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Author Aaron Kuykendall Shares Excerpt from Future Novel! Writer's Block: The Possession

Look around. Here we are, in a tastefully glamorous home in the plush outskirts of Michigan within the domain of a novelist’s office, where author Gregory Stillingsworth taps away at his typewriter. Look at him--immersed in some fable, eyes far away, staring past his own rapid-fire fingers and through the paper and into another world.

Gregory’s office is his home away from home, the place where his thoughts unite--the place where personal comfort encourages the drive to push every one of Gregory’s poor, over-stressed brain cells to put in hour after hour of creative work. Because work it is, as we can see from the drops of sweat rolling down his forehead to poise ever so artfully at the tip of his nose, unnoticed or ignored in the heat of creation.

Take this moment and look at Gregory, here in his most private moments where he believes himself to be unobserved. Look at the solitary artist pushing his fingers to strike words onto his canvas, creating a world that right now exists only within the mind of this storyteller. There will be others later; in fact, Gregory is already receiving impatient fan letters through his agent, but for now, this world belongs solely to him, and Gregory is jealously possessive of his creation.

Is it a control issue? Perhaps. But this magical machine upon which Gregory works so diligently allows him to do as he pleases. In this setting, at this task, Gregory is no lesser than God.

But he’s driven by what is in his heart: the love and affection toward his works, the passion for his characters, the admiration of places to which he would journey, the honesty and truth that can be so effectively spoken through fiction. If his love for his work occasionally reveals the jealous heart of a dragon, both loving and fiercely protective, well, we can excuse him that.

Have you noticed that Gregory uses a typewriter? Interesting, isn’t it, in this new world of computers and files and electronic transmission. Let’s take a closer look, as Gregory rushes toward the conclusion of another masterpiece. If you’re quiet, we can look over his shoulder and he won’t even notice.

How quickly the words fly onto that page! Yet when Gregory looks over his work later, every letter will be crisp and stark against the whiteness of the paper. Because paper is important to Gregory. Paper is not something Gregory fucks around with. He needs paper upon which no ink will smear, no matter how many times he shuffles through to admire a phrase here, a sentence there, a character as it evolves through the pages. Quality is of the essence, and Gregory can work on no less.

Before these same pages are allowed to leave Gregory’s hands, he will check every one, praying there are no errors, however minor, before placing his John Hancock upon the delivery form. This paper, so insignificant without the words that currently race across the page, represents Gregory’s livelihood in an astronomical manner. Can we blame him if he is a little obsessed, checking and rechecking to be sure not a single flaw mars the snowy perfection of the stock and the crisp blackness of his words?

But again, why is Gregory, a grossly successful author of seventy-three books who certainly must have the money to spare, still cranking out his words on a typewriter named Buford, which looks as though it’s been through hell and back?

While he’s busy, let’s take a peek into Gregory’s younger years and see if we can solve this mystery, shall we?

Diary entry #465
As I write, my whispery gabble leads the pencil in my hand as the motoring muscles that rope around my carpals, metacarpals and phalanges which draw their strength from the brachioradialis, forearm flexors, and the brachialis, struggle to keep up with my thoughts. This race is forever humorous! I feel a burning sensation as my fingers grip at the pencil with zeal. I drown myself in my thoughts regularly, for my thoughts hum through me like the soothing sounds of the bulbul.

The smell of crushed lead bleeds from the number two pencil as my hand grasps at it, guided by my angelic developing literary mind. Its remnants glide upon the unorthodox--medieval by comparison--recycled paper within my diary, affectionately known as my “morbid book.” Writing seems to come easily for me. I'm what some would call a thinker; a heavy one at that, as labeled by my parents. But let’s not talk of my relations and their forever harsh opinions of me. Thoughts and story ideas seem to bounce through my mind like cotton balls dancing around within a windy tunnel. Fascinating, these thoughts! Fascinating and utterly marvelous!

Writing is destined for me! I'm going to become a great writer! I'm going to shock the world with a story that will capture the true essence of fear and horror! I will bend the fabric of time and force another dimension of reality to rear its ugly head, to the utter amazement and heavily concentrated fascinations of civilized minds! I will fascinate with my approach! I will have a following to rival that of great leaders and fearless generals, in a time when one who lived by the sword fell also by that sharp edge cast by an opposing warrior! My thoughts will prove themselves worthy with every letter, phrase, sentence, and paragraph! My thoughts will prove themselves worthy!

Worthy, I say!

Worthy indeed!

From what fathoms do these thoughts come? That question I cannot answer, yet speculation is not beyond me--I was but three years of age when these thoughts began to dance through my head, and with great clarity I comprehended every facet. Strangely, as far back as my birth, the darkness never frightened me. There were times I could have sworn that throughout the night my room, as well as the outskirts of our home, was consumed by shadowy figures whispering my name. As they looked over me with seeming vengeance, I felt a calming comfort in the darkness around these shadowy things.
Odd! I found it soothing and enriching. I found it compelling, with a pull that opened my mind to a world in the form of a large lock with I the only key.

Writing was destined for me!

Writing is my destiny!


Diary entry #466

Literature of the twentieth century had its share of ups and downs.

Twenty-three publishers rejected Dr. Seuss; Richard Hooker's Mash was rejected by twenty-one; KonTiki by Thor Heyerdahl, twenty; Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, eighteen; and Patrick Dennis's Auntie Mame, seventeen.

I feel that what these storytellers experienced, I never will, for I was born an artist of the written word, not a developing pawn in literature. I was conceived as this Messiah of the literary tapestry! My painstaking study in this field is unerring! I will surpass all in my path, and I will topple my would-be peers.

Writing was destined for me!
Writing is my destiny!


Gregory looks up as his bedroom door swings open.

“Can’t you put that pencil down for a minute, boy? Your mother and I got you something we know you’ll like.”

Gregory tries to protest. “You guys, I’m not a kid anymore. I don’t need anything but your love and affection.”

The masculine voice rumbles again from the doorway. “You smartass, take this before I break my foot off in your tail. You might be fourteen now but you’re still under our roof.”

