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Happy Halloween! It's time to Travel Back to Creepy Hollow! Surprise After Surprise Awaits!

Nikki, Jack, Catman and The Sapphire Wand

Once Upon a Time in Creepy Hollow


Evila had maintained her beauty and looks 
by taking from those that were captured by
faithful followers--the two most employed
were Mutanto and Howler. There were others
she had as slaves, who she had changed into 
wolves...and then complained about their smell.
Nobody, really could please this evil woman.

But she had realized that those who fed her
were growing weak... She had her eye on a 
small child who was known to be blessed
with a gift of immense value and had sent  
for the child to be kidnapped-- the child of 
Ghoulina and Wishbone!

As in the first book, the
characters drive the
story because of their 
particular magic skills.
As Halloween draws near, 
Nikki has another
She is now 13 and she has
changed! When she once again meets Ghoulina,
 they will  stand side by
 side using their magic skills.

Once Upon a time in Creepy Hollow, all was beautiful, bright and full of nature's blessings.but a power-hungry evil woman had destroyed everything, taking for her own use any and all magic that had once lived and nourished Creepy Hollow.  Her name was Queen Evila....

She was so evil that she went after every bit of magic that she could find, including going through the Gate to find those she could use for her own evil desires... From the beginning of the book until the end, she worked to destroy and, like a vampire, feed on the magic of her world's occupants... Nobody was safe...
Mutanto and Howler

The huge monster who looked like Frankenstein stepped forward. “Don’t hurt them,” he told the Wolfmen in a gruff and sinister-sounding voice. “Queen Evila doesn’t want them harmed. Take them through the Gate.”

The Power of the Sapphire Wand  

By Erica M. Szabo
and Joe Bonadonna

All Artwork by Erika
The following magnificent painting is my favorite!

Wishbone, Ghoulina and Baby Ava!

Watching Tattler turn a corner and disappear from sight, Wishbone shook his head. He didn’t like nor trust him because he was not only a troublemaker but a known thief, as well. 
Wishbone went back to work but a short while later he heard his daughter, Ava, crying, and before he could put his rake down, the baby’s cry turned into a loud scream. The house began to shake, the windows rattled, and even the flowers trembled. The neighbors’ dogs began to howl, cats screeched, and flocks of startled birds flew from the trees. '
Dropping his rake to the ground, Wishbone ran for the back door and into the house. Inside the cottage, pictures and paintings swung back and forth, bouncing off the walls. Dishes clattered in the china cabinet and crashed to the floor. The walls trembled and floorboards vibrated under his feet. As Wishbone raced towards the nursery, suddenly the baby’s screams stopped and the house stopped shaking. Wishbone stepped into the nursery, which was painted pink and black, and saw Ghoulina sitting in the rocking chair and cuddling their beautiful baby in her arms. 
“Hannah, what happened this time?” Wishbone asked, wiping sweat from his brow. 
Ghoulina, dressed in a black and purple gown, and wearing blue lipstick, smiled at her husband. “Ava saw a snake on the window sill and it frightened her,” she explained.
“What? A snake? Where is it now?” Wishbone asked with great concern.
“Oh, I grabbed it and threw it out the window as far away as I could,” Ghoulina replied. 
Wishbone sighed and leaned back against a wall. “Wow, Ava’s magic is already powerful.” 
“She’s coming into her magic far too early and she’s too young to understand or control it, Bob,” said Ghoulina. The young parents realized that their daughter had a rare magical gift called Vocalocity, the ability to use her voice as a sonic weapon, even when the baby was only a few days old. Whenever baby Ava cried because she was hungry or needed her diaper changed, her voice sent out a gentle ripple of vibrations. 
But when she was angry or frightened, her voice became very loud and powerful. Wishbone and Ghoulina were the only ones who could quiet her, which made finding a babysitter nearly impossible. And only Wishbone and Ghoulina were immune from the power of Ava’s Vocalocity...

