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Novel Delves Into Important Family Issues... I Loved It!

Benutzer:dapete and Benutzer:Ezrimerchant shak...Image via Wikipedia
"The door opened to reveal a nice looking
woman, small, but soft in a motherly sort
of way...She was dressed in a high-end
coat, and he would bet money that her handbag
cost more than his monthly mortgage. She
offered her hand in greeting. He took it,
pleased to find her handshake firm.
Nothing irritated him more than a weak
handshake, something he equated with
wilting lettuce.
"Hello. Are  you David Lloyd?

Missing Daughter,
  Shattered Family:

  David Lloyd Investigations

By Liz Strange

When I first started to read this novel, I got the feeling of a routine "Mike Hammer" PI investigation. But I was wrong--not because David Lloyd did not have the looks and "smart-ass" personality of Mike as he followed the same investigative procedures, which, for David, had been first learned in his police career. No, it was all of the involved characters and what was revealed through that investigation. I'll just say that potential readers might think Law and Order, Special Victims to get a better feel for what Lloyd found himself involved with!

I enjoyed meeting main character David Lloyd. He was already established as a PI when the book opens, but readers will see much about what he had gone through while he was a cop--especially that he was seriously hurt as a result of a "deliberate and vicious" beating that David and many others who knew what had happened, felt had been done by a group of fellow police officers...supposedly because he was gay. But when you later meet the officer in question, you just know that he was a bully when he was young and remained a bully now! Let's face it, somebody who likes to control others will use any reason to force victims to submit to their power...

David was not only left with physical limitations that had prevented his continued police career, he had been permanently changed by what had happened... And that's what made him the perfect PI to handle this investigation, although readers will have to realize that along the way...LOL

Marjory Barrowman became his client, coming to him to seek assistance in trying to find her daughter, Stella, 23, who had been missing for about two months. They had filed a police report, but Stella had been in and out of trouble quite often and had left town before without letting them know. But Marjory felt this time was different--she had never been away this long and, frankly, they had normally been called in the past to get her out of jail or some other type of trouble. Marjory just had to find out if she was alive, or have her brought back home if she wasn't.

Neither her husband nor son really supported her hiring a private investigator. This had been happening so often and they knew she was an addict and sometime prostitute in order to feed her addiction. This time was really no different...

Stella was a dancer, was very good, and had been in a small company where she had made some friends... She had been in rehab before, had been seen by a counselor and had become close to an art therapist.

From a professional standpoint, David realized that this could be a lengthy and profitable case. There were a number of options--tracking down potential individuals she had met on the streets, or from her drug connections, but also through her dance activities and rehab experience.

For David personally, however, he soon became almost obsessive in trying to find this beautiful young girl. Because what he was finding was that nearly all of the people he talked to, including her father and brother, seemed to be lying. Soon, he wasn't even sure about her mother... What he was discovering also brought back his own loss of career because of violence and made him really begin to look hard at his 5-year relationship that was being kept secret...

He was tired of lies and secrets!

And he wasn't going to stop until he resolved his personal life and this case!

But he was getting too close and attempts were made on his life. Then, a street friend of Stella's started sharing, only to be beaten so badly over her entire body that it was amazing she lived--and surely had been left because it was assumed she would not!

The chase is hot and heavy and becomes more and more dangerous as each contact begins to shed more and more light on what happened to Stella. Was she suffering from mental health issues as the doctors stated and which was supported by her family, or was there something that happened to her that caused her personality change. David intended to find out, for he knew what happened to individuals who had been abused--they were changed for life, going in one way or the other! Was Stella still alive?!

The suspense is sustained throughout, now knowing just who and how many were involved! At the same time, the personal lives of each character draws readers to either love or hate them! David's romance is a supporting sub-plot that brings a breath of tenderness amidst much abuse. I believe the more we spotlight the sexual abuse, including harassment, any of us can and have faced, the more people will become aware of how badly this corruption can damage involved individuals. Liz Strange has done an excellent job in delving into the reality of today's world! I loved this one and hope David Lloyd investigations comes back to us soon!

