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Spotlighting Author Bettie Tucker's Book Excerpt - The Temptation

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Matthew 4

Jesus went into the wilderness where the Holy Spirit led.
He was tempted there by Satan to change stones into bread.

For forty days and forty nights, Jesus hadn't eaten at all.
Still, He would not listen to Satan though hunger pans did gnaw.

Satan said that this would be a chance for Jesus to prove He was God's son.
If only He would change the stones, it would convince everyone.

Jesus referred to the Scriptures, saying only God could feed.
It took more than just bread to fill the hungry soul's need.

Satan then took Jesus to the Jerusalem temple roof.
He said that if Jesus would jump, the people would truly have proof.

There was no reason at all for this to cause alarm,
For the Scriptures promised that God would protect Him from any harm.

Jesus said the Scriptures had something further to convey.
They said that the Lord should not be tested in a foolish way.

Satan took Jesus to a mountain peak and offered temptation again,
Saying the glory of the nations below could all belong to Him.

If Jesus would kneel before Satan, then this would come about.
Jesus said He'd worship only God and ordered the devil out.

The Stepping Stone Book: Bible Stories in Rhyme
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