Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Busy Time with Fun Books!

From far distant places men never travel anymore

Hidden amidst the clouds and snowy acres

Out past the green the beauty of the wind,

still longing, still kissing mountain tops.

So, it is safe to say we know not where the wind comes from...

down it comes from the tabernacle of the sky...

to touch us where we live.

On evenings where the thunder grows,

on nights where the lightning chases,

from the west my friend the wind comes for her visit.

Why is it, the morning is so calm after she passed me by?

Why can't there be too much of the stirring in my soul?

thomas (U)

This poem reminds me  of when I was on a cruise ship a number of years ago...I think I was the only passenger that went out...the wind was so strong that I had to hold on to the railings and pull myself to make it around to the end of the ship...then I stood there, absorbing it, holding on for safety even though I knew "the wind" wouldn't be able to "blow me away..." LOL

Why was I the only one who wanted to brave the wind and fight against it? I don't know.  Yet, I knew I loved being there...staring out over the water, the skies looking as if rain would come at any minute, the waves high and raging. Yet I was peaceful inside. How is that possible, my friend?

This latest poem from Thomas Kemp, my favorite Poet, is a favorite for me because it has brought back pleasant memories!  If you like it too, you might want to check out my review on his book and then head on to Amazon to order!


This has been a busy time for me as I’ve had the pleasure of reading a number of new books by new authors! Take a look at highlighted book Vietnam:  No Regrets by J. Richard Watkins.  If you like non-fiction and/or biographical books, you might want to consider this one.  As some of you know, I've found an interest in learning more and more about the men who served in Vietnam.  Watkins provides a book that reads like a diary and is the most comprehensive book that I've read from an individual serviceman.  Again, I thank you for sharing your story Richard!

To counterbalance the strong emotions elicited by Watkins, Thomas Edward made me laugh in Fighting Girls!  This book took me back to younger years when my brother would get to choose the TV show to watch and it was wrestling.  If you are a fan, hey, this little book will be a great read for you!

Blaine is a story about the future in human genetic engineering! It is an amazing tale for your consideration and one I highly recommend! This one is not yet posted so more on this next time!  I've also been working on We the People and have found myself responding to this "history text" like I have never done in the past!  Keep looking for this important review!

I have also had the opportunity to edit Ruth of Moab by Author O. Wright, who wrote Lavina and Autumn's Turning by Mary Edwards's_choice.htm, author of the delightful Elizabeth's Choice.  I'll keep you posted on these great books!


Thursday, June 1, 2006

Interesting Article

Wow...when will POD publishers learn that they can't just publish anything?

Now I realize that authors have a responsibility to proofread/edit and ensure their book is ready for final printing...but since this problem is so prevalent, I have to believe that the primary fault lies with the company!

Frankly, I'm disappointed that a group associated with Amazon.Com has been cited for this quality of work.  I've always been satisfied with the operations within the bookstore, so it bothers me that BookSurge was an acceptable merge with them...

While I don't agree with large sums of money being awarded in this type of law suit, I do think that authors are going to have to stand up for basic competency!

Avoid BookSurge unless you've done major research on them!

By the way, I also learned today that AOL is contemplating some type of tax on email.  Be on the alert for this as well.  I've heard problems about mail not being able to get through AOL filters in the past but have been satified with my own service...but nobody likes to be played for a fool.  Spam is Spam whether somebody can pay to get around it or not!  My response:  Boo Hoo Hiss!  Say it isn't so AOL!!!

Hey!  Please go out and take a look at my review on VIETNAM:  NO REGRETS!  This was the best non-fiction story I've read on this war and if you have somebody over on to Amazon and buy's well worth the price!