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Just a little bragging-- Kaya Quotes Moi on Back Cover...

Sure, I know, I'm bragging a little...but, gee, I rarely highlight myself, so I thought I'd highlight that Ben Kaya used an excerpt from my review (along with others of course) on the 2nd editiion of Voice of Conscience... Thanks Ben!

I think this new cover is fantastic and shares so much of what the book is about! If you haven't checked it out yet, read my review here or on Amazon, etc.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: The Art of Disappearing - Reality Rather Than Illusion?

The Art of Disappearing
By Ivy Pochoda
St. Martins Press
ISBN: 9780312385859
311 Pages

This is not the usual romance novel. Ivy Pochoda in The Art of Disappearing presents a fascinating escape into a different world. Whether it is real or imagined is unimportant. It is in the events, the drama, that we find ourselves hoping...

Mel Snow is a textiles consultant; she works with fabrics but also floor coverings, etc., in recommending and designing spatial areas. Her talent is superior; in fact, she selects her materials, often by the song they sing to her. Sometimes the materials call to her and her favorite place is to visit second-hand stores where each costume shares their own individual story. I highlight her story first because once you begin to read, you will be caught up into the magical life surrounding Toby Warring. But, in my opinion, this is really Mel's unique story. Some of us will recognize it as our own; others will simply enjoy it! But either way, you will remember and once again be caught up into the mystique and love that was there.

Mel Snow met Toby in a dingy bar. He said he had been there before, looking for someone for whom he could buy a drink, as he had just done for Mel. It wasn't hard for Mel to fall in love at first sight. And when it was suggested later that they had just won enough money to get married, that is what they did. Two days had past.

Toby's dream is to perform his magic in Las Vegas and since Mel could find work anywhere, they were quickly on their way there. Toby told her that she had brought new life to him and it looked that way, because he was quickly finding a following, mostly women, who had found him in the seedy part of town where gambling was most important to the male customers, but the wives found alternative entertainment. Soon they followed him around, stuffing money in his pockets, buying him drinks. He in turn would grab a bottle and start pouring from that bottle anything that the woman wanted--gin, vodka, scotch--it appeared in their glasses.

It wasn't long after they were married that Toby had confessed that his magic was--different, his magic was real. He used space in other dimensions through which he worked to create his illusions. But when a rabbit disappeared into his top hat, it never came back. One time, many years ago, his beautiful assistant had "disappeared" also. His kind of magic could be dangerous.

Quite a number of individuals also pointed out the danger--pointing out that the danger could involve Mel. They urged her to never become part of one of his magic tricks!

But the excitement, the wonder of his magic drew Mel and she loved the private shows out in the desert, where he used the sand and other earthly elements to perform just for her.

If a fan, a teenager had not fixated on becoming his new assistant, even though she knew that his former one had disappeared, it might have been a happily ever after marriage. But when the fan jumped in between a bullet and the magician and was accidentally killed, Toby realized that his career there was over. Unless...

Travel to Amsterdam with Toby and Mel to possibly start their life over. You'll have to decide whether you risk a return to Vegas, with the magician's latest trick.

A uniquely different illusion of love! Read about Toby and Mel's magical lives in The Art of Disappearing by Ivy Pochoda. You won't be sorry!

G. A. Bixler

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Poetry of Thomas Kemp, Spotlighted Author!

Face in the Mirror

Touching is what minds do best
thoughts become fingers
reaching back or forward for helping hands

Words run both ways too
but always to the center of a heart
to comfort the lonely space that wished for love

Touching is what minds do best
even echoing in the space between us
as dancing over distance brings us closer

To embrace the place
we stand on Sunday morning
looking at the face behind us in the mirror

Go On, Touch My Mind

I send you these words
As touches to your mind
If I were there by your side
Laying next to you
There would be no place
My lips would not touch
Nothing would escape my eyes
No place could your soul hide
But, alas, I must not come to you
Else I would never have courage to leave
For it is true, the tear that falls across two faces
Washes away the pain of the day
To announce freedom to
We who cry for each other.


Thomas Kemp

Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Book, The Art of Disappearing, from Literary Ventures Received!

I just got my first book to review via SheBlogs from the Literary Ventures Fund. The book is The Art of Disappearing by Ivy Pochoda and published by St. Martin's Press. How? Just by joining SheBlogs and then watching what was happening. I first noticed an article, sign up to review The Art of Disappearing.... Ah, a book! I fumbled through the process since I didn't immediately contact Mary...but after that, everything worked very well! My review will be up probably next week! Watch for it! In the meantime, you can click on the title of this article to link to the Literary Ventures Fund...or from the link below or my widget in right column!

is a Web service that connects women bloggers, including mom bloggers, product reviewers, fashionistas, techies and others, with the public relations and marketing professionals who issue the news and promote the products that women care about most. Connect Now:Read more:

Literary Ventures Fund

The Literary Ventures Fund, a first-of-its-kind, not-for-profit private foundation, serves as a primary “partner-in-risk” with authors and publishers in advancing works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Using a philanthropic investment model, we provide supplementary support to literary authors and publishers by offering them our foundation’s resources, including expertise and publishing ties to bookstores and media outlets, publicity assistance, innovative marketing and sales programs, and in some cases direct cash investments as well. LVF’s efforts help ensure that exceptional works of fiction, literary non-fiction, and poetry with a potential for broad readership reach the widest possible audience and remain in print for years to come. In addition, LVF fulfills its public-policy mission by presenting programs that generate discussion about the broader literary landscape, the role of publishing in serving literary writers, and how more readers can become engaged with literature.

Press Contact:

Mary Bisbee-Beek
(734) 369-8238

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Review: Heaven's Keep - Great Characters!

Heaven’s Keep
By William Kent Krueger
Simon & Schuster Atria Books
ISBN: 9781416556763
321 Pages

It was there in Casper, Wyoming, that Jo O'Connor started to regret that she hadn't called her husband to say, "I'm sorry." But she proceeded to get on the small plane that would take her and her party--a committee tasked with drafting recommendations for oversight of Indian gaming casinos--to present to the annual conference of the National Congress of American Indians in Seattle.

She should have called, and she did, but he wasn't there to answer, "I'll call you later" was her only message.

William Kent Krueger, in Heaven's Keep, tells the drama of a man whose wife left on a business trip, after they'd had a quarrel that had not been resolved. When the plane goes down somewhere around Heaven's Keep, he is haunted because their last words had not been expressions of their love.

