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J. S. Winn's Thriller Will Keep You Guessing--Who is the Stalker?!
"Evan's been there for me lately in a
way no one else has."
"I took a sip of water and considered the
consequences of Becca's pronouncement.
It would be premature for Becca to jump
into a new relationship without resolving
her feelings about the last one, but that
wasn't my primary concern. The best
therapeutic work takes place when a
client experiences an ego-dystonic state,
or one of internal strife, rather than an
ego-syntonic state, where they are no
longer experiencing conflict or confusion...
"How do you think it will look to the
police when they discover you're in a
new relationship?"...

Out of the Shadow

By J. S. Winn

J. S. Winn chose to tell her story through the voice of the psychologist for the victim, for an interesting movement back and forth between a professional conference where Sarah Abrams is presenting a paper to her peers, and where those in attendance ask questions about the actual victim and what happened to her... In one way, this established credibility for what was happening to the victim, since a concerned outsider was involved.

On the other hand, readers lose the buildup suspense to some extent... There are also some proofreading issues but they didn't detract...too much...

But not enough to prevent readers trying to solve the mystery of just stalking Becca Rosen...

For as soon as we begin the book we are directly in the scene of a hand pressing down on Becca's mouth, telling her not to move or scream. At first thinking she was in the middle of a nightmare, she struggled but soon realized that the pain was... very real...

It was 3:15 a.m. when he got off of her, got dressed and assured her she had not seen the last of him..

But where had David, her husband, been--why hadn't he prevented this?

Then she found him, called for help, but "His flat eyes told her everything."

Becca Rosen, however, was faced with cops that had her as the number one suspect. No matter how much time they spent talking to her, asking her questions, they just didn't seem to be looking for anybody else. They even questioned whether she had been raped...

Becca had no choice but to try to help herself!

At the same time, she knew she had to move on and make a new life for herself. One new person entered her life just by becoming a new neighbor. Evan was a nice guy and took things easy as they became acquainted. Soon she was confiding in him and becoming a little dependent...

But then she visited her family when her mother called and told her that her younger brother was coming to visit and to please come to dinner. Becca was hesitant not only to go home, but there was something she couldn't quite remember about her uncle that was disturbing. Then when she met him, his cologne brought back feelings of fear and insecurity...

She also, though, was involved in seeing a lot of the people she had known from her home town and couldn't pinpoint what it was she was trying to remember, although she began to have dreams--nightmares that started giving her pieces, some of her memories. One thing she knew, that cologne meant something!

But it seemed that word had gotten around that she had reacted to it. Now everybody smelled the same or at least owned a bottle of the same scent!

As she pieced together events, she realized that she had to start asking questions--even if it meant causing problems within the family...

Some children are able to push memories away if something bad happens to them when they are young. Becca had, but, now, she was almost positive that whoever had raped her and killed her husband, had also hurt her when she was a young girl!

Thankfully, Becca was willing to ask the hard questions...but...he was still out there...

The psychological suspense is high in this novel, especially as the victim is also viewed as a suspect and she must work on her own memories and fears to help herself. On the other hand, a psychologist is not necessarily a detective. There had to be some way to identify the man who warned that he would come back again and again... After all, Becca may not be the only one that he was after!

Could you identify a "stalker" if he lived among your friends or family? What would you do if you discovered that your memories of some trauma had been gone, but were coming back? J. S. Winn places readers right into the position of having to answer these questions. Do you dare confront your memories? Especially when an identity has not yet been made...

The stalker still lurks... Beware!


J. S. Winn earned graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She has taught classes at San Diego State University and the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She has one prior novel published in genre, and one play produced by the Actor’s Alliance Festival in San Diego. Her poetry has been published in a compilation, For the Love of Writing, by the San Diego Writer’s Workshop in 2011. Her play, Gotcha!, was selected for a reading at the Village Arts Theater in Carlsbad, California, May 2012.

She presently lives by the beach in San Diego County, California. For more information about Out of the Shadow, please visit or contact the author at
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Carolyn Arnold's First in Madison Knight Series Will Stump Readers!?!

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Her explanation made him go quiet for a while 
and then a huge smile engulfed his face.   
“That’s so touching, addy.” “What?” 
“You think of me as family.” 
 He moved forward to hug her but she laughed. 
“Oh shut up.”  She punched him in the shoulder. 
 He pretended to be in pain.  
“Here, take my coat and purse, would you.”
  She tossed them at him and he caught them. 
“Hey we even got you a gift.  
Not sure if you deserve it now.” 
“We agreed no gifts.” 
 They had discussed it at length—basically 
to save each other the regret of buying s
omething inferior and getting into a lengthy
 competition over it.  “You’ll
 need all your money for the baby.  
You should have saved it.”

She caught a glimpse of a chocolate lab puppy 
peeking around the doorway from the seating area.  
He had a red bow around his neck.  
She felt her chest tighten.
“Speaking of your gift…” 
Panic seized her.  
The responsibility, the hair… 

Terry bent to his haunches.  “Come here buddy.”
So you like him?” Madison didn’t know how
 to respond.  She had mixed emotions. 
“Well, hopefully he’ll grow on you,” 
Terry said with a laugh.  
“Oh, and just so you’re not too overwhelmed with 
responsibility.  I took one off your shoulders.” 
Madison raised her eyebrows. “I named him.” 
You named my dog?  She was in too much shock
 to verbalize her thought. 
“I’m sure you’ll like it.” 
Well if she didn’t she could always change it… 
 “Just don’t say it’s Fred—” 
“Hershey.” She was speechless.  
She loved it and it was so fitting.  She smiled..."


