Monday, June 28, 2010

Highlighting Bettie Tucker's Book - Medical Misfit!

Medical Misfit: Doctor, Why Can't You Diagnose Me?

When individuals are desperately sick and their primary care physicians and specialists fail to render an accurate diagnosis, where do the patients go for help? If patients present symptoms that aren't typical textbook cases, whose responsibility is it to make certain that life-stealing health problems do not become life-threatening ones?

In Medical Misfit, Doctor, Why Can't You Diagnose Me? Jalene Corbin addresses these questions and tells of being trapped on a medical merry-go-round when she encountered health problems that seemed to be experienced by only a small percentage of the population. Her true-story, first-person account, is presented in an unusual and riveting format that readers will find enlightening, entertaining, and very educational. A lymph node infection, interstitial cystitis (IC), a systemic yeast infection, an incorrect diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, and sexual misconduct by a supposedly respected physician nearly destroyed her physically and emotionally. Readers will react with disbelief, outrage, and sympathy, undoubtedly fearing that they could find themselves in the same position. Or, perhaps, they are already there--desperate and slowly losing all hope of ever getting better. Without Jalene's faith, a loving husband, family members, supportive friends, and some God-placed caring physicians, she doesn't know how she could have gotten through each crisis.

Sadly, there are many people who are presently living their lives in pain, misery and fear because they haven't found an answer to their health problems. It is not unusual for it to take from one to five years to diagnose a lesser-known disease. Jalene blindly followed her doctors' instructions, even when her body was crying "foul." There were times when she began to doubt herself, wondering if she should be labeled a hypochondriac. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! When a doctor tells a patient that a health problem is all in his or her head, she advises the patient to run for the door and not to look back.

The author wants individuals to learn from her experiences and to understand their rights as patients. It is not a "doctor bashing" book but is intended to be a wake up call to both patients and physicians. Jalene believes that the information she shares will give encouragement to those who are having trouble being diagnosed--that they will take whatever steps necessary to find help so they can live healthier and happier lives.

The foreword to Medical Misfit was written by Dr. John Parks Trowbridge, M.D., FACAM. Among the many books that he has authored is The Yeast Syndrome, a proven best seller that helped, and is still helping, an untold number of patients. As the physician who wrote the foreword to this wonderful book, I cannot pass on the opportunity to give my HEARTY RECOMMENDATION TO EVERYONE TO READ THIS BOOK! All too often, "health" books or "personal improvement" books fail to contribute anything that really changes your life. THIS BOOK IS DIFFERENT! More than half of the adults who "click onto" have health issues that could be better treated by the programs Jalene describes than by the drugs or surgery that they're using at present. Isn't it time that YOU found out how to get from here to healthy?  --John P. Trowbridge

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