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"Adam Shedding His Rib" - Sharing Latest Poetry by Adolph Caso...

Photo by Adolfo, December 2011...Note in the lower left a size measurement tool...then check out the small animal on top right!
Is It Real? Come... climb to learn more...

Adam Shedding His Rib
By Adolph Caso
December 2011

Coming up to lines
Of boys and girls
Awaiting their turns
To come to bat,
This girl, with long neck,
Sported a tick
Looking to anchor itself
Into her light and fresh skin.
In an instant,
The octogenarian grandfather--
Complete stranger to her,
Plucked it with his fingers
To the scowling glance
On her semi-angered face.
Seeing the pest
Squeezed between his nails.
She turned her frown into a smile.
On going to bat,
She secretly glanced back
With an expression
Of genuine admiration.

The boy of five,
One with question after question
And full of vitality,
Pressed his grandfather
To explore the forbidden zone
around the boulders
In their backyard woods.

It was a joy to see him
Walk on fallen tree-trunks
As though he were an acrobat
His arms extended
With an imaginary pole in hand
Balancing himself
As he walked from one end to the other,
Smiling widely
To an admiring audience.

To see him
Climb each upcoming boulder,
His arms stretched toward heaven
As though he were conquering Mt. Everest,
He felt the thrill enlarging
With each succeeding boulder
Growing in size and height.

How did they get here?
(Into this Garden of Eden)
And why did this particular boulder
Break into those specific sections
Whose parts
Are sinking deeper into the ground?

His eyes beamed
Awaiting the answers
From his learned,
Octogenarian grandfather:
We’re on top of an old mountain
When our earth formed
As part of a volcanic process
Whose layering lava solidified
To become stone
Which crumbled into boulders
Millions of years ago,
And continue to do so.

That part there,
Being absorbed by this fertile soil,
May be your future Eve
Coming to fulfill your life
As though you were Adam
Shedding one of his ribs
To make her come alive for you,
To complement you…

He exclaimed.
He had not heard about Adam
Having generated the human race--
All by himself--
Though with some help from a serpent.

Knowing he was not understanding--
As often admittedly he did not,
The grandson intuitively knew
He was too young
To be concerned about Eve;
He was more interested
In being assured
There were no real snakes
In the ground
Beneath his feet.

His face aglow quizzically,
He offered his own explanation:
We are standing
On a mountain top
Whose peak collapsed
So that we can live on it
In our beautiful homes,
Which makes us part
Of ancient history,
And we are learning
About the secrets of nature
Revealed in front of our eyes…

Suddenly, the trance was broken
By the call of his mother.
The rapturous spell gone,
The frantic call also put an end
To the unfolding poem.

Within less than a minute,
We were back on our manicured lawn.
A tick in his clothes
(When and how it got there
No one knows)
Placed his mother in distress mode;
In a matter of seconds,
The evolving poem came to its end!

All wisdom reduced,
A tick
Undermined the Garden of Eve:
Is never without pain--
At any level,
And shedding a rib
Has to be as painful
To the body
As it is to the soul!


Thank you Adolfo!
Quite Thought Provoking...

Adolfo Caso, Friend,
Poet, Author, Photographer, Publisher
is a regular contributor to
Book Reader's Heaven...

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  1. Loved the ebb and flow of past, present, history, mystery...

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