Monday, June 28, 2010

Review: Spotlighting Bettie Tucker as Beth Sterling...

The Thorn of Sexual Abuse: The Gripping Story of a Family's Courage and One Man's Struggle

Too often we are confronted with sex, violence, pain and fear from our television, newspapers, and movies, in realistic but fictional stories. We enjoy or shun these revelations based upon our own experiences and beliefs, but they serve only one purpose--to entertain. Not so with the book, The Thorn of Sexual Abuse!

Sex is a very central part of every can be beautiful; it can be abused...but it will never, not be a part of the family environment. For many many individuals, their feelings regarding sex have arisen from very early experiences, many of them abusive or inappropriate for the young. Sexual abuse...sexual addiction is a common why is it not discussed?

Why? Because, it is oftentimes the family members or close neighbors who are the ones abusing our young. If we were willing to share, all of us would have at least one experience remembered from our matter how minor. Reading how a man and a woman, both abused, can meet and find a friendship and forgiveness can be a means through which we can find our own forgiveness.

Beth Sterling shares of a neighbor's touching when she was young, too young to understand, yet old enough to know what he did was wrong. Enter Paul, a man Beth had met in Church, who is discovered to be a sex offender...of young children. And she has children.

Many young children are never able to forget the early offenses made on their bodies; many others follow in the same paths and become offenders. This book tells a story of those involved in sexual offenses...all of us must understand and know how this happens and what to do about it. The Thorn of Sexual Abuse provides an excellent way to learn about this crime that will, unfortunately, never end and, also unfortunately has become more prevalent through the Internet.. The book takes us into our early homes...our present homes. This book reveals what we've held in our hearts for many years, perhaps, and this book helps us through the healing process.

This book is the best I have read regarding the victims of sexual abuse. Thank God there are those who are willing to open their secret lives to help others.
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