Monday, November 2, 2009

Review: I'm Raving About Social Networking for Authors by Michael Volkin!

Social Networking for Authors:
Untapped Possibilities For Wealth
By Michael Volkin
Volkin Associates
ISBN: 9780615299853
127 Pages

Michael Volkin “practices what he preaches” in his latest book Social Networking For Authors! I loved this book and his complementary web site! I even had a short and immediate online chat with the author...

As a book reviewer, authors often look upon me as an individual who will help them work miracles—to sell their books. I believe a review helps; however, if nobody ever reads that review, it won’t help in the sales process. It is the author who sells, and I firmly believe that one of the most important opportunities for authors is through the Internet Social Networking activities.

Authors, this book may be just the one for you!

But, really, anybody who is in sales will benefit from this book (See, Michael, I’ve already started learning from your book and see the potential!)

Michael uses selling books via social networking as the method by which he shares much on social networking. I’ve been helping authors in small ways to do that for a number of years, so I must highlight that I learned new possibilities on many, many pages. For instance, at one site where I’ve been a fairly active member, Volkin highlighted a section/process that I didn’t even know about! I also immediately joined two sites based upon the description in the book.

Volkin’s book contains a chapter on various sites. He starts by describing “Their Niche” and then goes on to explain how to use the site as a free marketing tool. Obviously not every site will be of interest to each author; however, I believe the method of his analysis will also be a training tool by which other present and future sites can be evaluated. Also, various readers will be considering the potential sites for different reasons. That is, as a book reviewer, I provide a service, so my activity is selling myself to show the assistance I provide authors, while the authors would be interesting in marketing their books!

I loved this book because one of Volkin’s premises is that you must have a primary web site upon which you are selling your product. He then proceeds to give methods by which you begin to drive people to that web site...and, in writing his book, every single chapter gives you something to check out on that web site! He not only gets you there to his site, but he has used the tools he recommends to readers on his web site so that you can actually see it operationally as well as get specific directions on how to use it! Oh, be prepared, there is a charge for some additional information such as the videos—however, isn’t that the point of his book—and what you, the author, are trying to do!

I don’t rave about too many “how to” books, but this is one that I must say is a “must read” for anybody working online to promote books and other products. If you don’t have the creativity to imagine the possibilities, let Michael Volkin in Social Networking for Authors be the creative genius behind the innovative and common sense approaches for your future actions!

G. A. Bixler

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