Ties That Bind:

  Madison Knight Series

By Carolyn Arnold

What would you think a female Michael Knight, from the Knight Rider TV series, would be like? Well, I'd guess she is very much like the new Madison Knight in Carolyn Arnold's books with Madison as the lead character! And I've, of course, automatically pictured her as a female version of Michael played by David Hasselhoff, of course!

But Madison is more sassy, so self-motivated,
dare I say she is so much more than the character David played?

Madison is a cop who wants to know the truth and has dedicated her life to her work, not even thinking--much--about having a home life. Coffee and Hershey Bars keep her going strong!

Fortunately, her partner, Terry Grant, does, and right now even more so, because his wife is no longer satisfied with having two dogs for her kids. So while they are fighting, Madison tries hard to play nice with her partner even though her internal thoughts demand that he put all of his thoughts, his time toward the latest case!

Which is really difficult, to say the least. Ok, I have to admit that I didn't have a clue about what was going on until it was too far along in the book for me to guess--I don't think that counts as my being able to claim I solved the mystery. Let me know if you do!

For this killer was doing some strange things that just didn't add up. Madison had picked up on a picture at the first crime scene and intuition told her that he was the guy, but forensics just was not helping to prove that!

The woman had been found in her bed, naked, with an expensive man's tie around her neck. She had been strangled with the tie. There was DNA and prints--all they had to do was match them, right?

But, there was also a picture of the victim with a man that they were having a difficult time identifying--even though he'd been seen by a number of witnesses where he had met and left with the victim, supposedly for the first time, and according to her former, but still sometime lover...

Of course, her lover was the one that everybody believed killed her--everybody except Madison...

The second woman was killed outside with no other signs of abuse except that she, too, had been strangled with the tie that still hung around her neck...

Finally, an older woman was found, probably in her 60s, and in her home. Again, the same type of expensive necktie had been used to kill her.

There didn't seem to be any connections between the three, so the men involved with all three were being investigated. But one of them had also been seen by witnesses at the second murder. Was he responsible for all of them?

So much evidence, so many reasons for the murders were being found, but no lines could be drawn to prove that only one was guilty...

Mystery and suspense lovers will find this a difficult case. Just when we think that it's all coming together and an arrest can be made, it all falls apart. But, not for long--Madison is still going with her gut intuition. You got it! She comes through for all, solves the case...and even gives us a peek at their Christmas celebration...which reminds me, this would be a great novel for somebody's Christmas stocking...Those who follow mysteries will love you for this one!

Here's one new fan of Madison Knight who recommends you meet her in Ties That Bind--with a title that forecasts exactly what happens! Whew! Fantastic Suspense! Don't Miss This One...


Carolyn Arnold was born in 1976 in the rural town of Picton, Ontario. Currently she lives with her husband of fifteen years and her two beagles in a city in Southwestern Ontario.

She has been an aspiring writer since her teen years when she began writing short romance novels. But as life has a way of doing, it can mute your dreams into the background and it wasn’t until 2007 when she was reunited with her love of the written word. Her drive to complete one novel, turned into several.

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Christine Whitehead Gives Us Winner for Readers!

"She broke the silence. "So, why do you think we haven't become
lovers?" Without looking at him, she quickly added, "I mean,
we're both free and over the age of consent, as they say. We like
each other. We're here. Why do you think it hasn't happened?"
"Dead Silence.
"Connor flushed, but Archer was still on her back and couldn't
see him. He turned to his side. Putting a hand on her shoulder,
he pulled her to her side to face him. They were looking at each
other, but neither spoke for several minutes. Finally, Connor said,
"Well that was a surprise."
"He waited for her to comment, but she said nothing.
"Uh, just for the record, was that a pass?"
"No, I was just curious--you know, from a sort of academic point
of view."
"Connor gazed at her and said, "Academic interest, huh? Okay,
well, fine. Look, in case you were wondering but didn't want to
ask--although that's hard to imagine--and just for the academic
record that we're setting straight here, I'm not gay, or impotent,
or infirm, or taken." Connor paused, weighing his words...

Tell Me When 
  It Hurts

By Christine M. Whitehead

When I read that Tell Me When It Hurts was the 2009 Readers Favorite Honorable Mention Winner for Fiction – General, I wasn't the least bit surprised. I don't know the competition for that, but I do know that this novel was one that I truly enjoyed reading. One of the reasons for me was that the author allowed readers to enjoy and watch a new relationship develop--and sex played such a small part... No jumping into bed right away because the book is only so long. LOL

Seriously, it was refreshing to watch a relationship develop slowly while the two characters took their time getting to know each other, to have fun together, and to begin to share about their lives. And they both had heartache in their pasts to keep them just as skittish as their horses could be at times!

