Monday, May 29, 2006

Add JADE STERLING to your must-read list!

I told you it was out!  I just finished reading the final version of Portraits and writing my final review!  Some of you may remember that I had read the manuscript first so that I could provide a few lines for the book cover, which I was happy to do at the request of the author.

Okay, this was even better than the I thought I'd share my entire review right here!  It's not even posted on our site yet! but is out there on you can go out and buy a copy!


Warning: This is a Tearjerker! I’ve always loved "unique stuff" so it was a given that I loved this strange and enchanting story! In her first novel, Portraits: The Power of Undying Love, Jade Sterling, provides readers with an unbelievable mystery, a heartbreaking love, and inspired forgiveness. That’s combined with portraits of the past, a touch of magic, and a fulfillment of destiny. Merged together it results in one of the most fascinating romances I’ve ever read!

A strange bequest comes to Emily! It not only is strange to not know from whom the money came, it is strange because it sets off a series of questions and discoveries that finally results in a separation from her husband, Greg. Greg had promised his "Princess" that he would love and protect her; however, Emily felt his actions were based upon jealousy, possessiveness and a lack of trust. With these long-standing feelings, it was not surprising when money came to both Emily, and also to her father, that it would mean trouble.

The real breaking point for Emily, however, was finding that Greg had withheld a letter from a publishing company to whom she had applied for work. When Emily received the phone call asking why she had not responded to their letter and that they were very interested in hiring her to create a number of front covers for their magazine, she never once thought of saying no. She agreed to fly to New York to discuss a contract and their assignments. Nothing Greg could say would explain his opening and not bringing home this important letter that had been addresseddirectly to her. This was not about protection, this was about control—and Emily could no longer adapt to Greg’s obsessions!

But while in New York, Emily Brooks met Scott Harrison and immediately both Emily and Scott were caught in an unearthly magnetism which led to a brief love affair. Why did Emily feel as if she had already met Scott, her new boss? Why did he look so familiar to Emily? How could Emily and Scott come to love each other so much and so soon?

They say in Greek mythology that three goddesses control fate, or destiny. Clotho wove life based upon a thread to the past. Lachesis measured that thread, deciding when destiny would come about and Atropos would cut that thread, sometimes through a death. They come into our lives at birth, spinning good or evil, manipulating the threads of our lives. Was it destiny? We don’t know! What we do know is that neither Emily nor Scott wanted to fall in love. Scott was a committed husband and Christian. Emily, though hurt and confused by her husband’s actions, would never have picked her new married boss for a lover! She knew that could only lead to trouble and heartache…and yet…

Emily was commissioned to create a cover for a feature story on the survivors of the Titanic. Through a series of interviews, readers are provided a variety of well-researched information on the survivors and what happened to them and in learning these details, Emily is slowly able to piece together the mystery. But it was too late!

Sterling brings her characters to life through intimate dialogue and internal thoughts. Emily may be your best friend. Scott is so conflicted that you can feel his confusion and inner turmoil. Greg’s personality change, as it evolves, moves readers from early anger for his actions into a warm respect and admiration for the love and support he finally gives to his wife.

Is this a happily ever after book? Some may think so. But I have to wonder. Will destiny try again and will the goddess Atropos allow a different ending some time in the future? Portraits brings the past and present together in an unforgettable magical fulfillment of love once lost. Can the power of undying love ever really end?

This novel tops the normal top scale! I give it a 5+ and consider it a must-read for romance lovers everywhere!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Portraits: The Power of Undying Love Now Available!

Jade Sterling's Book is out!

Ok, So I'm just a little excited about this book being available!  Check it Out!  I first read the manuscript and provided a preliminary review which I am now will be available shortly.  But I just had to let you know!  Buy It!  NOW!

This is a Tear Jerker--a love story like no other that I've ever read...and you know I prefer mysteries!  So when I'm raving, you know I am Serious!

Oh, and I just happened to be cited on the back cover!  LOL

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Poet Still Writing! Read Kemp's Latest!

Goooooood Morning Vietnam! Yes, that's what I'm reading about right now...More about that book later!

Thomas Kemp, Poet, still writing


Your eyes were so much

Like passports to adventure

Looking out picture windows

As now I recall…

Yes you are very beautiful

More than a window

You have become my door

To love.

Thomas (U)


Thomas, my favorite poet, sent me his latest! Isn’t it lovely? If you like his poetry and don’t know it yet, his book is now available! Check out my review and then connect directly from there to Amazon to purchase! Personally, I hope it is selling well and the above is his first poem for his next book!


Now, where was I…?

As I was working on my last journal entry directly online, somehow I pushed some magic button that resulted in the last part of my entry being deleted. Ok, I admit it¾ I don’t handle frustration well. My solution, therefore, was just to close out "that" entry and plan for my next one! I’d already discovered not to submit entries directly to the journal. I put everything into Word and then I copy and paste onto my blog! So what happened last time…well, see, I was editing what was already there…Oh forget it…It was my frustration—I don’t want to make it yours! LOL

Hey, what have you been reading?! Any you’d like to recommend? You know, of course, that unless I give a book a bad review…anything I list here would be recommended for great reading!

Caught in the Shadows by C. A. Haddad                      

Trust No One by Christine Heggam

The Black Silent by David Dun

Dance for the Dead by Thomas Perry

A Vote for Murder by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain    

I’ll be Watching You by Andrea Kane                                                

The Hanged Man’s Song by John Sandford 

The Prey by Allison Brannan                      

The Final Voyage of the Sea Explorer by Douglas Boren*

*Look for a review on this sometime in the future!

On the professional front, I’ve had some good times. Many of you wrote and commented about my recent "sound-off" for the lack of concern for printing books that were not in perfect shape. Well, upon receiving my final review of the book about which I wrote, I was asked to illustrate errors/problems for the publisher. They agreed to redo the book! Maybe POD and similar publishers will begin to know that we expect the same care and professionalism from them and their staffs as we do from the big publishers! Whenever you find problems with books, I hope you, too, will speak up and try to help with this major problem!

I also was pleased to do a "critical review" of a book for an author. Sometimes, when a writer is working on a new novel, they just need an outside perspective. I had read the book of this author, and while it was good, I knew it could be better and I knew the author could write the story better. So, I shared my thoughts. The author is now rewriting. No, I’m not the greatest editor in the world. But it seems I do have a God-given talent for reading and seeing something "amiss." I’m thankful that I was the one to whom this particular book had been sent. The author shared having concerns about the book, but that other readers had thought it was great. So, be careful writers, go with your instinct and forget about deadlines if you feel your book is not yet what you want it to be!

So many books…so little time! LOL