Cork O'Connor had been Sheriff of the Tamarack County Sheriff's Department in Minnesota and had since become a PI; however, his main gig was as the owner of Sam's Place, a small restaurant in an old Quonset hut built on the shore of Iron Lake. He loved that place! So much so that he was willing to fight a major builder, the Parmer Corporation, who wanted to purchase the shoreline to build a large condominium resort community.

In the process of fighting off a major legal battle, Hugh Parmer came to visit and meet the man who was opposing him. The exchange between he and Cork O'Connor resulted in immediate friendship and it was Hugh Parmer who stood with Cork as the long and dangerous search for the plane took place.

Another heartwarming, and closer relationship that developed during the search was between Cork and his son, Stephen.

But, most importantly, the long search involved so many rescue staff that, for Cork, he couldn't figure out why they weren't finding the plane. And then Stephen shared his dreams of his mother with him. And they added visions and guidance from other respected wise men, one of whom, Will Pope, unfortunately was also known for his fondness for alcohol and therefore was being totally discounted by those leading the search activities.

But Stephen wanted to follow their guidance. Cork supported his son's wishes.

Soon they realized that the plane going down was not an accident. Soon they found that the assumed pilot had not even been on the plane. Soon they knew that those on the plane had been murdered.

Mystery, suspense, and just a touch or so of the supernatural makes this a fascinating drama that highlights the ancient ways of the Native American, as well as the greed and reach for power that we all possess to a small or greater amount. Believe me, this is not the usual novel surrounding the greed of those who build and run casinos. The people involved are uniquely developed to reveal the potential of friendship and love and what it makes possible, but with great suspense. Very highly recommended--easily 5+!

G. A. Bixler

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review: Rooms is One of Best Books I've Ever Read!

RoomsBy James Rubart
B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780805449785
405 Pages (Galley)

Wow... Really...Wow!

James Rubart hooked me immediately in his fascinating, awesome novel, Rooms!

Micah Taylor is an energetic, innovative leader of a software company at which he has hired many creative staff. The company has not only been successful but has moved into the forefront, winning awards and receiving much publicity in trade and business magazines.

But then Micah received a letter from a long-dead uncle.

If Micah had either reached 35 or had become a very wealthy man, then he was receiving this letter because his uncle had built him a house on the west coast, near Cannon Beach, a summer place very important to the family in his early years. His father, with whom he had a somewhat estranged relationship, told him to stay away from the house.

But Micah just had to see if it was there—whether somebody had cared enough to build him a home. Of course he would sell it, especially when his business partner and romantic interest suggested it and later strongly suggested a ring better be in her future. When he got there, however, he felt like he had seen it before—it was as if his uncle and the builder had gotten into his brain and built what they knew he would build himself. He would picture it as home, thinking about getting a dog, a kite...and about building some sandcastles.

He slept through the first night in a chair and then toured the next morning. When he got hungry, he decided to leave, but noticed a room at the end of the hall, the door open and a light on. He didn’t remember there being a room there, but there it was. Actually there was two; one interior room, the door of which he had to push open, was dusty, with poor lighting, and much more. Something from his past that just couldn’t be there...

Heading back home, he noticed that his car registered having traveled over 16000 miles, obviously there was a problem. But then he met a friend with whom he had played tennis with the previous week, only to have him say that they hadn’t played for a month. His calendar confirmed that there had been no game, even though Micah remembered it. And one other strange thing, as he drove back and forth, he found himself praying, something he hadn’t done for many years.

And then there were more rooms—rooms that appeared where they had not earlier been. One was a room in which a painting, not yet finished, was displayed. Another contained guitars of all kinds; he had played when he was young, but had given it up. And then, in one of those rooms, in which there was no light, no furniture, he met...himself...

What if, early in your life, you had chosen a different path, a path that was not part of God’s plan for you?

What if He decided that you needed to stop going down the wrong path?

What if you are not a Christian? In my opinion, that doesn’t matter. If you have thought that your life was not what you thought it would be, if you wish you had chosen to make different decisions along the way, I encourage you to read this enter the terror, fear, anger, and...the happiness and love you may find in Rooms by James Rubart.

I’ve already pre-ordered three copies; there is no doubt in my mind, this may be the must-read that you’ve waited for!

G. A. Bixler

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review: Exciting Thriller Should Be Movie!

Kill Me Twice
By Jerry Bayne
ISBN: 1439245274
303 Pages

CONSIDER, if you would, an exciting thought! Bruce Willis meets Charles Bronson. For those of you who don't remember Bronson , I've added a footnote for reference.*

The storyline in Kill Me Twice by Jerry Bayne is totally different, but I have to admit that my mind brought back rough-looking Bronson--because I was cheering for him! And that is what I believe readers will share with me. We want both Bradley Cardiff (Bronson) and Mike Sams (Willis) to win! Now that I've set you up for the movie, let me tell you a little about the story!

Bradley Cardiff is the best of the best. He's worked for the government all of his life, making sure what needed to get done, gets done! But most of those days were now over, he was married with a young child and he was spending much more time with them and finally living in a loving family environment. And then one day his former partner Rountree (and best friend/almost brother) comes back. Brad gets a telephone call just as they were leaving to pick up some food for dinner so Brad stays to answer the phone while his family leaves.

White phosphorus was used to blow the jeep. It had been placed under the driver's seat and they could not identify the driver, but assumed it was Bradley Cardiff along with his family...

It had all been about a deal gone wrong! Certain government officials had arranged a deal between the Chicago Mafia and a potential new Columbian cartel. Nearly everybody on both sides had been slaughtered. Brad and his partner had been there just to observe, knowing nothing about the background or details. But they, especially Bradley, was chosen as the "fall guy."

Payback was now being made years later...

It didn't take Bradley long. He went back through the original players, learned what he needed for at least one of his targets and entered his home.

When Mike Sams learned that the victim had slept on his bed while his murderer had patiently waited, within his bed springs, until he was ready, he realized just what kind of man he was after!

The first man killed was the then Director of the CIA and now Senator! The second was just as easy. The third was almost impossible--because the Secret Service protected him at all times!

I have to say that Mike Sams is a great character, but Bradley was the best in my opinion! Even in his vengeance, he recognizes Sams as an honorable opponent and tries to get him to return home to his family! Believe me, the paths that Cardiff weaves for others to follow is one of the most fascinating and intriguing you will encounter! I loved this book!

And, yes, Bronson would have made a wonderful Bradley Cardiff! I wonder who they'll get...

Get this book! You'll be missing fantastic suspense and thrilling action if you don't!

