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Andrew Feder

Author House
ISBN: 978-1-4490-2316-4 (e)
ISBN: 978-1-4490-2314-0 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4490-2315-7 (hc)
358 pages (includes front and back matter)

Spirit, by Andrew Feder, is a short but appropriate title for this intriguing and mesmerizing novel. Most of us have heard of “near death” experiences where the soul leaves the body, sees its human form from above and then reenters the body, returning to the world of the living. Well, in this exciting story, we are going to meet Randall Lender, who deliberately leaves his body; it is his latest project that starts out well but has an unwelcome happening. His soul ends up in the body of an accused murderer—an assassin—named Johnny McKenzie aka Johnny M. At the same time, it is reported that the infamous Randall Lender is in a deep coma.

What would you do if you were a young female attorney whose client keeps insisting that he isn’t Johnny McKenzie but is simply occupying his body? This is what Sandy Patea faces as a young attorney whose extreme good looks and lack of any real experience has hindered her legal career. As a public defender, she is always given the “bottom of the barrel” cases and this one is no different since her supervisor tells her exactly how to handle the case—there is to be a plea bargain. On top of that, the Marzottis, the Italian mob of Los Angeles, warns her that they want this whole mess with Johnny settled quickly as he had been working for them. They did not want the assassin in the limelight any longer than absolutely necessary.

Let’s get back to Randall Lender whose beliefs have created a lot of controversy. Obviously, he has supernatural abilities, but knows he needs the help of Ali, his mentor, in order to get out of this murderer’s body and back into his own. Randall had been teaching others about love and self-respect, also emphasizing the fact that religious institutions were using guilt and fear to hide real truths. This same manipulation was also being used by the government—the Guilders—and since Randall was a threat to those planning the new world order, Ali believes there is a conspiracy to get rid of him. Sandy learns most of this information from Ali whom she visits in Vegas, ignoring the wishes of her supervisor. She also meets Randall’s teenaged daughter named Rachel. Ultimately, Sandy is convinced that the murderer she is to defend is, in realty, Randall Lender, who is trapped in Johnny’s body.

Sandy learns that Randall is a WARRIOR of the LIGHT, part of the LIGHT FORCE and that his weapon against the DARK is LOVE. Only after defeating the DARK WARRIOR will he be able to return to his own body. And what a battle it turns out to be! Readers will be turning the pages with excitement and anticipation.

In writing this review, I’ve given readers only a glimpse of the entire storyline. There is mystery, romance, sex, tragedy and knowledge of the spirit world. In addition there are other interesting characters—including an angel—who are vividly described. Readers, through the power of the Internet and Sandy’s desire to hear Randall’s real voice, listen to one of his prior speeches, thereby learning much about his beliefs. If his soul isn’t able to return to his own body, at least his young attorney will have heard his real voice.

There are many shocking surprises before the storyline reaches its powerful conclusion. I am convinced that those who purchase this book will want to read other works by this author. He is an excellent writer and very skilled with background description and effective dialog. I recommend Spirit as a “must read.”

Bettie Corbin Tucker
For Independent Professional Reviewers

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Note from BRH: Thanks so much to Bettie E. Tucker for sharing her wide and diverse skills in the publishing world...She got 2 months here, by the way, because she happens to be the best friend in the world of the woman who shares this blog with you! And what a mess she introduced me to! LOL You can thank her or tell her she never should have brought me into the publishing world! You decide!

Spotlighted Reviewer Recommends The Silent Sphinx

The Silent SphinxThe Silent Sphinx

Michael Khort

Excursion Press
ISBN: 978-0982632505
248 pages (Includes front and back matter)

Although The Silent Sphinx by Michael Khort is a work of fiction, readers—in their minds—will sense and experience the reality of the plot, characters, geographical locations and the exciting “page-turning” events. The author uses his imagination, creativity, excellent writing skills, and vivid description to bring this about.

