Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review: Worldwide Christian Speaker, Alan Bullock's Next Book Available Soon!

Potential For Greatness:
Tapping into God’s
Reservoir of
Unlimited Possibilities
By Alan Bullock
Believers Press
ISBN: 9780578040615
196 Pages

Available in December on Amazon!

Reading the title of Alan Bullock’s latest book, Potential For Greatness, reminded me of other self-help books I had read. My background placed “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and “How Great Thou Art” into my mind and I felt that Greatness surely must be reserved for our Heavenly Father. Interesting how a title can influence readers, isn’t it?

I think it was reading the story of how Alan and his wife were brought together from opposite sides of the world that first opened my heart to hear Bullock’s words. In today’s world, it is rare indeed to hear and respond to God’s choice in this very personal area of our lives. And yet, Anoosh Markosian, who was living in Armenia, USSR, and Alan Bullock, living in the US, were miraculously brought together. God is Great!

Bullock states the obvious first—we all are born with “potential.” Knowing that potential can be turned toward many different objectives, he quickly adds that using it for God’s purposes allows that potential for greatness to be developed through the Holy Spirit.

Many of us have recognized that there are major problems in the world. “America, its leadership, and in particular—the church have entered into a season of accountability... God is testing our nation, our government, the family and every business and Christian like never before.” (pps. 21-22)

Do you agree?

Then, Bullock notes, “As God-seekers, we must be able to discern the ‘Times and Seasons’ we are in.” (p. 22)

Everybody knows it—God will work in our lives when we allow it! Bullock’s book both reminds us and gives specific directions:

Fulfillment of dreams is possible when our desires coincide with His.
If we don’t believe the impossible is possible, God may just show us it is!
The everyday decisions we make when given the choice of right or wrong defines us.
Seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit is part of a spiritually productive life.
“A heart without selfish borders creates a willingness to pursue supernatural goals...” (p.58)
Open our heart to receive God’s daily support and strength.

One of the points that I highlighted for myself was that there is a difference between being busy, even in church activities, and actually being spiritually effective for God. Indeed, Alan Bollock also had this easily acquired problem arise in his life. For him, God sent Don Wilkerson, brother to Dave, to tell him, “...you have substituted the work of the Lord for the presence of the Lord.” Wow! In today’s world where we all hurry and scurry to do everything, even good works, God sends the message that He would rather spend some personal time with us than having us do all the other things that take up our time. Just as Martha was told when Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, we need to seek His presence to allow Him to guide us.

Bullock discovered when he was still small that Superman was really just an actor and had no real powers. Now he knows the One who can do and does do all things! Bullock declares that in the year 2100 we--the church--must be a spiritual superhuman church.

Will you be a great person of God in that church?

If you have or want to say “yes,” then Potential for Greatness: Tapping into God’s Reservoir of Unlimited Possibilities by Alan Bullock is a Must-Read for you Now!

G. A. Bixler


  1. Busy as opposed to spiritually effective - I think you nailed it there!

  2. Indeed Diane...too many of us think that keeping busy is something like a mandate--it isn't! I learned that the hard way while working and wound up taking an emergency medical leave...I think I may have learned this via experience rather than God having to send me a messenger!

    Thanks for your feedback!


  3. From the Author:

    Hi Glenda,

    Calvary Greetings!

    Thank you for your excellent review – you have a way with the pen. An obvious gift from our Heavenly Father.

    God bless and have a great weekend.

    Alan Bullock