Friday, October 14, 2016

A Few Short Reviews...

I've been having major problems accessing the Internet - Hughes Network Systems - so I'm finding I can't devote as much time to every review...It's requires  double hours to do each review! So I'm taking this way to let you know my thoughts on several items I'd already finished with, but hadn't had time to do the review...

If you're a twin or ever wanted to know what it's like to be one, then I highly recommend you check out Destiny and Faith. I love books that emphasize being yourself and loving that person that each of us are...even if we have a twin! This is well worth consideration for your school-level children who just might meet twins in schools. I remember two young ladies with whom I went to school years ago...and I could never tell them apart! Should we be able to know each twin as an individual? Check it out!

Of course, a kitty cat will be jealous of a new friend in the house! Cats are independent creatures but still hold a great attachment to their owner...You may see it happen if you add a new pet to your household. Kitty cat was so happy that she even ran away...but would that new place be really a new home? Find out what happens in this delightful tale, but also clever way to spotlight jealousy in 
both pets...and children!

Sometimes curiosity can get a kitten in trouble... Tommy is one of those who love to find out what's going on... And this time he left his home and traveled all around, inspecting everything. Of course, they missed him at home and had started hunting for him.
Timmy was fortunate that he met a kind man...In fact he was the ice cream man who comes around in a truck to sell cold treats! Well, this was his regular neighborhood and he'd never seen Timmy before so he was kind enough to take him home, realizing that he could better search for his home tomorrow.
Timmy was sad and lonely, even if the man was kind and had even introduced him to delicious ice cream!
Will Timmy find his way home to the ones he loves and misses so much? This is a delightful tell for both younger and older children...Because everybody loves a good cat story, right?!

I admit it, I tend to be super critical of a product I might buy online. Specifically, after I've made the purchase (or received it for review), I no longer depend upon the online information. I feel a new user (one to whom I might give this as a gift) should have some type of basic, simple instructions within the product received. Since this did not happen, I was delayed trying out the product since the product required a size of battery that I would not normally use...So I had to go out and buy a package just for this product for which I will surely not use the rest in the required multiple package.
Second, I read another review where I discovered how to "reset" the product time...Again there were no instructions to explain that you had to push multiple buttons.
Once I had the correct battery and now know how to reset, I believe the product could be considered. I doubt I will use it... the clock has to be set manually, so if you wanted to put a roast in the oven, you would tend to use the clock within your stove. It is something I would recommend if you have a specific need that is not met by all the other clocks in your home.

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