Gregory sighs. “Okay, okay, enough with the lectures. What is it?”

He accepts the offered package. It’s as if the room suddenly slows down as he rips the gift wrap away. Without warning, Gregory can’t seem to catch his breath.

“Breathe, boy, breathe! Baby, I think he likes it!”

“I think you’re right--Gregory, breathe, knucklehead!”

Gregory manages to stammer a few words. “I just--I can’t--I can’t believe this, you guys! It’s just what I wanted! I love you guys!”

“We love you, too, sweetheart. We’ll let you two be alone to get acquainted. Happy birthday, baby!”

“Yeah, happy birthday, knucklehead.”

“Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad!”

Gregory’s jaw hangs nearly on the ground, tears pooling in his eyes. Without looking away from the amazing thing before him, he rips a sheet of paper from his diary, runs it in, and begins . . .


Diary entry #467

Hot damn, a typewriter! Happy birthday indeed, Mom and Dad! Happy birthday indeed! You’re beautiful! A little tattered and beaten, but a thing of sheer pulchritude! Hypnotizing you are! You’re the key to my self-chosen future! You’re my friend! Now what should I call you? What would be your name? Later for that! First I must care for you with the hands of a feather. Alluring you are! Stimulating! Unquestionable pulchritude! What thought-yanking motivation you are! I now shall use my bleeding number two pencils as a guide for organizing my thoughts, and not as a necessity. I'm now heavily armed to the tee! I'm ready to venture deep into my chosen shtick! I'm armed with an arsenal in comparison to none!

Writing was destined for me!

Writing is my destiny!


“You and I forever, you and I together . . . ”

Gregory jumps, startled, head snapping around for a look around the room behind him. He’s been immersed for some time now and the voice breaks his focus like a whipcrack.

“What?” he blurts out, heart pounding with the scare the voice has given him. There’s no one in the room.

“You and I forever, you and I together . . . ”

“Who’s saying that?” Gregory snaps, heart beating so quickly his Flash Gordon T-shirt vibrates upon his chest.

“You and I forever, you and I together . . . ”

The voice comes from directly in front of him.

Gregory turns back and looks upon his typewriter with fear and curiosity, but utterly without disbelief.

“My God, is that you?”


Diary entry #468

A sudden change of events has just wickedly moved into the surface cortexes of my mind.

Maybe more of my continuously morbid thoughts, I thought at first, but that proved to be a fearfully stimulating revelation.

This gift of mine has spoken to me!

Oh, yes, I will be a great writer! These words I’ve heard from this, my gift! This can be nothing other than the beginning of an unstoppable relationship!

Writing is destined for me!

Writing is my destiny!


Look again at Gregory Stillingsworth as he is now. Still he types away, feverish with inspiration. Let’s not make any brash speculations over his state of mind just now. Let’s observe a little longer.

There’s a light knock at the door, but Gregory seems not to hear. Let’s see who it is.

Passing through the wood fibers separating this room from the next, we find the ever-so-beautiful Jamie Stillingsworth standing this side of the closed office door. Frustration is apparent in her features; she’s been attempting to coerce her husband out of his lair for fifteen minutes now. There is a book signing they must attend, yet Gregory remains immersed in the completion of his new novel.

Usually, Jamie wouldn’t disturb Gregory. She prides herself on her accommodation of his work habits. While most authors' wives long to see their husbands look upon them with the same passion they bestow upon each new manuscript, Jamie has adapted to the detachment and frequent eccentricities of this relationship.

For if she hadn’t been able to do so, she suspects, there would be no relationship.

All writers have certain traditions and superstitions that make up the Chi, or energy force, of their work, as one would have in any career. The curse on the family of Bruce Lee created havoc within his father’s, his, and possibly his sons’ lives. In the Lees’ world, one followed ritualistic traditions passed down through the generations. These traditions stayed one’s existence. Actors, who tend to live psychologically split lives in order to do their jobs, are another example of queer tradition through craft. However mentally disturbing this may be, they are usually able to live their lives without a hitch.

Jamie knows Gregory’s traditions, the decades--driven superstitions he indulges every time he closes his office door. In fact, Jamie knows Gregory’s traditions almost too well, for she breathes his work in the same manner he does, if only in a lesser degree. Jamie is more to Gregory than simply his wife, and she is well aware of it. She is the last piece of a highly complex puzzle, the guiding force that keeps him together.

It certainly hasn’t been easy. Jamie is often lonely and has started to consider bringing up the “kid question.” But something always tells her to wait, and the words remain quiet behind the lips that always smile for her husband.

Exemplary of the dedicated wife, Jamie has, in a way, become a second-hand author herself, understanding of all the peculiar writer’s quirks and boundaries. Thus, as she raises her fist to knock on the door once more, she frowns at the taboo. But this is different. Gregory’s latest book, Rapture In Season, is in its fourth reprint. Gregory must go to this signing.

Jamie knocks on the door as the light tapping of a typewriter sounds throughout the house.

copyrighted Aaron Kinte Kuykendall
Writer's Block: The Possession


Thanks so much to Aaron for allowing us to visit with him this month. This excerpt, from Writer's Block: The Possession is mild...believe me, it is one of the most terrifying books I've enjoyed! LOL I look forward to seeing it in print in the near future!

Aaron, thanks again, for joining me here at Book Reader's Heaven! Click on the title of this article to find and bookmark Aaron's wonderful web site! His first book in the Conspirator's Series has already sold over 150,000... If you haven't read it yet, check it out!

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Review: Jerry Bayne Provides Another Great Novel - This Time Horror!

The Gatherer

By Jerry Bayne
ISBN: 9781419687365
330 Pages

If you love horror, then you need to read The Gatherer by Jerry Bayne! I loved this book! And I'm not even a true fan of horror...

Jerry Bayne is just a great first read of his work was Kill Me Twice and I was immediately ready to see that book turned into a fantastic action movie...

Readers, you really have to experience Jerry Bayne...his work is not only well-written, but a fantastic read, no matter what genre!

