Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Incoming: The Gold Machine!

The Gold Machine, by S. G. Craft, coming in soon for a Review: Click title for Barnes and Noble Info!

Who could resist investing in a machine that will extract unlimited amounts of gold from commom dirt? Amanda Edwards and four others become secret partners and before they can cash in, the machine is missing and the inventor is dead. Amanda and two partners pursue the bad guys to retrieve the machine and drawings for it throughout the western US ending up in the Salt Lake City area. The story concludes in the mountains outside ofProvo, Utah in a firey crash.


A young investigative reporter, Amanda Edwards, finds herself involved in the murder case of her former professor and mentor. Professor Parsons, a brilliant mathematician, has invented a machine that separates eight elements from every day compounds; one being gold.
Five investors, including Amanda, invest in the gold machine. Their plan is to lease the machine to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis will pay high prices to turn their land into beautiful gardens, as the gold machine desalinates water one hundred times faster than any device. When they've collected enough money, a second machine will be built and used in the U.S. to clean toxic waste sites.

A date is set for the Professor to demonstrate the machine to the partners. Two days before their meeting, he is found dead, 600 miles from the demo location. Where is the machine? Where is his briefcase? Where are the drawings for the gold machine? Amanda faces challenges: Find the killer or killers. Secure the gold machine. Locate the missing plans. Clear the Professor's name. Stay alive.

ISBN: 0615240062
ISBN-13: 9780615240060
Format: Paperback
Publisher: First Impressions Last Press
Pub. Date: September 2008

Join Me in Writing! Celebrate Poetry Month!

Some of you may have seen when I have written a responsive poem to someone else's poem. Would you like to try it? I'm going to write a poem in response to the following, which is the latest from Thomas Kemp, known as YourPoetIs and the title of his latest book of poems. Who knows, some of your words might be found in his next book... Are we good enough to get published? Let's try it. Just use the comments section...or send me your responsive poetry to IPBookReviewer@aol.com

And, please, this is for fun! Enjoy yourself! Poems will be accepted and published in this blog through the month!

And by the way, look for other poems to be highlighted during April. Do YOU have a favorite poem to share??? Send it to me! Celebrate the Month!

The house was as cold as the night air.
Snow had been falling for as long as we had been lying
Next to each other we were a pair, a couple of lovers.
We were fit for any story about love.

As you brush the snow from my face with your long hair,
I felt your fingers wipe my tears.
Does passion have a sister or a mother
As lovely as you had become to me?

Where I was cold you were hot and where I was hot you were…
Lost in the darkness of the Moonless hours
Trying to cover your nakedness, worrying about the time
I made just one mistake, telling you to hurry.

Be safe now, and hurry again to my face,

hurry and come to me
Forgive my loud sounds; my rushing kisses…

please, remember me.

Thomas kemp/poet

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review: Killer Pizza - Hold the Monsters!

The three of them wanted a summer job, all for different reasons, but for Toby Magill, Annabel and Strobe, it meant that they applied to make pizza at a new place called Killer Pizza. Toby was the only one that was really interested in making pizza, since he hoped to become a chef one day in the future. So making pizza during summer vacation seemed a great start for the future. Although 4 new employees started that first day, all of them began to work well together and form a team, except Doug, who always seemed to be doing something other than what he was supposed to do!

After training, they were really getting into the groove, although Toby was faster and better at the actual pizza making. Steve Rogers had hired them and already Toby was wondering what was the secret ingredient that he used in his special pizza and whether he could duplicate it or maybe create his own sauce!

Toby and Annabel were both 14, Strove 15, so it wasn’t surprising that both Toby and Strove soon had a crush on Annabel. Time passed quickly, so quickly that, when Steve called them into his office, they weren’t sure why—especially when he left and told them that the owner would be in shortly to see them!

They were quite surprised that the owner turned out to be Doug and he was so pleased with their teamwork that he wanted to offer them another job. Actually Doug’s name was Harvey P. Major and the pizza empire he owned was just a front to fund his humanitarian work. He “eliminated monsters.”

