Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review: Burn Victim with No Fingers Becomes Professional Drummer!

How Can YOU Play Drums?
By John Caro
ISBN: 9781440153426
104 Pages

This is a true story about a little boy. It is written by his father, John Caro. But you might think before you finish reading How Can YOU Play Drums? that this miraculous story was also inspired by God. For surely God has been with Dan Caro, since he was nearly killed by a fire that occurred when Dan was just two years old.

One key point I found important was that John Caro admitted that he prayed for God to take his little son once he saw the damage and realized how much pain Danny was in. It isn’t easy to admit to yourself, let alone in a book that you would rather have your son die than live as he is. To me, this was the basis of believing in John’s honesty and truthfulness in sharing the story.

Because you will find it hard to believe!

I wonder why we are always surprised to see God’s miracles?

On the back of the cover of this book, Bennie Bough, past president of Toastmasters International recommends Dan Caro as a speaker for conferences or conventions! This is said about a man who once had no lips, nose, or eyelids because they were burned away. Today, Dan may be speaking somewhere near you, as you read this, since he travels across the country, both to play his drums and speak to thousands of people...

Danny Caro also had no fingers. But at the age of twelve, he decided he’d like to play the drums. Dan became a professional drummer.

How Can YOU Play Drums? shares the Caro family story from the time of the accident. You will read about the trauma he experienced as medical staff worked with Danny to save his life. You will see him as he was, soon after he was burned and then as skin grafts were made. You will also see how he handled it when he faced discrimination when a jazz instructor coldly asked him how he could possible play the drums.

But more important you will see each triumph of both Danny and the other members of his family. Those are the bases upon which you will also rejoice and be inspired through Danny’s decisions as he faced the world as a burn victim. You will cry, smile and laugh!

God saw the tragedy that happened to little Danny. First He cried for his little child...and then He shouted, “Have I got a plan for this boy!”

The subtitle of the book is “Finding Positives From Adversity.” This indeed is what you will find. But when you read How Can YOU Play Drums? by John Caro, believe me—readers will find so much more...

G. A. Bixler

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