Monday, November 23, 2009

Review: Mozart in the Future - Excellent Children's Christmas Present!

Mozart in the Future
By Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters
ISBN: 9783950280401
105 Pages

What a wonderfully fun story--Mozart in the Future is not just for children who are interested in music! Written by Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters, with beautiful illustrations by Pedro Caraca, the story can help children and parents realize and find a balance of activities in their lives.

I love children's books that take special care to provide appropriate and complementary covers, artwork and format. Indeed Mozart in the Future does that extremely well. For instance, instead of boring quotation marks for dialog, every line that shows somebody talking begins with a musical note - Isn't that Cool? And the young Mozart is simply precious, in my opinion.

Then you will meet The Spirit of Music, who comes first to Max, as a beautiful woman dressed in yellow, whose violet eyes and hair match! Max is a young boy who loves learning how to play the piano, but also wants to play with other children. However, his mother believes he is the next Mozart and must constantly practice! Until Max becomes ill and the doctor orders complete rest. It was during this time that The Spirit visited!

Because she actually knew Mozart when he was a young boy--and guess what? Mozart had a very strict father who demanded the same thing from him--constant practice! And Mozart had never had an opportunity to have a friend or play, just for the fun of it!

Until The Spirit of Music brought Mozart into the future!

Can you imagine what two small boys might get into when they meet for the first time, having had no time to play, or have a close friend? Can you imagine what Mozart, especially, must have been thinking when he saw all the magical inventions that were now available? Well, you really don't have to imagine--Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters, in Mozart in the Future tells us about Mozart watching TV for the first time, about his seeing an escalator, etc.

But Mozart has a whole life of creating beautiful, wonderful music! How is he going to get back home, into his own time?

You know what? I was having just as much fun reading this book, as you and your children will have! Yes, this is a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas for any child, from say, 6 to 96! Bring a little music into the lives of your children... You're going to love this one, just as much as I did! Don't let this one go without checking it out!

G. A. Bixler

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