Friday, November 6, 2009

Review: Inspiring Stories of Miracles in Daily Life!

A 52-Week Devotional
By Karen Kingsbury
Hachette Book Group
ISBN: 9780446557955
223 Pages

I tried, I really tried to read Miracles by Karen Kingsbury straight through! But I couldn't, the most I was able to read at one sitting was two or three. Surely, Kingsbury was led by God in deciding that this small, beautiful book, was to be used year-round!

Say, on a Monday morning, when you are just starting your workweek and need to know that you are sheltered in His love...

Or, perhaps, on a Saturday night, when you want to stop and rejoice in knowing that throughout the week, there have been many, many personal, life-saving, or life-inspiring miracles that have happened all over the world!

Each of the weekly stories are anywhere from 3 to 5 pages; many of them center on family life, especially highlighting children. One I especially liked involved a family going on a camping weekend. The parents didn't feel a need to pray for great weather, thinking that they shouldn't bother God with small, personal issues. But when rain prevented them from building a campfire and there would be no dinner, the two children took matters into their own hands--they left the campfire site and prayed for the rain to stop. It did. That is, at their campsite. The next morning the Ranger confirmed that it had rained all afternoon and evening everywhere else! God listens to our smallest prayers!

Not every story shares a miracle that we have prayed for. One man's prayer was simply that his wife would be able to understand and accept his own death, while his wife, of course, prayed for him to be healed. Though he died, his wife had seen the angel that had visited her husband and was able to know that it was God's plan for her husband to go at that time.

Many of the stories tell of an individual magically appearing or being there when most needed--an angel, dressed like anybody else, but somehow shining and with bright eyes. Oftentimes it is only afterward that those who saw the angels) became convinced that it had to have been a heavenly visitor--a miracle.

So many stories, like...

The one about the car that started without a battery...
The one about the teenager who had lost her kitten, her friend, and rediscovered that she had a Heavenly Father who wanted to be her very best friend...
Or the couple that was looking for the perfect baby to adopt, and discovered, instead, that God had his own choice for what child would become theirs...
Or about the young man who had run away to become a prizefighter, but met an angel on a train...

When the power of God is brought into daily life, it is an exciting and heartwarming time for those involved. Reading about what happens to those who put their faith and trust in God is both inspiring and a challenge to each of us! Karen Kingsbury, in her 52-week devotional, Miracles, ensures you understand the "possibilities" that are available. One of these stories may be the one that will help change your life! You decide - Is this a must-read for You?

Also would make a beautiful Christmas gift/stocking stuffer!

G. A. Bixler

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