And for this couple, Archer Loh especially, there was much in her life that she had to deal with. In order to live with the trauma, she withdrew from her life and bought a cabin up in the hills and woods. Hmmm, that sounds like exactly what I did, and am still living in my cabin. 

But Archer had experienced something far worse than most of us. Her young daughter had been murdered...

So Connor, seeing the cabin as simply the house next door, even though he was living in a tent, came knocking on her door, friendly-like...LOL Let's just say that Archer was not ready to invite him in...

But when he was away from his tent, she had discovered that he had brought a horse with him, a pinto that she quickly made friends with and began to visit while he was gone.

Connor owned a sheep farm in another state but was there to check out about 300 acres adjacent to Archer's cabin. He was there to walk the land and see if he would use or sell it. And while he never commented, he had noticed that Archer was spending time with his horse, Millie.

It was fun to watch the two of them, especially as Connor was prone to joke with Archer, mostly to get her to react! I loved the exchange and the day-by-day developments...

Too bad about Connor's unwillingness to accept her part-time job...

For a short time after college, Archer had worked for the government and had been selected for a special department. She had learned much about weapons, strategic planning and other mission-oriented responsibilities. But she had decided not to continue. She had been happily married before her daughter was killed. And maybe she would have slowly been able to get over it, except the man who had killed her got off on a technicality! As Archer left that day, somebody gave her a contact number and she later joined a group, who had members with similar events in their lives. A group that provided justice when the courts failed...

Do you remember the movie, Long Kiss GoodNight? It has always been one of my favorite movies and in a few ways, this novel reminded me of the storyline. Geena Davis would make a perfect Archer Loh and with the different twists in the novel, this certainly would make a thriller both exciting and ultimately fulfilling as the ending of this story provides.

If you missed this one earlier, like I did, hey, please check it out--it's on Kindle too... I didn't get too much into the horses in my review, but those who love horses will especially enjoy this. The slow pace makes this so tantalizing as Whitehead makes readers wait to see how and whether Archer will find her way back to allowing her emotions to return. I'm one of those who call it a reader's favorite, you might find that it's for your bedside stack to be read! Enjoy!


Christine M. Whitehead is a life-long resident of New England and a graduate of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She attended the University of Connecticut Law School and has practiced divorce law in Hartford, Connecticut for over twenty-five years. Her books always have dogs and horses and romance in them as all three are my passions. My novel Tell Me When It Hurts is about second chances and healing.

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Civil War Historical Novel Focuses On Mississippi River...

English: Bombardment and Capture of Island Num...
English: Bombardment and Capture of Island Number Ten on the Mississippi River, April 7, 1862 Colored lithograph published by Currier & Ives, New York, circa 1862. It depicts the bombardment of the Confederate fortifications on Island Number Ten by Federal gunboats and mortar boats. Ships seen include (from left to right): Mound City, Louisville, USS Pittsburg, Carondelet, Flagship Benton, Cincinnati, Saint Louis and Conestoga (timberclad). Mortar boats are firing from along the river bank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"In the evening, Colonel Baker dispatched Company B 
to go out on picket duty. George considered it bad luck that he drew picket duty his very first night in New Madrid. For once, he wished he could trade places with Eli who was most likely playing cards in the officer's mess tent. The picket line was set up north of the town where they spent the entire night in the frigid cold.
Pickets were scattered several miles alongside a 

roadside ravine, standing amidst rain-soaked 
knot weeks, decaying leaves and twigs. 
It was the most miserable
night George had spent in the army, even worse 

than the night he had slept in the woods while 
making his escape from Fort Donelson...
"On their way back, the weary sentries passed by 
the flooded streets of New Madrid. They walked
 in silence, interrupted only by wheezing and
 coughing. Several of them passed by a shanty where their colonel and Major Couch were staying 
the night--attended by two
slaves. Bleary-eyed and stiff-fingered from clutching
his musket all night, George glanced at the chimney
atop the small wooden structure. It emitted a steady stream of white smoke that seemed to curl in the

 crisp morning air, promising warmth inside and
 a hot breakfast. George and one of his fellow 
sentries spit in the direction of the cabin 
as they walked by..."
Long Road Home:

The Trials and Tribulations Of A Confederate Soldier

By Richard G. Zevitz
  Michael C. Braswell

In a well-researched, in-depth dramatization, Richard G. Zevitz and Michael C. Braswell centers in on an overlooked military campaign as both the North and South recognized the importance of the Mississippi River to war efforts. Historians will have an opportunity to follow the battles that occurred, as seen by those that were actually there--as soldiers.

Readers will follow Lt. Eli Forrest and his friends as they first learn to fight and then watch as they suffer through the hardships or the few good times. One of the things quickly discovered was how the men viewed the competency of their superiors, knowing that many of their friends and neighbors were being killed because of the actions of these men. We learn how Ft. Donelson, Ft. Henry, New Madrid, Island No. 10, Ft. Pillow were all taken--often through surrender.

Eli Forrest is a very likable guy. He had just been sent into this area, having been demoted from Captain to Lieutenant when the daughter of his previous ranking officer had different ideas about their relationship than Eli did... In other words he had not been interested in marriage...
He met George Spears when he was brought to help reinforce Fort Donelson, which was a long way from his home in Alabama. When Eli asked George if he had any tobacco, George didn't quite know what to say--he was a private and Eli, an officer. Eli quickly told his tale about being demoted--perhaps he felt better around the enlisted men now, especially since he didn't know any of the officers either. No matter why, they bonded and became like brothers.

