--a writer I much admire. So, when in the front of the book, I read this:

Writing Plausible Liars has reintroduced me to the inescapable fact that delving deep into what we know is unnatural and indefensible forces a plunge into the problem of evil. What is it? Why does it exist? Then we must look at it and name it.

Evil - It even sounds "bad." And, placing a D in front of the word, well, that zoomed me back to Sunday School, maybe around 7 or 8--old enough to think about things, but too young to really know for sure...

There was a song that we children would sing--"Let the Sunshine In..." I got to thinking about the words to that song... I decided then and have never changed my decision, that questioned: Why in the world if the D was so bad, would you sing about him? I decided then and there that I would never even want to even say the word! And I don't!

Something happened yesterday. I think I'll write about it separately... But I found myself asking "Again?" Why? Is the world really going downhill so much--from an educational/training basis that our culture is, indeed, being dumbed down? Of course, I didn't say those words, even in my mind, but I had to "find" the right words to share my story. OK? Anyway, given that my disability came about from Job Burnout, I was finding it more and more difficult, even fearful, that I could be pushed into rage so easily--and often--when something "inefficient" happened... And it seemed to be happening more often...

And, then, just as the children's song had come to me, so, too, a voice from the past came with "You can tell if you're working for God, if the D has taken notice..."

Ok, you can laugh at that, 'cause I at least smiled... Was that D watching all that I'm trying to do in my reading certain books and sharing them? And then, folks, I grinned broadly and the tension eased from earlier... And my mind pulled up the time I became a whistleblower for the good of the university, even though it could have led to what happened later... In any event, for the first time in my life, I was able to recognize that I needed to go back and start reading Lin's book again and pay attention... I didn't want to have my mind cluttered or confused... for it's an important book, I believe, about our children...

But beyond that decision, I also started looking perhaps differently about what is happening in America and "how" and "why" it is being done. In my opinion, honestly, I don't think we can use Mr. D as the reason. I believe that each of us chooses to be who we are... Or, if we didn't choose, we were influenced by early events in interactions with others. I knew this to be true for me; and what I've read so far in Plausible Liars, I could see where this was also playing a part in Lin's book... Although I would admit I do accept that there are supernatural elements in  this world, even if I don't want to name one of them...

I've included two political videos that, in my opinion, supports my opinions. In Mary Trump's first book, she provided background information on the Trump family and, specifically, Trump's father. It appears that early on the family began to "use" government funds in any way possible to gain income... Could this have been a lead-in to where he is now? Certainly, money appears to have been the god of their lives... 

Then the other for Fox News which has a longer reputation, but is illustrative of those agencies who chose to support conservative "issues" because of, shall we use the word fanaticism, at least for some people, in their learned beliefs and those people wanted to watch programs that supported what they believed... Maybe not simple to imagine, but we must know that money and power, as well as prejudice are often chosen in making daily decisions--bad or good.

I remember when I was young, I had a friend who lived nearby and later married who I learned was in the KKK. I remembered my friend as being gentle and kind...Had her husband changed her by his racist actions? But that was a time when nobody really talked about it and, therefore, it was gossip and we had no idea whether the people were actually acting on that prejudice. Still, the memory lingers as I began to meet when I traveled by bus to another town for school in 7th grade and made my first Black friend and a Catholic girl. Those were the days of Archie Bunker and Movin' on Up shouted out that we were a nation where Black people were our neighbors... Marian, Carolyn and I remained close friend through graduation from high school... 

Now I look back and can realize that even though there was talk or reference to discrimination; i.e., "don't date a Catholic boy..." I didn't pay attention to the innuendos...  I would live my life in this same way, meeting each person on a level field and treating them with respect and courtesy, even when personally I felt an aversion... And when did that happen? Well, mostly when rudeness, disrespect and downright nastiness took place...

For when, as a child I had song the song, Into My Heart, I took it literally and believed He was now a part of me... (long before I had experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit) And, during those long nights deep into depression, when I tossed and turned, I would sing those songs I had learned as a child--His child until I fell asleep... This, then, perhaps, is a beginning of true healing for me... I don't know what that means, even as I write it, but I can feel, and know...