*One of Bronson's most popular and memorable roles when he was over the age of 50, was Death Wish in 1974. He played a successful architect. When his wife is murdered and his daughter raped, Kersey becomes a crime-fighting vigilante by night. It was a highly controversial role, as his executions were cheered by crime-weary audiences.

G. A. Bixler

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kill Me Twice - Exciting New Drama by Jerry Bayne

Readers, my review on this book is coming this week...So far, I can barely put it down without thinking about what's coming next!


New novel follows killer exacting revenge on American politicians

Kill Me Twice by Jerry Bayne tells the story of a killer with a vendetta against the U.S. government

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Kill Me Twice, a novel by Jerry Bayne, follows a trio of investigators as they work to stop an assassin who is targeting American political figures.

When a U.S. Senator is assassinated in his home, a complex web of deceit and conflicted loyalties is revealed. The action begins when Bradley Cardiff, convinced he has been wronged by the government, starts exacting revenge on those responsible. Boston police detective sergeant Mike Sams is summoned to Washington, D.C. to assist in the investigation of the crimes. When the final target is revealed, Sams must race against time to unravel the mystery and stop the killer.

Bayne admits to being disenchanted for sometime with the political scene in our nation’s capitol. “This novel is pure fiction and not based on any factual person or event, but I think we are all aware that behind the political curtains there have always been nefarious goings on and skeletons lurking in the shadowy corners of cobwebbed closets. The book illustrates that political ambition can steer men to the dark side of life, no matter what the consequences. In the same way, those who are wronged somehow find the will to stand up and fight against the odds, to find their own justice,” says Bayne.

Kill Me Twice is Bayne’s second novel involving the adventures of protagonist Mike Sams. His first, The Gatherer, introduced detective sergeant Sams and Bayne relishes the idea of a new book that allows the character to grow.

Kill Me Twice is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
Jerry Bayne is a writer whose published works include The Gatherer. Born in Bridgeport, Conn. Bayne moved to Cheyenne at a young age and was raised on the high plains of Wyoming. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy and earned a degree in physics at the University of Wyoming. It wasn't until a few years ago, when he and his wife moved to an island in the western Caribbean, that he considered writing a novel. Since then, writing has become his passion. His goal is to bring an entertaining and enjoyable experience to his readers.

Jerry Bayne
Phone: (307) 630-0897


Review: Women's Right Movement Reference Chronology a Must for Your Library!

The American Women’s Rights Movement:
A Chronology of Events and Opportunities
From 1600 - 2008
By Paul Buckanan
Branden Books
ISBN: 0828321604256 Pages

Kudos to Paul Buchanan for being the first man—or woman—to create an extensive chronology of events and opportunities in support of Women’s Rights!

This is exactly the type of information you will find in The American Women’s Rights Movement: A Chronology of Events and Opportunities From 1600 – 2008 by Paul Buchanan. In my opinion, this is a must for your home library reference section.

Included in this book are all of the relevant laws, well-known events, and people who have contributed toward helping women move forward. You will find references on any woman who has been “first” to hold public office, “first” to receive prestigious awards, “first” to make a scientific discovery, et. al. You will find authors, athletes, musicians, and even movie stars—I especially enjoyed the story on Mae West and her role.

To whet your appetite about what you might learn, I’ve chosen to share about those items that were both new, and meaningful, to me. Believe me—I know you are going to learn much from this book—there are 140 women and men included in this chronology:

Did you know:

That there are, reportedly, more statues of Sacagawea than any other women in American History and that her name is synonymous with good Indian relations?

Dorothea Dix went before the Massachusetts Legislature describing the way individuals were “in cages, closets, stalls, pens...chained, naked, beaten with rods, and lashed into obedience” because criminals, paupers and mentally ill were all confined together?

About the “Ain’t I A Woman” speech given by Isabella Baumfield (Sojourner Truth)?

That when Mary Ferrin got married to a man who turned out to be an abusive alcoholic, she couldn’t divorce him because she would lose all of the property she owned when she married?

That Mary Surratt was the first female hanged by the government?

That Jane Addams became the first female and only social worker to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

That the State Seal of Idaho is the only one designed by a woman?

That before Rosa Parks, Holly Springs refused to go to a segregated section of a train and was dragged out; then she sued, winning in the local jurisdiction, but losing in the Supreme Court!

That Ella Grasso was the first female governor, of Connecticut, chosen in her own right?

That Cagney and Lacey was the first TV drama (1982) to portray female police officers and strong role models for women?

That in 2006 Ingrid Mattson was elected president of the Islamic Society of North America, the first woman to lead the ISNM?

That in 2007, based upon the 2005 census, that 51% of American women are living without a husband...?

In my own small way, I’ve considered myself a minor trailblazer—struggling upward to then enter a predominantly male career field, keeping track of what legal options there were that supported my efforts. If you have a similar background, this book will bring a feeling of pride for yourself and for these women and men. If you are a young woman, you need to read this to learn of the past and find your own role. For women, and men, like Paul Buchanan, I believe The American Women’s Rights Movement is a Must-Read!

G. A. Bixler

New Book: The Art of Disappearing is Out - Review Coming Soon

I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing The Art of Disappearing soon. Click on the title of this article to go to Ivy's page and you can click to find her on Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads and Library Thing, etc...

I am reviewing this book via SheBlogs...

CONTACT: Mary Bisbee-Beek or (734) 369-8238

The Art of Disappearing

by Ivy Pochoda
St. Martin’s Press

In her elegant debut novel, The Art of Disappearing, Ivy Pochoda asks how love can be real if so much else is an illusion.

Toby Warring seems too young and too attractive to be sending drinks to strange women in a small-town Nevada saloon, but that is exactly how he meets Mel Snow, a textile designer who is selling her wares throughout the country. In a brief but strangely familiar conversation, Toby shows Mel that he is a rare “real” magician – actually creating the wine he places in front of her – and explains that all he has ever wanted is to perform in Las Vegas. They marry the next day.

Soon they learn what – or rather, whom – they are each searching for in the desert. Years before, Toby performed the classic trick of making his lovely assistant disappear…except that this time, she didn’t come back. Racked with guilt, he wonders when and where she might turn up, if ever. Mel has been waiting for a miracle in the least likely of places. After the childhood loss of her brother, who was always more comfortable in water, Mel still expects him to appear somewhere in the dry Nevada land.