In fact, when George later sneeked out, as many were doing after another loss, George, though, was heading to be with his own brothers further South. And sure enough, Eli followed... George's brothers were Will and A.F., the latter being of concern to his brothers--even though he was big and strong, his mind was that of a boy of 12. He had run away from home to join his brothers, accepted as a man, but not thinking as one... It didn't take long before Eli was also friends with the three brothers, staying close when possible, even though he had started staying in officers quarters.

Fighting battle after battle, in camps that had little food to ones which did, but no guns, the four friends shared whatever they could, until they were once again in a battle where a surrender was negotiated, this time winding up in a prison camp. In fact, a significant issue of the book is the treatment of the soldiers while at Camp Randall Military Prison in Madison, Wisconsin.

Eli had some medical training and experience so began to help with the wounded or those who became ill due to the bad conditions there. The three brothers had a much worse experience...

Both Eli and George had found love interests, but there was so little time that those relationships were mostly in their minds, helping to make their time more enjoyable as they thought about their new friends and wondered about whether there would be a chance for a future with them.

And then the war was over...

For those who want to go deep into the actual war battles and the lives of those who fought, this novel is an excellent, realistic presentation, with details sometimes so stunning that it is hard to accept that some men can be so cruel and that young boys were fighting with so little support. Historians, if you have not read much about this area of fighting, then I want to highlight that there are several area maps and an extensive bibliography and specific referencing for each chapter. Highly recommended.


Richard G. Zevitz

A former division director for the Sheriff's Department in San Francisco, Richard Zevitz also worked for a neighborhood legal aid society. He earned four degrees including a degree in history and economics, a Doctorate in Criminology from the University of California at Berkeley and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Nebraska. He is currently Associate Professor of Criminology and Law Studies at Marquette University. Richard has published more than two dozen journal articles, including an article on Confederate prisoners of war at Camp Randall Military Prison in Madison, Wisconsin.

Michael C. Braswell

A former prison psychologist and marriage and family therapist, Michael Braswell earned four degrees in counseling and psychology, including his PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has taught ethics and human relations for more than 30 years and is currently Professor Emeritus at East Tennessee State University. Michael's books include Morality Stories, Justice, Crime and Ethics, and the forthcoming Interview with Joab.
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D. L. Havlin Provides Recommended "Must-Read"!

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"McKenney took a deep breath. "I was talking to Dawes.
He said he's coming back to paint the cross on top of the
steeple every five years. I want to do something like that
for you. What can I do? What would you really want of me?
"Reverend Hurley sat down in the chair next to the bed.
He sighed. "You're determined?
"Yes, with all my spirit."
"After remaining silent for several seconds, the reverend
said, "I'm going to ask something that may be very hard
for you to do, Lieutenant."
When Hurley hesitated, McKenney prompted, "I'll do
"Marcus' sad smile spoke as definitely as his words.
"Some things that may seem very easy can become very
hard, and I fear I'm going to ask one of those from you.
You are a fine man, Lieutenant. You're honest, high-
minded, and honorable. So, what I'm going to ask you
may trouble you. This war is over. The Confederate
leaders haven't acknowledged that, I don't know if
they realize it or not, but it is. I see the death of more
men, the foolish destruction of property, the
prolonging of the southern people's agony, when the
South can no longer win, as sins. I will ask that you
no longer lead men in battle, that you'll never kill
another man. No matter what the situation, no matter
whether you perceive your honor will be lost, no matter
how threatened you or those around you are--that may
be very hard."...
"I asked you what you would require of me, and what
you have asked, I will do..."
The Cross on
  Cotton Creek

By. D. L. Havlin

This powerful story has more to offer than the historical perspective...perhaps when a cross is involved, miracles seem to happen? Or perhaps many individuals can never understand that time when Americans turned against each other in war? For those like me, we can't understand such hatred--perhaps that's why a story of such love in the midst of that war creates the impact that this story will have--if you only believe...

The story begins in the 50s, in a small town you probably never heard of. Away from the town with lots of land around it, a country church was once built. During the Civil War, something terrible happened their--so terrible that it would never be forgotten by the town folks and those who were related to those who died that day.

Landry Dawes is the storyteller--I won't go into which one because there will always be one who would pass on the story, learning more each time somebody went back...

To paint the Cross...

For during the war, one of the Landry Dawes was a confederate soldier who had been the last man available to finish an important mission--to deliver supplies, which included gold, further south. But they never got further than when they had first been attacked. Hiding the gold, the men were soon gone, but Landry Dawes was injured and wound up at the church on Cotton Creek.

Soon Eli McKenney joined him there with a leg wound that was treated by a vet but would never heal properly. Reverend and Mrs. Hurley, who had once bought six slaves, only to give them their freedom, still had two of those individuals, who had decided to stay, helping them with their church activities.

Now they were risking their lives to hide and help the two confederate soldiers. The two soldiers were so grateful that they wanted to do something to repay the Reverend. Landry agreed to his request to repaint the cross before he left. Dawes' response was that he would not only paint it then, but he and his family would return every five years to repaint it and keep it bright and shining and maintained... But what he next asked of Eli McKenney was much harder--never to kill another man...