Watch for God & Country - I believe it May be a Film We all Need to see...

Jesus Loves His Children


Open Memoir: Emotionally Damaged - Losing Your Ability To Trust


When we, as a citizen of America, can no longer trust, we tend to act aggressively to ensure that we have some way to ensure that our own Truth will be heard. Hunter Biden did that yesterday when he, without notice, went and joined a committee with whom his lawyers had been working for months. Please note, for the record, that Hunter Biden has already acknowledge his guilt of several issues and has even made restitution or attempted to have his record clear...

When I saw what was happening on campus, when my boss at that time, was promoted into obscurity, which is what the University had done for others--everybody knew it--I knew that I could be in trouble. Under a former administration, I was hired into a position where I had both line and cross-line supervision with the Academic Provosts for their respective areas. When a new level of Assistant VP was established, the individual immediately announced a straight-line hierarchical authority. Or in normal terms, I was told to report only upward.

By that time, Jay Barton had left and William Vehse had been promoted into his position from the Physics Department. I had worked with Dr. Vehse as Chair of the Department, since, Barton, also gave me the authority to work directly with Academic units, as needed. The main issue, of course, was to ensure that the constant need for class scheduling be immediate and responsive. Bureaucracy was always a delay and the individuals in authority at the VP level delegated their authority to me. When Harry Snoreck was made the new Assistant Vice President, he used his background in the military. It was obvious that issues needing immediate attention could not go up, then sideways, then back down, before action...

At some point, after seeing what was happening, such as when I spoke in a meeting with Dorsey Jacobs, Director of Physical Plant, with whom there had begun territorial problems when our Office was created, I indicated that I would need to discuss the matter with Dr. Vehse, and Dorsey looked at me and noted that I was to report to the new line of authority... I chose to be a whistleblower. I called and asked for a luncheon meeting with Dr. Vehse and told him what was going on... In the meantime, I continued to work as I had been working. Was this wrong? Perhaps technically. But at that point, I chose to act for the good of the University and its clients, the students.

After that change of authority and what occurred under the new director of our office, my stress level began to increase. I knew my job, had no problems doing it, had never received any concerns expressed by my superiors. In fact, neither of these new individuals ever sat down with me to find out exactly what I did and was responsible for. I think it was a telling point of my earned credibility with the individuals with whom I had worked, was when, the Board of Regents Facilities leader accepted my word that the Board owed money to the University, that he gave us what they could give--over a million dollars. What that means is that, the new director and his facilities planners had lost control of the capital fund and project funding budget allocations. When I was assigned to clean up that mess, I did it to the detriment of the units that I directed. Which I then had to deal with... It was clear that I could trust none of the line leadership in Facilities. I moved into CYA mode, documenting everything that could be at some point questioned.

Yesterday, I received a notice from the Better Business Bureau with whom I had filed a complaint (more on that later). They had received a response from the company, Electrolux which placed blame on me along with accusations which were not true. I got the message that BBB was not in the position of negotiating or pursuing further and my case was apparently closed out without giving me the ability to even respond back, perhaps, just to acknowledge receipt??? In any event, I was immediately back into the tension, the lack of communication or interest I was given by West Virginia University, after working for over 35 years there.

And, of course, loomed the ever-present awareness of what was happening in America, again, based on acceptance of lies and outright using lies and information to obfuscate so that, we as citizens, can no longer know whether or what is actually Truthful.

I have found that, now, I am personally able to find a semblance of less tension by writing. When at the University and after I had retired, I was unable to even attempt to write about my experience without an intense emotional breakdown. I am thankful that, with continued medication, a doctor who asks about my depression, living the life of a hermit, and avoiding as much communication with others who I have found could not be trusted, I am able to move out of the depressive state faster. Of course, that includes my last post documenting the Truth, as I know it, for what has been causing me much stress for months, and becoming a whistleblower and posting my side of a story wherever I could, as appropriate.

How did we get to the point where people must fear possible retribution from anybody with whom we interact? As a reader, and a viewer of multiple news sources, I believe I know what is happening. And, of course, the past president has openly said he will seek retribution if he were to be back in office. How did we get to the point when part of America is even considering that an indicted criminal, who has already been found guilty for tax fraud in New York, and for raping and ruining the reputation of a woman, and we all have heard his words spewing his attempts to force a falsification of a national election through lies and manipulation of the truth...

