Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Put a Tune in your Head and Sing this Song!

Next to reading...or maybe even as much as reading...I love to sing!  Here's the words that were recently given to us by Bill Shultz, a friend at our Church...which we'll be singing sometime soon...Just thought all of you might also want to sing it!  This is sung to the tune of the song entitled "Eiedelweiss" from The Sound of Music...
May the Lord, Mighty Lord
Bless and Keep you Forever
Grant you peace, perfect peace
Courage forever endeavor
Lift your Eyes And see His Face
And His grace forever
May the Lord, Mighty Lord,
Bless and Keep you Forever.

Well the words for both the original as well as this song are both so beautiful.  I hope you remember The Sound of Music so well that the tune automatically comes to memory!  Have a good day of singing...either set of words!

I'm in the midst of reviewing a beautiful CD capturing poetry, pictures and notes from the author, Adolfo Caso...I have so far been through the CD four times...much more than I need in order to do the review...but it is compelling...and it must be savored over and over!  But the review will come shortly...Look for it soon!

I've also just started on a new novel, Wildflowers, by Robert Noonan...more later on my reading...

Also received three books and two cd's on real estate issues by Matthew S. Chan...I should know a lot about real estate by the time I've read all of them!

Finished all three Truth novels by Mariah Stewart, Sandra Brown's latest, Chill Factor, and The Edge of Eternity by Amanda Stevens...more on those in between my work load!

God Bless!  And I Hope Your Christmas brought Jesus just a little closer to you this year!

P. S. I also got my "signed" copy as a pre-reviewer of Medical Misfit by Jalene Corbin.  Don't forget you can get your copy at http://www.rainbows-end-publish.com/, Amazon, or Booklocker.Com!  Medical Misfit: Doctor, Why Can't You Diagnose Me?

Friday, December 23, 2005

Many to Recommend!

Whew! Even if you are not interested in the paranormal, Kay Hooper’s Chill of Fear is an excellent suspense novel. You may have read some of her other books which include an FBI Special Crimes Unit whose member all have paranormal skills—I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them! They bring a touch of gothic mystery into today’s world and provide a twist that is entertaining as well as—spooky!

In Chill of Fear, we meet a young girl that is a psychic, but that has been medicated and led to believe for most of her life that she is mentally ill. When she meets a member of the Special Crimes Unit who tells her about psychic phenomena, she begins to accept her skills and, in the process, is led by a sister to eliminate an age-old evil that has haunted The Lodge. Of course, she didn’t know about her sister, and, of course, her little sister is dead, but has been caught there in "a gray area" at The Lodge, with many other victims of this evil.

Sounds like a ghost story? Well, yes, and the intrigue and tension is so high that you read on and on…this is a page-turner you won’t want to miss!


I also had an opportunity to read another book by  Kay Hooper—Enemy Mine that was first published in 1990 and reprinted this year. This was an adventure story evolving into a love story between two rivals who loved and searched for antiquities…for fun and fortune!

The story starts out during an exciting unplanned mountain climb, where the main characters slowly seek and find finger and toe wedges, between the gun shots that are flying around them. In this case, Kane Pendleton is working to save Tyler, who had lost her gun and backpack to the enemy below. They all know that everybody there are hunting for the same treasure but with her supplies gone, Tyler grudgingly teams up with Kane to move on in the search for a golden chalice…and then, later, its twin!

This was a fun story, moving rapidly, and thoroughly enjoyable. The tension between the rivals keeps both aware that they cannot really trust the other, but while they search, they become more and more dependent upon having the other near. If you like a little love midst your adventures, you’ll love this one!


Well, Your Poet Is… by Thomas Kemp, is off my editorial table and back to the author for submission to the Publisher. We should see his collected works sometime next year! I’ll keep you all posted!

Here’s another sample to tease your interest…

Face in the Mirror

Touching is what minds do best
thoughts become fingers
reaching back or forward for helping hands
Words run both ways too
but always to the center of a heart
to comfort the lonely space that wished for love
Touching is what minds do best
even echoing in the space between us
as dancing over distance brings us closer
To embrace the place
we stand on Sunday morning
looking at the face behind us in the mirror


One of my favorite authors gave me an excellent read this past week! Robert B. Parker, with School Days provides an insightful look behind the scenes of a high school shooting when Spenser is asked to investigate the involvement of a young boy by the only one who believes he is innocent, his grandmother.

Unfortunately, the boy is not totally innocent, but to find this out, Spenser is forced to make his way through people who didn’t want an investigation, including the parents and the school officials.