Ok, you can think, “Ghost Busters” and get a fairly good idea of the rest of the book! I thought it was a fun read, and if the reader is old enough to know that monsters are great fantasy characters, then, I highly recommend it. I felt that the three main characters showed considerable “growth” of physical, emotional, and mental strengths because of their training to become “Monster Combat Officers” so it is more than pure entertainment!

And you even get Toby’s recipe for “Fiery Dragon-Breath Pizza!” How cool is that!

G. A. Bixler

Friday, March 20, 2009

Interview for Author Spotlight, Robert Noonan

Bob, Where are you from?

I lived most of my life on the far north side of Chicago, Illinois. My early life wasn’t especially eventful, but I had good friends and good times. We played sports in a park nearby and on Saturday afternoons, we went to the theatre to see three Westerns and three cartoons. Of course, you had to check in your cap gun at the entrance. We were poor, but as kids we didn’t know the difference, so it didn’t bother us. We had fun.

During those years I didn’t have much interest in reading books for pleasure, until I read The Lindberg Kidnapping. The details of the case were intriguing. I went on to another book, then another, developing a love for history, whether in books, photos or movies. All of it was fascinating. As the years moved on I traveled extensively. No matter what country I was in, it had its unique personal charm … and history.

In 1975 I married and eventually had two daughters, Alissa and Meris. In 2004 I moved to my country home in Hatfield, Wisconsin where I completed writing my Orphan Train Trilogy: Wildflowers, Bridie’s Daughter and Secrets. I want to go on to my next book, but a lot of my time is spent promoting what I have already written.

I understand your books highlight orphans, what inspired you to write your novels?

Like many people, I had a yen to write, but never got around to it. Then one day while reading a magazine, I ran across an article about abused child laborers during the Industrial Revolution. I had read about it many times before and the same pictures were in this article-except for one. It was a 19th century picture of a little girl about nine years old, wearing a tattered, oil stained dress and she was dwarfed by machinery. The moment I looked at her sad face, I knew she was my story. So I began writing. Half way into the first book, Wildflowers, I realized I could connect it to a second novel. My next thought was, if I write two, why not a trilogy? So it was done.

Like you said, a lot of people want to write, even me, but a lot of us don't have the talent for fiction. What made you think you could write novels?

Pure gut. Plus the desire was there. I believed I had a good enough imagination and sense of humor to conceive a story, describe scenes without difficulty, invent characters and create appropriate dialog to match my characters in a flowing storyline. Once I began, it all came easy, making up the story as I went along. My concern for those children and what they went through drove me on, not wanting their plight to be forgotten. They pulled me forward.

I've already told you, I want to see the next book tell us Hilary's story, do you plan to write more novels?

I want to. I have many ideas, but have to decide on which topic. I’ve had people telephone me asking me to write more , especially to continue the Orphan Train series. That is my first choice, at least one more book in that direction, though I could go on with many more on that subject. I’ve begun writing it in my mind already.

Are you doing anything other than promoting your books right now?

That is where my energies are going at this time. As all authors know, promoting is the difficult part about writing, trying to get noticed. I'm talking to an individual about possible movies. And, just recently, I've started my next book, so I'm starting to balance my time between promotion and writing. I do a lot of online interaction at various sites! Look for me at most book related sites and connect to me!

I certainly congratulate you on your fine trilogy and "guts" but, tell me, when did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I started getting those phone calls from people asking me to continue writing. It began shortly after the trilogy was released. Better yet, when I received fantastic book reviews weeks later. Besides that, I am pleased with my work and want to continue.

Do you strive for a specific writing style?

Not really. As I create the story I stick with what is appropriate to be next in the story, choose suitable characters, dialog and surroundings. Basically, picture the scene in my mind and write it.

How did you select your titles?

In the first novel, Wildflowers, there is a scene early in the book that explains the title. Three little girls are the "wildflowers."

Bridie’s Daughter was a name I pulled out of the air. I needed an orphan girl and a lady to adopt her. Catherine is named after my grandmother on my father’s side. The name Bridie McDonald?I really can’t remember why I selected it. I believe it fits well with the story though.

I selected Secrets because the trilogy was coming to an end and there were incidents in the past of some characters that they were hiding.

