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Review: Her Mother's Diary Well Worth the Reading

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Her Mother's Diary

By David Curry Kahn

ISBN: 9781604943597
232 Pages

The drug lord showed up everywhere Allison ran, leaving bodies behind!

Her Mother's DiaryEvents happened so fast in Allison Ercheverry's life that she didn't have time to feel the monumental grief she experienced in Her Mother's Diary by David Curry Kahn. In fact, she had to keep running for her life!

Fortunately, the love and life she shared with her mother and grandmother had provided the strength and maturity to handle what happened.

That, and having her mother visited her in her dreams...

For her mother had been murdered by her father. Her mother had found a large amount of money in their home and she knew that her husband was still selling drugs with his uncle. She hid the money! It was both anger and, more, fear that set Allison's father off. He tried to explain that if he didn't turn over the money that he would be killed. Before he realized it, his wife was dead...

Allison ran out of the house to her grandmother who lived nearby. As her grandmother tried to deal with her daughter's death, the burial and worry for Allison, she pointed out that Allison was now an orphan. Not understanding, Allison proclaimed that she would stay with her...but her grandmother knew that her life was near its end. Indeed she died soon after her daughter was buried. But she had told Allison about two possible family connections; i.e., other than her father's brother, with whom they didn't want her to live, due to the drug connection.

But the aunt in California, to whom she went was found to be in a hospice and she died before Allison could even get to her. And as she traveled, she had learned that her father had been killed--the police felt that it had been a hit and probably drug related.

The Holliday family were billionaires, with Henry being the family head at the moment. But when Allison tried to make a connection, it was determined that her uncle had also already made a connection and indicated he would provide a home for Allison. Henry politely explained to Allison that the family money was tied into a trust and dedicated to specific causes; there was no money for individual family members... And besides her uncle had promised her a home!

As deaths occurred around Allison as she made her way from their home in Oregon to California, she met two men--one a killer and one a savior.

Allison kept remembering the million dollars that her mother had hidden; her grandmother thought that she had probably written the hiding place in her diary, but her father had taken it with him when he had been arrested! There were two things that her mother knew that would help Allison find the money and each time her mother visited her in her dream, she would share more and more with her daughter. All she had to do was figure out how to go look for it!

But before she could make plans, the killer, who she had surprisingly met on her way to California, and who she later found had killed her father...she now saw visiting her uncle! Another murder was nothing for this man! But now Allison was totally alone, and knew that the money was what this evil man wanted!

David Curry Kahn has used a suspenseful murder mystery to show the potential of young individuals who are suddenly left alone and afraid, to show that there are also good people that will come into their lives and, with faith, hope and determination, an individual can take a stand to act on those beliefs and to win a life worth living! This is a great YA book, but also one that will inspire all readers! We can all take a lesson from Allison's response to becoming an orphan, homeless and estranged even from a wealthy family! I think you'll enjoy this one!

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G. A. Bixler

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