When Toby’s magic slips dangerously out of his control during his Las Vegas debut, he swears off magic and the pair flee the desert’s gaudy heat for the mysterious weather of Amsterdam. They meet an enclave of elderly magicians who, like Toby, could once manifest their illusions before their talents faded. But as they encourage Toby to return to his craft, Mel feels her marriage begin to unravel. The growing distance between the couple prompts her to ask, in such a malleable world, is love a constant, or is it susceptible to Toby’s magic?

Ivy Pochoda graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Classical Greek and English. After graduation, she spent time in the Netherlands, pursuing a career in professional squash. She was the Spring 2009 James Merrill House Writer-in-Residence. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, NY.

“…The Art of Disappearing is a terrific page turner…”
Lisa Shea -- Elle, September 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Review: Red Hot Lies Is Red Hot!

Red Hot Lies
By Laura Caldwell
MIRA Books
ISBN: 9780778326502
457 Pages

By the time I had read the first chapter of Red Hot Lies by Laura Caldwell, I had added the other two books of this trilogy to my online “shopping cart. ” The trilogy stars Izzie McNeil, a savvy entertainment lawyer, who works hard to get the bottom line deal for her clients. She represented Pickett Enterprises and had begun to do so, not because of her long experience, but because their representative had not been where he should have been when Forester Pickett needed him. Izzie had handled the situation, and thereafter Forester had selected her as his lawyer

Izzie was thrilled; she was immediately thrust into the limelight position at her firm, but worked tirelessly to prove that she deserved to have been given the account. Not everybody agreed with that assessment. But as long as she was able to keep Forester happy, then she was set.

But then Forester was killed.

And her fiancĂ©, Sam, who was also Forester’s investment counselor, had disappeared with millions in corporate shares for real estate in Panama from Forester’s safe!

Although Shane, Forester’s son, had always indicated he was not ready to assume control of the company, he quickly moved into his father’s office. And just as quickly had taken the company’s account away from Izzie.

Izzie had been having second thoughts about her marriage, but when she discovered that Sam’s former girlfriend had not only seen Sam since he had disappeared, but had helped him leave, Izzie felt like her whole world had collapsed.

Izzie needed help and turned to Mayburn a private investigator who quickly turned the tables and asked her to help him with an important case! This twist provided some fun happenings, as Izzie became wife and mother, babysitting a friend of a friend’s daughter, etc., somehow it seemed that Izzie was doing all the work in this arrangement!

For me, the characters and their interaction was the best part. They were fun to watch in their investigation, although I had nailed the guilty murderer almost immediately. That sometimes happens, but the story carries sufficient strength with the action and twists that I still found it worth a high recommendation.

G. A. Bixler

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spotlighted Author Shares His Poetry!

Summer Nights Again

Summer nights,
the campfire just for light.
The time a heart is best rested.
For there is no fear from winter storms,
where worry is overhead
and we try so hard
just to stay warm.
The light of the fire
makes your skin look so clean.
From the top of the pool not a ripple is seen,
as your hand slips like butter into my own.
From the top of your head I smell your hair.
Can't help but pull you near.
It's a summer night.

Summer Time

You gave me the summer time
When I was young, we called it endless
With warm evenings and soft kisses
White hands we held onto.
In its dark nights with shooting stars
We drank your wine and loved
the summer time.
Help me remove this speck?
Some heartbreak had to follow,
How was I ever to know old men show the way?
That we men must go away
Before we love the summer time too much
To make War on other men on distant shores,
Feel the sand in your eyes?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Review: Travel to South Africa with Deon Meyer for Latest Adventure!

"We [people] don't care about anyone else...I don't want to live like that. I want to hear people. I want to know people..." (p. 90)

Faced with just the slightest possibility that her brother, who was supposedly killed twenty years ago, is still alive, Emma LeRoux starts out to find him and enters a nightmare of danger in Blood Safari, the latest exciting thriller by Deon Meyer!

It was plain right from the start that there were many that did not want Le Roux searching for her brother. And when she is attacked, she hired a bodyguard--Lemmer. A loner, he was not interested in communicating, getting to know Emma or learn anything about her brother. In fact, his first Lemmer Law, one of many, was "Don't get Involved." Followed closely by the second, "Trust nobody." His job normally involved being far enough from the one he guarded that he could watch, continuously and without break, to do his job. But now he was driving, alone, with Emma, eating with her, and staying within close proximity, sometimes, quite close. It was to Lemmer that Emma said the above-quoted words--she needed to know Lemmer so that she could trust him.

Lemmer had worked for many Rich Afrikaners, so many that he had a Law just for them: "If a Rich Afrikaner can show off, he will." His new client was rich, but she had hired him. So he thought she was not willing to pay for the best--why give it his best.

But they traveled, heading for South Africa, and the Hoedspruit charge office to meet with Inspector Jack Phatudi, who was investigating the Khokhovela murders, assumed to be committed by Jacobus De Villiers. Emma LeRoux's brother's name was Jacobus Dawid LeRoux and when she had seen the picture of the assumed murderer, he had looked enough like her brother that she could not let it go--she had to make sure!

Police would not help her--but then could always be found either directly following them or nearby. As they investigated, the men with whom De Villiers had been in contact directly lied or withheld information, yet gave enough that led to further contacts. And then one of those men was murdered. Emma received messages that she should leave and not look for DeVilliers, but used her brother's name instead.

The search leads them through one adventure after another until, finally, they are uncovering what had actually happened with the Khokhovela murders, about what is behind the activities at game reserves, about the loss of many elephants by hunters of ivory, and how one man was now trying to make restitution for his past sins. Lemmer is no longer just a bodyguard, he must work through the lies, accusations, and information to actually learn what is happening!

Because Emma has been shot. And he just might be in love with her...

Deon Meyer has given us a great suspenseful adventure in Blood Safari. Michael Connelly declares on the front cover, "you can't go wrong" choosing this great novel. You can bet I agree with Connelly!

G. A. Bixler

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Veteran Writers: Check out News Release for New Book!

For Immediate Release Contact Carol Corbett, PublishingWorks, Inc.,

Publisher Seeks Veteran Submissions

Exeter, NH: PublishingWorks, Inc. seeks submissions from veterans for a book tentatively titled MOMENTS OF HONOR to be published Veteran's Day 2010. Final collection will be an approximately 500-page paperbound book, in large format to include 20-30 personal reminiscences, letters, e-mails, etc., from veterans depicting experiences during all conflicts, from WWII to present. These pieces may be as long as 20 manuscript pages, or as short as a paragraph.

The book will be divided into sections. Each piece submitted will be evaluated as to how and where it might best fit in. Any that do not fit the criteria will be returned:


Contributors who are accepted will receive two free copies of the book as well as a 50% discount on all future purchases of the volume. All veterans will receive a 20% discount.