And then later, the Reverend had asked Landry to also not kill. He made the same promise; however, Landry recognized his short temper, and he knew he would never keep his word if the Yanks came again. So he decided to leave and head back home.

That decision saved his life...

For that church was soon surrounded by soldiers. McKenney had been hidden up in a high tree away from the church. He had tied himself to the limb so he wouldn't fall off and even then,  as far up as he'd been pulled, he couldn't get down. So, by straining to turn his head, he had to watch all that happened, until most of the church had been destroyed, except for the cross...

Only one had not been there of the families who died that day. But she had heard of what was happening but arrived too late except to save McKenney. And soon, there was nobody in the community that could tell what had happened...

Except the ghosts who remained and led to "some" of the miracles that started to happen when somebody bowed there in front of the cross to pray...

Perhaps there have been even more miracles that have happened since those that were recorded in his novel. One thing I do believe is that if that cross still stands near the remains of that church,  a "Landry Dawes" will be coming back to paint it every five years...

And what I also believe is that D. L. Havlin has provided us with a wonderful Civil War Novel  that includes an unusual side of that time when men of faith asked that the killing stop and that the promises of men may continue through the decades and hundreds of years when they are asked to give their word... A truly outstanding tale of wonder,  I offer this one to you as a must-read!


D. L. Havlin is an eclectic author whose novels, novellas, and short stories mirror his rich, varied background. Born April 18, 1941, he's packed three lifetimes of experiences into one brim full existence. He believes, "The one big advantage writing at an advanced age provides is that life is what you know and not what you project it might be."

Schooled in Ft. Myers, Florida, Anderson H.S., in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the University of Cincinnati, his widely varied career included: systems analyst, procedure writer, production manager, materials manager, licensed boat captain, fishing guide, high school football coach, product sales manager, manufacturing plant manager, world-wide divisional customer service director, chemicals distributor general manager, call center tech service rep, president and general manager of a small manufacturing company.

An avid lover of the outdoors and sports enthusiast, his passion for fishing, hunting and camping are frequently included in his writing. A deep love for nature and especially wild Florida often furnish settings for his work, but his travels make places such as Kiev, Singapore, London, New York, Modena, or Saxonhausen backgrounds for his stories as well.

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Irving Greenfield's Epic Tale of Man's Early Civilization

English: Black Bear in the Great Smokey Mountains
"The bear drops down on all fours and begins to run toward the old man. He growls anrily. Then suddenly,when he is very close, he rears up on his hind legs again. I loose the arrow. The twang of the arrow as it
rushes through the air. I nook another arrow and let
it fly! The first arrow has lodged in the throat of the
bear. His last growl is more like a sream...
"I am still not sure that I have killed him. I leap up
from behind the old man, and with my spear in my
hand I run toward the stricken animal shouting: "I
Ronstrum, have killed you; Ronstrum the hunter...I
Ronstrom have opened your body to free your spirit!"
"I pull my spear free. A stream of blood as thick as my
arm pours out of him. He rolls on his side. He is dead
or dying. I drop my spear and with my knife I quickly
slip open his belly. To lessen the bite of the wind I rub
his hot blood on my body. Even as I skin the animal, his heart is still beating. But by the time I have wrapped the hot bloody skin around me, his heart has stopped..."

 Black Bear in the Great Smokey Mountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ancient of Days:

 The Chronicles of Ronstrum
   the Builder

By Irving A. Greenfield

Long ago when man was just beginning to find his place in a strange world, Ronstrum The Hunter was strong and swift in finding food, while others lamented their lack, failing even to capture the squirrels, rabbits...and rats that were even growing more scarce.  Ronstrum had been tracking a bear this time and while he was deciding when to attack, the bear took notice of him--but also of another nearby...

Ronstrum's nose centered in on what animal might also be nearby, but soon narrowed it down to man. Then he saw him, an old man whose stink carried across the winds. Ronstrum would use him as bait!

And as quickly as he had killed the bear, the old man claimed a part of that bear! Ronstrum learned that he was a priest for The Giver of Life, although Ronstrum did not know what that meant... Still he was not interested in sharing the meat with the priest--he was like the other old man who complained, but did nothing to help himself. Still, when the old man bowed his head in prayer, Ronstrum wanted to know what he was doing and then relented to cook and share some of the meat...

Ronstrum, however, was not to stay only a hunter, The old man talked of the old days when food was plentiful and then told of how a wager had been made--between The Giver of Life and The Keeper of Darkness...

Later he told him many stories until Ronstrum was ready to sleep, but the old man began again, telling him of a cave--a cave where a talisman could be found. He told him that it would make him stronger, braver and wiser than all others. Yet Ronstrum asked if it would keep meat available?!

But he found more than a talisman there in that cave...

A voice spoke "Ronstrom!"

He tried to run away, but is frozen by fear...and heard:

"You must gather the people to you...if they are to survive, Ronstrom, and become greater than they once were, they must follow you...tell them that you spoke to The Giver of Life; tell them that, Ronstrom."

Then The Giver of Life told him that he was to build what he saw...