Only Queen Evila and her most faithful servants knew that the gossip of Springdale, Tattler, was a shapeshifter. Turning himself into a serpent was his only power, his only magical talent. But unlike the Wolfmen, who were also shapeshifters and chose to stay in wolf form, Tattler had no desire to remain a serpent permanently. He had bigger dreams than that.

“What you have heard is true, Your Majesty,” Tattler said. “The baby possesses magic that has not been seen in Creepy Hollow for more than a hundred years. She is strong and powerful, and she could be very useful to you.” 
“Excellent!” said Evila. “How shall it be done? What do you suggest?”

It was time! No longer could evil prevail in Creepy Hollow! And with that declaration, Queen Leandra. the real queen, came back to lead the fight! 

From every place, they all came to fight--from those towns which were the new targets of Queen Evila... From those places that had once been destroyed and were now being renewed through magic provided by Queen Leandra, the Princess, her daughter, and all that we now call friends! Of course, Catman was there to help. But most exciting, were the wild horses who came! They took the first advance in the great battle that was to be fought...

But their story deserves a spotlight, because the two leaders, a mare and stallion, had just had a colt... And Jack, who was brave and strong, but had no magic, all of the sudden, was discovered to be able to talk to animals! Very Cool! So, on the way to where they would fight, Jack held Champ, who he had been permitted to name, and taught him words, since he was not yet talking... Another new character deserves a mention-- He is a little dragon, whose parents were killed by Grim Witch, which is really "Queen Evila's name." Soon Jack thought of a perfect name for him--Sparky--and you'll love reading how his name was earned...

I have to admit, I fell in love with every word and character that is in this second book! The story is really amazing and the way everything was weaved together, sharing surprise after surprise is quite extraordinary. Sure, get it as a gift for your children and young adults...but do plan on reading this exceptional book yourself! 

A special thanks to Erika Szabo for sharing much of her artwork of the characters, to be used on my blog...but there are still others, like Moira, who were treated cruelly by Evila, and who helped--this time in a big way--to finally rid their home of evil...

In this time of chaos in America, I couldn't help but wish that Queen Leandra and her family and friends were heading our way to drive away hate, separation, destruction, and sorrow from our land. I do know, that reading this story has been a wonderful experience--full of tragedy, yet climaxing in victory through all different types of living beings coming together in love and support.

Kudos to Erika and Joe for creating an imaginative and inspiring story suitable for all ages, starting with the middle grades and above, being able to read on their own. I told Joe Bonadonna that I noticed that there are other towns and locations on the map of Creepy Hollow... so I'm hoping for more books...We need children's books that are exciting, at the same time they have a moral to the story, don't you think? These are centered on Halloween, but not scary in anyway...and fun reading for anytime.  My mind keeps telling me that this is a must-read for many that's my recommendation for this one!


Erika lives in New York and when her daughter moved out of the family nest, she started writing. Erika writes magical realism, fantasy novels as well as fun, educational and bilingual books for children 2-14 about acceptance, friendship, family, and moral values such as accepting people with disabilities, dealing with bullies, and not judging others before getting to know them.

I write Heroic Fantasy, Space Opera, Sword & Planet Sci-Fi, Sword and Sorcery Fantasy, Horror, and Children's Books. Here's a little bit more about me.

MAD SHADOWS: THE WEIRD TALES OF DORGO THE DOWSER, is my first novel, published by iUniverse. It's epic Heroic Fantasy with a film noir edge. It can be purchased from in both paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions. (Winner of the 2017 Golden Books Reader's Choice Award for Best Fantasy.)

THREE AGAINST THE STARS is my second novel, an old-fashioned space opera published by Airship 27 Productions. It's available now from, in both paperback and Kindle editions.

THE MECHMEN OF CANIS-9 is my seventh novel. This is the long-awaited sequel to my "Three Against The Stars." It's an action-packed interplanetary adventure that pays tribute to every sea- and space-faring story that inspired it. 