Spenser had to call on outside help, invoking Hawk’s name to gain an audience into several gangs, who were the source of the guns that were used. I must admit the reason behind the boy’s involvement caught me by surprise…I don’t know why, because there have been similar cases in real life. Sometimes I wish fiction didn’t follow real life, rather that it was a wild brainstorm out of an author’s head. Still, Spenser succeeds in holding tight on his character and winds up bringing more than the young boys to deserved justice. Hey, you just got to love Spenser! He’s soooooo cool!


So, the question is—do you like "all" the books that your favorite authors write? Well, I was disappointed with Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz. Of course, it was as well written as all of his other books, and there was the underlying story that Koontz is becoming known for that always brings a valuable lesson. Still, I was not impressed. The story line, in essence, is that Jimmy Tock’s grandfather predicted five dark days in his grandson’s life…his grandson being born the same day that his grandfather’s gave these predictions and then died. While Jimmy goes about his living as a baker, he prepares for the next "day" he must face, all of which do indeed have some danger. Of course, there were other things that kept things going and I sure agree with the concept that we should make more of our life with our families and friends. Hey, other reviewers called it brilliant…so if you like Dean Koontz’s style…go for it…and let me know what you think of it!


Which leads me to another favorite, whose latest is one of her best! Patricia Cornwell’s, Predator.  Kay Scarpetta is working on a series of murders, while the love of her life, Benton Wesley, is conducting secret studies on convicted psychopaths, one of whom amazingly starts telling details about former murders that seem to have connections to those happening and being investigated by Scarpetta. During all this, we see Marino as we’ve never seen him and there is something seriously wrong with Lucy that prevents her from attending to duty, as well as placing herself into dangerous situations. And the victims, well, they are found with red handmarks on their bodies; and Lucy has met a woman with the tell-tale marks who is not yet dead. Is she involved in the murders? Did the man now undergoing study really do the terrible things he is now claiming as his work? This is a good book…the ending lagged as all the ends were tied up but if you are an ongoing fan of Kay Scarpetta and her co-workers…you have got to find out what is happening in Cornwell's latest!                                                                              


Karen Slaughter is fast making a name for herself and Indelible is one of her best! This book moves directly into actionas the police station in Grant County, where her novels are set, is taken over. In addition to killing or wounding several police officers, a tour of small children was taking place at the time, and they, too, are held hostage.

In order to find a way to negotiate with the two that are controlling the jail, a search into the past lives of those involved takes the reader back to 1991, into the lives of the sheriff and his then girlfriend, Sara. Sara, who is a doctor, is one of the hostages and is trying to convince everybody that the sheriff has already been killed, when he is actually one of the wounded and she’s trying to get help for him.

Slaughter has been dubbed the "new face of crime" and she certainly continues to earn it as she takes her readers directly into the midst of unforgettable and tense scenes, and keeps you turning pages until you find out how it all ends! This is a great read but be prepared for deep suspense and terror beyond the norm!


Well, things are not slowing down for the holidays. I already have additional training books on real estate activities, I'm expecting a historical fiction Wildflowers, a book of poetry/pictures, and an anthology of horror! Wow, that is quite a diverse selection so I will have a lot of interesting reviews coming up.  And, of course, I've got stacks of books waiting during my "own time!" Hey, this is the place—Book Reader’s Heaven! I'll be back to share more soon!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Been Busy!

Have you ever had a chance to "visualize" a book?  Well I am thoroughly enjoying a "sound track" created by Doug Boren to back up his book, Beyond the Horizon which I reviewed some time ago.  (http://www.dougboren.homestead.com/Beyond.html)  No, it's not for sale because it's not original music; however, it definitely brings back scenes in the book and makes me want to read it again!  If you like historical fiction, especially about the early days in America, you don't want to miss Doug's well-researched and exciting book!

Well, it’s been a busy time so am trying to catch up! First, have you ever wanted to read some of the classics? You’ve never seemed to have the time, but the desire is still there? Well, the publishing company that provides the daily sermonettes and Bible verses that I’ve mentioned, including poetry such as the following, by Dick Innes, is now providing an excellent way for you to read on a daily basis!


Words spoken may soon pass away
and forgotten me,
but when spoken in love and kindness
are like beautiful flowers,
and even though they fade and die
from conscious memory,
their fragrance lives on
embedded in the deeper mind-

--Dick Innes,

Here’s all you have to do! Go to http://www.arcamax.com/cgi-bin/news/channel/1049 and sign up for whatever books you want. They will come in serial form to you every day. Note that most of these books are older classics and I would imagine the copyright is no longer an issue…so you can acquire an entire library, and read as little or as much as you want each day!