Let me tell you about The Gatherer. It reminded me of Relic, Reliquary and other great novels by the Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child team! The Gatherer's name is Zakaris. He was released by a descendent of a family who for many centuries were servants of Satan. Now as an archaeological site has unearthed the location of the rites that were used in ancient times, The Gatherer has come back to claim what cannot be claimed.

The souls of those working for God...

Detective Mike Sams is finding his handiwork as one after another mutilated body is found. Everybody is stumped but Sams is willing to look outside the box and starts a discussion with a priest who has studied the occult for many years.

At the same time, Dr. Cary Blake, who is an expert in ancient languages has been asked to work with the Catholic Church to transcribe an ancient scroll found at the site.

While each group conducts an extremely confidential investigation due to the strange circumstances, the two groups finally find each other as their work converges!

But the experiences along the way shares the horrific work, and the potential future, if Zakaris is not sent where he reigns as second in command.

Spiritually Spooky! Especially the way The Gatherer does his job of gathering the souls - YOU could be next!

Really don't want to go any further into the storyline. I must admit I enjoyed the forensics and linguistics research required in this kind of tale--and Bayne has done an outstanding job of presenting the professional and technical expertise involved as well as the gruesome details!

And just to make it a little more interesting, there's a great little side romance that develops between Blake and Sams which helps to break the tension just a little... You got it--I call The Gatherer by Jerry Bayne a must-read and am going back to see what else he's got available! Yes!

G. A. Bixler

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Review: Sensitivity 101 - A Coming Of Age Story And More!

Sensitivity 101 for the

Heterosexual Male

By Philip Nork
ISBN: 9781438967448
228 Pages

This is one of those books where, in my opinion, the title does not adequately portray the content. Primary reason: Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male by Philip Nork is not just for males, or even for just heterosexual individuals. This book can be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in understanding his or her sexual partner.

The book is really a coming of age story about a boy. It is the personal story of Philip Nork, as he saw his life. A sensitive young man who found pleasure in understanding the feelings of others and working to fully respond to their needs and wishes.

And wound up, for a time, becoming a gigolo...

When a young boy has strong women in their young lives, especially if the father has deserted the family, it is quite easy to see his mother as a “hero,” a woman to be admired. But it is also possible, by “becoming the man” of the family at the age of eight, there are thoughts that arise, perhaps never discussed. Certainly a young boy may come to think that it is his fault that a divorce occurs.

Philip’s grandmother also made sure religion was part of their lives and Sundays were spent learning about what God “wanted us to do, how he wanted us to behave, and what was right or wrong.” Of course, as a young boy, Philip was quick to realize that as a priest, he would never marry, never have sex, and never have kids. Sadly, later, that same priest was removed from the church for various offenses. Philip saw this as another man failing his role in his life.

Philip fortunately connected with his great-grandmother, calling her Nana and she was perhaps the first person he was really able to talk to. She discussed religion with him and told him that treating people with respect was best. She was the first person who explained that he should try to be sincere and made people feel special, especially the girls.

And when he met his first girl friend, Jenna, he began to confirm the points that would define Philip as a man, so much so that he started to create a list! In addition to the first one learned from Nana, he was able to add that he now knew that girls remember and cherish small things.

As is often the case, as Philip was meeting females in his life, an older girl first seduced him. Interestingly, throughout his childhood and teen life, it was his sensitivity and caring nature that drew girls to him and when sex became involved, it was those lessons that he learned along the way that created the man he became. Indeed, he was only in his late teens when he was suggested to and accepted by a female pimp to serve women who were much older, one of whom turned out to be a friend of his own mother!

No, this book does not advocate an early sexual life for men. It is just a true story that just might be the story that other boys have lived or will live in the future. The list is not have to find girls...the list is one that will help anybody to relate to other people. In a world where sexuality is so blatant, this book allows a boy, a teen, to learn both mistakes and how to make right choices as decisions about how they will share with girls are made.

If I had a son, I would want him to read Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male by Philip Nork, albeit with a little female guidance of my own! Appreciation to the author must be given for his willingness to share this intimate, very personal story...

G. A. Bixler

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Review: Great International Finance Drama Out - Bravo!

Coming for Money

By F. W. vom Scheidt

Blue Butterfly Book Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9780978498283
264 Pages

"Some days it felt like the money left blood on my hands. Not the weary allusion to the stains of Iscariot..." (p. 1)

As I started to read Coming for Money by F. W. Vom Scheidt, I found myself stopping, going back, and rereading paragraphs just to enjoy reading it again. The beautiful, relaxed words, phrasing, had not been what I'd expected. Instead of the fast-paced action adventure I had anticipated, I was forced to sit back, and enjoy the contemplative literary fiction of a master writer! What a delight!

International Investment broker Paris Smith was at the top of his game, making more money for his company than any other broker. Then his wife became ill and love for her won out as Paris took off work to care for her. And even when he came back quickly, too quickly, he had not had time to grieve his loss.

But, apparently loving and caring for his wife was a no-no in the mind of Smith's boss! Because he began to make things harder for him and, when it most counted--when Paris had created a major $100 million bond deal--his boss did not support him at all!

Greed and jealousy--the major problems in high finance. One major player did not appreciate a small company taking on this major deal, so they worked behind the scenes to manipulate and blackmail an important participant into firing the involved employee and withdrawing from the deal.

But for the first time in a long time, Paris began to regain his savvy awareness of those who were corrupt and acting purely for selfish reasons. He started his own investigation, his own interaction with the men who were honorable, or at least much better than those who were purely "out for the gold." And if, on the way, he might have to cut deals, he knew, at least within himself, he would find his way back!

And during all this, he found his humanity, his need for love returning--and he worked hard to find his way back there too!

F. W. vom Scheidt clearly has the expertise to write fiction centering around the sometimes totally unknown world of high finance. He writes indepth, specific accounts, but is able to do so in a practical, credible manner that allows each of us to both learn and experience the impact one or a few people can make when the stakes are extremely high!