And, often, using religion to incite acceptance of all that is happening... That, then, is the telling point, isn't it? If we are no longer able to believe those in our sacred life situations, who do we turn to for human feedback? For being able to pursue life, liberty and happiness? Fortunately my Trust In Jesus Has Not Faltered. I cannot say that for many of the religious people with whom I have contact. But, as the saying goes: It Is What It Is...

The question must be, however, Is that to be accepted? Or do we fight back, not violently, but by speaking and sharing our Truth?

During the last months, perhaps about a year when I started writing my memoir, I have found just how hard a task that writing a book is! I would routinely write lengthy reports in my professional career, with no trouble... But when you set about writing what will be a lengthy manuscript that must be totally perfect in presentation, style, even the use of words becomes so much more complicated. At least for me. There are, of course, those who have been given the gift of writing. And I've been thrilled to read thousands of books written by both good and not-so-good writers... But, now, I find I, even more so appreciate those individuals who routinely provide us with "that escape into a good book..."  So, I extend my gratitude to all writers across the world... Keep Writing! Because, we have found, especially at this time, that books about what is happening in America just may be the only thing that will bring us through what is happening... Why else would the banning of books become such an intense part of the political arena?

It's 4:36 AM - Even Google is checking verification of who is approaching my computer in the middle of the night as I have been doing... And I happily push the button "Yes, It's Me!" I'm wide awake from having to face the reality we are being forced to live in by those who foster and manipulate hate and violence... And I can guarantee you...God is not behind this. He didn't suddenly decide that the United State must be a Christian nation, or else... That's my personal opinion, by the way... It is My Truth and I'm sticking to it...

(Written yesterday; couldn't post; see next please...)

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

An Open Letter to, first, Electrolux...and, second, to The Better Business Bureau

To: Electrolux Executive Escalation

FROM: GABixler, the Complainant

Although I am not certain, it seems that the Better Business Agency has accepted your last response as Truth. Since I can find no way to actually respond to your letter provided below, I am writing this open letter. Apparently I am not permitted to provide a response to your statement... but that does not end it for me...  So, first. How about evaluating the total picture of the issue before judgments are made! To me, all this is NOT about money... It's about service to Americans, we, the customers who are tired of getting crapped on, while millionaires at the top don't even have to pay taxes for the income that we provide them!

First of all, I want to introduce myself to any readers that are concerned about service from Electrolux and, to the extent that they have no ability to force action, the BBB. I also consider my interaction with the BBB as closed. However, I am now researching Pennsylvania laws related to both consumer protection, and protection of the elderly for personal protection under the laws...

I am now 78. During the past few years, in addition to the threats of Covid, I have been hospitalized for four major surgeries: First, the removal of a brain tumor. Second, the replacement of my left hip, Third/Fourth, the removal of cataracts on both eyes. Additionally, I was diagnosed with Job Burnout and on medical leave years ago; however, PTSD has remained and becomes dominant when stressed. I am also medicated for total incontinence, which I had reported related to the need for a washing machine and constant use. At my last doctor's appointment, I reported that I was not doing well and identified that not having a washer for four months has been a stressor of my overall ability to function. She of course told me to act, which I informed her of what was happening. In other words, I had already told my story over and over and over... Unfortunately, this is not the only company that has acted in bad faith, which just increases  the overall stress level.

The response by the individual who gives only her first name provides the company's response from Electrolux. Supposedly, it seems to be her decision based upon her research...or...whatever... However, it is not.

It seems to me that in your approach to a complaint that goes back to last year, specifically October 9th, that on my own end, I would have been attempting to acquire service from your agency earlier if what your letter said was up-to-date. Yet you refer back to the first week of my acquisition of the washer as the basis for which you've decided not to act on behalf of my request. Note that it was I who notified the selling agent that I had filed a complaint. I do not know whether you contacted them or that they contacted you. However, that is irrelevant in my opinion. The fact is that your delaying tactic of accusing me of failing to provide information, which by the second response you then have, is a perfect illustration of the problem with your company! Delay, delay, delay, maybe they'll go away...just like our past president, isn't it? Lies, or half-truths...slow things down so that we get frustrated... Unfortunately it doesn't work. We see right through your title, in particular. Do you get $$$ for every complaint that you make go away? I find that sad, since I consider that most women work to help solve problems rather than play CYA...