Bob, I really appreciate your taking time to share with me and my readers! Your Orphan Train Trilogy not only has great historical significance to highlight the child welfare system, but they are truly three wonderful novels sharing both the good and bad happenings for our children in the past! Thank you so Much!

Readers, to learn more, click the title of this interview to link to Noonan's Novels! My reviews are posted of course at any online bookstore as well as on all of my posting sites! These books are ones that you will want for your personal library to retain and share with your children!

Review: A Cross Estate Highlights A Single Life Story Affected by 9/11 Tragedy

I told him to get out, to leave...” ~~~ “I can’t do that, Mom...I love you!” (p. 198)

It was a story about a family, much like many you’ve read. A young man is in love and is also deciding what career choice to make. At least that’s what I thought when I started to read A Cross Estate by William Thomas Kinsella.

In fact, the young man, the main character, is killed shortly after the second part of the book begins! On September 11, 2001...

When tragedy strikes, there is no way to really know what those who are involved are going through. However, Kinsella’s book strikes realism, a tone of truth that slowly pulls readers into the lives of those who have lost someone unexpectedly and senselessly. In this case, on 9/11. The story is sad and, in many parts, hard to read. You will see the bedroom of Jack Conroy, at his parents’ house, left as if he was away for just a while and was coming back to finish reading the magazine article lying on his bed. You will hear the frustration, anger and regret voiced by those close to Jack...

Jack Conroy had two career opportunities. He loved working outside and had taken a minor in landscape design while his major was in finance. His first job offer was to take a full-time job where he had worked summers, doing design work. His heart decision was to take that job. Not only would he be doing the work he loved to do, but also he would be able to stay with Veronica while she finished school, for she was the most important person in his life.

But his father was semi-retired from Wall Street and throughout his life Jack had been prepared to also work there. Indeed, his father had worked many years before he had gained a position and knew that his son was already better and more prepared to start work there immediately. So, when the chance came to interview for a position right after his graduation, Jack decided to at least go for the interview.

Once there, he was pleased by what he saw at the firm, and also that he was being favorably considered. He discussed his career issues with everybody who was important to him. Finally, knowing that he was young enough to work on Wall Street and still move into landscape work in not too many years, he accepted the offered position, just shortly before the firm moved to the Twin Towers.

Kinsella’s novel beautifully illustrates his writing expertise and his Master’s in English Literature. There is much to learn by studying the reactions of his true-to-life characters as they face their lives without the one person that had brought them all together...

Kinsella worked in Lower Manhattan during this tragedy. His writing reflects the horror both during and after a tragedy, all the more poignant by his sharing so much of the family life of “just one” that was lost. Highly recommended life story!

“He was a hometown boy. You probably saw him around town if you’ve lived here any length of time. He was an attractive young man who people wanted to be around. He loved to walk the sidewalks of this town growing up, and you never had to smile first when you saw him...Jack Conroy was the pure heart of America—the offshoot of our best roots and the flower of our American Dream.” (p. 145)

G. A. Bixler
for IP Book Reviews

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Hey Readers! I'm sure you recognize the site name for New Fiction! If not, see my review on the site itself as well as reviews for two of the books there (here on my blog)

I did exactly what Tom said, I posted the above info on my blog at the bottom...and then I wrote to Tom at Tom@NewFiction.Com and he handled it from there...

Check it out on my blog, below, or on Tom's as mentioned above....You can link to NewFiction.Com by clicking the title of this announcement!

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Standing The Watch Wins Award! Cool!

The Big River Press News March 2009

Big River Press proudly announces

Standing The Watch: The Greatest Gift was awarded

First Place in the 2009 ReaderViews.com
Reviewers Choice Award

Memoir/Autobiography Category
Standing The Watch: The Greatest Gift
R. J. Brown
Big River Press (2008)
ISBN 9780979874437

Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (10/08)

I will start by saying that this is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. The writing brought me to tears with the loving way this leaving was embraced. As with many touchy subjects; death is not often discussed until it is upon us.

As written in Standing The Watch, "There's something about caring for our parents in their last days that's more spiritual than all the religious words any holy man could say. More rewarding than the fruits of any other work." This simple phrasing says it all. David and RJ Brown dedicate their lives to allowing his father, Lincoln, die at home with honor and peace.