Based upon my administrative background, I was able to empathize to some extent with the main character and thoroughly enjoyed every action, every event that was faced by Paris Smith. I applaud the author for taking an inside look into those within the financial arena who must fight through the greed and dishonesty that is often found. It is gratifying to read that, sometimes, the "little guy," although he occupies a high-level position, is working hard and steadily to stay true to basic values we all look for.

Bravo to F. W. vom Scheidt! Coming for Money is the perfect complement to all of the newspaper accounts of national and international finance--surely a must-read for many!

G. A. Bixler

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A Bit of Fun - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving







--Author Unknown

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Latest Poetry from Your Poet Is...Thomas Kemp

Red Train
The last red train out of my heart is leaving now
I can’t look to see if you are standing on the edge
or sitting in the darken window with him.
The cold winter wind is driving us apart
So cold, not even a white angel will follow you away
It is not too late for you to reach back again
Let’s try to be devoted to one another once more
even if now you cannot love me.
Love will come again,
Give it a chance please by spring
Love will come again.
I will always love you.
Thomas Kemp/poet


I'll bet wives would love to get this book as a Christmas stocking stuffer!


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Review: Second in Choices Trilogy - Wow!

Choices Meant For Gods
Book II of the Choices Trilogy
By Sandy Lender
ArcheBooks Publishing
ISBN: 9781595072191
558 Pages

Being born with an amethyst near the corner of your right eye is fascinating--at least it was to me! Of course, being especially marked, the child, Amanda Chariss, was also given the responsibility to be the future Protector of The Master, Rothahn, who is the highest active god from Mahriket.

Where is Mahriket? Well, it's in the northeast part of Onweald...

Which is the world created by Sandy Lender for her Choices Trilogy. In Choices Meant for Gods, a royal wedding has just taken place between Jake Taiman and Tiatha Wold, daughter of the emperor, and, already, Tiatha has been kidnapped! It had all been foretold, but as blood flowed within the castle, she had been taken. Chariss was near but she was forced to hide Kaylin, Jake's little sister, when she fainted, hearing what the men were doing to hurt Tiatha. Chariss could not take the chance that they would do the same to Kaylin!

And then Chariss had a vision from The Ultimate One and learned that the marriage between Jake and Tiatha had to be denounced. Doing the right thing and informing Jake of this only led him to escape the guards that had been his and run away to find Tiatha. Chariss knew that he would not return for the needed denouncement!

Only, then, the same thing happened to Chariss on the supposed day of her wedding! It was stopped, however, before it could take place!

So, what is happening in Onweald? You might have guessed already, especially if you read the first book in the trilogy. Julette happened! Julette is an ancient sorceror and goddess who is out to take over the realm of The Master Rothahn. She has been successful in casting a spell that has taken most of the magical abilities away from those in Onweald; however, the Ultimate One is with Chariss and has named her as Goddess of War, in addition to her responsibility for protecting The Master.

Because of the loss of geasa, Chariss and The Master are forced to seek assistance from neighboring countries and embark on a trip to discover which armies can be acquired. However, on that trip, Julette attacks the small group. The Master is sent off alone to seek safety while the others fight...and Chariss is captured by Drake...a sorcerer who is interested in her for a more personal reason!

Sandy Lender has created an outstanding trilogy that will grab you hard and take you back in time when the honor of a maiden is a high priority while at the same time, she is called upon to lead an army in defense of her country. The relationship between Chariss and Nigel, her intended, is fun and teasing, especially after you learn his secret!

Only problem? Sandy gets readers turning page after page in the highest point of the book, and then forces us to wait for the final book, Choices Made For All! Ahhhhh well, surely she knows that anybody that is caught, is going to be begging and demanding the final!

So....where is it Sandy?! I've read Choices Meant for Kings by you, Sandy Lender...And I need to find out what happens! NOW please...

Readers...don't start reading unless you want to get caught in Onweald too!

G. A. Bixler

Check It Out!

Review: Mozart in the Future - Excellent Children's Christmas Present!

Mozart in the Future
By Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters
ISBN: 9783950280401
105 Pages

What a wonderfully fun story--Mozart in the Future is not just for children who are interested in music! Written by Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters, with beautiful illustrations by Pedro Caraca, the story can help children and parents realize and find a balance of activities in their lives.

I love children's books that take special care to provide appropriate and complementary covers, artwork and format. Indeed Mozart in the Future does that extremely well. For instance, instead of boring quotation marks for dialog, every line that shows somebody talking begins with a musical note - Isn't that Cool? And the young Mozart is simply precious, in my opinion.

Then you will meet The Spirit of Music, who comes first to Max, as a beautiful woman dressed in yellow, whose violet eyes and hair match! Max is a young boy who loves learning how to play the piano, but also wants to play with other children. However, his mother believes he is the next Mozart and must constantly practice! Until Max becomes ill and the doctor orders complete rest. It was during this time that The Spirit visited!

Because she actually knew Mozart when he was a young boy--and guess what? Mozart had a very strict father who demanded the same thing from him--constant practice! And Mozart had never had an opportunity to have a friend or play, just for the fun of it!

Until The Spirit of Music brought Mozart into the future!

Can you imagine what two small boys might get into when they meet for the first time, having had no time to play, or have a close friend? Can you imagine what Mozart, especially, must have been thinking when he saw all the magical inventions that were now available? Well, you really don't have to imagine--Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters, in Mozart in the Future tells us about Mozart watching TV for the first time, about his seeing an escalator, etc.

But Mozart has a whole life of creating beautiful, wonderful music! How is he going to get back home, into his own time?

You know what? I was having just as much fun reading this book, as you and your children will have! Yes, this is a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas for any child, from say, 6 to 96! Bring a little music into the lives of your children... You're going to love this one, just as much as I did! Don't let this one go without checking it out!

G. A. Bixler

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Spotlighted Author, Aaron Kuykendall, Shares Excerpt!

The Following is an Excerpt from Origin, the next book in the Conspirator's Odyssey Series
By Aaron Kuykendall...