Book Received
From Author


“Of course. Please believe me this is no judgment on you
personally, I wish only to do what I can to help while abiding to
the regulations of my profession. I should start by clarifying that
in addition to the Borderline diagnosis, Stella also had addiction
issues. I understand that Marjory has already spoken to you about
this. She self-medicated for both her physical and emotional pain,
using whatever she could get her hands on. It was a complicated
course of treatment, involving both individual and group therapy.
I felt the best chance for relief of symptoms for Stella was the use
of dialectical behaviour therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy,
combined with medications for her depression and anxiety.”

Whatever that meant. 

About the Author:

Liz was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, where she still resides. She is a massive horror fan, vampire enthusiast and self-confessed sci-fi nerd. Some of her favourite things include spicy food, soccer, rainy days, books, movies, and musical theatre.

Mythology and historical mysteries have long enthralled her, and you will often find them touched upon in her works. When not reading, writing or spending time with her family Liz hopes to travel the world. She has her sights set on Greece, Mexico and Easter Island.

You can find out more about Liz at

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Sometimes Your Past Won't Let You Go...

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"With less than five days left in the expiring millennium,
the patrons of Evangeline's were in the mood to celebrate.
They were at the precipice. The promise of a new age was
littered with the apprehension of the unknown where the
religious zealots were having a field day. Vague predictions
combined with a feeling of ambivalence by those who feared
the future and the change it could bring set the stage for an
undertone of repressed hysteria. On a more legitimate scale,
computer experts worldwide warned of a systematic shutdown
at the stroke of midnight..Still, most of the population didn't
take any of these premonitions too seriously. For them,
this was going to be the party of a lifetime..."

Table 21

T. Rafael Cimino

What were you involved with when the year was 1999 and 2000 was just around the corner? I was one of those individuals who were caught up in preparing computer systems for the predicted "crash" that never happened! Surprise! For the characters in Table 21, there was the normal concern of small businesses, but for Roman Sabarese, in particular, a lot more was being planned before the end of the year...

Sabarese, the owner of Evangeline's, the hottest restaurant in Tribeca, is also, according to a regional computer site for mob bosses, now head of a criminal enterprise, covering three states, that was formerly run by his father. That mob kingpin had been indicted and was now in prison. But, in reality, even before his father had been put in prison, Roman Sabarese had willingly taken over Evangeline's and had little to do with anything his father was involved with. Secrets of his past haunted him, while secrets in the present were forcing him to take actions faster than planned.

Because Zoe Greene, a TV and movie star had come to visit Evangeline's and disappeared. She had sat at Table 21 with Roman, but apparently had not been seen since! Zoe was part of the restaurant family since she had worked there to make her way through college, so her mother contacted Roman right away when she never came home. But did that mean that Roman should order his own staff to search for her? Especially when Bones, who had just gotten out of prison, was one of the men searching? With many suspects later turning up dead?

But everything they had tried had not worked in picking up the trail to find Zoe...

Official eyes were on Roman, not only as the owner of the restaurant where she had been last seen, but because recent scandal newspapers had linked Zoe and Roman, with a picture of the two talking at Table 21 on that day she had disappeared...

Strangely enough in this tale of the mob, it is a member of the police force that Roman finally goes to, officially reporting her disappearance and asking for help. That had caught the whole force off guard, for surely a member of the mob family had never willingly visited their building! Captain Stan Fitzgerald had known Roman for many years. While fighting cancer and heading up his unit took up most of his time, he chose to personally go back out on the streets to respond to Roman's request for help.  Which immediately got the Internal Affairs in to investigate what the mob boss had wanted...

Cimino takes readers into the personal life of the heir apparent of a mob leader... Was he in too deep to ask for police help? Or was he simply a local business owner naturally expecting help when someone has apparently disappeared? Can you ever escape your past? This totally unexpected drama grabs you and holds you until the end! For those who enjoy crime novels, You'll also get a large measure of "heart" softening the incidents of crime. This is unique in sharing both sides--both the police perspective and the life within a criminal organization. I had mixed feelings for the ending, since it was somewhat disappointing, but still it proved to be quite satisfactory given the overall story...Highly recommended!

