Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween with Regis Auffray...and Short What's Happening...

Thanks soooo Much for Regis Auffray for Sharing Halloween This Year!

Two rhyming acrostics for Halloween 2016...

Halloween 2016 (Two Rhyming Acrostics)

How odd and strange things seem this night,
All shadows born of eerie light.
Leaves scatter about like a flurry of ghosts,
Lurid trolls peer perched on fence posts.
Owls hoot while hags in rags brew,
Witchy potions made of shrew and who knew?
Eerie patterns form in the night sky,
Even the moon seems somewhat shy;
Not a soul dares to question why.

Halloween comes but once a year,
A time of fun, a time of fear.
Little children run about,
Like banshees they shriek and they shout.
On this night they’re free to be,
Wild and wicked and completely greedy.
Ere this special night is done,
Every child wants to have fun;
Not one fears to shun the sun.

© Regis Auffray (2016) 

Hi, I feel like I've been living a Halloween nightmare--but I've already told you about that in my last article...

So do you dress up for Halloween...Oh yeah, I did when I was younger but I'm so far in the country that nobody even comes for trick-or-treat... That's why we're celebrating Halloween here! LOL

Just finished Love You Dead by Peter James and was going to run it today...but it's so...deadly...I didn't want to ruin the fun part of Halloween! Watch for it...

Thankfully great books keep me from thinking about computer problems...isn't it great to sink into a good book!??

Thanks again to Leta McCurry for sharing her life and her books last week... I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know her more... She's a wonderful writer of women's literature so if you haven't checked out last week's so now!

Thanks so much for stopping by from Denmark, Slovakia, and so many of you that keep coming back for the 54,240 hits on both my blogs this month...I'm happy to continue sharing great books, and more, with all of you!

Got to admit that I was amazed at the top hits for October! Take a look at the leader--Anna Klay--with 1,318--and then check the date of the article. March 5, 2014...Ok, either the author did a blitz sharing activity or some reader found it and started talking about and sharing it. Writers that should tell you review can keep your book in the news if you keep sharing it! Great news Anna Klay!

Oct 16, 2016, 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Major Happenings at Book Readers Heaven! EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

I am asking that each reader who reads this article shares it so I can alert as many people as possible...

I am having major computer problems, including, I believe, being hacked at Amazon...E.G., one of my rankings was changed after I had submitted my review...

Also, on Amazon, I am not able to write directly on Amazon's review page! I have been cutting and pasting, but I cannot change errors, cannot add anything, including headlines for my reviews.

I have not successfully been able to communicate directly to Amazon, except by sending emails and hopefully asking for them to refer to whoever can help me...


I cannot accept further requests for reviews until this is solved. I am sure you don't want my information on Amazon to be changed by hackers... although I will continue to post as I finish a book in the same manner I've been using...Please bear with me.

All downloaded ebooks have been lost from my home computer. Hopefully, I had most of them on my readers and/or on a USB; however, I cannot guarantee anything at this point.

I have attempted to correct reviews online where there were mistakes. I am not able to do please forgive me for errors and other problems...Amazon is seeing my reviews posted...but that doesn't stop somebody from changing something that I only know was changed.

Right now I am attempting to sign up anew for all my social network sites; I have no idea if anything has been changed on any of these sites, at least until I can get back on...

I do not know whether this is a personal attack of me and my site, Book Readers Heaven.

Additionally, a major upgrade to Windows 10 was made during this blew my system which caused me to have to start over with a new copy of Windows. Everything that was already established for links, bookmarks, etc., has been lost. Right now, my email is working.......sometimes...

Blogger has been working fine and has even helped me during this time since I was constantly sending in error messages...

Which leads me to the last issue...Hughes Network has slowed down immensely.  I have complained four times and the system is corrected...only to slow down the next day...I have been told that their hardware is no longer able to accommodate the number of customers they've taken on... I have to believe this because the problems with Hughes started 3 months ago...

I can tell you that Windows Defender does not defend... With help from a specialist, who could not even get into my account at Microsoft (which I had not been able to) has added both virus and malware to my computer...

One other thing I should warn you about...Amazon has openly listed a copy of their top reviewers. I am getting inundated with both real and fake emails from companies from all over the world...I will henceforth stop accepting any types of emails for this activity...

I must no longer accept downloads from requesters. At some time in the future, I may be able to change this. At this point, I have been unable to load the downloads onto my readers.

You're right...I am NOT happy...