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Thanks to Karen E. Dabney, Spotlighted Author!

Karen Dabney is ending the month by sharing several of  poems from her book...

This Gift

This gift does not appear to be much,

When compared to dress, dolls and such.

But within these pages, you shall surely find,

The ingredients to help develop your mind.

And as you grow older, you will resort to it more,

For the pursuit of knowledge is an ever-widening door.

Skeptics may scorn the above remark,

Let those non-believers remain perpetually in the dark.

Ignorance is theirs to be forever nourished in their breast,

For they will never know or envision life at its best.

Time alone will prove the accuracy of these statements, my dear.

The all-powerful human mind is indeed The Last Frontier.

Hayes G. Dabney, Sr., Esq., 1964

My Child

My child is my hope.

I keep him safe from dope.

I hug him everyday,

And bless him when I pray.

He's growing very strong,

And he knows right from wrong.

He is great company.

I raise him to be free.

The Magic Pencil, a novel for young adults.

Join Malcolm Bakersfield in his quest to learn the secret to the power of the pencil!

Meet his mysterious friend, Nia, who started it all!

Discover Malc's and your hidden powers!

By the way, in answer to the question you asked during our interview:

stream of consciousness- the conscious experience of an individual regarded as a continuous, flowing series of ideas and images running through the mind. The American Heritage Dictionary.

Karen, Book Readers Heaven has had a wonderful time learning more about you and your book this month. Many wishes for success with The Magic Pencil...and the next book in this series!

Review: New Children's Book, Share from the Heart, Great for Easter Baskets!

Share from the Heart

Story and Illustrations
By Marilyn Randall
Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781450041928
21 Pages

Have you met Peter? He’s an adorable dragon—without any friends! While he breathes fire and can make you afraid, he really won’t hurt you! He’s just a little different...

Meet Peter in Share from the Heart, the children’s story written and illustrated by Marilyn Randall. And even more delightful is that the story is in poetic form that will be fun reading by both children and their parents!

Two brothers, who lived all alone, were out one day when they came upon Peter. Of course, they didn’t know his name—all they knew was that he was a big monster who growled and smelled bad, especially his breath. But, really, he couldn’t help that since he breathed fire through his snout and his teeth were all red!

Fear was not something that the boys had known before they met Peter and they didn’t want him to know that they lived all alone. In fact, all they wanted to do was run, but the dragon was coming closer and he realized they were afraid:

“Boys, I’m not going to hurt you, I wouldn’t do that.
I want to get to know you and that’s the only fact.
I want to help you find more joy in your life,
And I know all the secrets that might make it right.”
But the boys weren’t so easily over their fright! Would you be, if you met a dragon tonight?

How about it, boys and girls—are you afraid to meet kids different from you? Do you shy away from somebody who is bigger and strange? Then, Marilyn Randall has written this book for you! She wants you to know that if you share from your heart—that is, that if you open up and talk or smile at others you don’t know, you just might find that that “dragon” will become one of your best friends!

The fully illustrated book is 8 ½ by 11 with over 12 half or full-page pictures of Peter, the brothers and their home. When Peter is not breathing fire, you will see that he is as cute as can be and that he carries his heart right out front, looking for new friends! The story is simply told and the rhyming will be fun, so read to the younger kids until they are old enough to read the story to you! And don’t be surprised if they ask to read about Peter the Dragon over and over. In fact, he sure would make a nice addition to your Easter baskets or birthday package! 

This teaching book will help kids learn about sharing with other kids they will meet during their school years. I applaud Share from the Heart by Marilyn Randall and recommend you introduce your children to Peter very soon! Click above to link over to Amazon or click on the article title to visit Marilyn Randall's site!

G. A. Bixler

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Review: 2nd in MPire Trilogy by T. L. James - Fascinating!

Thr first horsemanImage via Wikipedia
The MPire: Death Cometh
The Mpire:
Death Cometh

By T. L. James
Five Star Publishing
281 Pages

It is an exciting world of sex, power and greed in which the Haulm Mpire reigns. It is also a world of fear, sexual abuse, and murder. The question regarding T. L. James’ Trilogy, though, is--is it fantasy or based on today’s reality...

Readers will be quickly pulled into the world created by James. The world of power where the Haulm Mpire is the “front” for the Four Horsemen, who, as you may know, control War, Pestilence, Famine...and Death. This second book moves closely into the life of Mallory Towneson Haulm, who has just rejoined his family to assume his role as Death.

Many surprises await readers of this second in a trilogy! You should know that the novels are “R” and definitely for mature readers. You should also be aware that the fantasy conceived by the author is well beyond the “norm.” I am fascinated with her ideas and wonder where she will wander before she finishes her books!

You see, sex is the primary driving force in the Mpire. Evil has invaded all realms of the world and is now in control. Husbands are involved with their brothers’ wives; fathers sexually abuse their sons; still others do not claim the children that they created.

For Mallory, it seems that his entire life has been one lie after another, one betrayal after another. Only one love remains true—his worst enemy!