Book Received Via
Akula Media Group


"Roman Sabarest walked the busy sidewalk towards the precinct house. Every fifth or sixth pedestrian
turned back to look at him as though this was Hollywood and he were an A-lister himself. His profile
had been featured on the front page of The Observer and every other underground newspaper that
specialized in celebrity gossip. His image had also maintained a permanent place within the masthead
of the popular mafia website, If Roman was anything in the city, he was now one of its
most mysterious celebrities..."

About the Author: T. Rafael Cimino is an internationally recognized screenwriter and novelist.
His first book, Mid Ocean, was an instant success and became an overnight bestseller. He lives
in North Carolina with his family.

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Debut Novel by Layton Green Thought-Provoking, Fascinating, And So Much More...
The Summoner:

A Novel of Suspense

By Layton Green

I have to admit upfront that I might not have read this book if I had known more about its content, so I want to point out that there is much explicit violence associated with a "cult" religion that was hard for me to read at times.. Many of the individuals involved may have been Catholics, who had just wanted to explore, "worshipping in a different way. It was an escape, hey? A Diversion.". It was often pointed out that "believing" the possibilities of supernatural events was important to those who got involved with such activities... In fact, the discussions soon became provocative and intriguing as readers are introduced to the beliefs and activities of various characters...

At the same time, it is one of the best written and suspenseful books I've read! It has clearly been well researched and the literary flair of the writing clearly must be recognized. What I did to get through several of the explicit scenes was to stop reading to avoid the images in my mind...but, once started, I just had to continue! Indeed, it is a book of heavy suspense, but it certainly has touches of horror, born out of the reality of the story line as opposed to its being intended.

Zimbabwe had a new leader, one who had begun to be called N'anga, The Summoner... His meetings were in secret, but he was gaining more and more followers, even though he taught a religion that had not previously been there in that country...

And at each meeting, someone disappeared! This had followed animal sacrifices by those who served and then by the babalawo himself. Each of the humans came willingly to the front, but then a circle...of blood...was drawn around that person at the same time he seemed to be snapped out of a trance...

The latest to disappear was a U.S. diplomat. Dominic Grey, a Diplomatic Security special agent was assigned to investigate.. However, although there was much political pressure to find the missing man, Grey was not head of the investigation and thus found roadblocks in doing what he needed to do. This was compounded by the mandate that he must always be escorted by Nya Mashumba, liaison to the local government. After hearing from the woman who had accompanied the diplomat to the ceremony, at least, they both realized that in order to start, they would have to actually attend one of the gatherings where the he had last been seen.

One other individual thankfully was assigned to help--Professor Viktor Radek, religious phenomenologist and expert on cults. This character is one cool dude and plays a major role in sharing important information about the differences of this particular priest as well as in the actual investigation. All they knew at this point, since he always wore robes and a mask was that he was African, since his hands had been visible... Through the character Victor, readers learn much about religious phenomena differentiated by the specific groups or activities encountered, as he explains various aspects as if he were in his classroom.

Aside from the actual story, Green provides much about the political climate as well as the beauty and people living there. The setting is both heart-breaking and thrilling as readers go deep into the bush itself as well as the culture there. Dominic Grey is clearly worthy of being the center of this series, here in its debut, and I loved watching his internal thoughts as he struggled with his attraction to Nya... The back stories for both Dominic and Nya add greatly to the novel, as each deals with the personal issues brought to mind, resulting from this case.

I can't say I loved this book, but I must say that it was more stimulating, both intellectually and emotionally, than I've experienced in a long time. I'm certainly glad I had the opportunity to read it, though some parts are truly hard to read and visualize. Unfortunately, it is reality in our world and the author has done a fantastic presentation of that reality in creating his story. The suspense is long, initiated almost from the beginning, and is skillfully woven to keep readers on constant edge, wondering not only who was doing what...but how. Because certainly, the magic and rituals of the juju priests had been handed down for many, many generations and we all become in awe as we witness them!

I've highlighted a reader I must say that I must also present this novel by Layton Green as a must-read. The explosive ending will surprise--but should it? Certainly one of the most thought-provoking novels you will ever read!

