Monday, May 13, 2019

WHAT'S HAPPENING AT BRH - Walking Tour of Cabin yard...Reviews!

One thing about blogging and reviewing for more than 10 years is that my body has gotten older and not quite able to deal with the results of a reader's life.

As this little paw symbolizes, I'm holding on more as I walk and cutting back on sitting for long periods, reading or typing. My joints are presenting problems and I'm trying to do more walking in response. Having to use a cane quite often.

But that doesn't stop me from just means that I'm trying to do more work around the house, standing, to get myself back hopefully to moving without pain...

Here's some of the beautiful growth that is sprouting as I walk:

Use lots of River Rocks for Areas!
So I decided, because my need to review has stacked up, I would cut back on my normal overview and just try to give you a good feeling of my thoughts on each book, hoping you will read other reviews and the book description to learn what the book is about... As you know, I am no longer accepting new requests, but since they keep coming, sometimes I'll check it out! Let's see what I've been reading over past weeks in no order of listing! I'll be doing this type of review until I finish with backlog, unless, of course, I get inspired, to really get into a book, with music, got instance and...can't resist!

Dylan has become one of my favorite nonfiction authors. Here's the first words of this latest book I purchased. "The world system, both political and economic, has, yet again,  descended into a state of confused chaos, like some old, creaky, runaway steam-train about to veer off its highly dysfunctional tracks. The common man, stunned...remains disillusioned with the leadership of all political cowboys, equipped with their six-shooters, honed egos, and unreformed, highly inflated expense accounts. The answer doesn't seem to lie there then!"
What I value most about this author is his willingness to look at daily living, critique it as he has seen or faced it, and shares what he thinks, along with some potential path for his readers...You either choose to consider his brilliant thoughts, and maybe even not be sure what he's talking about some times, so you have to reread... For me, what he says makes sense and I have found I keep his books on my reader so that I can daily, when possible, spend time to receive what he's sharing with us. Any of his books, I would recommend. His topics. sometimes based on a quote from another writer, in this book speak much to me...Highly recommended.

This is the last book in the Moon series--a wonderful series that I've enjoyed from the beginning. Sokoloff does an excellent job in closing out the series, touching on all the characters, and what's been happening. I think the main villain character, Cara, is one I will never forget, perhaps there is even a touch of admiration, as she goes through life, after having all her family killed, and returning the favor to all
who violate the innocent. Indeed even Roarke, the man who was been on her trail remembers:  "It was where he lived now, in his mind, that windy night when he’d stood in the palm grove, calling out for Cara. Had he heard her say, 'Come'? Or was that his own, desperate imagining? The truth was, he had been half a breath away from following her out into the desert, never to return. We are all mad, here..."
Perfect series, perfect ending...but don't start with anything but the first book is my recommendation. This intriguing series must be read from the start and is highly recommended...

Ok, even if it's a children's book, I love reading stories about cats...and this book about a misfit cat is a great tale for your children (and anybody else who loves cats like I do.)
Rattles was a barn cat, but when he got older, he was different that the others...He liked humans--in fact, he preferred humans to staying in the barn...
But there are also some life lessons to learn, of course, and the author and colorful illustrated book is an excellent way to help teach about being different... Enjoy!

When an individual closes herself off from the world via her church and home, it is often difficult to take in, absorb, and react to something extraordinary...Meet Senora Teresa Reina who has served her family and church all of her life. Now her husband has died and she is left with only her brother, already in the priesthood, and her son who is now a novice priest, and her daughter. Blessings that she clings to.

Until the outside world comes. I've often heard that Satan chooses to attack devout families often. Perhaps that was the challenge. Or perhaps, it was just a biological fact of nature. I have often thought about God's love and in His creation of all of us. Did he really make a mistake? Or, was homosexuality a biological evolutional change throughout the years that, indeed, have affected so many. I don't have an answer, but the church has always been outspoken. This time, the most important men left in Teresa's life had allowed homosexuality to reign, if we are to believe that it is a sin... 

What Teresa knew was that she had lost the only two male family members... She and her daughter stood alone to face the choice of suicide that both of the men chose...But Teresa was not to be satisfied to continue her life as it had been... God's judgment or something else... Was it a dream or a true "shudder from Heaven...Make of it what you may, for Kemp has given us a provocative, unique, and memorable each of our paths known in advance by God? Highly recommended!

All I had to do was read the title and I figured this was going to be a fun book! Did I snicker throughout? You bet! To be Continued...