Note that on your first response you simply asked for information, claiming you had no record for me. Ironically, I even received a letter from your company to offer extended coverage. Now, am I to assume that somebody else in your company was doing what they were supposed to do, based upon the information that they had that my purchasing date was coming up... Or that you really weren't doing your job, but pulled together something that is so outdated that, as I said, is irrelevant. I even  commented to the BBB that your request for this identification was the first that any other representatives with whom I interacted asked for that information. Please note that at the time of purchase, I was physically unable to take care of business issues and therefore did not send the documentation of the product information at that time.  However, upon having somebody here who could help me with reading the records, I read your response to me. And noted that the BBB said I did not need to respond. Then they wrote to me as if your response totally took precedent as the final statement from your company. I respectfully disagree inasmuch as a number of issues are clearly misunderstood ON YOUR PART.

Let's, then, review the entire picture, shall we?

You have already verified the purchase information; therefore, I will not repeat it. However, at no time, until after I had already washed rugs that had been routinely washed in my former washer from Sears, who had, by then, relocated out of my area, I chose to go to a local seller with whom I had had earlier interaction. Reese's Warehouse in Smithfield. You can be sure that I will not go to that company again. In retrospect, when I saw what the machine had done to the rubberized backing, I should have said, then, that I did not wish to keep the machine.

At that time, during the first week of getting the washer, I had been washing the backup of clothes that I had and then moved on to the rugs at which time, they jammed the machine... Somewhere along the line, I had been told that once I selected the right choices, in this case, hot versus cold water, I had accepted that as a programming capability. I chose cold water because I always wash in cold water. I do not know whether having the washer on hot resulted in the blast of materials by the machine. Please note, again, that was in the first week of acquiring the washer. I called Reese's, the Seller and they immediately came, saw the problem, which was that essentially, the backing of the rugs had been blasted into small pieces. Note that in my earlier washer, the backing merely came off, stayed in the bottom of the washer which I then picked up and threw away. Not once had these same rugs had the rubberized backing blasted to bits! Not once in using the Sears Kenmore had it stopped working when I washed rugs...

What Reese's had to do was to take the washer back to the shop. I guess they took it apart and vacuumed out the blasted bits of pieces and returned it. I continued to use the machine for all things, including rugs, until October, when the machine backed up and water would not drain. The door would not open...

Please note, again, that what you included as documentation for what happened in October really happened at the time of acquisition.

I called Reese's and only then was told that repairs were not done by that seller that I had to call the company which I did. At that time, I was told by the man who answered that there was NO SERVICE to this area. By that time, my home care helper was there and I asked her to call again. He then told her to pull the plug and try again... Well, I took over the call at that time, explaining my concerns about service seemingly not to be made available for the area in which I lived. In the meantime, she unplugged the washer, per that representatives orders, which opened the locked door, but still had water in the washer. I removed the rugs (which I later showed to the second man, to be clarified later) dipped out all of the water, but saw that the water was dirty. I then set to clean... The washer again could not be opened.

Remember this is now October 8 months after the original accidental washing of rugs and which I had not been using. I then went online to the Electrolux Site. I chatted with Jeffrey. Please note that all of this has been previously provided to the Facebook site as well. Jeffrey, on chat, was at least courteous as compared to the first man with whom we talked. I explained the issue and he said that he could not do anything but that he would forward the information to his superiors and I would hear from somebody within 48 hours... Nothing happened... It was then I first went on to Facebook to attempt to gain help. I sent a message, first, rather than post on the timeline. Nobody responded and later claimed that they didn't get it. I have to assume that either it was ignored or deleted. However, I continue to have that first message in my files. In any event, at that point, I copied the message itself...and posted on the Timeline. Instead of doing something or responding to help, I was told to message again, and again... Well, by that time, others had started to post their inability to get service, so I decided to continue to post to the public as well as to your site representative. Clearly I was not the only buyer who was getting shafted by a seller.