According to the rules of the Mpire, Mallory was forced to wed a woman he did not love. But Stacy soon became pregnant, although Mallory knew he was sterile. Who was the baby’s father and why did Mallory finally accept the child?

But he would not accept Stacy as his wife... He had found his first love again and was doing everything possible, including creating special rooms in which they could meet, for them to be together. But the energy that it took was draining Mallory and others began to notice and wonder where he was and what he was doing...

Of course, one of the things they noticed was that Mallory’s “quota” was falling behind. Being questioned by his brothers placed Mallory in a rage, until he began to sing, “One glad morning when this life is over... I’ll fly away... and by September 12th, his soul collection was complete!

His family was not happy at his creating a man-made catastrophe that took souls that were not yet to be taken! And it had been right in the middle of a major community of humanity that would never overlook what had occurred!

Mallory was out of control; his family was afraid of what could happen next. But nothing that they could have conceived was worse than what finally happened. And nobody wanted the true story to be told!

Would the family continue following what fate had placed in their paths?

These books are not for the weak of heart. Be prepared for the unimaginable and you just might be able to accept what is said...but you would never have thought of it! T. L. James in, The Mpire: Death Cometh will startle you with her imaginative creations in this Trilogy like no other! Do you dare to seek out those who are members of The Mpire?

Be brave and you may just be one of those readers, like me, who will be looking for the next book to find out what could possibly happen next!

G. A. Bixler

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Review Coming Soon for The Longbridge Decision!



(GLEN ROCK, New Jersey, March 17, 2010) — Set against a fermenting background of political and moral corruption that begins beneath the lone star of the Texas capitol building and stretches all the way to the office of the President, The Longbridge Decision — a frighteningly plausible, lightning-paced thriller — reveals an alarming and chilling vision of a theocratic America that is just one decision short of becoming a reality.

Imagine a nationally known, charismatic televangelist who brings a struggling Texas politician under his spell — and all the way to the White House. As first one, two and then three vacancies mysteriously appear on the nation’s highest court, the new President looks to his mentor for help in filling them in time for the Court’s historic spring docket — one with an unprecedented number of cases that could potentially transform the constitutional landscape.

Into this political cauldron comes the murder of a senior partner in Wall Street’s oldest and most prestigious law firm. A disgruntled associate, the beautiful and coldly ambitious Mayson Corelli, the victim of the deceased partner’s sexual harassment, immediately becomes the primary murder suspect. A most unlikely savior comes to Mayson’s rescue — Tyler Waddill, another firm associate, and the biggest remaining obstacle to her career advancement. As the ink dries on Mayson’s arrest warrant, the pair flee New York, and trigger a national manhunt.

Robert M. (“Buster”) Brown, Jr’s debut novel explores what would happen if a highly charismatic TV evangelist — at the height of his power and influence — were to succeed in bringing under his spell a struggling politician who gets elected Governor and then President. It’s a thrilling ride for anybody with a foot in the legal or political arenas and for readers of legal thrillers, literary romances and general mysteries.

Martin Clark, acclaimed author of Plain Heathen Mischief and The Legal Limit writes: The Longbridge Decision is a well written, absolutely entertaining book, and Robert Brown is a writer every bit as skilled as David Baldacci or James Lee Burke. This is a dandy fine first novel, no doubt about it.”

A practicing attorney for more than 30 years, Brown is well known for sneaking into the office on weekends to write his fiction. His novels (he has several more under consideration) feature young, bright and attractive attorneys caught in the kind of sinister webs of unique, life-threatening dilemmas that test both their intellect and their moral character. A native of Roanoke, Virginia, he currently lives in Newport News, with his wife Anne Waddill Brown and their son, Mason.

“He may have established his professional bona fides in courts of law, but Robert “Buster” Brown, Jr., a true Virginia Gentleman, makes his bones as a storyteller with The Longbridge Decision . . . He shows a little leg often enough to keep you guessing and then surprises you with each new turn of events. If you can envision a sordid conspiracy on a grand scale, with a brutal chase that will almost take your breath away, then I heartily recommend The Longbridge Decision.” —Former U.S. Senator Charles S. Robb

Into this political cauldron comes the murder of a senior partner in Wall Street’s oldest and most prestigious law firm. A disgruntled associate, the beautiful and coldly ambitious Mayson Corelli, the victim of the deceased partner’s sexual harassment, immediately becomes the primary murder suspect. A most unlikely savior comes to Mayson’s rescue — Tyler Waddill, another firm associate, and the biggest remaining obstacle to her career advancement. As the ink dries on Mayson’s arrest warrant, the pair flee New York, and trigger a national manhunt.

Robert M. (“Buster”) Brown, Jr’s debut novel explores what would happen if a highly charismatic TV evangelist — at the height of his power and influence — were to succeed in bringing under his spell a struggling politician who gets elected Governor and then President. It’s a thrilling ride for anybody with a foot in the legal or political arenas and for readers of legal thrillers, literary romances and general mysteries.

Martin Clark, acclaimed author of Plain Heathen Mischief and The Legal Limit writes:

“The Longbridge Decision is a well written, absolutely entertaining book, and Robert Brown is a writer every bit as skilled as David Baldacci or James Lee Burke. This is a dandy fine first novel, no doubt about it.”