WATERS OF DARKNESS, co-authored with David C. Smith, (Dark Muse, Call of Shadows, Fall of the First World Trilogy), is a swashbuckling pirate adventure of swords, sorcery, and Lovecraftian horror. It's now available in both paperback and Kindle editions thru 

MAD SHADOWS II: DORGO THE DOWSER AND THE ORDER OF THE SERPENT, my fourth novel, has just been published. It's another Heroic Fantasy with a film noir twist, with more magic, murder, mystery and mayhem all brought to you courtesy of Dorgo the Dowser. This volume includes a greatly revised and expanded version of "The Book of Echoes," which first appeared in the Kindle anthology, "Azieran Presents Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sword and Sorcery," published by Heathen Oracle. 

THREE GHOSTS IN A BLACK PUMPKIN is my first collaboration with acclaimed author and illustrator, Erika M Szabo. This is also my first children's book, appropriate for ages 6 - 14, and adults may enjoy it, too. This is fantasy about two cousins, Nikki and Jack, who find a talking wind chime in the shape of a silver skeleton named Wishbone Jones, and a black pumpkin in which the ghosts of the three good Wishmothers have been imprisoned. To free them, Nikki Jack travel to the magical world of Creepy Hollow, where they face all sorts of dangers and tests, and along the way, learn a few lessons about life and growing up. (Winner of the 2017 Golden Books Judge's Choice Award for Best Children's Fantasy.)

THE POWER OF THE SAPPHIRE WAND is the sequel to Erika M. Szabo's and my children's fantasy, the award-winning "Three Ghosts in a Black Pumpkin." Return with to Creepy Hollow with Nikki and Jack. Join with them and their old friends, Wishbone, Ghoulina and Catman as the race against time to save the ecology and environment of Creepy Hollow from Evila the Grim Witch and her minions, the giant Mutanto and his werewolf henchman, Howler. Find out the truth behind what really happened to Nikki's parents 12 years ago. 

THE BLOOD OF THE LION, my first sword and soul heroic fantasy tale, appears in the Sword and Soul Fantasy anthology GRIOTS 2: SISTERS OF THE SPEAR, edited by Charles Saunders and Milton Davis. Available thru in both paperback and Kindle editions.

For Janet Morris' long-running "Heroes in Hell series, my stories WE THE FURIOUS, and UNDERTAKER'S HOLIDAY (this one in collaboration with Shebat Legion) both appear in POETS IN HELL volume 18. My story, Hell On A Technicality, appears in Doctors in Hell, volume 19, and my story Pirates of Penance appears in Pirates in Hell, volume 20. All are available in paperback and Kindle editions. 

My story, Sinbad and the Golden Fleece, appears in the shared-world anthology, Sinbad: The New Voyages, Vol 4, published by Airship 27 Productions. Available in paperback and Kindle editions from

My story, The Dragon's Horde appears in Heroika: Dragon Eaters. This is a brand-new series of all-original Heroic Fantasy tales created and edited by author Janet Morris and published by Perseid Press. Available in paperback and Kindle editions.

My collaboration with Shebat Legion, "Samuel Meant Well versus the Little Black Cloud of the Apocalypse," appears in the shared-world anthology, SHA'DAA TOYS. 

My story, Queen of Toads, along with 12 other spooky tales, appears in the Kindle Bundle Rabbit bundle-pack, HERE BE GHOSTS. 

My short story, "Queen of Toads," appears in Here Be Ghosts, a Kindle anthology of horror stories of all kinds. 

"Hello, My Name is Max, and I Have Autism: An Insight into the Autistic Mind," written and with drawings by Max Miller. Foreword and Afterword by his Mom, Rebecca Miller. Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

"Being Max's Mom," by Rebecca Miller. This is Rebecca's very personal story of bringing her son, Max, into the world, of his being diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, and how she fought to do the best and find the best for her son. Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

"Libertine: Awakenings," a wonderful psychosexual drama written by Cat Ravenelle. 

"The Kitchen Imps," and "Tales of Erana: The Warrior's Curse," by A.L. Butcher. 

"Vampire Therapy: The Chronicles of the Cat's Ass Boutique ~ Seasons and Reasons ~" by Shebat Legion, as well as her children's book, "The Fork Tree." 