When Robby Reardon, a ten-year-old boy from a small Midwest city, prepared for his fifth grade field trip to a nearby nationally known museum, he had no idea of the astonishing adventure he was about to begin. Once the children arrived at the museum, everything went smoothly until the class split up and the students were permitted to spend thirty-five minutes exploring the exhibits, etc., on their own. Robby ultimately went to visit the Egyptian exhibit that was on tour in the museum because he felt sure he would find Mr. Reynolds, the fifth-grade teacher there. Thanks to him, Robby had become really interested in ancient Egypt. Mr. Reynolds had traveled to Egypt and even worked on archaeological digs. One of Robby’s prize possessions that hung in his bedroom was a copy of a rubbing—an impression of the original surface of a piece of hieroglyphics—that his teacher had purchased while in Cairo. This rubbing plays an important role in the unfolding storyline.

Together in the museum, Robby and Mr. Reynolds were looking at an exhibit of the black granite sphinx in wonder. It was ten feet tall with the face of a king from the past and the body of a lion that was ready to pounce. Their conversation regarding the sphinx was overheard by a middle-aged man named Mr. Straticus—later to be called “Uncle Alex” by Robby. Though colorful, confident, powerful, strong, and rich, this man was also a dangerous smuggler and certainly not a friend to Robby or Mr. Reynolds. He kidnapped them from the museum to help him find a treasure. What information did they have that the smuggler needed? Purchase this book to find out!

The kidnapped victims are taken to Greece and then to Egypt. Their adventures are interesting—even enjoyable at times—but glimpses of their kidnapper’s behavior tell Mr. Reynolds early on that once he and Robby serve their purposes, they would be expendable.

Readers will be intrigued by the discovery of a populated underground city in Egypt, Robby’s mixed feelings about his captor, the fifth grader’s position of importance in making crucial decisions along the way, the battles, and Uncle Alex’s fight with the mummified Pharaoh. Throw in the importance of Robby’s plastic prize container that he had taken with him on the field trip as well as other twists and subplots, and you have a mesmerizing novel.

I highly recommend The Silent Sphinx to young readers and feel certain that they will be looking forward to reading future books written by this upcoming author.

Bettie Corbin Tucker
For Independent Professional Book Reviewers
June 27, 2010

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Review: Kenneth Weene Writes With Compassion and Experience...

Cover of "The Snake Pit"Cover of The Snake Pit

 From the


By Kenneth Weene

"I hope...that it has made you think and feel."

The old movie, The Snake Pit with Gloria DeHavilland (1948) was on television this week. I remember when I first watched it, I was fascinated and yet so sympathetic. Another movie, Sybil (1976), came along and I was even more pulled in by that story. Both of these were, I believe, based upon books. Why are we fascinated with those books or movies that reflect the abnormal? Do we see some part of ourselves there? Do we whisper thankfully, "There, but for the Grace of God, go I"?

Memoirs From the Asylum by Kenneth Weene who is a psychologist and pastoral counselor gives us a realistic look into a state hospital for those mentally ill.
Several of the characters in this ward are diagnosed with Schizophrenia (a group of severe brain disorders in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions and disordered thinking and behavior). Yes, I looked it up because I wanted to be sure I understood...

One of the things I noticed was that one of the individuals was said to be catatonic, but really wasn't. Marilyn merely lived in her own world--a world that included all the good people that were important to her. You see, she really wasn't there lying in her bed, she was inside a crack in the wall right next to her bed, with her dog, her brother, On the other hand, the man who narrates the story is merely scared. I found a little bit of myself in both of them...would you?

Weene, in an afternote, said, "The hope has made you think and feel..." Ahhh, indeed I did! There is no way readers will not feel compassion and sympathy for those there in the hospital.

For me, I also could not feel anything but anger and disgust for many of the workers that were there as well. Perhaps because I felt that this was more true than not...

Memoirs From The AsylumThe book focuses on one counselor, Buford Abrose, M.D., first year resident in psychiatry. He has Marilyn as his patient. Since she is seen as catatonic and Dr. Abrose is to spend time with her, we are allowed to see many of his thoughts--about his wife who married a doctor who would be rich and well thought of, not an individual working in a state hospital! He is a caring man, trying to do his job. Readers will feel and respond to his frustration and anger at many actions he sees, but cannot change. Like the head of the hospital caring more about forms to be completed than about the patients there!

Shall I declare Memoirs From the Asylum a must-read for those who work at and care for those in hospitals or other care facilities. Of course, I must...and hopefully they will respond! For those entering the various fields of psychology and counseling, may you feel first and understand what you will need to do. For those readers who have brushed clinical depression, job burnout, and other short-term stresses, you may find a need to read this book.