Upon his death, RJ writes; "We quietly speak to Poppa's Spirit as we take care, for the final time, of his earthly remains and I sing songs for his departure, while Buddy-dog sleeps beneath the bed. David turns off the heater, opens the door so Poppa's Spirit is free to leave and lets in cool, clean, moist air."

Not only is Standing The Watch somewhat of a guide to home death with many informative, educational pages at the end for those who will be embarking on the journey, it is filled with compassion for those caring for loved ones regardless of their location. I highly recommend this loving book as I feel those who read it will grow as a person and open their eyes to all of the beauty that surrounds us.

If you haven't joined our readers before,
check out one of our books.
I know you'll enjoy them!

R. J. Brown
Big River Press
Author & Essayist

Order a autographed copy using your by clicking the title of this article

Watch for The Dead Husband by R. J. Brown. A Sally Sees Cozy Mystery. Cleaning up dead husbands is not in SALLY COLLIER's job description so when she finds one half-buried at the bottom of his garden, her Monday morning schedule gets seriously derailed.

Congratulations to R. J. Brown on this Award and check out my own review as Tuesday, October 14, 2008, blog entry!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Review: Compulsion Provides Thrilling End Surprises

By Jennifer Chase
Outskirts Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781432734169
301 Pages

“It is almost as if they were separated at birth as twins and now they have found each other again by a macabre twist of fate.”(p. 244) The twins? Well, they just happen to be serial killers starring in Compulsion by Jennifer Chase!

Interestingly these two individuals have very different reasons for killing; however, their reasons are so complementary that, instead of acting separately, as most serial killers do, these two have formed a close relationship--like no other!

Emily Stone is an unusual character. She does not have a job, or at least not now. She was once in law enforcement but became a whistle blower, which essentially forced her to leave. Since then, she has never stopped her work--on her own; however, she has restricted her activities to finding pedophiles, and sometimes serial killers, gathering sufficient evidence, and turning it all over to the local police departments. She is competent, computer savvy, and has the needed instincts to research and gather sufficient evidence long before others barely get started.

It was merely coincidence that Emily’s neighbors were having problems with a new neighbor and, through that, she met Rick Lopez from the local police department Their attraction seemed mutual, so that, by the time Rick was called on to deal with the serial killer case, Emily also became involved, but behind Rick’s back. Her need to keep anonymity was stronger than her feelings for him, so when she learned enough, she quickly left without notifying anybody.

But Rick was not going to let her go that easily! Which was very fortunate since the killers were coming--for her!

The psychological aspects of the killers, as always, are beyond the ability for most of us to understand. Chase uses several scenarios to attempt to describe the “why” for one of the men, while the other’s background is not revealed until a surprise ending, that keeps on...surprising!

Chase writes in the present tense, as an investigator might do in giving reports and building a case. If you enjoy the chase in crime fiction, a little romance, some csi-type investigations and surprise endings, check out Compulsion by Jennifer Chase.

Some compulsions just won’t die until...

G. A. Bixler

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News for Small Businesses

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Don't forget you can click on the title to go to this site!

Note from Blogger: This info is provided with no endorsement...it's a contest for bloggers so I thought I'd supply some good news and participate!

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Review: Hold Fast ... to God!

The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy, Holding Fast, encompasses many issues beyond sharing the background and events surrounding the loss of three mountain climbers during a major storm that was worse than had been seen in a decade. Written by Karen James, wife of mountain climber, Kelly James, it is both a tribute to her husband Kelly, as well as a significant documentary of actual events, which includes pictures that were taken by James during their climb.

For those who participate in mountain climbing activities, the pictures are beautiful illustrations of why someone chooses to climb. For Kelly James, he quickly would highlight that, for him, climbing onto mountain summits brought him closer to God than any other place. Karen shares how early in their relationship, she did go on a climbing trip. Indeed Kelly proposed marriage to Karen while they were high on a mountain! But after that, Karen normally chose to stay home while Kelly would travel with other climbers who had become close friends.