"Metoo, The Annoying Little Sister," by Erika M. Szabo.

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Journey to Creepy Hollow this Halloween with Erika M. Szabo and Joe Bonadonna

Nikki, Jack, and Mister Bonejingles!
They jumped to their feet at the same time. “How come you can talk?” asked Jack, feeling scared but curious. “You’re not supposed to talk, Mister Bonejingles! You’re just a wind chime.” 
“I am not just a wind chime.” Taking a step closer to get a better look, Nikki asked the silver skeleton, “Then what are you?”
“My name is Wishbone Jones.” 
“Where did you come from and how come you can talk?” asked Jack.
Creepy Hollow - Find Celestria, Wormbelow!
“I come from Creepy Hollow, a land that exists in another realm,” said Wishbone Jones. “Never heard of it,” said Nikki.
“Of course you haven’t,” said Wishbone. “Few people in your world know of its existence, and those few are all children, just like yourselves.”
“Well, my name is Jack, and this is my cousin Nikki,” said Jack. 
“I’ve been watching you two kids and it’s very nice to meet you both.”
Nikki took the wind chime off the hook and held it in her hand.
“So how did you end up here, on Grandma’s front porch?” 
“That’s a bit of a long story,” said Wishbone.
“We have plenty of time before we go Trick or Treating,” she said.
“Well,” Wishbone began, “once upon a time I was a great warrior. I fought many battles until I was badly injured in the Troll War, protecting The Trinity of Wishmothers, who watch over Creepy Hollow.” 
“You mean…you don’t mean you’re dead, do you?” asked Nikki 
“No, I’m alive but I’m not a flesh and bone man anymore,” Wishbone told her. “I’m sorry.”
 “Me, too,” said Jack. 
Nikki frowned and said, “Wait! Your body is silver. How can that be?” “The Healing Witch turned my body into silver in order to save my life. That’s how I became known as the Silver Skeleton of Celestria,” Wishbone explained with a cynical tone in his voice. 
“What’s Celestria, Mister Wishbone?” Jack wanted to know.
“Celestria is the Realm of Spirits, where I live with my friends. It’s a cemetery in Creepy Hollow.” Wishbone cleared his throat with a metallic-sounding cough. “You see, in Creepy Hollow the spirits of the dead can live side-by-side with the living.” 
“Awesome!” Jack exclaimed.
 “Wicked!” Nikki said, clapping her hands. “Okay, but now you’re a wind chime. So how did that happen?”
“Well, let me tell you, and I’ll try to make it as short as I can,” said Wishbone. “It all began with a Goblin named Hobart. Hobart was just another ordinary goblin who had fallen on hard times. He lost his job and his home and had no luck at all. So one day he went to visit The Trinity of Wishmothers and begged them for help. 
Taking pity on him, the Wishmothers gave him a test in the form of three wishes. He was supposed to use the three wishes to help others, which in turn would help him and bring him good luck. 
Hobgoblin and Tasmanian Devil
But Hobart was greedy and he used the three wishes for selfish reasons. He wished for wealth and power and fame, so he failed the test. When he wished for power his body turned strong and his new strength made him over confident and mean. 
The Wishmothers tried but they couldn’t take away the three wishes they had granted him...”
Nikki and Jack hung onto every word Wishbone said as he continued. “First, Hobgoblin used his wealth to build a great castle, which he calls Crag Heap, and he used his fame to attract a large band of followers. Then he used his power when he and his minions took over Goblin Acres and locked the mayor in the Deep Dark Dungeon.”
“That Hobgoblin sure is one bad dude,” said Jack. “He certainly is,” Wishbone agreed. “But wait, there’s more. Hobgoblin wasn’t satisfied with all that he had accomplished. He wanted more wealth and more fame, but most of all, he wanted more power…magical power. So he summoned one of his favorite minions, the Tasmanian Devil, who helped him murder the three Wishmothers... 