Readers must decide whether this book is for them; I can only tell you for sure--you WILL think and feel...and you will learn!

And you will remember. Authetic, compelling drama that forces a response!

Book provided by
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Review: Spotlighting Bettie Tucker as Beth Sterling...

The Thorn of Sexual Abuse: The Gripping Story of a Family's Courage and One Man's Struggle

Too often we are confronted with sex, violence, pain and fear from our television, newspapers, and movies, in realistic but fictional stories. We enjoy or shun these revelations based upon our own experiences and beliefs, but they serve only one purpose--to entertain. Not so with the book, The Thorn of Sexual Abuse!

Sex is a very central part of every can be beautiful; it can be abused...but it will never, not be a part of the family environment. For many many individuals, their feelings regarding sex have arisen from very early experiences, many of them abusive or inappropriate for the young. Sexual abuse...sexual addiction is a common why is it not discussed?

Why? Because, it is oftentimes the family members or close neighbors who are the ones abusing our young. If we were willing to share, all of us would have at least one experience remembered from our matter how minor. Reading how a man and a woman, both abused, can meet and find a friendship and forgiveness can be a means through which we can find our own forgiveness.

Beth Sterling shares of a neighbor's touching when she was young, too young to understand, yet old enough to know what he did was wrong. Enter Paul, a man Beth had met in Church, who is discovered to be a sex offender...of young children. And she has children.

Many young children are never able to forget the early offenses made on their bodies; many others follow in the same paths and become offenders. This book tells a story of those involved in sexual offenses...all of us must understand and know how this happens and what to do about it. The Thorn of Sexual Abuse provides an excellent way to learn about this crime that will, unfortunately, never end and, also unfortunately has become more prevalent through the Internet.. The book takes us into our early homes...our present homes. This book reveals what we've held in our hearts for many years, perhaps, and this book helps us through the healing process.

This book is the best I have read regarding the victims of sexual abuse. Thank God there are those who are willing to open their secret lives to help others.
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Review:Spotlighting Author Bettie Tucker as Jade Sterling...

Portraits: The Power of Undying Love 


Portraits brings the past and present together in an unforgettable magical fulfillment of love once lost. -- G. A. Bixler, IP Book Reviewer


When Emily receives $500,000 from an anonymous benefactor, she is both shocked and excited. Greg, her possessive and jealous husband, demands to know who gave her the money and why. Instead of helping their faltering marriage, the money becomes an emotional wrench pulling them apart. By the time Emily learns the identity of her mysterious benefactor, her life is forever changed by Scott--a man she is unable to walk away from. A haunting portrait and the power of undying love connect Scott and Emily to a past tragedy involving the Titanic. Their passionate love affair, unraveled mysteries, and destiny-in-motion will evoke the emotions of readers!
Longer Review...
Warning: This is a Tearjerker! I've always loved "unique stuff" so it was a given that I loved this strange and enchanting story! In her first novel, Portraits: The Power of Undying Love, Jade Sterling, provides readers with an unbelievable mystery, a heartbreaking love, and inspired forgiveness. That's combined with portraits of the past, a touch of magic, and a fulfillment of destiny. Merged together it results in one of the most fascinating romances I've ever read!
A strange bequest comes to Emily! It not only is strange to not know from whom the money came, it is strange because it sets off a series of questions and discoveries that finally results in a separation from her husband, Greg. Greg had promised his "Princess" that he would love and protect her; however, Emily felt his actions were based upon jealousy, possessiveness and a lack of trust. With these long-standing feelings, it was not surprising when money came to both Emily, and also to her father, that it would mean trouble.

The real breaking point for Emily, however, was finding that Greg had withheld a letter from a publishing company to whom she had applied for work. When Emily received the phone call asking why she had not responded to their letter and that they were very interested in hiring her to create a number of front covers for their magazine, she never once thought of saying no. She agreed to fly to New York to discuss a contract and their assignments. Nothing Greg could say would explain his opening and not bringing home this important letter that had been addressed directly to her. This was not about protection, this was about control--and Emily could no longer adapt to Greg's obsessions!