Holding Fast is also a fascinating tale of the search and rescue process. One telling point was after Karen and the family were already home. Karen called to wish the Sheriff who had led the rescue activities a merry Christmas. He had been feeling like he had failed the families because none of the climbers were rescued; however, Karen and everybody else were quite willing to gratefully compliment and thank all of those who worked long and hard, trying to find the three men.

But most of all, Holding Fast shares God's love and attendance before, during, and after the "Mount Hood Tragedy." Kelly James had been a guy's guy, but he had no problem sharing his love and faith in God. During the rescue activities, his brother, who is a minister, was the spokesman for the families and was constantly leading everyone in prayer, including placing hands of prayer on the helicopters and praying for men who were doing the search.

Kelly had been Karen's best friend. When he was gone, she found that instead of talking to Kelly about God, she started talking directly to Him and began a much more closer relationship than she had ever experienced before. Small heartwarming "incidents" occurred that would be little miracles of everlasting love and worked to heal Karen's pain.

Karen also shares several poems and emails from Kelly to her and shares intimate thoughts and feelings as she reread these over and over and faced and worked through her personal grief as well as that of the family.

Holding Fast is a personal testimony of families who place their faith in God. There is still the pain of loss that all of us must go through. But when confronted with fear and frustration and the potential loss of loved ones, there was no question in anybody's mind: God was a part of their daily lives and present as they waited and, finally, felt the pain of losing their loved ones...for a time.

Turn to this book when you need to see courage and faith in action. It will help you...hold fast... too! Thank you, Karen James, for giving us Holding Fast!

G. A. Bixler
For Thomas Nelson

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Second Book in Citizen Warrior Series Now Available!

Book II in the Citizen Warrior Series, HONOR DEFENDED continues the adventures of Major Westfall, a denizen of the Pacific Northwest rainforest who has built himself a wilderness compound complete with hot tub & killing fields, good neighbors & his faithful companion, the three-legged Black Dog.

February 2009 Release

Major Westfall is Back in a New Breath Snatching Thriller!

In HONOR DEFENDED, Book II of the Citizens Warrior series, the War on Terrorism slithers into Major Westfall's neck of the woods when a brother officer, home on leave from Iraq, is beheaded and his wife abducted by terrorists planning attacks on his beloved America.

Major Westfall is awakened before dawn one freezing late winter Saturday by a frantic call from an old friend and War Brother. Already in a bad mood, he sets out to hunt for those who burnt a woman's house on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, abducted her, and left behind her beheaded Marine Corps husband's body.

After finding sign of someone coming ashore on the last high tide on the beach behind the family's home, he puts his ear to the Hoko grapevine and hears of a breakin where explosives were taken. A neighbor's grandchild mentions a missing school janitor, and the nickname the kids gave him, Aladdin. When the Major takes a sneak and peek, he unearths a terrorist sleeper. Once again the cry of war comes calling to this citizen warrior.

Calling in the troops, he prepares to do battle deep in the Olympic Peninsula wilderness where a cadre of evil guys have gathered, intent on creating havoc with Washington State's ferries.

HONOR DEFENDED occurs over one 24-hour period of heart-pounding, breath-stopping action in which old friends are met, new ones made, the young must grow up fast as lives are broken, and the honor of a War Brother and his family is defended.

Order a autographed copy by clicking the title of this blog to go to the Publisher's Site!


D. H. BROWN has worked as a Logistics and Weapons Specialist in Vietnam; day laborer; Director of Security; Armored Car Driver; Police Officer; Professional Hunting Guide; Trapper; Dog Sledder; Homesteader; Truck Driver; General Contractor; Minister; Editor; Writer; Speaker; Restaurateur; Movie Producer; Antique Restoration Specialist; Personal Care Worker; PC Repair Specialist; Computer Instructor; Webmaster and Web Designer. He writes about what he knows.

D. H. BROWN lives a life of peaceful solitude deep in the Pacific Northwest rainforest with his wife and the spirit of Buddy Dog, working on his next book.

People who bother him end up in one of his books, dead.

The authors website can be seen at www.dhbrownbooks.com.