Requirements for Submission:

E-mail all submissions, if possible. If not, then mail to address below, and please include all contact information (phone, address, e-mail) as well as a SASE for return of materials. Materials will not be returned without a SASE. Do not send photos or any original material unless requested.

Submissions should be emailed to: with Veteran in the subject line.
All phone queries may be directed to 603-778-9883. Ask for Jeremy or Carol.
The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2010. Final decisions will be made by July 1, 2010.
Submissions may also be mailed to:
c/o PubishingWorks, Inc.
151 Epping Road
Exeter, NH 03833

Deadline is March 1, 2010.
Final decisions by July 1, 2010.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Second Edition of Voice of Conscience is Out! Check Out Beautiful Cover!

I was thrilled to see the new cover of Voice of Conscience when Ben, Behcet Kaya, the author shared it with me! It truly does complement the story! Book lovers, if you haven't read it, please check it out by clicking below...My review is one of those available at Amazon! Note that Ben's email submission to me even beat getting the new pic on their site! Yep, I added it there too as my own image! LOL

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poetry From Thomas Kemp, Spotlighted Author

Candy in Her Bib Overalls

It was 1949 I was five years old.
In a converted aged chicken coupe
Daddy was working on a wagon for me.
With black wheels and painted spokes
I knew it would be fast running down hill.
Taking no backseat to anyone in the neighborhood
This red wagon would scream.

I never raced it after I met Candy.
She and her brother,
Mom and Dad moved in next door.
She was seven going on eleven and I fell in love.
The wagon and I were coming home one warm morning
From collecting returnable soda pop bottles.
When she came down the stoop steps
In her blue Bib Overalls.

It only took me six hundred jaunts
Back and forth
In front of her home
Before I talked her into a ride.
One that lasted all summer
And she taught me about flowers and magnolia trees
And pretty faces.
Did I tell you how beautiful you are?
How I have learned from you too.

Cement Tears

It was not much to look forward to
just a date to walk home at 5:00
and then the world shook
the next morning I was sure my phone recorder said
where are you my love?
Please come now and walk me out of here
take me home
and wash the cement dust from my eyes
but then again
you could have told me anything
but not
that she was gone.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review: Courage of Fear - Unique First Novel!

Courage of Fear
By Barbara Boyer
Ocean Moon Publishing
ISBN: 9780615203638
186 Pages

Angela Hearly-Peterson has written an inspirational best-selling book, Wrestling With the Demons.

At least she did—within Courage of Fear by Barbara Boyer! I don’t think I’ve read another book quite like this—it’s truly unique. I love unique... This book is probably listed under the romance genre, but it is so much more!

At the beginning of each chapter, there are quotes from Angela, the main character. Normally quotes are seen as a reference or a beginning thought. However, in many ways these beginning statements are so powerful that you could, indeed, be reading a separate book, about wrestling with your demons.

Angela’s book was centered on whether an individual had the right to choose life or death.

In her “real” life, Angela is in a very committed love relationship with her husband Jackson. They are the ideal couple; they are true soul mates, no doubt about it.

But even soul mates are sometimes tempted by something outside of that relationship. In Jackson’s case, it was gambling. And, in the end, he chose to leave Angela because of that vice!

Suddenly Angela is wrestling with her own demon—does she want to live without Jackson? Some readers may immediately guess how the story goes as she moved back to her hometown and finds people who love her. But you’ll be wrong. The surprise ending, and hopefully nobody will share that in advance, is also unique. Did I tell you I love unique?

Memorable, inspirational, romantic, caring friends, empathic, sympathetic—and so much more comes to mind as you read and live with the characters in Courage of Fear by Barbara Boyer.

Boyer has a strong voice in her writing style, her own beliefs, and in allowing her characters to speak about deep, important, and the “not-to-be-discussed” life and death situations that many of us face. I confess I didn’t like the ending, but then again, our lives many times are not what we want.

Is this book a “Must-read” for you? Each of us must answer that ourselves. I, for one, must say that memory of this book and characters will stay with me much longer than many. I think that speaks well of Boyer’s work, don’t you think? Easily 5+!

G. A. Bixler

Friday, September 11, 2009

Review: A Must-Read YA Book by Amber Lehman!

By Amber Lehman
Closet Case Press
ISBN: 9780979593369
404 Pages

The world is a difficult place for children. Thank God we turn out as well as we do.”

In addition to loving to read, I appreciate books that have been obviously created with care. Amber Lehman, in Torn, gives credit to Jill Ronsley. Kudos to both of you for creating a truly beautiful book. Torn is a young adult novel (17+) based upon true stories gathered by the author during her own life. Readers will recognize the love and concern with which she heard and remembered those individuals and their lives, by reading the above beginning note from the author.

I quickly point out that this novel is erotic/sexy—a dramatized story of a young girl named Krista. It is an exciting adventure that many teens will enjoy and learn from through Lehman’s subtle but excellent approach.

It may be a difficult book for parents to read; but, in my opinion, you must. Amber Lehman provides a well-written, truly realistic story of the lives of various teens at a local high school. It could be the school your children attend. It could be the lives your children are leading. It could be you, the absent parent(s). With proper guidance and discussions, if I had younger teens, I would also share this book with those mid-teens that are the true characters in this book!

Krista is 14 when her family moves from Ohio to Southern California. Throughout her early years of school she attended a private religious school for girls. Krista would be attending public school for the first time. Her mother is gone for a year, on a church mission in Nicaragua. During her absence, her older half-brother, Marc, a pediatrician, is living at home with Krista and her other half-brother Josh—both with whom she has had little experience in relating/living. Krista dreads starting school.

Krista is artistic, and in choosing a dance class, she finds she’s also part of the cheerleaders. There she met Carrie, who became her best friend, and others. Through Carrie she met Brandon, or rather, she saw Brandon with Carrie as they were making out in the corridors near their lockers. Brandon had pulled back from Carrie, licked his lips at Krista, as if Carrie was no longer there! Quite a first impression about him!

It was only later that Krista learned that Brandon was gay.

Krista had never been kissed. Now she was meeting new boys all around her. So in sharing her fear with Carrie, they decided to learn by kissing each other. That first experiment led to many other sex-related encounters as Krista tries to become comfortable in this new world. All of the girls surrounding her were always talking about boys and what they could do to get their attention--even her brother Josh!