Speaking of poetry! Following is the latest received by Thomas Kemp. His book, entitled Your Poet Is will be submitted to the publisher this month! I’ll keep you all informed as to when it is available!

Winter will be here again and again.
It comes during the dark of night or
Slips through the crack of sunshine on a preset day.
Year after year.
It is the deep cold,
below and around zero that seems to wound me the most.
When I walk outside and downtown and see the gray everywhere.
The gray day gets mixed somehow with green and red.
Christmas coming at me like a freight train.
Christmas and loving others both so unlike me,
I want to be loved this year excessively.

And speaking of being available! Check out the Rainbow’s End Publishing Company web site, which is helping to publicize Medical Misfit, a true story by Jalene Corbin. (http://www.rainbows-end-publish.com) I had the opportunity to meet Jalene when I reviewed her book and was so pleased when she asked if she could quote me (http://www.bookreviewers.org/medical_misfit.htm)  on her back cover! If you have or are experiencing medical problems and are uncertain you are receiving proper care, you need to read this book! Like I said in my review, Ms. Corbin is one gutsy lady!

While you are out there on the BookReviewers’ site, check out my review for Decoding Potential by Robert J. Flower (http://www.bookreviewers.org/decoding_potential.htm) and TurnKey Investing with Lease-Options: How to Simply & Safely Create 12% Returns With Investment Property by Matthew S. Chan.  Both of these are excellent books and if you have an interest in either of the topics, I fully recommend them to you!(http://www.bookreviewers.org/turnkey_investing_with_lease_options.htm).

Amidst all the business, I've finished a number of excellent books I want to tell you about next time!


Thursday, December 1, 2005

New Review Starting

Well, it's back to work again with my receipt of Turnkey Investing by Matthew S. Chan.  The cover says that it will tell me "How to Simply & Safely Create 12% Returns with Investment Property!"  I see my week will be full and I'll need my highlighter!  If you want to find out what's going on right now, check out his web site, www.turnkeyinvesting.com.

I picked up a Lisa Jackson recently, thinking it would be another mystery/suspense from an author I like.  The title is Temptress and it had a "Great Read Guarantee" so I knew I couldn't go wrong.  But I was surprised because the book was set in the year 1237 in Wales--talk about medieval romance!  Who knew Jackson also wrote in this genre?!

Well the book was quite different from what I expected; it is a romance but also a great suspense book.  Morwenna is the main character, trying even back then to make herself a non-traditional woman, and has assumed the head of a castle. Castle Calon, owned by her family, is now under her leadership.  At that time, a castle was like a village, with people looking to the castle owner for provision of medical assistance, law enforcement and even food.  Into this castle is brought a man, nearly beaten to death, who has lost his memory, but who is believed to be Carrick, a former lover of Morwenna and who deserted her for another woman.  Over everybody's warnings, she puts him into her brother's bedroom, with just a guard at the door, rather than in the dungeon, for Carrick is wanted by the law for burning his home, killing his entire family.

Property ownership is the primary way to make money and gain power, so there are many vying for Morwenna's attention as Lady of the Castle--as well as being a beautiful young maiden.  One such admirer lurks within the castle walls, spying on her, plotting how he will one day have her and her castle.  In the meantime, Morwenna and the stranger become intimately involved...

I thoroughly enjoyed this, not only because of the storyline, but because it was a glimpse into life in ancient times.  Sure glad it was just through reading a book...  If you enjoy gothic-like romances, I suggest you try this one!

Hey!  Have you ever look for books in dollar stores or other discount stores?  These books are probably a few years old...but if you haven't read them...it's a wonderful buy!  And don't forget, when you finish reading your books and don't want to keep them, donate them to your local library!

One book that I purchased from a discount store was The Caves of Perigord, by Martin Walker.  Paying a dollar for something that I might not especially like can still be a good donation to the library if you've kept them in good shape.  Well this book was a wonderful surprise!    This book has three concurrent time periods--the present, 1943, and 15,000 B.C.!

This story involves a piece of cave art, of course, dating to 15,000 B.C., which is brought to the attention of experts, with the intention of its being sold.  However, the piece causes such an eruption of interest, that it is both stolen, and then results in a search of where it might have come from. This leads to the storyline during the war and how and where a soldier, the present owner's father, might have obtained it.

There is a beautiful love story tale about the creator of the stone and why it was so different, in size, from those found in other caves of that period.  There is also a love story during the war, where a soldier falls in love with a local girl and how he finds the cave where he found the art...and then, of course, there is a love story between the present owner and the expert as they try to find the stolen property as well as how and where his father found it in Perigord.

All of the time periods were realistically written and the movement from period to period is not at all disruptive.  Truly a literary gem found for $1...Wow!