Book Received from


"Professor Radek sat patiently on the rocky outcropping, his massive frame hidden from view by the boulders and Masai trees...He had arrived hours ago to procure his position, and he felt secure...This promised to be an extraordinary event. His intellectual side--his professional side--was excited at the prospect... But he wondered if his other side, the side he knew from long experience lurked dormant or otherwise, inside everyone, was anticipating the event as well: grinning lasciviously, waiting to shake its craven thirst on the coming depravity. The side of him that he feared, after witnessing too many senseless monstrosities, had caused him to grow not just indifferent to the horror, but on some level beholden to its unholy fix...Victor found it captivating. Religion is the ultimate anthropological palette, a fascinating arena where each culture's concept of the divine manifests into intricate social constructs. Perhaps, he thought, we'll never know who has it right, if anyone. And that's the damnable wonder and terror of it all...

More men carried in a sheep, and the N'anga performed the two hundred cuts. Victor watched, enthralled. He'd never seen this ritual performed live. It was quite chilling...
Victor would never forget what he saw next...

About the Author:

In addition to writing, Layton attended law school in New Orleans and was a practicing attorney for the better part of a decade (even though  he still resents having cut his hair for that first interview). He has also been an intern for the United Nations, an ESL teacher in Central America, a bartender in London, a seller of cheap knives on the streets of Brixton, a door-to-door phone book deliverer, and the list goes downhill from there.

He has traveled to more than fifty countries, lived in a number of them, and has a burning desire to see every country, city, beach, moor, castle, cemetery, twisted street and far flung dot on the map. Religion and cults, as well as all things spiritual and supernatural, have also been a lifelong interest. Combine the travel and the religion with fifteen years of Japanese Jujitsu training, and the Dominic Grey series was born.

Layton lives with his wife and son in Miami.

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Very Special Character Adds Humor to Intriguing Follow-the-Money Mystery!

SolitaireImage via Wikipedia
"...I laid out the Pro Musica sheets like a
solitaire game. Martin's paper people. The
French name for solitaire--later purloined
by the Brits--is patience. Which, like I've
said, I'm pretty good at when the game is
just getting started. When people start
dying and a case starts flying off every
which way, I start to get ants..."

Ayjay's Millions:
  An A. J. Carlin Mystery

By Jack Wassermann

This book has a very special character and I think it is important to spotlight that upfront--the main character, A. J. Carlin, is a private investigator, but she's also confined to a wheelchair. This was the first time I've ever learned about the life of an individual who must accommodate to the loss of mobility. By that I mean that A.J. becomes so real to readers that you will feel like your know her by the time you finished the novel. One issue that stood out for me was that Ayjay was forced to "squirm and knead" her thighs and calves to keep them in shape--and when she didn't do this routinely, perhaps distracted on the job, it could be dangerous in some of the situations she found herself in. Because she certainly did meet and face danger--with guts and a "smartass" attitude, which forces you to enjoy her flippant and humorous interactions.  She quickly won this reader's admiration and respect! Nothing was going to get this woman down! 

Eddie Dahlgren had asked her to track down his niece, Tanya Styles. He explained that though she was 32, she had recently inherited quite a bit of money and the family was concerned that she had been led into, perhaps, a romantic situation because of it. The last time they knew where she was, she had been playing with a group, Pro Musica Appassionato, which was composed of nine Floriana friars who she finally found to be located in a nearby town, playing at the Festival of Leaves.. Interestingly, Dahlgren had hit on Ayjay and while she was attracted as well, she became suspicious that he did it at this first meeting... Later, she tried finding further information on him and couldn't locate where he lived or worked--why had he hired a "Manhattan dick"? Her client became part of her investigation!

At the same time, one of her associates and friends, Martin contacted her, asking her to become a co-executor. He explained that he had just learned that his mother had died years earlier and that he had apparently been left millions! He also asked her to marry him... And she had joked with him about it... Now he was dead...

When she had started investigating Martin's inheritance, she immediately discovered that the accounts had never gone inactive, that money had been transferred on a continuous basis, perhaps on specific instructions, but also possibly by forgery...

Wassermann did a wonderful job in creating Adjay's investigation into these two cases, albeit most activities were routine--it was the characters involved that enlivened the quite enjoyable story line. However, the amazing twist at the end of that investigation was totally unexpected and could never be anticipated...yet it all made complete sense; and, in many ways, that twist "made" the book much more than just a routine whodunit P.I. investigation that we all love to pursue... 