Three Ghosts in a Black Pumpkin:
Creepy Hollow Adventure 1

By Erika M. Szabo
and Joe Bonadonna

Nikki and Jack were wondering what to do until time for Halloween treat gathering! Nikki wanted to go to collect rocks since she was fascinated with them and that day, she found an especially beautiful shiny blue stone in the river... Jack on the other hand was interested in weird things and he always took a picture to post online, but when he came upon a large black pumpkin, both were excited and carried it back home to Grandmother's...

And by that time, magic had happened!

For Mr. Bonejingles, the wind chime, started talking and suggested that they not carve the black pumpkin. Well, once he got started, Nikki and Jack wanted nothing more than to learn more about a talking wind chime. Immediately Jack wanted to know why he could talk! (check out some of their conversation above). 

But, it wasn't too long before Nikki took Wishbone Jones--that was his real name--down from the hook on the porch and they set off for Creepy Hollow! And wouldn't you know that that beautiful blue stone Nikki had picked up was the magical piece needed for them to go there! And if you held that stone and said the magic words, you could go too! Or you can travel along with Nikki, Jack and Wishbone, like me, to go there right now! Soon a whirlwind of color appeared and everybody walked through! 

Whew! By this time I'm really enjoying the book...The writing is great. I always wonder how two writers work on one book. Erika Szabo has written many children's books, and this is Joe Bonadonna's first effort. I found myself comparing these magical books with the Harry Potter series. First, I found these more age appropriate and more exciting, moving more quickly into the fast-paced action. After all, Nikki and Jack had to be back home by Midnight when the the Ectomagic gate closed. The writing is edgy enough to spark an immediate interest and, for me, I was already hooked on the fantastic cover and internal pictures within the book and was so excited that the artist, Erika M. Szabo, was willing to allow me to share some of my favorites! The formatting and overall effect of the book is excellent, with each of the "spells" by the witches placed within borders for added highlighting!

Hannah - Ghoulina
Otto - Catman
The first place entered was Wormbelow and that's where Wishbone introduced us to two of his friends! We noticed right away we were in a cemetery! But here in Creepy Hollow, both the dead and alive, mostly magical creatures, are able to communicate. And the dead's ghosts float above the ground. In fact, we also met three powerful Wishmothers who had been murdered by the villain, Hobgoblin! 

The never-ending story of good versus evil is played out as, now that Wishbone is back, there is new hope that they will fight to free the land from Hobgoblin. Each of the wonderful characters have a fascinating backstory that allows readers to know and get to appreciate their personalities and magical attributes. Hannah, for instance, who prefers to be called Ghoulina, and dresses Goth all the time, was in training to become a Wishmother before they were murdered. That was bad enough, but the three women were chained inside the Black Pumpkin which, thankfully, at least had been returned home, found and carried back by Jack. Jack, by the way, was enchanted, you might say, with Ghoulina who was already able and helped out when healing was required.

Using magic, as well as intellect in working to take back all that Hobgoblin had stolen in their land. Nikki and Jack were also to be involved, empowered by the Wishmothers with strength and uniforms, as well as three wishes to be used as needed.

And the adventure of their life began for Nikki and Jack...helping all good magical people fight against the injustice that Hobgoblin had done to Celestria.

After reading what happened, and how Hobgoblin came to his doom, I wanted more! So I went out and purchased the second book and completed it last night! Wow! Start with this first one, but don't stop until you read all the exciting events that occurs! If you wish you can get both stories in one book! Wish I knew that earlier, 😖! LOL!

My review of The Power of the Sapphire Wand will be posted tomorrow. This adult loved the two books and added them to the 2018 personal favorites list! You just have to check them both out! Highly recommended!


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Guest Blogger, Guy Graybill, Shares With Us Today - Ruminations or Just Plain Thoughts?


I went to a party the other night.  At the party I met Wilbur, who had told me earlier that he, too, would be “attending the pending soiree.”  Wilbur says that he is “an author and a member of the literati.”  The only writing that I do is an occasional letter to the editor of our local newspaper (or “journalistic enterprise” as Wilbur always call it).