If you haven't joined the Major before,
check out Book I of the Citizen Warrior series, Honor Due.
Give both of them a read. I know you'll enjoy them!

Watch for HONOR REDEEMED, D. H. BROWN'S next thriller this fall.
The Sex Slave Trade decides the Major's territory is a good place in which to hide its wares. So begins a quiet war that encompasses the whole west coast. If you want to die, abuse a woman.

Book Blurb: Compulsion - Review Coming Soon...


When Serial Killers Terrorize a California Beach Community, One Woman Stands in Their Way

Emily Stone doesn’t have a badge. But that hasn’t stopped her from tracking down some of the West’s most dangerous child-killers. Armed with a digital SLR camera, laptop computer and her trusty Beretta, Stone uses her innate gift for detective work to identify the perps — and then anonymously e-mail the evidence to the cops.

Now, the hunt for two brazen serial killers on the loose right in her own coastal California town threatens to expose Stone’s identity — unraveling her carefully constructed cover and jeopardizing her life’s work. But when she gets too close to the action, this razor-sharp hunter becomes the hunted. Cooperating with the handsome local police detective could be the only hope for stopping the rampage directed at unsuspecting young women — and saving herself. Can they piece together the clues in time?

Compulsion mixes CSI-style investigation with a ripped-from-the-headlines plot and a dose of romance for a keeps-you-guessing, fast-paced and savvy thriller, right up until the shocking finale.

Jennifer Chase
Writer & Author of Thriller Novel "Compulsion"

Click on Title to Head for Jennifer's new Blog!

Website: http://www.outskirtspress.com/compulsion/

Review: Blood and Bone - Refreshingly Different!

Blood and Bone
By William Lashner
William Morrow
ISBN: 9780061143489
389 Pages

I like “different.” Different can be a really great thing when you are reading fiction day after day. So, I thoroughly enjoyed William Lashner’s latest very different novel, Blood and Bone!

First, the main character was different. He was funny, sensitive, and in many ways utterly charming. Yet, he drank most nights, couldn’t hold jobs because he forgot to leave his drinking or his latest female friend, to go to work, and he dressed most of the time in undershirts and shorts! Kyle Byrne won me over quickly. I enjoyed his considering himself an orphan, even though he was in his late 20’s when his mother died. I enjoyed the stories about how he stole his father’s cremation jar and the fact that he continued to look for him, even though he had died when he was 12 and that he kept some of his ashes in the glove compartment of his car—the only thing he still owned, after the bank took his home for his failure to pay the mortgage. And, later, I enjoyed his character change when he “put on his suit.”

Second, I really enjoyed the “bad guy” character! I appreciated the inclusion of his introspection, the love-hate relationship that was behind his actions and the suspenseful buildup as to the female who guided his actions. The last scene between he and the woman was indeed strangely memorable!

But most of all I enjoyed the storyline and all of the characters combined! The storyline was unique and the individuals were those who would be fun to meet. All together this was just a fun read!

You see, Kyle Byrne is the illegitimate son of a man who had been a lawyer. While Liam Byrne had been married and his wife knew about Kyle, he was not able to see him that often. Kyle could remember times when his father had attended and watched him play ball or when he came to visit and stayed for dinner with he and his mother, but there was never enough time with him. Kyle’s mother had continue to love Liam throughout her life and had instilled, perhaps, too much of her love and devotion into her son.

It was only when his father’s old partner was murdered and other strange events started, that Kyle began to wonder exactly what kind of man his father had been.
It had started many, many years ago when Liam Byrne had represented a young man whose family wanted to have a “relationship” eliminated. That young man was now in the political arena and, as always, his past was “fair game” as he set his sights for new offices.

Soon, everybody was looking for “The O’Malley File” and when they discovered Kyle attending the funeral of his father’s former partner, he automatically became the focus for all that was happening! And the police were the first who started asking questions!

Different is good! Yes, there are still gory murder scenes; there are gangsters, arson, and blackmail attempts—not so unique, except in the way that William Lashner rolled them together! Unique characters, unique storyline, a unique, enjoyably memorable read! You won’t be sorry you choose this one!