No matter that the mystery was a fascinating blend of the present, near past and history, for me, it was Ayjay that drove the novel. Here's one reader that hopes to read more A. J. Carlin mysteries in the future! Cool story and characters requiring a great recommendation!

Book Received Via
Bostick Communications


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YA Novel Delves Into Summer After Graduation...With A Dash of Mystery and Horror...

2011-05-21_10-57-47Image by joannapoe via Flickr
"Hey, the news is on! Maybe they will talk about
the Lighthouse killer...he was a tour guide, showing
people around the lighthouses in the area...This
doesn't say much more about him. The bodies were
found in his bedroom, under the bed! Gross! The
guy had about five bodies in his room. They were
still searching for other missing persons..."
Summer Shack:
  A Killer Vacation

By Kelli Sue Landon

Author of Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood
 Check out my review!

Landon's latest novel, Summer Shack, is lighter on mystery and more into friendship. Kimberly Foster and Deborah Walker had been childhood best friends, but when they moved on into high school, Deborah had moved on to a different crowd--kids from richer families who dressed the part and who were socially involved.


Kimberly's mother had left her family when Kim was young, so that she had grown close to her remaining family and soon had taken over care of the household, including cooking which she had loved. Her plans were to go to culinary school and continue this love, making it her career.

Deb had also had an early love and Kim had always been part of those activities. She enjoyed film making, narrating her many stories while Kim learned how to be behind the camera, taping Deb. Now Deborah was looking seriously at this early hobby for her career choice and had decided to film a documentary of the area where her parents had a summer cottage. With her parents blessing and as a graduation gift, they had given her a credit card and privacy for that summer vacation.

Kim didn't know whether she had been her last choice for a friend to accompany Deb--but she didn't care! She was going on the very first real vacation she had ever had! But she soon realized that during the many years when they hadn't been close, Deborah had changed and had been into things far outside of Kim's experience...especially when she started meeting her friends there from previous summers! 

And as they started touring the little town, they started hearing about the serial killer that had just been arrested, after bodies of his victims had been found in his beach cabin...and that cabin was very close to where the girls were staying! Deb immediately decided that her documentary should cover the life of that killer and that they should start by touring the place where he'd lived...

But when they got there, the first thing that happened was that the door was slammed and they were locked in...and it got worse from there...

While this story wasn't as exciting as Landon's Nightmare, young adults may find that there is much more to ponder as friendships are re-established and issues such as drinking, drugs, and relationships are explored. Adding the suspenseful mystery with a surprising {scary!} ending just adds more enjoyment, as each of the teen characters face past and present mistakes,  while looking forward to their futures! Heavy on teen character development is, in my opinion, what drives this book--what better way to help children learn than through peer experiences? Highly recommended especially for those in high school...

Book Received Via 
About.Me from Author

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Travel Often? (Or Use at Home) - This May Be Something To Consider for Christmas!

Philips PB9011/37 9-Inch 1080p 
   Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player

o far this is one of the nicest portable DVD players I've used.  It is much more than just another DVD player though.  It can also be hooked up to your HDTV (cables not included) and used as a Blu-Ray player since it also comes with a wall plug adapter.  In addition, it can also be used like a digital frame to view pictures in a slide show format or use it as a CD player.  This is very versatile!

First of all, the quick start guide on the box is very complete and took less than 10 minutes from opening the box to installing in the car and playing a movie. There is no actual permanent installation or connection to your vehicle.   I found the quick clip straps to be very easy to use and can be easily unclipped and attached to another headrest.   The length of the cords on the cigarette lighter adapter and AV cables are a nice length which would allow for use with 3 seat SUV's.

The picture quality is quite good for a portable player, although I cannot currently comment on the Blu-Ray quality as I did not have a Blu-Ray disc available to test. This is my first Blu-Ray player. I would rate the audio quality an 8.5 or 9 out of 10.  The volume level is more than adequate for a portable player. I had to immediately locate the volume control to turn it down as soon as the movie started playing.  

If you don't like added distractions while driving, I would strongly recommend the use of headphones or having the unit where small hands could change the volume.   My biggest concern with the base unit is that the screen tilts open to install the DVD but does not open very wide.  It's a bit awkward changing discs, especially if you had large or stiff hands.  Again, I would keep the player out of reach of children since they could apply too much force and possibly break the hinge.