During the evening, I spent a fair part of the time talking with Wilbur.  He said that he appreciated having someone with whom he “could share a smidgen of nocturnal tète-à-tête.”  As usual, I had more to eat than I should have; although Wilbur, the author, also admitted that he, too, “had gormandized and was now woefully bloated, having consumed more gastronomic delights than is cricket.”

Later in the evening, I began to act a bit silly.  When Wilbur told me that I “must be bloated with glucose and performing indecorously,” I decided to leave.

When I said “goodnight” to him, Wilbur said that I shouldn’t “depart so peremptorily,” since he needed “conveyance, not wishing to peregrinate at such an advanced hour,” and that he was also ready to return to his “motley domicile.”  I offered him a ride.

As I drove toward Wilbur’s house, he said that I “should moderate the velocity of that powerful mechanical contrivance a mite,” so I cut the speed.  Since I hardly spoke during the ride, he eventually suggested that my “bloated condition must be the principal cause of the inscrutable silence.”  When we finally arrived at his house, Wilbur turned and said that he would be “eternally indebted for the gesture, so generously proffered.”  He also said that he was grateful for having been so “expeditiously and safely transported to the intended destination.”

As I drove away, I kept asking myself what it is that bothers me about my friend, Wilbur.  He seems pleasant enough; but, I just don’t enjoy being with him.  Whatsoever it is about Wilbur that irritates me, I just hope that it isn’t something that is communicable and, perhaps, deleterious to one’s acquaintances….  

© Guy Graybill

I was quite deliciously taken with this
tidbit of a mischievous look at the spoken word...
As a reader, I enjoy such excursions into
the breadth of our English language,
Indeed, it was a wonderful adventure--
for a party, you said!!!

Thanks to Guy Graybill for this fun contribution!
Check out his latest non-fiction book!

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A few Minutes of Fun for Sunday... and More from Erika M Szabo!

Halloween is coming!

Hurry Back 'Cause We're Going to Visit 
Creepy Hollow Soon!
Heading for Celestria Wormbelow First!

Suitable for Children 8 to 17
and Adults!!!

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Divorce in America is Spotlighted in Kenneth Eade's Extraordinary Decree of Finality

My husband and I never considered divorce… 
murder sometimes, but never divorce"
-Joyce Brothers

Aside from Kenneth Eade being one of the most outstanding writers in legal fiction, I admire him so much for taking on major social issues and writing a story surrounding some of the major ones... Like marriage/divorce... One of the old songs of my youth was Love is Lovelier the Second Time Around. Yes, there are sometimes reasons to seek a divorce and it became acceptable... However, as Eade found in his research, today, many people care more about the results of divorce on their financial pockets, than on getting out of a bad marriage. I wanted to share an overview of what he found...

I usually pick an important subject to wrap a story around.  This time, I thought that the subject would be a little lighter, but I was very surprised when I did a little Internet research to find just how common spousal murder was. According to a 2014 article in the Huffington Post, at least 1/3 of all women murdered in the United States are killed by their male partners. Now, with the baby boomer generation approaching retirement, according to an article in, divorces in the after-55 crowd often involve fat retirement funds and paid-off houses, making alternative solutions (albeit insane insane ones like murder) attractive. Hiring a hitman (or woman) becomes an irresistible and economic alternative for some amoral people who feel that they are trapped in long marriages.  The article cites that 3.2% of murders are done on a commercial basis.  Citing, the article states that “most contract killings are carried out by small-time freelancers hired by ‘schlubs.’ The perpetrators in these arrangements are often caught by undercover policemen and FBI agents posing as hired killers.  The article reports that an Australian Institute of Criminology study estimates the average costs of a hit to be $12,700; which is significantly less than the cost of an attorney in a contested divorce.  According to a 1995 study by the U.S. Department Department of Justice, husbands are convicted more often than wives of spousal murder, and the convicted men are more likely to receive a prison term than convicted women.  In 44% of the cases of husband killing, the husband had assaulted the wife at the time of the killing.  Assaulted wives were convicted 56% of the time, compared to 86% in the case of unprovoked wives and 88% in the case of unprovoked husbands.   Another article in the Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture entitled Monstrous Arrogance: Husbands who Choose Murder Over Divorce, by Cynthia Lewis, PhD, examines a dozen convictions in murders where husbands have murdered their wives to save themselves from some consequences of divorce that they perceive as “too costly.”  How murder could become a viable alternative to divorce is either an indicator of the collapse of moral compass in our society, or an indication of the need for divorce reform, or perhaps both.  The article points out that, instead of the emotional crimes that you expect to see in spousal murders, it was a “practical matter;” so much so that most of the women never had a sense of how much danger they were in. According to the article, this type of murderer often projects confidence and an ability to win the trust of others, yet is “atypically devoid of feeling,” “icy and calculating,” and self-centered to the point of narcissism...
Decree of Finality:
A Lawyer Brent Marks Legal Thriller

