Monday, November 23, 2009

Review: Second in Choices Trilogy - Wow!

Choices Meant For Gods
Book II of the Choices Trilogy
By Sandy Lender
ArcheBooks Publishing
ISBN: 9781595072191
558 Pages

Being born with an amethyst near the corner of your right eye is fascinating--at least it was to me! Of course, being especially marked, the child, Amanda Chariss, was also given the responsibility to be the future Protector of The Master, Rothahn, who is the highest active god from Mahriket.

Where is Mahriket? Well, it's in the northeast part of Onweald...

Which is the world created by Sandy Lender for her Choices Trilogy. In Choices Meant for Gods, a royal wedding has just taken place between Jake Taiman and Tiatha Wold, daughter of the emperor, and, already, Tiatha has been kidnapped! It had all been foretold, but as blood flowed within the castle, she had been taken. Chariss was near but she was forced to hide Kaylin, Jake's little sister, when she fainted, hearing what the men were doing to hurt Tiatha. Chariss could not take the chance that they would do the same to Kaylin!

And then Chariss had a vision from The Ultimate One and learned that the marriage between Jake and Tiatha had to be denounced. Doing the right thing and informing Jake of this only led him to escape the guards that had been his and run away to find Tiatha. Chariss knew that he would not return for the needed denouncement!

Only, then, the same thing happened to Chariss on the supposed day of her wedding! It was stopped, however, before it could take place!

So, what is happening in Onweald? You might have guessed already, especially if you read the first book in the trilogy. Julette happened! Julette is an ancient sorceror and goddess who is out to take over the realm of The Master Rothahn. She has been successful in casting a spell that has taken most of the magical abilities away from those in Onweald; however, the Ultimate One is with Chariss and has named her as Goddess of War, in addition to her responsibility for protecting The Master.

Because of the loss of geasa, Chariss and The Master are forced to seek assistance from neighboring countries and embark on a trip to discover which armies can be acquired. However, on that trip, Julette attacks the small group. The Master is sent off alone to seek safety while the others fight...and Chariss is captured by Drake...a sorcerer who is interested in her for a more personal reason!

Sandy Lender has created an outstanding trilogy that will grab you hard and take you back in time when the honor of a maiden is a high priority while at the same time, she is called upon to lead an army in defense of her country. The relationship between Chariss and Nigel, her intended, is fun and teasing, especially after you learn his secret!

Only problem? Sandy gets readers turning page after page in the highest point of the book, and then forces us to wait for the final book, Choices Made For All! Ahhhhh well, surely she knows that anybody that is caught, is going to be begging and demanding the final!

So....where is it Sandy?! I've read Choices Meant for Kings by you, Sandy Lender...And I need to find out what happens! NOW please...

Readers...don't start reading unless you want to get caught in Onweald too!

G. A. Bixler

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  1. Well hello there! Google Alerts just rang in to tell me some note was out here...and look what fantastic words I find! Thank you for the lovely review of Choices Meant for Kings. I'm honored! Yes, readers are demanding the third book now. It's on its way...You can friend me on facebook or follow me on twitter to be sure you see the announcement when it hits the shelves. I'll shout it from the rooftops, you know.
    Thank you again! This is a lovely surprise!
    From Sandy Lender
    "Some days, you just want the dragon to win."