I would have never thought that my own attempted murder was imminent. As that pearl black stretch limousine that drove down the barren stretch of desert road, carrying Agent Damion Walker, Agent Doug Ingro, and myself enroute to the secret underground facility in Arizona known as Chicciihie Point where Unit 87 housed many of our government’s secrets, I was swiping my forehead from the heat and wishing I was somewhere cool, having a drink!

Chicciihie Point was more than eighty miles outside Phoenix, isolated from the civilized world. It was silent! The type of silence that reeked of death and this death emanated from the dozens of bodies strewn about; their blood smeared violently in puddles and splatters—an image from a gothic mural of a ritualistic aftermath.


Gawsdamit, move already! Lift your face out of this pool of blood and take a fucking breath! Move!

Move! Move!

Struggling to take a breath after suddenly regaining conscienceness from what seemed like hours, with great strain, Harold Grog moved his head ever so slightly—an act that proved a major feat given the unorthodox condition of his body.

It was a special hell when you knew anatomy and knew exactly how badly you were hurt! With three distinct bullet wounds to his cranium, he knew he’d been struck through the left temporal, lower left cerebellum, and the upper parietal bone. With a force similar to that of a sledge hammer to the back of a skull as one lay face down on concrete—like being nailed to the floor—his face had been pressed down in the crevice of a small stair step, the second of three that connected to the small stage in the conference room of this massive facility. Three to four ounces of his and some of his colleague’s coagulating blood was also there...

Something’s terribly wrong! I can’t feel any pain! The condition of my body, yes, but no pain!

As his eyes began to dance about, he contemplated for a moment his circumstance; and with him now managing to move his mouth and then being able to lift his head, he noticed the sizable hole in the stair step his face had been buried in. He figured that with the shot he took to his upper parietal bone—the bullet must’ve traveled straight through—piercing the sphenoidal air sinus, the middle and inferior concha, and had shattered his hard palate; creating the miniature crater he was about to drown in.

He noticed that his body was grotesquely slumped over the chewed torso of a fellow scientist and as he attempted to shake life into his limbs, something like nails shooting at high velocity toward a wooden plank, the onslaught of pain suddenly seized him in its medieval grasp—causing him to scream in agony from within. He hadn’t yet regained the use of his voice due to his trachea having been split open by the sharp edge of that crater.

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

Though the pain was unbearable, he tried to focus on what he knew to be reality. That what was taking place within him was really of his own design, and that the pain was simply an indicator that the seemingly archaic process was reaching its climax—running its course. Still his body remained dead to the world, but he knew that he was coming back. After all, he had run the tests! He ran and knew all the scenarios—the pros and cons! He anticipated this outcome and so decided--in this, the closest step ever reached in the succession of a perfect serum, he became what he never thought he would be: an experiment of his own design.
Though it seemed the time was hours since he was riddled with over 47 bullet wounds, Dr. Grog was unawares that it had been but a mere 37 minutes, his wrist watch having been shot off his arm to a location he couldn’t fathom, let alone retrieve if he wanted to. With his head the only movable limb, he watched in agony as his blood chewed away at the bullets buried in his legs, cranium, chest, and back, into liquid; and endured as his internal organs: skin, tissue, venial skeleton, bone, cartilage, etc. rebuilt itself before the death that had hold of him instantly released him from his momentary paralysis.

I’ll be damned!

This was the only thought he had after his body healed itself in a fascinating display seen only in movies. He sat upright looking around the room saddened at the carnage before him.
For many years he had led this team and incidentally lead thousands more since 1931 and wasn’t completely blind to the protocols of the United States security sections, particularly the black section of our governing body.

Being the leading authority on the Aneman project, he was commissioned within one month of the initial autopsy performed on the six alien bodies recovered in Roswell and after his intense evaluation of the extraterrestrial biological entity affectionately referred to as EBE (the extraterrestrial recovered alive from the Roswell crash site) he was named the primary liaison.
He had no way of knowing that his report; code name EBE-47-AV/1 that he’d put together for General Roger Ramey of his extraordinary discovery would have led to more than 300,000+ deaths: foreign, domestic, military, and civilian alike. He had no clue as to the lengths this government would go to, to cover and push this objective—taking even the simplest of preliminary tests and running with it as if it were a final product when in actuality and after many years post the Roswell incident, they weren’t even close.

Little did Walker know—Dr. Grog was a scientist not easily expendable? Yet it seemed his time was up after our government and its puppet Walker were fooled into thinking that they had themselves a finished product. Little did they know the serum that was injected into both Sergeant Vernon Grouden and Sergent Yo Klan Woo, and by Dr. Grog himself, was the closest they’ve ever come to reaching the overall objective!

He was the foremost authority on this project, and by perpetrating this ruse on Walker meant his theories were correct when he threw him away like so much trash without so much as a hand shake for his years of service.

But what was I to expect?

He had blood on his hands as well. He danced with the devil and reveled in the authority taking life by the thousands for experimentation primarily out of the citizenry of our American populous, not to mention a fair share of international lab rats. In this recent phase, the serum was drastically tested on all levels and across all scientific spectrums as it had been many times in the past to no avail; yet this time Grog had decided to journey beyond these spectrums into avenues beyond the normal parameters.

In reevaluating his study of EBE who had a metabolism similar to that of a plant, he realized that this was a place in the experiment he’d never thought to journey as the relevance was slim in the overall objective, but in his reevaluation, he'd found that in the regenerative traits that if fused at just the right pace, it could create a rapid regenerative trait that could be carried over into the genome of a human being.

So many experiments’ through the years! So many!

On and on Dr. Grog contemplated his experiments and his results. Now sitting upright amongst the strewn, bloodied, and tattered bodies of his former team; the carnage, though saddening didn’t wholly affect him as he was accustomed to this type of death, but this time it was most assuredly different: he was on the receiving end.
Panic stricken, Dr. Grog's eyes widened and his pulse sped up instantaneously. He began to breathe harder and harder. His brow suddenly began dripping in sweat and as he began looking frantically around the room repeatedly wiping sweat away from his eyes, he had a dreadful feeling that something was terribly wrong...that he had forgotten the protocol he himself suggested as a standard operational procedure when dealing with what military strategists referred to as a wash. He knew the experiments, but was never on this side of it and thus he hadn't known nor understood how he was to cope—at least without time to settle into his new abilities. After all, he was a scientist, not a soldier.

