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Aiden and the Lion: Very Big and Scary Adventure by Sylvia Yordanova for Children 5-7

Aiden And The Lion:
A Very Big and Scary Adventure

By Sylvia Yordanova
Illustrated by Radoslav Mannov 

So what does curiosity have to do with Aiden and the Lion? Well Aiden was a little boy who was curious about a lots of things, but mostly about conversations held by adults...they talked about so many different, interesting and exciting things!

Aiden's interests included airplanes, rockets, cars and motorcycles, so he read a lot about them. He was both knowledgeable, but he also used his senses to differentiate and really identify each type of vehicle. He could distinguish makes of different cars and he even could tell what it was by their headlights at night. He was a very curious boy...

Not many boys were like him, but he really enjoyed being around adults, when they visited for dinner sometimes...he thought the conversations were exciting!

But they always came in the evening, and soon after they ate, his parents would tell him it was bedtime...Sometimes he pretended he hadn't heard them...Sitting quietly, I continue to listen to fascinating conversations about astronauts, volcanoes, oceans, and traveling...

Actually, I sympathize with him...who would want to leave when things were so interesting?  But his parents thought the conversations were not for children--how was he going to learn?

Then one night, guests came and they'd been traveling, in Egypt! They were telling about pyramids, palm trees and the Sphinx! He really wanted to hear more!

Can you guess what happened next? Well, he hid behind the drapes in the room rather than go on to bed...But it was so stuffy! And he couldn't really hear their words, so he started making up the story...Soon he had fallen asleep and started dreaming!

And there was a great big lion in his dream...He'd been going through the sandstorm that the men had talked about, but then the lion appeared...

Oh dear, I'm not quite sure what this story taught me, although I loved it! I love to see the curiosity of a child--just like the tiny kitten who seeks out strange places, even if there might be danger and he becomes afraid... But like the story says, it can become a very big and scary adventure! Can curiosity and eavesdropping get you in trouble, or as the saying goes, can the cat get killed hurt in some way because of curiosity?  

Aiden had much to think about because of how the evening ended... What would you do if your parents caught you not following their instructions? Would you be embarrassed? Ashamed?

This book was thought-provoking for me. Specifically, Aiden was an intelligent boy and was interested in issues beyond his age. I would like to think that the parents reading this book would also see that Aiden needed to have more stimulating teaching than what he was getting. Yes, it was important to learn to obey his parents...but parents have a responsibility to challenge and encourage their children's curiosity and creativity...  Curiosity does not kill, it leads to big and beautiful creative adventures that can continue through the years...

The book is certainly eye-catching and the art work is different and inventive for this particular book, given the topic... The story is especially fun since readers will not anticipate what happens toward the end. It's humorous, while embarrassing and certainly got Aiden's attention... Again, I do hope his parents talked to him about all of it the next day just as suggested by the author...

I might have gotten too involved with the story this time, so my personal opinion is coming consider other reviews. I recommend it, though, so do check it out...


Sylvia Yordanova lives in UK, USA and in Europe. She is a mother, grandmother and animal lover, author, self-publisher and creator behind the "I get It!" children's picture book series. She loves children and enjoys writing children's books. 

Through the adventures of her characters, bear, elephant, dog, cat, bunny, monkey, and children, she gets to show them a glimpse into the life of others. Great illustrations and the plot pulls the kiddos into their adventure. Her books are for a little bit older reader to read to a little one or for a beginning reader to read on their own.

Every book has a valuable lesson and invites parents to start a discussion with kids about their own experience.

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