But while in New York, Emily Brooks met Scott Harrison and immediately both Emily and Scott were caught in an unearthly magnetism which led to a brief love affair. Why did Emily feel as if she had already met Scott, her new boss? Why did he look so familiar to Emily? How could Emily and Scott come to love each other so much and so soon?

They say in Greek mythology that three goddesses control fate, or destiny. Clotho wove life based upon a thread to the past. Lachesis measured that thread, deciding when destiny would come about and Atropos would cut that thread, sometimes through a death. They come into our lives at birth, spinning good or evil, manipulating the threads of our lives. Was it destiny? We don't know! What we do know is that neither Emily nor Scott wanted to fall in love. Scott was a committed husband and Christian. Emily, though hurt and confused by her husband's actions, would never have picked her new married boss for a lover! She knew that could only lead to trouble and heartache...and yet...

Emily was commissioned to create a cover for a feature story on the survivors of the Titanic. Through a series of interviews, readers are provided a variety of well-researched information on the survivors and what happened to them and in learning these details, Emily is slowly able to piece together the mystery. But it was too late!

Sterling brings her characters to life through intimate dialogue and internal thoughts. Emily may be your best friend. Scott is so conflicted that you can feel his confusion and inner turmoil. Greg's personality change, as it evolves, moves readers from early anger for his actions into a warm respect and admiration for the love and support he finally gives to his wife.

Is this a happily ever after book? Some may think so. But I have to wonder. Will destiny try again and will the goddess Atropos allow a different ending some time in the future? Portraits brings the past and present together in an unforgettable magical fulfillment of love once lost. Can the power of undying love ever really end?

This novel tops the normal top scale! I give it a 5+ and consider it a must-read for romance lovers everywhere!

G. A. Bixler

Highlighting Bettie Tucker's Book - Medical Misfit!

Medical Misfit: Doctor, Why Can't You Diagnose Me?

When individuals are desperately sick and their primary care physicians and specialists fail to render an accurate diagnosis, where do the patients go for help? If patients present symptoms that aren't typical textbook cases, whose responsibility is it to make certain that life-stealing health problems do not become life-threatening ones?

In Medical Misfit, Doctor, Why Can't You Diagnose Me? Jalene Corbin addresses these questions and tells of being trapped on a medical merry-go-round when she encountered health problems that seemed to be experienced by only a small percentage of the population. Her true-story, first-person account, is presented in an unusual and riveting format that readers will find enlightening, entertaining, and very educational. A lymph node infection, interstitial cystitis (IC), a systemic yeast infection, an incorrect diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, and sexual misconduct by a supposedly respected physician nearly destroyed her physically and emotionally. Readers will react with disbelief, outrage, and sympathy, undoubtedly fearing that they could find themselves in the same position. Or, perhaps, they are already there--desperate and slowly losing all hope of ever getting better. Without Jalene's faith, a loving husband, family members, supportive friends, and some God-placed caring physicians, she doesn't know how she could have gotten through each crisis.

Sadly, there are many people who are presently living their lives in pain, misery and fear because they haven't found an answer to their health problems. It is not unusual for it to take from one to five years to diagnose a lesser-known disease. Jalene blindly followed her doctors' instructions, even when her body was crying "foul." There were times when she began to doubt herself, wondering if she should be labeled a hypochondriac. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! When a doctor tells a patient that a health problem is all in his or her head, she advises the patient to run for the door and not to look back.

The author wants individuals to learn from her experiences and to understand their rights as patients. It is not a "doctor bashing" book but is intended to be a wake up call to both patients and physicians. Jalene believes that the information she shares will give encouragement to those who are having trouble being diagnosed--that they will take whatever steps necessary to find help so they can live healthier and happier lives.

The foreword to Medical Misfit was written by Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, M.D., FACAM. Among the many books that he has authored is The Yeast Syndrome, a proven best seller that helped, and is still helping, an untold number of patients. As the physician who wrote the foreword to this wonderful book, I cannot pass on the opportunity to give my HEARTY RECOMMENDATION TO EVERYONE TO READ THIS BOOK! All too often, "health" books or "personal improvement" books fail to contribute anything that really changes your life. THIS BOOK IS DIFFERENT! More than half of the adults who "click onto" have health issues that could be better treated by the programs Jalene describes than by the drugs or surgery that they're using at present. Isn't it time that YOU found out how to get from here to healthy?  --John P. Trowbridge

Read Review by G. A. Bixler at Amazon or here on this blog...