But Ronstrom exclaimed that he was not a building--he was a hunter! Then foolishly asked for a sign...

Ronstrom was in darkness when he was picked up from the floor and flung into the tunnel, then tumbling toward the entrance...

He had been given his sign.

This is the story of how Ronstrum became a builder. It was not something that he wanted or felt he was qualified to do. And there were those who would fight against what he had been told to do, with many battles and deaths. But he works on, until we finally acknowledges..."I am Ronstrom, the Builder.."

Have you ever wondered what had happened before the birth of Christ, long before there were towns, buildings, roads, etc. This epic novel may just answer those questions of how and who was that first builder on earth....If it didn't happen the way Irving A Greenfield has shared, it's the best story that I've read to explain it! Highly recommended for those wondering about the true ancient days of man... Believable, Realistic, and enjoyable!


Irving A. Greenfield was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He was a youthful runaway, a merchant seaman, and a soldier during the Korean War, after which his writing talent burst into print. His work has appeared in a variety of media.

Many of his books are now available as eBooks at Amazon and other sites...

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bette Crosby Brings Early 1900s To Life in The Twelfth Child!

Abigail Lannigan   Born – August, 1912  
 I was barely thirteen years old when Mama
 died and left me and Will in the care of Papa,
 a man who’d think nothing of shoving a dose
 of castor oil down my throat
 just so he could watch my face turn inside out
. “It’s good for what ails you,” he’d say;
yet, I noticed he never gave Will the same big dose.
Papa didn’t say it in precise words,
but he made it clear enough he wouldn’t give two hoots
 if all the girl babies in Chestnut Ridge, Virginia,
were in the graveyard along with Mama.
Of course with him being a staunch Methodist,
I don’t believe Papa was capable of taking
 a butcher knife and slicing off heads or anything;
but he surely knew how to destroy people from the inside—
a sliver of spirit, a piece of pride, a chunk of heart—
until one day there’s nothing left but a walking around shell
 to do the cooking and laundry.
                It’s a roundabout story,
but Papa’s blind-sightedness
 is the very reason Destiny Fairchild
may end up in the Women’s Correctional Facility—
which is a fancy way of saying penitentiary.
Everybody’s life could have been a whole lot different
if Mama hadn’t died
 before she got a chance to set things right.

The Twelfth Child

By Bette E. Crosby

When a woman had struggled to live like Abigail Lannigan did, you know she is going to live a long, long life. In fact, when Abigail died, she just kept on, talking and moving around as when she was alive...

Can't say I blame her, because when she died, she had left some unfinished business and wanted to try to work everything out, if possible...

When her Ma died, Abigail was immediately responsible for all of her chores. She knew that if she really ever wanted to do anything with her life, like be a teacher like her role model, then she would have to act on her own to get away.

But when she did get an offer to help from that teacher, to go and live as a companion with a poet, she knew that it would be the only time--if she didn't take it now, she'd never get away...

Besides, her Pa let it be known that he expected her to be married at 16; he'd already picked out the boy and had invited he and his Pa to come calling...

Abigail left and was soon living with Miss Ida Jean Meredith. Fortunately she had been a reader all of her life and had always made good grades so that she was quickly able to help Miss Ida Jean as she was working on her next poetry book. But, unfortunately, she became ill and died, forcing Abigail to give up her only home. She knew she couldn't go back to the farm!

Readers will see how she struggled through and lived, until when she was older and needed help, a young woman
moved across the street from her and they became friends.

Very good friends. In some ways like mother and daughter,
in other ways like sisters, even with the difference in age.
She was so kind and concerned, that Abigail quickly wanted to help her as well, so she gave her old furniture that she was no longer using and odds and ends from her home to brighten up her new home. Abigail knew she didn't make much money, so she'd help her financially as well. Then as she got physically unable to drive and care for her own needs, such as taking care of bills, Destiny Fairchild took her to shop, handle her banking and later Abigail placed her name as co-signer on her bank account...

Now Abigail had quite a bit of money, having it left to her by her brother. It was at that time that a cousin started to visit, seeking recognition and a possible inheritance and when Abigail died...

He called the cops on Destiny!

It is always interesting to visit historical times and realize how glad we are not to have lived during those times! Right? This is a heartwarming story of how love can enter the lives of those who are alone, just by being kind to another. Crosby has much talent in creating her characters and readers quickly become involved in their lives as well. Sit back and relax and make a trip to the early 1900s. Enjoy!


Award-winning author Bette Lee Crosby is originally from New Jersey, but now makes her home in Southern Florida where she lives with her husband Richard and a feisty Bichon Frise named Katie. A highly entertaining public speaker, Bette makes frequent appearances to support the various charities of women’s groups, and schedule permitting, she will join book talks and book club discussion groups.

In 1997 Bette abandoned the fast-paced world of advertising and embarked on a career as a novelist. Her books, frequently written in a Southern voice, cover a wide spectrum of locales and personalities as they tell tales of courageous women overcoming life’s obstacles. Check out her web site!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alert! Start Playing Beethoven ASAP To Keep Seirens Calm...