By Kenneth Eade

Eade quotes Dr. Joyce Brother in the front of the book... When I first read it, it was funny: that she and her husband never considered divorce, but had murder... Decree of Finality is a perfect response to his research findings! in these chaotic times, it made me happy to have remained single! At the same time, Eade has created a suspenseful legal thriller that readers will quickly be pulled into...And hating the wife, was my first response...

Actually she deserved my hate--don't you just love being allowed to hate book characters?! LOL  Amy Taylor was perfectly happy staying married. She had successfully pulled away from any personal interpersonal relationship with her husband, while still using his money to live the lavish life for which she had first married him. She considered she was earning the money by hosting lavish parties and courting clients for her husband...

Indeed Dr. Robert Taylor had built up his professional career and had become well known as one of the best dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon around... 

So, when Dr. Taylor told his wife he wanted a divorce, she immediately turned the tables, faked a physical abuse charge on her husband, and called the police! Wow! Readers immediately come to attention! And, quite frankly, we will not be surprised when murder comes to mind for these spouses...

Of course, one is murdered; however, by that time, the complexity of the storyline and the investigative results from Lawyer Brent Marks' office has uncovered much--they aren't new situations, but rather the known--hiding money...anything that can be easily done with a good lawyer helping point out all the options!  

Brent Marks had built his reputation so that he had stopped taking divorce cases, which were always messy. But, recently business had slowed, and he knew he needed to consider this case, especially if the client could pay his normal costs, plus investigative services. Sadly, Marks took it, thinking he had a decent client who would work with him...

That had been before, he was called by his client when his wife had staged a physical assault and had been charged and jailed! This was going to get dirty...

Jack Ruder, Marks' investigator, was an outstanding character in this book, in my opinion... It was Ruder, not the police, who was watching Taylor's house 24/7 and saw and documented who had visited on the night Amy was killed... But he went on to think through the case as his FBI training had provided and moved through step-by-step to provide a major portion of the evidence to solve the case.

But, Eade refused to present a straight case...and the climatic finale was a surprise, even to Marks! I love being caught off guard...and Eade is a master of keeping his readers on edge, not knowing how the book will actually end...

I am definitely a fan of the Brent Marks' Series (as well as the Paladine series)... Check out more from this series on this blog:

Let me just say that I have never been disappointed with any book by Kenneth Eade. For legal thrillers, I will think of him first--he speaks to my desires to learn more about the legal ramifications of social issues. Something that is, in my opinion, very much needed today when Truth--in accordance with fact or reality-- has become such an important, but much sought after, attribute for individuals. But I surely do love a thriller I can sink into...Eade provides a most satisfying read and is a favorite author! Do check him out!

And if you are thinking of a divorce, you might want to read this book...first...


Kenneth Eade splits most of his time between Russia, France, and the United States. His background as a Wall Street and corporate attorney along with his ability to see the world from multiple perspectives has helped catapult him into one of the top thriller writers of his generation

Nuclear War is such a serous subject that using it to promote a political agenda and scaring people is irresponsible, stupid and simply unacceptable. But, somehow our current politicians find it ok to actively promote Nuclear War through propaganda. This increases tensions between countries and fringe crazies and unstable leaders to seriously think about Nuclear Weapons as a legitimate option to solve their concerns whether imaginary or real.
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