One of her friends then invited her to join a Bible study group at her home, taught by her brother, Daemon, who was twice Krista’s age. He was Aeliese’s guardian while their parents, who were also missionaries, were away from home. Krista also attended their church and found it quite different—where were the statues, the confession booth, the majesty of the priests in long robes? So much was so different! Krista had nowhere to turn to discuss all of these strange and new experiences, except older brothers and friends. And then Krista began to have other ideas about Aeliese’s older brother.

This story is sexy, because the children in the story are surrounded by experiences that include sexuality—drinking, drugs, and what can happen under their influence; sexual orientation experimentation; early experiences of abuse; but, more importantly, the sharing and caring, and, yes, love, that grows between young teens when they have few, if any, adults with whom to relate and discuss such important issues. Torn by decisions that they must make each day.

Step into the lives of the teens you know and love! Read Torn by Amber Lehman. Reality awaits you in this inspiring, frank and, yet, sensitive love story. Meet Krista and her friends now!

G. A. Bixler

Thursday, September 10, 2009

FYI: First Call for Eric Hoffer Book Award!



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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: Imagine Your Life Without Fear!

Fearless: Imagine Your Life
Without Fear
By Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780849921391
240 Pages

There are many feelings that we use to express our thoughts about our daily lives--anger, depressed, perplexed, frustrated. But once I read Fearless by Max Lucado, I realized that most of those feelings are really components of an all-encompassing fear that many times engulfs us. Lucado is not talking about the instinctual fear that arises when immediate danger is near; rather it is that fear that we choose, yes, choose to feel—as opposed to faith. Is it possible to be Fearless?

Through one reference after another, Lucado points out that God speaks directly to us: “Be Not Afraid.” Jesus faced fear for His life, dying on the cross. But He faced it knowingly and willingly, giving over His will even as He admitted to His fear. And, in the end, that is all that God expects from us! To face our fear, standing on His promises!

Do I matter? The Village of Stiltsville is an interesting parable to highlight our fear of not “being” somebody. In many ways, our culture has led to this fear, in my opinion. Many are separated from a family, living on their own, wondering if there is anybody who ever thinks about them. One of my favorite hymns, “His Eye is On The Sparrow,” always sustained me through this fear, which I think we all feel at some time or other.

Or do you fear not being able to be “good enough” to be a child of God, especially possible for older Christians who lived with condemnation of the Old Testament.

The desire for a good job, an excellent salary, a large home, and the resources to do anything we want often results in a fear of failure when a job is eliminated, or a disability prevents continuation of work. Worry is another form of fear!

Or is your greatest fear the safety of your children? Safety from terrorists? Of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, etc.?

Are you afraid to die?

Max Lucado, in Fearless, meets each of us exactly where we are. Through Biblical references, personal stories, and specific references to the word of God and His promises, he allows each of us to pause, evaluate, and realize that we have a real fear of this or that.

But he doesn’t stop there! Nor does Jesus! Fearless reminds us that Jesus is right there with us in our fear! And he will show us how to walk fearlessly into the future. This book came to me just when I needed it. My guess is that you will perhaps see yourself in some of the examples I’ve mentioned in this short review, like Max Lucado admits he did. Like I did!

Fearless is a must-read for you and your family and loved ones. Don’t Delay!

G. A. Bixler

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Novel Explores Teen Sexuality Review Coming Soon!

Teen Sexuality Explored in Young Adult Fiction Novel,
Torn, by Amber Lehman

Newport Beach, CA - August 27, 2009 – Many parents make the mistake of NOT discussing the topic of sexuality with teens. Keeping silent will not keep teens from experimenting with heterosexual activities and even homosexual activities. Studies show that more teens are questioning their sexuality and most likely parents will be the last to know. It is estimated that in the U.S., a teen takes their own life every 5 hours because they are gay, bisexual, transgender, or lesbian, and cannot deal with the added stresses that society puts upon them. Oftentimes there are limited resources for teens to relate to during this difficult and confusing time in their life. Literature is a major outlet for teens to turn to find ways to relate to the issues of sexuality that they are experiencing.

In Amber Lehman's new novel, Torn, Lehman explores teen sexuality in its many different facets, from homosexuality, bisexuality, and teens who are simply questioning themselves. Heterosexual relationships are not overlooked either. The novel centers around Krista, a 14-year-old girl who was raised in an all-girl's Catholic school in Ohio when she suddenly finds herself facing school in the public system in California. A culture shock for anyone. Throughout the novel she makes many friends, each with diverse lifestyles. But on one occasion Krista will be forced to make her own decision once she is presented with a dare that ultimately has life-altering repercussions. This is the catalyst of the story and where the journey of all the characters truly begin.

The main message in the book is that being a teen who is questioning your sexuality is okay. Torn provides a platform to show teens they are not the only one struggling with issues of sexual identity. There is a focus on individual choices, decisions and sexual preferences. These situations are often not remedied or understood overnight. Exploring sexuality is often a process and it’s important that teens and parents alike understand this. No answer is better or worse than the alternative, and your true friends will be there for you during this challenging time.

In the book, Torn, different people come to different conclusions on their own; just because they have a gay experience doesn’t necessarily make them gay. For example: While Krista experiments with Carrie she ultimately decides she’s more attracted to boys. While Nick who has previously had a girlfriend finds himself attracted to guys and is ultimately gay. Brandon who has been mainly gay throughout the story finds that he’s closer to being truly bisexual. Being open to diversity is what is key. The goal is to make people more sympathetic to people going through this stage in their life.

Closet Case Press is dedicated to helping teens find support through the LGBT community. Facts and helpful links can be found on our website at Amber Lehman is a full-time author and enjoys writing for the LGBT community. You can learn more about her by visiting the web address above.

To order Torn visit (Click on Title of Article)

Amber Lehman
Author, Publisher
Closet Case Press


Review: Next World Power Prophesized???

Have you ever had something happen in your life that so affected you that you later chose a strange path because of what had happened? Jacob Droutman, in Prophecy of Power by Andrew Parker, has done just that! Parker's first book will soon be followed by The Doomsday Preachers! Trackle "Andrew Parker" today, so you'll be sure not to miss the climax to this thriller, although Prophecy of Power easily stands alone as a suspenseful mystery!

Jacob Droutman is a rabbi who preaches at the synagogue in the Lower East Side of New York. When he was just ten, his older brother disappeared. Now, a young woman is using her knowledge of Jacob's life to help her--because her brother, along with two of his friends, had disappeared!