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Review: Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions - A Must Read for Christians

Two small children kissing.Image via Wikipedia
Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions:
Engaging the Mystery of Friendship Between Men and Women

By Dan Brennan

Faith Dance Publishing
ISBN: 9780982580707
184 Pages

Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions: Engaging the Mystery of Friendship Between Men and WomenI have made the outlandish suggestion that there is more to oneness in male-female relationships and sexuality than just sex or marriage. (p. 145)

What if cross-sex communion with a full range of nongenital passion is realistically possible and accessible in the new creation without violating the marriage bed? (p. 110)

Does the "true nature" of close male-female intimacy inherently lead to sex? (p. 54)

"In so many ways our culture trains us to be unfit for friendship." ---Paul Wadell (p. 33)

"You gave me no kiss, but from the time I came in she has not stopped kissing my feet."--Jesus Christ (p,119)

I don't usually use so many direct quotes from a book. but I believe you need to get the jist of what is covered by Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions by Dan Brennan! Now that's what I'm talking about Willis!"

Yesterday I reviewed what might be called a sex manual; today I review what might be called a sexuality manual...In some ways, the spirituality aspect of these books are the same.

Brennan mentions the study of young children needing touch and intimacy in order to grow. What happened to that philosophy? According to Brennan, through his well-research book, touch and intimacy were Freudized! Specifically, touching and intimacy were part of erotic love and, therefore, from a Christian standpoint, taboo to singles. Yet Jesus was single, remained unmarried--but had female, and male, friends and confidants!

Personally I'm not so sure that it was Freud that did all the damage; I lay the blame right where it should be for Christians--The Church. Here are two personal examples:

I was crying, hurt by what had happened...My pastor followed me outside to hug me, stating that it wasn't really allowed...

I wanted to discuss a personal problem with another pastor; I was told that a woman would have to be present (somebody who did not have vows saying that they would not divulge any of the counseling). I refused...

As a single, I can attest to everything Dan Brennan states about today's church culture--we are isolated, ignored, or if we become close to somebody, viewed as a potential "other woman" that could bring about marital problems. Not even our pastors are allowed to care and show love to singles!

Dan Brennan brings forth example after example of the potential of friendship, of communion within the Christian community. Yet, it is as if readings from the Bible have been so distorted by our sexualized culture that there is no way to reach out to a brother church member to seek guidance, counseling, prayer, yes friendship.

Yet this is what we were called to do? Like the kiss of the innocent children, or the grateful woman who washed Jesus' feet, not every intimate relationship leads to a sexual encounter! Have you been as angry and frustrated as me as a single woman? Have you worked and become close friends with a male co-worker, or even your boss, and have it frowned upon by other coworkers or a spouse?

Now we have sexual harrassment laws that say never touch a co-worker, never show friendship or concern. Why? Because there is always a sexual connotation applied or assumed. Dan Brennan has spoken out. I for one, totally support what He is teaching as God's word! It's a start, Dan--but there is so far to go! Keep writing and start sharing even more. Christians need to hear you!

Of course I consider this a must-read for anyone in the Christian community...Anybody else? I think it is a cultural issue as well...what do you think?

G. A. Bixler

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Review: Women's Anatomy of Arousal Must-Read for Women (and Men?)

c. 1508-1510Image via Wikipedia
Women's Anatomy
  of Arousal

By Sheri Winston, CNM, RN, BSN, LMT

Mango Garden Press
ISBN: 9780578033952
266 Pages

One of my passions and concerns is how America has evolved into a sexualized nation that "uses" sex to sell just about anything on TV and works to reach our young children to bring them into this world, just to sell! At the same time, I believe these young children have no real idea about their own sexuality--they merely copy from what they learn from their peers or, again, from TV, movies and even books and magazines.

It is never too late to learn about your sexuality; it is never too early to learn either, with proper guidance!

Sheri Winston is head of The Center for the Intimate Arts and has the academic background the credentials I would look for when wanting to discuss sex. She also includes in the front of the book many testimonials from other experts in her field. That was also very important to me!