I just had to give you some type of warning! My computer started slowing down as soon as I started to read this book...I just know that it's been taken over because "they" don't want you to know about what's happened in Orphea! I learned from reading it, though, that if you play Grosse Fuge by the great master Beethoven, that the seirens can be least long enough to read my review!   ...I hope...

Fortunately, for me, I've been a fan of classical and most other types of music as far back as I remember but classical is still there at the top when I thing of music genres... Warren L. Woodruff, however, has seen the evolution of our music as the young are pulled in to dark, loud, angry shouting and screaming, that has deaden the beauty and joy that great music can bring. And brought us Dr. Fuddle...

And so it was in Orphea, the land of music and beauty, that loud, weird music was being played and the land was starting to die...

Children were being taken and were led into a land where everything beautiful was gone, and watched by creatures called Seirens--picture big cats with wings... The land was being taken over, led by Jedermann, who had stolen  the Gold Baton!

"Dr. Fuddle instructed Antonio to beat a measure
of three counts in preparation and they began to
play. By the third measure both creatures were
"Now it's time to bring out one of the fiercest
examples of counterpoint every conceived," Dr.
Fuddle said, placing another musical score onto
the stands. "This is called the Grosse Fugue
by Beethoven from his string Quartet in B-flat
Brace yourselves," Einstein said.
Dr. Fuddle motioned for Kathy to play her
viola and Leonard his cello. Then he brought
two other string players, with violins to join
The moment Christina stepped forward to watch,
the creatures began to shriek.
"Ready?" Dr. Fuddle said. "Play!"
That baton was now as black as Jefermann and all his seirens...

Now he was looking to steal ancient magical instruments that were being held...for the messengers! There had been a prophecy that Messengers of Music would come.

One day, Tyler Harrington decided to investigate an old, supposedly haunted, house near his home. He had always been warned by his mother to stay away before she died. But now, he was twelve and thinking that he was old enough now to explore, beginning by looking into a window.

Amazingly, Dr. Fuddle was sitting and playing a grand piano! Of course, Tyler didn't know who he was at the time, for he was so shocked that he ran... But he called a friend, who called two other friends, and Tyler took his sister, so that five children entered that old house that day...

And wound up choosing to enter the gold door...

Each had a talent that came along with one of those special musical instruments...

But there was magic and all things evil working against them to prevent them from helping to bring the joy of music back...

With a taste of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," "Harry Potter", and another much older story that has been shared over and over in many different ways of one who brought the spirit to fight evil, Warren L. Woodruff has given us the world where musicians live forever!

Meet Beethoven, Liszt, Mozart, et. al., plus all of the thousands of others who have played beautiful music that brings us joy and laughter--beauty and happiness. This literary musical masterpiece is a delightful way to introduce great music to our children and all those older...

And check online material to continue sharing that music! This is a brilliant masterpiece written by a man sharing his love in both word and his programs... And, by the way, you don't have to have a musical background to enjoy this... You might have to deal with Jederman and his seirens, though, a little longer... If you still hear them coming, I encourage you to play Beethoven's Choral Fantasy because Dr. Fuddle  is "proud to say with utter assurance to everyone within the sound of my voice: the light of harmony has destroyed our enemy."  Hey! Celebrate! Celebrate...Listen to the Music!


Dr. Warren Woodruff was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently lives and teaches in Atlanta, Georgia. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Piano Performance and a Ph.D. in Musicology with a concentration in Piano Performance.

Dr. Woodruff is available world-wide for lectures, seminars and master classes. His specialties include presentations for children entitled "Meet the Composers with Dr. Woodruff" and a two-day seminar for all ages entitled "The classical Music Crash Course.

For more information, email
and check out 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Melinda Leigh's She Can Tell Hot on Hit Debut Novel!

Attacking the Page Blog
Check out Melinda's Blog!
She Can Tell

By Melinda Leigh

She Can Run, by Melinda Leigh has gone over sales of 100,000 copies, and if you haven't yet read it, click over to read my review! Now she's back with her second, She Can Tell,  which is due out December 4th. Although not a series with the same characters, there is a farm/theme running in both stories thus far. Both are packed with the romantic thrills we love however, so if that's for you, I recommend this latest one as well!

"In a lucky spell of moonlight, the Watcher navigated
the tributary that connected the Blue River that flowed
near Rachel's farm with Lost Lake. He crossed the
calm lake, secured his aluminum boat, and hurried
up the dock to his cabin. Everything was fine. Rachel
hadn't even gotten a glimpse of him. Even if she had
turned around in time, the shadow under his brimmed
camouflage hood concealed all his features. Planning
things down to the smallest detail was essential.
"She didn't know it was him."
He had always watched her, so much so that he felt he had a relationship with her--that she cared for him.

So her husband had to go...

But there was a little girl there that night--she saw what happened...and he had led her away and hid that she became so afraid...she forgot what had happened...

Now Rachel Parker was, in essence, returning to the scene of that crime.

An accident had stopped all riding activities, which meant her career. So she had returned to the family farm and was doing individual training of young student riders.

But then accidents started to happen...

And, you know, that while Rachel had been away for a long time, that has not stopped him...from watching... so that we watch as he watches, his latest...who was somebody else's wife...

Now he used all of the electronic gadgetry available to help!