Did Ayn also know that he was having questions regarding his own religion? Jacob's father had been a rabbi and he had automatically followed his footsteps. But he often wondered about all the other religions of the world. Even when he was young, he and his brother had snuck out and joined the crowds heading for a midnight mass and watched with wonder as Baby Jesus entered the celebration.

Jacob had been devastated when his brother disappeared the very next year!

It was Ayn who ensured that he learned of the lecture that was being given by Dr. Stewart Renton, entitled "Revelation Explained." Given that Jews did not accept the New Testament, Jacob had never even read Revelations, the last book of the Bible. Renton's talk was to explain how Revelations affected modern-day life. This was an opportunity for Jacob to learn more about this particular religion! And obviously somebody wanted him to attend. As Dr. Renton spoke, Jacob squirmed a little as he referred to the Nazi-inspired Holocaust as an illustration of what had been foretold in Revelations. He admitted to being intrigued by all that had been explained.

But he became confused when, after the lecture, Ayn handed him a package to read. He learned that in March 2001, three Jewish students had announced they had found The Lost Tomb of Hebron, a tomb that would reveal secrets on future events. Having just learned much about the future from the lecture, Jacob eagerly read each page, only to discover that the discovery was later called a hoax and that the students had disappeared. John Duncan, the only American, had been declared "a danger to national and world security," according to this packet. John Duncan was Ayn's brother.

Jacob is caught up into the investigation and tries to learn more, only to have his landlord murdered and his apartment searched. Although Jacob had not yet realized it, the papers that had been given to him had been stolen from a CIA agent! And the CIA is not the only ones that are watching Jacob, and following as he leaves New York to travel to Israel!

Travel with Jacob as he visits Jerusalem and follows the same trail that the missing students followed. Read portions of Daniel's Prophecy. Share his joy of love with Ayn right before she is cruelly murdered, and, with a totally unexpected new partner, finds the tomb of Daniel, second son of David.

Prophecy of Power by Andrew Parker, is an exciting thriller based upon religious prophecy. I am already looking forward to the next novel, The Doomsday Preachers! Highly recommended for thriller/adventure readers, those that love to follow the puzzle to the prize and those who enjoy matching religious prophecy with today's world!

Ever thought who could be the next world power? Enjoy the possibilities in Prophecy of Power!

G. A. Bixler

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Review: Creative Writing...or Murder Mystery - You Decide!

Travel Writing
By Peter Ferry
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780151014361
294 Pages

When I realized that Peter Ferry, the author of Travel Writing, was also the "narrator" or lead character in his book, I was intrigued. An interesting choice for a brave writer, don't you think? And yet, the author, who is a teacher, writer and editor, is playing a teacher of high school English--so why not?

I admit to a little confusion at the beginning, but then I realized that even that was obviously intentional. The novel starts in the classroom where Peter Ferry is teaching about writing fiction, creative writing. He tells a story to his students but immediately explains that it is fiction, it is not true, although he keeps telling the story and soon has his students so involved that they begin to ask questions about it. Is the story really true, perhaps readers will never really know for sure--and that is part of the mystery presented.

Pete Ferry tells about a young woman who was killed in a one-car crash when she drove into and hit a lamppost. Pete had been at the scene of the accident; indeed, he felt that he should have done something to prevent it! He had only caught a glimpse of her beautiful face; her name was Lisa Kim.

Within his guilt, he felt a need to attend the woman's funeral. Not wanting to explain who and how he knew Lisa, he found himself confused by her family with a man she apparently was in love with, assumed to be named Peter also. Based upon that assumption, the family sent a letter they had found, written by Lisa, but never mailed. The salutation was to "P," and professed her deep love!

Of course, Pete Ferry felt compelled to discover who P was and deliver this letter. He also discovered that he had somehow fallen in love with her! Or obsessed! Either way, his live-in was not happy and immediately assumed that Pete had been having an affair with her, although he had, of course, never met her!

But was the search actually that of looking for the man who had murdered Lisa? For she had dropped off a man shortly before she had gone off the road.

Pete discovered that Lisa had been drugged and also later found that she had been seeing a psychiatrist. Soooo, Pete became his patient!

Travel Writing is fun to read! Pete moves from teaching activities, to mystery solving, to travel writing assignments, while at the same time, closing out one love relationship and starting another!

But does he solve the murder mystery? You know, the murder of Lisa Kim, that he was creating and telling his students about during that writing class. Well, all I can say is that the result of all of this is--the book called Travel Writing by Peter Ferry, with the lead character, Pete Ferry, who is great, by the way!

I highly recommend you enter the maze created in this one!

G. A. Bixler

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Review: Exclusive Pre-Publishing for Guardians of Immortal Faith!

Guardians of Immortal Faith

By Ruby Moon-Houldson

The unbelievable has happened! Jadyn, the main character in The Guardian series by Ruby Moon-Houldson has turned against Christopher and her family. She wants to return to the Upper Realms, where she can use her power as a Great Master! Christopher could go too, if he wanted—but it is clear she really doesn’t care if he does! What could have caused it?

Christopher has started having dreams in Guardians of Immortal Faith. Given that many important events have been foretold in their dreams, he is worried—because Jadyn has turned against him and has threatened his life so that he must defend himself in the only way he can—by showing his vampire side and covering the mark on Jadyn’s throat with his fangs! Each time he awakes, just as Jadyn screams, “No, Remiel!”

Although Christopher and Jadyn have routinely shared important dreams with each other at the appropriate time, Christopher felt he could not this time, for he had already begun to see actual changes in Jadyn that bothered him. For one, in the frenzy of battles, she had “accidentally” killed a number of good vampires. Many had become leery of being involved in a battle if she was there. At home, she had become impatient with the children; so much so that Christopher was concerned she might hurt one or more of them!

As he thought about it, things had started to be different when she first discovered that she was a Great Master and she was spending more and more time in the Upper Realms. While he is taking on more and more responsibilities and all are now looking to him as their leader.
He has faith in Jadyn and believes she will rid of herself of what is bothering her and get back to her family. That is, until he starts hearing the rumors. Rumors that Hephate is routinely seen with another of the Great Masters! Since their own intimacy has dramatically decreased, fear and jealousy brings about a confrontation.

Jadyn is almost relieved to tell him that she is tired of the never-ending battles that do nothing to help the Middle Realm, suggesting that the mortals should fight their own battles! She wants to move back into the Upper Realms and if Christopher won’t go with him, then she will take Rayna and live there! Christopher is so concerned that he decides that he must hide Rayna to protect her from her mother!

