Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review: Jerry Bayne Provides Another Great Novel - This Time Horror!

The Gatherer

By Jerry Bayne
ISBN: 9781419687365
330 Pages

If you love horror, then you need to read The Gatherer by Jerry Bayne! I loved this book! And I'm not even a true fan of horror...

Jerry Bayne is just a great first read of his work was Kill Me Twice and I was immediately ready to see that book turned into a fantastic action movie...

Readers, you really have to experience Jerry Bayne...his work is not only well-written, but a fantastic read, no matter what genre!

Let me tell you about The Gatherer. It reminded me of Relic, Reliquary and other great novels by the Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child team! The Gatherer's name is Zakaris. He was released by a descendent of a family who for many centuries were servants of Satan. Now as an archaeological site has unearthed the location of the rites that were used in ancient times, The Gatherer has come back to claim what cannot be claimed.

The souls of those working for God...

Detective Mike Sams is finding his handiwork as one after another mutilated body is found. Everybody is stumped but Sams is willing to look outside the box and starts a discussion with a priest who has studied the occult for many years.

At the same time, Dr. Cary Blake, who is an expert in ancient languages has been asked to work with the Catholic Church to transcribe an ancient scroll found at the site.

While each group conducts an extremely confidential investigation due to the strange circumstances, the two groups finally find each other as their work converges!

But the experiences along the way shares the horrific work, and the potential future, if Zakaris is not sent where he reigns as second in command.

Spiritually Spooky! Especially the way The Gatherer does his job of gathering the souls - YOU could be next!

Really don't want to go any further into the storyline. I must admit I enjoyed the forensics and linguistics research required in this kind of tale--and Bayne has done an outstanding job of presenting the professional and technical expertise involved as well as the gruesome details!

And just to make it a little more interesting, there's a great little side romance that develops between Blake and Sams which helps to break the tension just a little... You got it--I call The Gatherer by Jerry Bayne a must-read and am going back to see what else he's got available! Yes!

G. A. Bixler

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