Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review: Killer Pizza - Hold the Monsters!

The three of them wanted a summer job, all for different reasons, but for Toby Magill, Annabel and Strobe, it meant that they applied to make pizza at a new place called Killer Pizza. Toby was the only one that was really interested in making pizza, since he hoped to become a chef one day in the future. So making pizza during summer vacation seemed a great start for the future. Although 4 new employees started that first day, all of them began to work well together and form a team, except Doug, who always seemed to be doing something other than what he was supposed to do!

After training, they were really getting into the groove, although Toby was faster and better at the actual pizza making. Steve Rogers had hired them and already Toby was wondering what was the secret ingredient that he used in his special pizza and whether he could duplicate it or maybe create his own sauce!

Toby and Annabel were both 14, Strove 15, so it wasn’t surprising that both Toby and Strove soon had a crush on Annabel. Time passed quickly, so quickly that, when Steve called them into his office, they weren’t sure why—especially when he left and told them that the owner would be in shortly to see them!

They were quite surprised that the owner turned out to be Doug and he was so pleased with their teamwork that he wanted to offer them another job. Actually Doug’s name was Harvey P. Major and the pizza empire he owned was just a front to fund his humanitarian work. He “eliminated monsters.”

Ok, you can think, “Ghost Busters” and get a fairly good idea of the rest of the book! I thought it was a fun read, and if the reader is old enough to know that monsters are great fantasy characters, then, I highly recommend it. I felt that the three main characters showed considerable “growth” of physical, emotional, and mental strengths because of their training to become “Monster Combat Officers” so it is more than pure entertainment!

And you even get Toby’s recipe for “Fiery Dragon-Breath Pizza!” How cool is that!

G. A. Bixler

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