With all his contemplations, he suddenly took notice of his clothing, and of the clothing, skin, and hair of the victims around him and realized that there was no sign of charring or burns. Oh my god! They’ve yet to perfo…

A blinding light silenced his thoughts as the ferocity of it moved through the facility with deadly ease followed by a massive series of explosions that shook the foundation as if the hand of God were tearing it from its roots. “Shit” Dr. Grog yelled out—his voice coming out of its slumber and trailing without an echo as the massiveness of what was taking place took center stage.

Moving quickly to shield himself; and with a tremendous amount of speed and brute strength, Dr. Grog gathered up eight bodies—using what little clothing that was strapped to them as a harness and braced himself from the impact. Gritting his teeth he yelled out at the top of his lungs—though his voice vanished with the rumble of the explosions. “If I survive this, Walker, you and the individuals pulling your strings will pay dearly for what you’ve done to me. Mark my words!”

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review: Mark Zvonkovic Takes Us to 70s in Beautifully Written Novel!

When Mermaids Sing
By Mark Zvonkovic
iUniverse, Inc.
ISBN: 9781440167171
239 Pages

Prepare to sit back and enjoy the beautifully written literary fiction of Mark Zvonkovic in When Mermaids Sing. When a former English teacher also has the creative genius to tell stories, it results in a pleasurable read, no matter the topic. In Zvonkovic’s case, his first novel takes us back to the 70s when there were many, many religious cults which aggressively recruited young people, often resulting in a complete break of teens from their families.

As I started to read and review the issues that led to what was, in essence, brainwashing, I thought of today’s reality shows that reveal how people now use drugs and alcohol to find that “something” that is lacking in their lives. Why is it that there are always those that seek “alternative” methods to find what seems to be missing?

Larry Brown appears to be the low man on the totem pole in his family—he’s just a high school English teacher, while his parents teach at the college level. On the other hand, he’s satisfied with his life and looks back on his early years with pleasure. Now, however, he’s heard from his best friend that his companion is cheating on him and he’s taking a harder look at the relationship, even following Milly to theatres where she is an actress. When he sees her leaving with a fellow actor, carrying an overnight bag, he is forced to face the truth. Not only is she cheating, but she later continues to lie, dominate and abuse his feelings for her.

So when he attended his father’s annual “welcome” for his students, he was open to meet and talk with Jenny, who had been captured by his father in one of his usual discussions about W. H. Auden. But as soon as his father moves on to other responsibilities, Jenny and Larry change to more personal topics. Trying to get himself out of an embarrassing situation, he comments about his cousin Bradley being involved with meditation—which leads Jenny to share that her brother, Josh, had joined a cult that has an ashram, a retreat on Cape Cod. When Larry learns that Bradley is also staying at this site, he becomes immediately more concerned and agrees to work with Jenny. Her father had hired Sam Henry, a well-known deprogrammer who was known as “Black Lightning.”

With Black Lightning in charge, a rescue is planned for Josh and Bradley. Along the way, a few others join the group, and Larry is upset to learn that getting Josh out is the main objective since getting both out might be impossible. Although Jenny had visited Josh in the past, it was known that none of the members were ever allowed to be alone. But, although nothing had been proven, Larry was concerned that a young man they had briefly met, who had recently been found dead, had “not” committed suicide, but had been found by two members of the cult who had been trying to take him back! Now, there was a need to not only get Josh and Bradley to travel together, but to get them both away from the ashram! A difficult task...

I was completely caught off-guard with the ending and think you will be also! Mark Zvonkovic’s When Mermaids Sing, takes reader into an insightful, introspective look, at ourselves, our lives, and a consideration of what so many are searching for from life. Personally, I enjoyed the look back into my own memories of those times when there was always some group of young people, selling flowers, or whatever, as you traveled, who invited you to accept their handouts about their lives. Whether or not, you have those memories, you will certainly be taken into the time period and the experience. Enjoy the time spent there during the 70s in America’s northeast! I did!

G. A. Bixler

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pat Bertram Visits on Blog Tour!

My Books, My Way

I can sum up my experiences with a small press publisher in four words: my books, my way.

I won’t lie to you, I tried to go the traditional publisher route, but I got shut out. Several editors told me that they liked my books, but didn’t know how to sell them--meaning they didn’t know what genre they were. Science fiction editors told me my books didn’t have enough science fiction elements. Thriller and mystery editors said my books had too many science fiction elements. Commercial publishers thought the themes in my books were too literary. Literary publishers thought my writing style too commercial. Most said that the books would get published, but none wanted to take the chance.

Almost as soon as I started querying small independent presses, I found a publisher. And what a good fit! Second Wind Publishing is willing to publish novels that do not fit into the homogenized genres of the traditional publishing companies. Even better, the publisher loves my books. You can’t ask for more than that! Well, yes, you can. I was given final approval every step of the way, and I was allowed to submit my own cover designs for review. I’ve been told by readers that one of my covers is ugly, but still, it’s my ugly, not a cover that was foisted on me by an uncaring corporation.

The one drawback to being published by small independent presses, especially new ones, is the lack of a publicity department. But is a drawback in the long run?

Whether published by a small press or a major publisher, new authors have to struggle to get noticed in the clamor of the vast selection of new books being published every year. According to Bowker, in 2008, 284,370 books were released by the traditional publishers, and 285,394 books were released by small independent publishers, vanity presses, and self-publishers. That is a lot of books available each year to an ever shrinking reading population.

Suzanne Francis, author of Heart of Hythea, says: “It takes time to be noticed when you don't have the resources to splash your name all over the New York Times or whatever. With micro publishing you have to be in it for the long haul. Keep turning out new books and doing the odd bit of marketing. Sales increase slowly, and there will be a bump on your past books every time you issue something new. But the advantage is that nothing ever goes out of print. Big pubs may or may not market a new book, but chances are they will lose interest quickly unless you are Stephanie Meyer or Dan Brown. I'd love to see my books in a brick and mortar book shop, but realistically, they wouldn't be there long. I'm more interested in producing a body of work I can be proud of and that will be around for a long while.”

