Sunday, December 17, 2006

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...

OK, OK...I know's been a long time! But it's not as if I was goofing off! Well, maybe some of the time...but most of the time I've been working!

I was honored to read/review Flying Into Tomorrow and Other Stories by long-time author, Irving A. Greenfield and as we went on, we put together a larger book, merging more stories in and I wound up editing and getting everything read for him to submit to publishers.  His stories are funny, sad, memorable...indeed, all of them take you down a path of memories, perhaps his, perhaps those of others...but definitely there will be some "that remind [you] of the time...  What I enjoyed most about them was that they were open and refreshingly honest.  One was my favorite--a fantasy threesome with his boss as one of the lead characters.  Who of us don't have some type of images about the bosses of their past!  Well, this one is especially unforgettable!  Even though the present book is great and available, I would recommend you wait for the second edition! 

I was also pleased to once again work with Ruby Moon-Houldson.  You may remember that her first book was recommended for Oprah's book list...Well, her second book has been completed and will be available shortly so be on the lookout for it soon!  Another of her books, The Man Within by Ruby was also a different type of book...she sure does have imagination! Take a look at this review of her "romance."