Thursday, December 1, 2005

New Review Starting

Well, it's back to work again with my receipt of Turnkey Investing by Matthew S. Chan.  The cover says that it will tell me "How to Simply & Safely Create 12% Returns with Investment Property!"  I see my week will be full and I'll need my highlighter!  If you want to find out what's going on right now, check out his web site,

I picked up a Lisa Jackson recently, thinking it would be another mystery/suspense from an author I like.  The title is Temptress and it had a "Great Read Guarantee" so I knew I couldn't go wrong.  But I was surprised because the book was set in the year 1237 in Wales--talk about medieval romance!  Who knew Jackson also wrote in this genre?!

Well the book was quite different from what I expected; it is a romance but also a great suspense book.  Morwenna is the main character, trying even back then to make herself a non-traditional woman, and has assumed the head of a castle. Castle Calon, owned by her family, is now under her leadership.  At that time, a castle was like a village, with people looking to the castle owner for provision of medical assistance, law enforcement and even food.  Into this castle is brought a man, nearly beaten to death, who has lost his memory, but who is believed to be Carrick, a former lover of Morwenna and who deserted her for another woman.  Over everybody's warnings, she puts him into her brother's bedroom, with just a guard at the door, rather than in the dungeon, for Carrick is wanted by the law for burning his home, killing his entire family.

Property ownership is the primary way to make money and gain power, so there are many vying for Morwenna's attention as Lady of the Castle--as well as being a beautiful young maiden.  One such admirer lurks within the castle walls, spying on her, plotting how he will one day have her and her castle.  In the meantime, Morwenna and the stranger become intimately involved...

I thoroughly enjoyed this, not only because of the storyline, but because it was a glimpse into life in ancient times.  Sure glad it was just through reading a book...  If you enjoy gothic-like romances, I suggest you try this one!

Hey!  Have you ever look for books in dollar stores or other discount stores?  These books are probably a few years old...but if you haven't read's a wonderful buy!  And don't forget, when you finish reading your books and don't want to keep them, donate them to your local library!

One book that I purchased from a discount store was The Caves of Perigord, by Martin Walker.  Paying a dollar for something that I might not especially like can still be a good donation to the library if you've kept them in good shape.  Well this book was a wonderful surprise!    This book has three concurrent time periods--the present, 1943, and 15,000 B.C.!

This story involves a piece of cave art, of course, dating to 15,000 B.C., which is brought to the attention of experts, with the intention of its being sold.  However, the piece causes such an eruption of interest, that it is both stolen, and then results in a search of where it might have come from. This leads to the storyline during the war and how and where a soldier, the present owner's father, might have obtained it.

There is a beautiful love story tale about the creator of the stone and why it was so different, in size, from those found in other caves of that period.  There is also a love story during the war, where a soldier falls in love with a local girl and how he finds the cave where he found the art...and then, of course, there is a love story between the present owner and the expert as they try to find the stolen property as well as how and where his father found it in Perigord.

All of the time periods were realistically written and the movement from period to period is not at all disruptive.  Truly a literary gem found for $1...Wow!

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