The remote, with batteries included , and the carrying case are very  nice touches,  which you don't always find with other players.   Everything fits perfectly into the case and it's very easy to pack and unpack. The remote does not have a volume control which would have been nice, but, of course, is not needed for control.

Being able to use a USB drive to display pictures or play music is a feature I've not seen before on a portable player.   As I stated before, it can be used like a digital frame and set up to run through like a slideshow. I think this is a very nice added feature.

I might mention a security issue that we noticed right away and wish to pass on... Given the extreme ease of installing the players on headrests, we recommend that you take them off and store them away each time you leave your vehicle...they certainly look nice hanging there and will be a great temptation, so be careful and smart!

Being somewhat challenged re the variety of electronic equipment available these days--and no time to keep up unless absolutely necessary, I would suggest, as with all major purchases, that you do price comparisons considering the features against others available. As to performance, quality, and enjoyment of this product, I can certainly wholeheartedly recommend it!

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Amazon Vine

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"Adam Shedding His Rib" - Sharing Latest Poetry by Adolph Caso...

Photo by Adolfo, December 2011...Note in the lower left a size measurement tool...then check out the small animal on top right!
Is It Real? Come... climb to learn more...

Adam Shedding His Rib
By Adolph Caso
December 2011

Coming up to lines
Of boys and girls
Awaiting their turns
To come to bat,
This girl, with long neck,
Sported a tick
Looking to anchor itself
Into her light and fresh skin.
In an instant,
The octogenarian grandfather--
Complete stranger to her,
Plucked it with his fingers
To the scowling glance
On her semi-angered face.
Seeing the pest
Squeezed between his nails.
She turned her frown into a smile.
On going to bat,
She secretly glanced back
With an expression
Of genuine admiration.

The boy of five,
One with question after question
And full of vitality,
Pressed his grandfather
To explore the forbidden zone
around the boulders
In their backyard woods.

It was a joy to see him
Walk on fallen tree-trunks
As though he were an acrobat
His arms extended
With an imaginary pole in hand
Balancing himself
As he walked from one end to the other,
Smiling widely
To an admiring audience.

To see him
Climb each upcoming boulder,
His arms stretched toward heaven
As though he were conquering Mt. Everest,
He felt the thrill enlarging
With each succeeding boulder
Growing in size and height.

How did they get here?
(Into this Garden of Eden)
And why did this particular boulder
Break into those specific sections
Whose parts
Are sinking deeper into the ground?

His eyes beamed
Awaiting the answers
From his learned,
Octogenarian grandfather:
We’re on top of an old mountain
When our earth formed
As part of a volcanic process
Whose layering lava solidified
To become stone
Which crumbled into boulders
Millions of years ago,
And continue to do so.

That part there,
Being absorbed by this fertile soil,
May be your future Eve
Coming to fulfill your life
As though you were Adam
Shedding one of his ribs
To make her come alive for you,
To complement you…

He exclaimed.
He had not heard about Adam
Having generated the human race--
All by himself--
Though with some help from a serpent.

Knowing he was not understanding--
As often admittedly he did not,
The grandson intuitively knew
He was too young
To be concerned about Eve;
He was more interested
In being assured
There were no real snakes
In the ground
Beneath his feet.

His face aglow quizzically,
He offered his own explanation:
We are standing
On a mountain top
Whose peak collapsed
So that we can live on it
In our beautiful homes,
Which makes us part
Of ancient history,
And we are learning
About the secrets of nature
Revealed in front of our eyes…

Suddenly, the trance was broken
By the call of his mother.
The rapturous spell gone,
The frantic call also put an end
To the unfolding poem.

Within less than a minute,
We were back on our manicured lawn.
A tick in his clothes
(When and how it got there
No one knows)
Placed his mother in distress mode;
In a matter of seconds,
The evolving poem came to its end!

All wisdom reduced,
A tick
Undermined the Garden of Eve:
Is never without pain--
At any level,
And shedding a rib
Has to be as painful
To the body
As it is to the soul!


Thank you Adolfo!
Quite Thought Provoking...

Adolfo Caso, Friend,
Poet, Author, Photographer, Publisher
is a regular contributor to
Book Reader's Heaven...

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