If, as I’ve heard, it takes three years for a book to find a niche, then books such as mine that need to create their own niches will take a lot longer. With a small independent press, there’s a good chance my novels will be available when readers find me. And when they do, they will find not a homogenization of my books, but my books the way I envisioned them.


Pat Bertram is a native of Colorado and a lifelong resident. When the traditional publishers stopped publishing her favorite type of book — character and story driven novels that can’t easily be slotted into a genre — she decided to write her own. Daughter Am I is Bertram’s third novel to be published by Second Wind Publishing, LLC. Also available are More Deaths Than One and A Spark of Heavenly Fire.

Pat Bertram Shares on Major Book Blog Tour

Pat, I'm so pleased to have you visit Book Reader's Heaven on your Book Blog Tour! I and many others admire your patience, endurance, strength and sense of humor as you market your three books!

Quoted from her book blog:

Today is the first day of the Daughter Am I blog tour, and frankly, I’m a bit nervous. Although I always intended to post to my own blog every day, I’ve only managed to average three or four times a week, yet here I have committed myself to thirty-five days of guest blogging, together with at least a brief post here to keep everyone up-to-date on my touring activities. That is a total of 70 bloggeries in 35 days! Do you think I can do it? Of course I can — I will have to.

Your latest book is Daughter Am I!

When twenty-five-year-old Mary Stuart learns she inherited a farm from her recently murdered grandparents -- grandparents her father claimed had died before she was born -- she becomes obsessed with finding out who they were and why someone wanted them dead. Along the way she accumulates a crew of feisty octogenarians -- former gangsters and friends of her grandfather. She meets and falls in love Tim Olson, whose grandfather shared a deadly secret with her great-grandfather. Now Mary and Tim need to stay one step ahead of the killer who is desperate to dig up that secret.

Check out Pat's Guest Blog Entry!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review: Worldwide Christian Speaker, Alan Bullock's Next Book Available Soon!

Potential For Greatness:
Tapping into God’s
Reservoir of
Unlimited Possibilities
By Alan Bullock
Believers Press
ISBN: 9780578040615
196 Pages

Available in December on Amazon!

Reading the title of Alan Bullock’s latest book, Potential For Greatness, reminded me of other self-help books I had read. My background placed “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and “How Great Thou Art” into my mind and I felt that Greatness surely must be reserved for our Heavenly Father. Interesting how a title can influence readers, isn’t it?

I think it was reading the story of how Alan and his wife were brought together from opposite sides of the world that first opened my heart to hear Bullock’s words. In today’s world, it is rare indeed to hear and respond to God’s choice in this very personal area of our lives. And yet, Anoosh Markosian, who was living in Armenia, USSR, and Alan Bullock, living in the US, were miraculously brought together. God is Great!

Bullock states the obvious first—we all are born with “potential.” Knowing that potential can be turned toward many different objectives, he quickly adds that using it for God’s purposes allows that potential for greatness to be developed through the Holy Spirit.

Many of us have recognized that there are major problems in the world. “America, its leadership, and in particular—the church have entered into a season of accountability... God is testing our nation, our government, the family and every business and Christian like never before.” (pps. 21-22)

Do you agree?

Then, Bullock notes, “As God-seekers, we must be able to discern the ‘Times and Seasons’ we are in.” (p. 22)

Everybody knows it—God will work in our lives when we allow it! Bullock’s book both reminds us and gives specific directions:

Fulfillment of dreams is possible when our desires coincide with His.
If we don’t believe the impossible is possible, God may just show us it is!
The everyday decisions we make when given the choice of right or wrong defines us.
Seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit is part of a spiritually productive life.
“A heart without selfish borders creates a willingness to pursue supernatural goals...” (p.58)
Open our heart to receive God’s daily support and strength.

One of the points that I highlighted for myself was that there is a difference between being busy, even in church activities, and actually being spiritually effective for God. Indeed, Alan Bollock also had this easily acquired problem arise in his life. For him, God sent Don Wilkerson, brother to Dave, to tell him, “ have substituted the work of the Lord for the presence of the Lord.” Wow! In today’s world where we all hurry and scurry to do everything, even good works, God sends the message that He would rather spend some personal time with us than having us do all the other things that take up our time. Just as Martha was told when Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, we need to seek His presence to allow Him to guide us.

Bullock discovered when he was still small that Superman was really just an actor and had no real powers. Now he knows the One who can do and does do all things! Bullock declares that in the year 2100 we--the church--must be a spiritual superhuman church.

Will you be a great person of God in that church?

If you have or want to say “yes,” then Potential for Greatness: Tapping into God’s Reservoir of Unlimited Possibilities by Alan Bullock is a Must-Read for you Now!

G. A. Bixler

Monday, November 16, 2009

Live Discussion With Spotlighted Author, Aaron Discussion!

Live Discussion from 3-5 PM EST, November 17th with Aaron Kuykendall!

You've seen his pic, you've met his family...
You've read interview with him, seen his wide presence online...
And you've read my review of this book...
All within the last week here at Book Readers Heaven...
Now YOU have a chance to meet him online at...
Facebook's Reviewers Roundup Group:
Aaron will be sharing about fatherhood versus time for writing, his books, and his use of a publicist...and all the things you'll want to ask!
You need to sign up for my group (Facebook rules) before you can come early, join and look around...and while you're there...tell us a little about yourself, join other discussion boards...tell us what you like to read!
This event is for YOU!
Support this first-time Author!

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Review: Perfect Stocking Stuffer Book for Young Adults!

The Magic Pencil

By Karen E. Dabney
Dabs & Company
244 Pages

No matter what you might think The Magic Pencil by Karen E. Dabney is about--it is more! More educational, more fun, more poetic, more inspirational...and more magical! I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from this book!