Women's Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried PleasureBut most important, Sheri Winston supports a wholistic approach to Sexuality. Here is a summary of the Five Principles of Wholistic Sexuality:

  • Wholistic Sexuality is first and foremost about your connection with yourself.
  • Sex is about all the ways we connect with everyone and everything.
  • We're on a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.
  • Sexual and relationship skills can and need to be learned.
  • Learning depends on accurate, useful models.(p. 44)
Winston notes that although we live in a culture where we use sex blatantly in many ways; at the same time "we are living in a culture that limits people's ability to comfortably talk about sex..."(p. 42)

That's outstanding, isn't it?

So, where do women (and men) turn to find out how, when, and why our sexuality is so important to us? I was impressed with Winston's book and would wholeheartedly support it for those who are honestly seeking to find their way through the maze of "entertainment-type" learning that places sex right in the middle of all of the dramas of our lives.

You know what? This book is both fun and interesting. The author is not afraid to use those words that are "whispered" normally, nor is she ashamed to discuss each detail about the woman's body as it relates to her sexuality. There are extensive graphics and explanations. She includes historical information as well as those spiritual writings that first discussed and identified, for instance, the Yin (Masculine) and Yang (Feminine) energetic patterns; i.e., the estrogen and testosterone that we all have within us.

Women's Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure by Sheri Winston included everything I could think of that I would want to have available to me. You know, though, that I must add a personal note...isn't it sad that most of our teachings in sexuality come from the ancient eastern civilizations and artists such as the one illustrated from the 1500s. Here we are in the year 2010, in a culture that uses sexual words as slang or rough daily talk. May each of you find your own path, perhaps through Sheri Winston's help!

By the way, there are hints and a chapter dedicated to men. I consider this a must-read for all women; and mothers--use it to help your daughters properly learn. Perhaps the most important is Honoring the Sacredness of Sex. (P. 204) I close with a brief look at the tools and skills of the Heart. (p. 181-182)

Witnessing, Open-Heartedness, Respect, Compassion and Forgiveness, Giving and Receiving, Loving Intention and Loving Action... Words quite different from that everyday F word, aren't they?

Book Provided by
Booth Media Group, Inc.

G. A. Bixler

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Review: Guest Blogger Janet Morris Grimes Shares on Young Reader Book...

Amish schoolchildrenImage via Wikipedia

A Summer Secret

by Kathleen Fuller

A Summer Secret: The first in The Mysteries of Middlefield Series

Three and 1/2 Stars.

A Summer Secret (The Mysteries of Middlefield Series)Thankful for the opportunity to read a Young Adult fiction book on any topic other than vampires and wizards, I appreciated the respite offered by this simple but intriguing story. It centers on thirteen year old Amish girl, Mary Beth Mullett. An easy read for those from ages 8 – 12, it provides an introduction to the culture, their slight language variance and an explanation of common practices of the Amish. But more than this, it centers on the similarities between Mary Beth and any other girl her age.

She seeks a frequent escape from the harassment of her three brothers. She writes out her private thoughts, assuming no one would ever understand. Though she readily intends to fulfill her responsibilities and keep her parents’ trust in her, she also longs to help a mysterious teen-aged boy who has no where else to turn. This struggle eventually causes her to overstep her bounds.

I recommend this book as it provides a great escape from the pressures of the high tech world. To read about those who choose to do without electricity in the home, and how that affects their daily habits, it allows the reader to consider the benefits of such a simple lifestyle. I found it entertaining and enjoyed meeting these characters. The few drawbacks I saw were that there was actually no mystery to be solved, and that some teens may get bored with how long it takes for the story to fully develop. Still, I do look forward to reading other stories from this series.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


Janet Morris Grimes

Writing for the Pursuit of Sappiness

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Any day spent writing is the best day of my life...

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Review: Diary of an Oxygen Thief

Looking towards freedomImage by Funky64 ( via Flickr

Diary Of An
  Oxygen Thief

This book--diary--might be somebody's true story. It might be yours. We'll never know. I can only tell you as a reviewer of Diary Of An Oxygen Thief, it resonates with the pain, the discouragement, the frustration of somebody who had lived this story.

DIARY OF AN OXYGEN THIEF By AnonymousThe book starts with this sentence: "I liked hurting girls."