G. A. Bixler
For Amazon Vine

Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: Eclipse - Compelling Drama Is A Must-Read

By Richard North Patterson
Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 9780805087727
337 Pages

This may be one of the most important books you read this year. Richard North Patterson’s latest novel is a compelling drama that will leave readers stunned. The novel is based upon the life of human rights activist Ken Saro-Wiwa who was hanged in Nigeria fifteen years ago. May we Americans, who read this and other similar, revealing books, begin immediately to understand and encourage the reduction of our country’s oil demands that create these intolerable situations! May we weep for what our country’s power-hungry people refuse to see! Surely the time has come to stop—surely this novel will help you decide!

Marissa Brand met Damon Pierce in a writing class. While he fell deeply in love with Marissa, she was already involved and committed to Bobby Okari. Indeed, when Bobby went back to his homeland, Luandia, Marissa went as his wife.

However, many years later, as Damon’s wife was divorcing him; and he was considering where his life was going, Marissa contacted Damon and sought his help—for Bobby!

The call for help from Damon was not just because they had remained friends through the years, it was also because Damon was a lawyer and had previously gained extensive experience in human rights trial negotiations. Bobby had begun to speak out against the government and the lack of support to the people. The lands had been ruined by the oil company’s activities, including the damage created by the theft of oil by those within the country, who had no other way to keep from starving. There was no way to grow sufficient crops to maintain the population; worse the leaders were so corrupt they did nothing except work to improve their own interests.

Bobby Okari, following the work of Martin Luther King, had begun a non-violent movement to seek attention of both the oil company leadership as well as the country’s leaders. When his group became large enough and vocal enough to become a problem, everybody turned against him. The only thing that worked in this country was to have sufficient money to bribe those that could be bribed!

By the time Damon reached Africa, Bobby’s village had been totally wiped out, his father had been murdered and beheaded, and three employees of the oil company had been killed and their murder blamed on Bobby. Bobby had been placed in prison; Marissa was under house arrest most of the time.

As Damon and his staff follow the events and try to put together a defense for Okari, the story revealed is not only horrendous, it is representative of true events! This is a must-read! America needs to wake up to what our own greed has created in oil-rich countries!

Patterson has many well-written and thrilling novels in his past; however, in my opinion, this is his best to date! I commend him for addressing such an important issue and in presenting it in what must be considered an exciting drama that will keep readers’ attention not only to the last page, but on into the afterword!

G. A. Bixler
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Is it ever too late to send review copies?

Often when I teach my book review classes through AME-U I get a few authors on the call telling me they didn’t know they needed to send their books out for review, or perhaps they did and sent it to the wrong reviewer, wrong publication, or to a market that didn’t consider their genre or (if they were self-published) didn’t want to review a self-pub’d book. So how late is too late to get reviews? Well, honestly that depends on what your book is about. We’re currently working with a book that’s two years old and review copies are flying out the door but guess what? It’s an online campaign. Online tends to be a bit more “forgiving” of time.

If you’re looking for more “bounce” for your book and want to get reviews, try pitching topic-focused blogs, web sites, and magazines. Often these places won’t be as inundated with review requests as book bloggers and review publications will. Also, consider pitching the book as a story, rather than a review. For example our local paper, The San Diego Union Tribune, won’t consider any self-published book, but if I pitch them based on a story they’re more inclined to consider it.

So if you’re feeling like you could do more for your older book, get creative. Go after the topic, rather than the glamour blogs and web sites and often you’ll find they are not only very receptive but also when you target a web site, blog or publication that is 100% your audience you’re more likely to make a sale and in the end, isn’t that what all this promotion is all about?


I wholeheartedly agree with you! I’ve just finished reviewing two books that were published several years ago…unless the book is “time specific” which few are, I see no difference. I always think about reruns and marathons on TV…do people really enjoy reruns as much as television thinks we do? Yet, for a book, there are literally millions who have NOT read a particular book, so why not continue to promote it? Many of my clients are now on social networks and are pitching their books, I help announce their presence by publishing my review of their books when they become members. There are lots of things happening online that literally creates a whole new and different market!

Keep up your sound advice!

Reprinted via open permission from A Marketing Expert.com (click title to go to site)!