Finally, I got a call from A-1 Plumbing. He was calling, expressing, first, that in apology that he could not get to me quickly since apparently a large volume of requests had been sub-contracted to a Maryland company, but also assured me that he would have somebody local to help. At that time, I asked him one question: Were you told that my washer had been out for many weeks by that time. He quietly told me No. I said thank you. For surely, I would be quite happy to have service on Monday of the next week.

On Monday, the representative showed up as scheduled. Note that this interaction from the first call for service in October was totally deleted from the chronology of events that was presented to the BBB and myself in the supposedly close out of my complaint.

A representative came, unfortunately I didn't get a name but knew he represented A1 Plumbing.

The door had remained locked from the time I attempted to clean the machine and it became stuck again. Water sat in the washer and I explained that to the serviceman. He said he had a shop vax to handle that. I then went back to sit in the living room. However, quite a bit of time had gone by so I went back in. He had not been able to open the washer by that time. He asked if it had ever happened before. I explained what had happened during the first week I had had the machine and when I washed specific rugs. I told him that I had been washing rugs routinely since then, and went and picked up the rug that I had been washing when the washer stopped. I showed that they had a rubberized backing, and he saw that the rugs' backing was not loose or breaking. We went into longer discussion of what happened the first time. He then picked up from the floor a few of the blasted pieces... He then admitted he didn't know what to do and that he had been tightly scheduled and was already late. I verified that the blasted pieces were what happened in March. His response at that time was that where he had found the pieces was not in a location where drainage was occurring and that, in his opinion, it must be that the original cleaning had not been sufficient enough to totally clean out the blasted materials... 

Now the point of regurgitation of all that...again...is merely to let everybody know that misinformation or disinformation is at play here. The fact that I responded to not using the original "older" carpets, which are now being used as carpets for my cats on the front porch, is the crux of the issue. ONLY because the company representative has chosen to attempt to act on that first incident, ignore that the machine had been operational from March to October, at which time, a repair was needed, based upon...something... However, the serviceman with whom I interacted from A1 had heard the entire story and said he couldn't see how the blasted pieces from March could be relevant to the outflow, since the pieces he had sucked up were not in the drainage area. I will say that, in my opinion, the A1 company has attempted to act in good faith at all times and I believed the serviceman who said that he didn't think the issue was related to what was washed, since that had been dealt with... Again, when the washer was unplugged, the door had opened and in cleaning the machine preparatory to using, it again locked and could not be opened by the 2nd serviceman who was here.

Rather than belabor the issue of repairs further. I did post that I no longer wanted to attempt to use the machine for which the company refused to authorize further action. It sits exactly where it was placed in March when it was delivered and redelivered, assumingly to be fixed. I asked the site representative to tell the home office that I wanted my money back... and that, of course, assumed that the washer would be returned to the company... However, the letter I just received says this: Furthermore, Electrolux is unable to assist with a product that is no longer in the consumer’s possession...

It is indeed in my possession; however, just this week, I did purchase a washer which is to be delivered tomorrow. That will leave the Electrolux washer to be picked up upon receipt of a return of money.

One final note: This is directly from your letter:  ...advised that several bath rugs were in the unit and the material came off the rugs and clogged the drain system. It is important to note that external debris that cause damage to the unit are not covered under the one-year limited repair warranty.

Consider this: IF the rugs that caused a problem in March had been addressed and had been supposedly corrected by your representative, then since the washer had been functional from March to October... and that, further, your company's second contractor, A-1 Plumbing as a subcontractor, onsite, verified that  what he was finding using his vax was not found in the drainage area, then your premise upon which you've chosen not to help me should be considered invalid? Further, wrongly stated, is that rugs were not in the washer when the second individual came from A-1 Plumbing. Hearkening back to what happened in March where the accidental washing of larger rugs took place and which was then handled by the seller, is certainly not at issue. I did wash said carpets, just as I had been doing for years, changing my actions only to then use of YOUR product which literally blasted the backings into bits... To me, this issue seems a design problem as opposed to my using the machine incorrectly. For, surely, if your agency did correct the original problem, then it should not have again caused a problem?