You can’t afford to miss Guardians of Immortal Faith by Ruby Moon-Houldson. One good thing that I can report is that Randu has become interested in a woman! Of course it is the same woman that had come to Christopher’s bed to tempt him into becoming unfaithful to his wife...
How long can Christopher keep his Immortal Faith? Trackle Ruby Moon-Houldson, put it on your calendar, or whatever you do to make sure you don’t miss Guardians of Immortal Faith. Not my favorite—but you gotta read it! For when the battle of the swords begins in the Valley of Fire, Christopher and Jadyn will be fighting on different sides!

Special Afterwords of conversations between Jadyn and The Great One, as well as Jadyn’s thoughts provide readers an intimate view of the struggles and turmoil she faced during this time in her life. Once again, the author has given us ample reason to follow The Guardian Series!


The Guardian series is a sensuous escape into the fantasy world of the ages. I am thoroughly hooked! When I read the More Than Angels books, I declared Moon-Houldson a must-read author. However, the Guardian series, in an entirely different genre, forces, yes, forces me to consider this author a Creative Genius! Book reviews cannot begin to describe the fascinating complexity, compelling storyline and sensuality of these stories. While based upon well-researched somehow familiar magical stories, each idea from Moon-Houldson is unique but totally interwoven into an intricate tale that becomes a reality into which readers invariably fall! Building suspense through character development and constantly more exciting and seemingly impossible challenges is almost magically done through brilliant writing! The Guardian series demands to be consumed!

G. A. Bixler

Hey Everybody! I've created a community on Amazon as as "fan club" for the Guardian Series and other books by Ruby Moon-Houldson. Yep, I can be a groupie for authors I really enjoy! Come join me by clicking the title of this exclusive review... You probably need to be a member of the Amazon community but if you are a book lover, I'm sure you're already there! Click on communities and search for Ruby Moon-Houldson under fantasy!

Review: Prophecy in Old Testament Revealed in Distant Thunder

Distant Thunder: Book One
“The Lightning Chronicles”
By Jimmy Root Jr.
American Book Publishing
ISBN: 9781589825536
326 Pages

It was Ezekiel who prophesized that Israel would some day be destroyed. Jimmy Root's thriller takes us even further into this story in Book One of The Lightning Chronicles. Distant Thunder is not only instructive in the interpretation of this prophecy; he has created a reality into which each of us can step! Where will you be?

In Plattsville, Missouri, Pastor Ty Dempsey preached from Ezekiel, Isaiah and other passages, and tied the prophetic words into what was happening in today's world. The Chairman of the Board and some others were not pleased; they wanted the quiet feel-good sermons he had been preaching to continue. But how did the congregation feel about it? Most importantly, was the Pastor following God's guidance? For surely he now spoke with new strength and faith in what he shared! Ty believed that God had given the United States over to the narcissistic desires and godless living many wanted and explained why he thought this.

In Northern Israel Moshe Eldan was living within that prophecy. He was a pilot for the Ramat David Air Base and was one of those who nightly patrolled Israeli airspace. He had become even more vigilant since Israel was now completely alone. The United States had become noncommital and a fence walker to keep the black gold flowing. And then one night he was shot down, landing in enemy territory. As he worked his way back, he discovered... Ah, I think you'll have to read the book to find that out! What I will tell you is that for the first time, at the request of his wife, he had recently attended a lecture which explained the meaning of the prophecy from Ezekiel.

Planning had started in 1991 when the KGB directorate head, seeing what was ahead for Russia, stole the entire arsenal of portable, tactical, nuclear weapons that had been stored. Now those who supported his actions were joining with other countries to use those weapons against Israel and America!

And in Kansas City, Missouri, Hamid Jamal placed duct tape around him, converting his body into a humanity-killing bomb, as he prepared to attend a concert at a large arena.

The fulfillment of prophecy was happening throughout the world.

Jimmy Root writes in his dedication, "to the Christian Church of America, my hope is that an awakening to the realities of the world will occur." Root has written an excellent thriller to help accomplish that hope. The novel flows easily into and out of reviews of prophecy into today as experienced by believable characters that are living as prophecy is fulfilled.

Well-written, action-packed flight/war scenes, a delightful love story, and so much more. This is a must-read in my opinion!

G. A. Bixler

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review: Must The Bad Guys Win...Sometime?

The Mpire:
In Search of the Lost
By T. L. James
Book4U Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9780976216407
332 Pages

“. . .the bad guys must win some of the fights so the battle can go on. No one wants the battle to end, especially the good guys. After the battle, there is nothing else.” (p. 298)

I don’t think you will ever read another fascinating book like The Mpire by T. L. James . . . that is, unless she continues with a series! I, for one, would love to see that happen!

This extremely sexy, fantasy drama surrounds the family of Haulm; however, the main character is Mallory Towneson. Mallory is the youngest son of the Haulm family, but he was sent away from his family for fourteen years. During that time, he received an extensive education and started his own business, using the name of Towneson, his mother’s maiden name.

Now Mallory had come back home, somewhat under duress. Even when he moves and establishes a branch of his business, he did not contact his family until his uncle forced it upon him.

Mallory’s mother died as a result of his birth. During Mallory’s childhood, his father physically, mentally and emotionally abused him so badly that, to escape, Mallory forgot much of what he knew during those years, except one thing—he was still very afraid of his father!

With wealth to buy anything he wants, Mallory lives a life of luxury and changes cars as often as his socks. He’s a lover of all women—and women love him in return. Interestingly most of his interactions are one way, as he moves from event to event, providing pleasure to women in every walk of his life. In fact, most of his business includes “negotiations” that results in “satisfaction” to at least one of the parties!

But Mallory is required to take his place in his family’s multi-billion energy company. When reunited with his brothers, he is both hated and admired by his three older brothers, especially by the eldest, who believes he will one day become head of the company. Mallory is startled to also reconnect with his half-brother, Matthew, who has also joined the firm, though not as a major officer. Mallory and Matthew had met in college, not knowing that they were half-brothers, and had become intimately involved. Matthew had been Mallory’s one and only male lover and had been deeply hurt when Matthew had left him. Now Matthew was there, trying to rekindle the relationship.

None of his family believed that he couldn’t remember anything about his past until Marek, one of his brothers does finally realize that he had no idea, and explained to him, that it was now Mallory’s time to convert--to take his role as the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse, Death...

But both Mallory and Matthew had something to say about that! And so did Matthew’s Father!

“His greatest love is his enemy.” (p. 332)

Please readers, this is definitely “R” rated; however, because of the storyline and in light of today’s world, when everything is being sexualized, this is a timely novel, highly recommended!

G. A. Bixler