He proceeds to explain that he doesn't abuse them physically, clearly stating that he'd never hit a girl in his life.

No, he does much worse. He works very hard to have them fall in love with him. If you were his current victim, he would listen to you carefully, find out all about you. He would learn your likes and dislikes. He would make love to you in every possible way. Until you loved him... Yes, you would be totally in love with him...

And then he would turn on you.

Verbally abusing you as he watched the shock in your eyes, enjoying the hurt he saw there. Perhaps he'd tell you about being with another woman. Or he might sit there talking about how he was disgusted with this or that about you... It was perfectly legal, even if he was killing you, with his words!

He was also an alcoholic...

Did that give him the proper excuse? Maybe not, but he started going to AA and turned his life around... And he fell in love!

She was the type of woman who like hurting boys...and even had others to help!

All I can say is that Diary Of An Oxygen Thief is a fascinating journey. Readers quickly hate the main character until he has stopped drinking. He seems to be totally recovered and trying to make a new life, until he meets her. The one who liked hurting boys...

Only you can decide whether this book is for you. Frankly, I think counselors, psychologists, and other abuse supporters should consider it a must-read. The back cover says "Hurt people hurt people." This book is a "very real account of what we do to each other and what we allow to have done to us." No matter what your background, your past. You will find something to remember from this book, perhaps even, something that is already haunting you and will continue to do so. Read it and face Reality... Your Reality?

Book provided by
the author

G. A. Bixler

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slave transport in Africa, depicted in a 19th-...Image via Wikipedia
Blood Ransom

Mission Hope Series

By Lisa Harris

ISBN: 9780310319054
317 Pages

Blood Ransom (Mission Hope Series)Professionally they made a good team--Natalie Sinclair worked to eliminate diseases in Dhambizao and Chad Talcott was a doctor volunteering at a small clinic there. How they met and came together is an adventure that quickly pulls you into Lisa Harris's latest novel, Blood Ransom.

Joseph Komboli had come to Natalie for help; he had just witnessed the destruction of his Village, his family and friends abducted. The Ghost Soldiers were real! But Joseph was hurt and she forced him to go to the clinic with her before anything else!

There had been many rumors about Soldiers coming to take human laborers to work as slaves for the mines. Joseph had watched as they killed the ones unable to work and made the others move off ahead of them. Joseph had, however, just returned from a visit with his uncle who had given him a special wonderful gift, a camera. Now he would use that gift to capture and record the truth!

Having those pictures brought about a chase that led Natalie, Chad and Joseph through danger and death. Both Chad and Natalie were caught up--in each other first, and then into local events that had never been proven. Now with the pictures, if they could be used properly, it could result in the freedom of all those who had been enslaved.

All Joseph thought about was finding his family before they killed them like they had his grandfather!

But Joseph had also heard a snatch of conversation while he took those pictures. "The president will be taken care of...only four more days until we are in power." Something must happen before the scheduled election took place or the president might indeed be assassinated!

Harris lives with her family in Mozambique, Africa, where they are missionaries. She writes with an indepth knowledge of the people, the setting, and highlights the slave trade happening there. She challenges readers throughout the book--Where is God in this chaos? Will their prayers, their pleas to Him be answered?

Blood Ransom by Lisa Harris is an excellent adventure novel that shows how God uses us to work His miracles. Faith in action is a clear message in this exciting story!

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G. A. Bixler

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Into Protection by Terry Chaudhuri Provides Scary Twist!

FBI synopsis of trialImage via Wikipedia

By Terry Chaudhuri

Schiel & Denver Publishing
ISBN: 9781849030281
234 Pages

Believe me, after you read Into Protection by Terry Chaudhuri, you might think twice about being a witness for the Prosecution. Don't even think about accepting "protection" through the Witness Protection Program!

Derek and Jimmy had been friends since they were boys. Derek's father was a cop so Derek spent much time with Jimmy and his family. Indeed, when his father was shot, protecting the boys, Derek was taken into their home. Derek had always planned on becoming a cop--and to solve his father's murder. Jimmy wanted to enter law enforcement too; however, he first attended college and then joined the FBI.