Further, if, I had, by accident, placed something external into your washer that caused some problem... Well, could you define by warranty reference, in writing, because I cannot read small print, exactly what is external material... You mean, that clothes, sheets, bedspreads, bathroom area rugs, external to the machine; you know...what you expect to be able to wash in a washing machine and which I had been washing for months in this machine. Exactly how does a customer know what your limitations are that your machines will or won't handle? For the record, again, I had washed anything and everything in my Sears Washing Machine for over ten years, including the rugs that got blasted in the first week I had your machine... Further, if something goes wrong, what you are saying to me is that you are then unwilling to help in the repair of your product, EVEN IF IT HAD BEEN CAUSED BY ME BY ACCIDENT?

If your machines are so fragile that some mistake, say for instance, a child's toy was accidentally run through a washer, then you are unwilling to work to repair it? Because that is exactly what your company has been doing for nearly a year. Why is it that your customers are forced to fight for repair when it is needed... And you respond only when a formal complain was made?

You can be sure that I have become a better customer then when I got your product. In reviewing my issues with the salesman for a Whirlpool, he had to say several times that what I had been told was wrong... and then he proceed to not only provide me a written copy of the first year coverage but sold me a follow up insurance policy that the selling company handles.

The washer will be available for pickup, repair or whatever you all decide; however, I will be proceeding with an investigation for how my complaint as a senior citizen has been handled by all parties involved.

As an aside, I am a reviewer of products, mostly books, but I review all things that routinely cross my life. I will continue to share my review of this nearly one year overview of events to anybody interested. The feeling of relief I felt when I decided to go ahead and order a new washer this past Monday (and which is to be delivered and installed tomorrow), showed me that I cannot afford to allow this type of subterfuge be acceptable in my life. When I had to walk off the job, my doctor, then, told me that I had to choose between my job or my life... Now, I find, that I've had to choose between unprofessional companies and my life. You can be assured that I will not allow your lack of accountability in this issue affect me further. 

That means that I will wait for a pickup and a return of the money paid for the washer delivered to me, or I will proceed to seek help from the PA Attorney General's proper department. Please note that since the representative of the company and/or BBB failed to allow me to respond to what was last stated, I am using only online contacts; specifically Facebook sites, to provide this information. If the site representatives fail to act upon my posting, that is simply further indication of the failure to respond to their customers' needs. 

If any others who read this, feel that I have been wrong in my presentation in any way, I welcome feedback and further guidance... Many of my readers routinely see my open memoir whereby I acknowledged that I am Emotionally Damaged. The lack of customer support by Electrolux has placed me back into a depressive state whereby I am unable to routinely respond to daily needs and medical requirements. I acted to buy a new washer, which I will have to pay off gradually rather than by paying in cash as I did with Reese's Warehouse. The attempt to blame me is an unforgivable response in my opinion... All I've ever been asking for is help to allow me to wash my clothes on a routine basis needed for medical and mental stability.



Electrolux Major Appliances, North America
10200 David Taylor Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262
January 8, 2024

Glenda Bixler
RE: BBB Case Number: 21022548
Date Received: 01/04/2024
Electrolux Reference Number: 59697756
Model Number: ELFW7537AW
Serial Number: 4C22004240
Registered Date of Purchase: 02/24/2023
Dear Glenda Bixler,
We are in receipt of the above referenced Better Business Bureau referral. We were unable to locate a washer registered to you based on our review of the information provided in the complaint as you did not submit accurate information for review. Please be advised that a reimbursement of the purchase price is not guaranteed within the terms of the warranty.
Our records indicate that an authorized service provider evaluated the unit and contacted our Factory Technical Information Department regarding the concern. The authorized service technician advised that several bath rugs were in the unit and the material came off the rugs and clogged the drain system. It is important to note that external debris that cause damage to the unit are not covered under the one-year limited repair warranty. Furthermore, Electrolux is unable to assist with a product that is no longer in the consumer’s possession.
We apologize for not being able to provide any further settlement on this complaint. Thank you for referring this concern to us and for allowing us the opportunity to respond.
Best Regards,
Electrolux Executive Escalation