This story is the personal account by a special young man, Malcolm Bakersfield, who was first to notice the magic pencil! Malcolm is very intelligent and always did well in school until he used his first magic pencil and became a straight “A” student! That’s all I’m saying about that now because Malcolm has also shared about a lot of different topics!

My favorite story was about what happened on Halloween. Instead of just dressing up and going out for candy, Malcolm and his friend Nia went to a celebration of Ancestor’s Night, where you dress as cultural heroes and some of those attending share a short story about the individual they are portraying. Plus there are special foods to eat and games to play. I thought this was a grand alternative that would be both educational and fun! I think I would go as Holly Springs, a lady I just learned about recently and who impressed me with her spunky actions!

In addition, I also enjoyed all of the family issues that were discussed—at home and elsewhere. Malcolm’s big brother lived with his father and seemed to have a lot more freedom, but Malcolm was concerned about him because he was thinking of dropping out of school. There were also visits at church, to Malcolm’s cousins, and to attend sports events or just play together. No matter what was happening, you could tell that there was much love and concern about others.

Malcolm’s friends were also important to him and he had become close to the new girl, Nia. Both of them not only cared for each other as friends, but were able to share about any topic of interest or concern. Malcolm was also anxious to help his friends become better in school and would spend time talking about assignments with them.

Now there is also one very important thing about Malcolm’s story that you should know. As explained in the front:

If you don’t understand him at first,
Try reading aloud then you’ll have a thirst...
You might agree with him or have a different view,
It’s OK wit him if it’s OK witchu! (p. vi)

Malcolm writes like we speak every day, but he knows he should use standard English to make his good grades. Nia, the new girl, spoke “proper” English most of the time, except maybe when they’re outside playing. I’ve always been pretty good in standard English, but I had some problems with words like “warsh” for wash or “crik” for creek, cause that’s how we used to say them where I lived.

So, to me, it was so much fun to read and hear Malcolm in my head, because we all need to remember that, we can use standard English and learn all those rules—but that doesn’t mean we can’t understand one another when we want to speak cool!

Needless to say, I loved The Magic Pencil by Karen E. Dabney. If you have children, please get this book as a special Christmas stocking stuffer! It really is a must-read!

G. A. Bixler

Review: First in Conspirator's Odyssey Series by Aaron Kuykendall!

Conspirator’s Odyssey:
The Evolution of the Patron Saint

By Aaron Kinte Kuykendall

With an exciting alternative history novel, Conspirator’s Odyssey: The Evolution of the Patron Saint, Aaron Kinte Kuykendall presents his first book in a new “Conspirator’s” series.

Why? This one-word question is one that many of us first learn and continue to use throughout our lives. Why was John Kennedy assassinated? Why did 9-11 happen? Why are we in Iraq? We want to know the “why” of it. Only once we know why, will we then turn to the other questions of who, what, when, and where. Alternative history has found a place in literature as we all seek to learn the “why” behind what happens in our world. For many times, we are not satisfied with the answers to questions that are spoon-fed to us through the media.

Mr. Kuykendall presents an obviously well-researched novel that moves us through the United States' late 1940’s history into the future in a thoroughly plausible response to many of those incidents about which we have found no satisfactory explanation. Is any of the book true? Is all of it true? Only readers can match their own knowledge of historical events, evaluate the options found in Conspirator’s Odyssey and arrive at their decision. However, this reader can assure you that the concepts are logical, that the story presentation is excellent, and the characters just may haunt you in their respective roles within our government.

Major Kalista Flaker of the United States Army is the heroine of this story. Yes, she is a major in the army; however, she has also now inherited the role of leader of a secret organization, one that reaches across the world, fighting against those who conspire against the United States. It is a bitter pill to swallow that most of those she fights against are found within the agencies of the US government, especially within the security sections. However, facing the reality that she has lived through, she had no choice but to accept and respond to these dangers.

Everything that had happened dated back to before she was born. There had always been talk of UFO sightings and she had scoffed at them along with most Americans. It wasn’t until she was sent on a mission to Vietnam, had talked to a war prisoner and received a vial of his blood that she knew the truth. She had tested and studied the blood and found unknown DNA and other elements. The soldier had alien blood in his body!

She would never forget that mission. She had been in charge of a group of rangers and SEALs. Selected to lead the group by General Thimpkin, the man who had guided her, mentoring her almost as a father, she alone had been told of the full extent of the mission. The group was being sent to Vietnam because they had learned that there were Vietnam War prisoners still alive. They were all to be killed. Indeed, everyone on the mission was to be killed, except her.

General Thimpkin had made special provisions to get her out. Everything had happened as planned—almost. Following orders, they had killed the American soldiers, prisoners who had lost limbs, who were barely holding on to life. In fact, she was puzzled how they were still living!

But she just couldn’t handle having her own team being killed. She tried to tell them what was to happen, but Lieutenant Buckner, thinking she had become unbalanced from what they had just done, stopped her and relieved her of command, only to then lead the group into an ambush. Kalista pulled Buckner to the pickup site, the only one of her team she had found alive, and had saved his life. And then others as she once again ignored commands of her superiors.

Buckner continued in a coma for more than five years. Much had happened during that time and Kalista was ready—ready to seek revenge. But she needed help—she needed Buckner, so while he had been comatose, she had injected him with a variation of the blood the soldier had given her before she killed him. The alien DNA had been test-injected into those poor soldiers and had lived through years of torture and hunger when they should have been allowed to die.

Kalista knew that if her research had been productive that others would have also been working on the same DNA. She was sure she had discovered what would happen in a successful transfer into a human. She and Buckner would be testing her theories.

For, you see, all of it tied together. Project Aneman was still moving forward. They knew the answers to why Kennedy was dead, why there had been bombings at the World Trade Center. They knew who would be elected next. And they knew they had an ongoing mission—to find and destroy conspirators who had sought power and money through abuse of authority and position. The only thing they didn’t know yet—were the conspirators human?

As the first in a series, Conspirator’s Odyssey should be on the must-read list for those looking for and who enjoy reading alternative historical answers!

G. A. Bixler
IP Book Reviewer

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