Immediately after joining, he was sought after by a small internal group who handled the protection of government witnesses, after the trial, when they were to enter the witness protection program, move to another location and be provided a new home, identity and a new life. It was Jimmy's job to take the witnesses to their new home, so he traveled most of the time.

Jimmy and Derek met every once in awhile too busy at their careers to be as close as they once were. Finally, though, they were brought together on one case...trying to once again bring Victor Lazano to justice! But something had happened to Derek since he and Jimmy had sworn to revenge and imprison the man who had murdered his father...

Derek had fallen in love...

And he found out she was the wife of Victor Lazano!

Deciding what to do was one of the hardest things that Derek had ever faced, but he talked to Rebecca who agreed to testify against Victor, then Derek talked to his boss and he, in turn, brought in the FBI.

But Jimmy didn't want Derek to convince Rebecca to testify, knowing that she would have to go into Witness Protectiion... And Derek wanted to know why Jimmy wouldn't help her since he was a major player with the witnesses...

Anything, anywhere can be corrupted by those who place money and power as their personal priorities. Terry Chaudhuri, in Into Protection, has twisted something good, has shown how the innocent can be pulled into a life that they hadn't planned on, with no way out... The drama showing two blood brothers growing, loving each other, and moving into separate lives is both a sad but valuable lesson and, for readers, an explosive set of life's incidents that are pulled together to spell thrilling action and suspense for readers! Highly recommended!

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G, A, Bixler

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Review: Freya's Child - Great Merge of Mythology and History!

Adolf Hitler portrait, bust, 3/4 facing right.Image via Wikipedia

Freya's Child

By Alvin Franzmeier

ISBN: 9781604943658
241 Pages

It was 1939 and most of the world was watching as Nazi Germany invaded and took over countries. Would the US become involved? Alvin Franzmeier sets his book, Freya’s Child, during this time; however, within the background, the novel presents an alternative history that will fascinate readers in its potential...

Dr. Hulda Schwarz was a sergeant in the SS when she was told to meet with Nazi Schutzstaffel Reich’s Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler. Nervous at first, she was thrilled when she was asked to discuss a runestone that had been found in Minnesota. Many believed that the stone could have great significance for the future of the Reich. She shared a part that she had already been able to translate:

Shine Freya Moon gold bright and clear
Your day of rest draws near
Valhalla calls her maiden home...

For the German Nazis, they believe that the stone would lead to gold...

But for Dr. Schwarz, it was far more important. She tried to explain to Himmler about the true discoverers of the Americas when the Scandinavian countries had traveled into Canada and down into America in areas now included in the state of Minnesota. Finding a Runestone seemed to prove this to be true.

And to Dr. Schwarz and other believers, it was believed that the poem was foretelling the return of the goddess Freya and it would be her race, the Aryan race, that would now rule the world. Dr. Schwarz was willing to ride the Hitler wagon, though she knew that most Nazis were atheists.

When Dr. Schwarz arrived, it seemed that a strange number of coincidences had led her there and were supporting her beliefs. She was a Volva and practiced Seidh. Indeed it was her extensive research and study of her faith that allowed her to translate the words (runes) on the stone. She believed the prophecy pointed to their destiny as the leaders of the Aryan people and that blessed Freya, becoming incarnate in a promised child, would guide them.

Valhalla - "Heaven" for those who believed...
Image via Wikipedia...

That child, however, happened to have been born to Albert Freitag’s family. He was a Dakota County deputy sheriff; however, because he spoke German, he had been requested to work with the FBI on occasion because it was known that there were Nazi soldiers and sympathizers in the United States.

Tillie, his wife, was pregnant and was afraid for Al to go undercover. Especially when she met the beautiful Hulda Schwarz and saw her interest in her husband! But it was more than jealousy, she was afraid of Hulda and later for her child...
Al tried to reassure Tillie, but within himself, he worried and wondered. He seemed to be under a spell whenever Hulda was around. What was worse, his job demanded that he travel with her to try to find out what plans were underway by the Germans...

Alvin Franzmeier’s merge of the legends of Valhalla with the political power and takeover by Germany is a wonderful blend of history that results in an adventure both suspenseful and fantastical in its possibilities. I thoroughly enjoyed this and lovers of both history and mystery and suspense will find this tale well worth reading!

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G. A. Bixler

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