The thing about a stalker novel is whether or not it keeps the reader in suspense. Leigh has the skill to do that through her writing. It is just edgy enough to keep us guessing, even though we are privy to the thoughts and actions of The Watcher...

While the suspense keeps you wondering, the romance keeps us much more intimately involved. Add the local police chief, Mike O'Connell--ok, that may be somewhat standard for the male lead, but if he's clearly written and you can enjoy him, I don't mind a bit! I mean, a guy who will sit in his SUV all night to ensure I'm safe and there to protect me...

That's a turn-on in itself, right? But there was also that instant passion that sometimes happens between two people that makes it really fun to watch as one or the other, in this case, Mike, tries to keep his mind on the job. LOL... Myself, I enjoyed the protective side so that when the danger increased, Rachel's thoughts turned more and more to needing and wanting Mike there...

This is the kind of novel that you can quickly fall into deeply with the author taking you through every bit of tension and delight that you may want. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the escape... Highly recommended if that's what you're looking for!


Melinda Leigh abandoned a career in banking to become an award-winning author of romantic suspense fiction and paranormal romance. Her debut novel, She Can Run,
was nominated for an International Thriller Award for Best First Book.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dara Beevas Directs Excellent Reference Guide to Writers!
the Indie Author


An Insider's Guide to

Dara M. Beevas

Most of you know by now that I support Indie Authors activities in this exciting time when changes to the publishing world allow more and more writers to ensure their books are completed and available across the world! During my activities at Rainbow's End Publishing Company, I had the great experience to work with the author and publisher as she wrote a how to, entitled Self-Publish Your Book With Little or No Money! (Note that this book is now outdated. A caution to all for this type of book: Make sure the copyright is fairly new to ensure the latest information.)

Of course, it is a lot more work for Indies, isn't it? That's why I wanted to read and review Revolution by Dara Beevas. Because it is indeed a revolution that is happening as more and more writers choose the self-publishing road. I'm the type of individual that buys this type of book for my personal home library. Once writers start this road, an easy-to-use reference, in my opinion, is mandatory! And this book meets that criteria. Not only is it well-documented with a Table of Contents, Bibliography, and Index, it has further relevant information giving a glossary, resource directory, sample plans and directions on copyrighting. In fact, I should immediately add that this is also an excellent reference for any writer, because the entire process is shown and can help you follow your work through all the necessary steps no matter what route you choose in the publishing world.

I'm not going to spend too much time going over content. If you're a writer, I couldn't think of anything that was not.  included. On the other hand, I can praise Beevas for the quality and quantity of her information; that is, the book itself if very well done...beautiful cover, excellent spotlighting graphics and extra little detailed page highlights that show this individual knows what she's doing!

The second thing I noticed was that she was quick to point out that it is totally up to the self-published writer/author to set a high standard and to ensure that it happens! Kudos to the author for creating a reference tool, but also an excellent example of the quality readers expect in books, in her own published work!

Okay, here's the most important thing I personally learned and it is an exciting addition to the self-publishing process. Did you know  there is now what is called a "Mentoring Press?" The title itself is wonderfully welcomed I am sure. But let's  learn exactly what that means:
A hybrid publisher that guides authors with marketable manuscripts through the self-publishing process. Mentoring presses offer services for a fee that includes coaching, editing, book design, printing, publicity and distribution. Mentoring presses are often selective and emphasize the importance of editing and good design to create successful books.
If you have worked with hundreds of writers like I have, you soon realize that some know some things, but need help on other parts of the process...Knowing about this made reading this book totally worthwhile for me as a reviewer and responder to lots of process questions! Both advantages and disadvantages of this is provided in the Guide.

Little things mean a lot to me, given my business administration background, so I'll also thank Beevas for things like:

  • Providing signs that indicate when a publishing expert is not a true expert...
  • Providing "The Last Word" and "Indie Author Wisdom: throughout the book 
  • Providing same style sheet for submission of manuscript.
  • Perceiving the book as "a complete product requiring attention to every detail."
  • Reminding writers that galleys are printed while your book is with the proofreader!
  • Covering what POD means.
  • Including information on multiple writers, book pricing as well as credit card functions!
  • Marketing--reviews, complimentary copies {"A word to the wise: be strategic with your complimentary copies...}, and using the Internet as part of the selling process.
Writers, Authors and publishing staff, or service providers in publishing could all benefit from having this book on their resource shelf! Indies: A Must-Read! Get It!


Dara M. Beevas is a writer, editor, blogger, speaker and indie author. She mentors other indie authors as Vice President of Beaver's Pond Press, an award-winning mentoring publisher in the Twin Cities that has helped more than 600 indie authors self-publish. Her passion for authors and the indie author revolution led her to launch Wise, Ink, an online community for indie authors.
For most of her career, Beevas has worked in publishing. She was acquisitions editor for the American Chemical Society and has also worked at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She received her Master's Degree in publishing from George Washington University and was selected as an emerging writer by the Givens Foundation for African-American literature.
Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Beevas moved to Minneapolis in 2007 with her husband Tomme Beevas. The Twin Cities' writing community captivated her almost immediately. In her spare time she writes poetry, short stories, and is a speaker on the topic of self-publishing. She's reachable via her blog, LinkedIn, and @darairene on Twitter.

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