$26.95 • (548 pages) •
9 x 6 • Trade Paperback •
ISBN: 978-0-9790661-5-3
Publication date: May 2010

For further information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Gail Kearns,

About the Author:

Novelist Robert M. “Buster” Brown, Jr. has been a practicing attorney for more than 30 years — almost as long as he has been sneaking into the office on weekends to write fiction. “Writing is more than the cure for my intellectual restlessness,” he says. “More also than the object of my mind’s incessant wanderings. It is my raison d’etre.”

Over the years he has written 17 novels while he practiced law and, for a lengthy interval, managed a large regional bank’s personal trust division. Today he is a founding partner of Brown & Supler, The Village Lawyers, PLC in Newport News, Virginia, which specializes in trust litigation and expert witness, wills and trusts, and business and elder law.

Mr. Brown ‘s novels focus primarily on the characters and subject matter with which he is most familiar: lawyers and their compelling legal dramas. Young, bright and attractive attorneys caught in the sinister web of unique, life-threatening dilemmas that test both their intellect and their moral character inhabit his tales. Think John Grisham meets Mary Higgins Clark with a touch of pure Brownian romanticism.

Mr. Brown lives in Newport News, Virginia with his wife, Anne Waddill Brown, and their son, Mason.
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You've Seen Her Book--Now Learn a Little About Karen Dabney and Her Writing Experiences!

Book Readers Heaven has been proud to spotlight Karen E. Dabney this month! Now that you've learned more about her book, I've asked Karen to share about herself. and her writing..

Where are you from?  Detroit, MI

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

When I was first able to talk, I started drawing pictures and then begin to tell stories through them, making them up as I talked, so,  naturally, I have always felt I am a writer. I had no other choice, I think! I always had the desire, but I didn’t really appreciate my ability until I learned to be inner-directed regarding it—didn’t need to feel anyone’s approval to know that I am an excellent writer.

Your first book was a children’s book,

Yes, The Magic Pencil!
The Magic Pencil

do you plan to continue in that area or move into others?

As far as I can remember, my first books were for children. I have one I wrote and illustrated (over and over) when I was 14. I am working on new illustrations for it. It’s taking some time because I don’t want to make them too detailed or too simplistic. It needs approximately 125 illustrations. My first self-published book is called Necessary Roughness. It’s a poetry book for adults. I drew the cover, laid out the type and made photocopies of it. Came out pretty nice. I will do a revision with additional poems I have written. I am trying to turn a short story into a screenplay (or play?). I am envisioning sequels to The Magic Pencil but the next storyline hasn’t revealed itself as yet!

You say you self-published Necessary Roughness. Perhaps you'd be willing to share several of those poems before you leave us and tell us more about it! Where do your ideas and subjects come from?

My observations; from all of my senses. For an example, I wrote The Magic Pencil because I wanted to uplift and guide youth and to spotlight African American Vernacular English (aka Ebonics) with demonstrating code-switching and allowing people to view AAVE as a legitimate language. I can go anywhere in the US (and I’m sure most of the world) and find somebody who’ll know what am talkin bout.

 Indeed you would. I think we all use a shorter and/or colloquial language to a great extent and I've enjoyed a number of other books where Ebonics was used as part of the dialogue. To me it lends a reality to the storytelling that I enjoy.

Obviously writing came naturally to you from your childhood storytelling experiences...Yes, it comes naturally to me...

or do you have to work on it? Of course I still work on it! Writing comes from my life, from other people...from everything, so I'm constantly thinking in my head about a story to tell!

Did you go to school for writing?

No. But I always felt that my writing was great! I’ve attended two workshops I had to compete for in 2005 (Voices of Our Nation’s Arts, VONA in 2005 and the Hurston/Wright Foundation in 2009) and before them I worked as a volunteer for my city’s public relations department in order to have some official evidence of my skills when I was in my early twenties. The boss and staff thought highly of my work. I began to do freelance writing then.How many different drafts of a manuscript do you go through before you publish? I don’t go through many drafts but I do an immense amount of editing because I like to write in the stream-of-conciousness style.

How wonderful to have that self-confidence. I know that I can write, but I'm really not a storyteller, and here you are looking for what your next book will be about!

I believe The Magic Pencil will become a successful series!

How many different drafts of a manuscript do you go through before you publish?

I don’t go through many drafts but I do an immense amount of editing because I like to write in the stream-of-conciousness style.

OK, that's the second time you've said "stream-of-conciousness style."  For those of us who aren't quite sure what that means...tell us more soon! So...what kind of environment do you prefer when you’re writing?

It depends on how I am feeling. But I like to be able to do it whenever I wish and to be comfortable in front of my computer.

What is your favorite part and least favorite part about being a writer?

My fav is when I am “in the zone” and my least fav is when I lose something I wrote that I felt was excellent. Just last night I didn’t properly save the draft of a nice long passage to publish to my blog and had a fit. One time, I did an all day marathon of poetry (about 50 poems) and accidentally deleted all but one. I was so upset I didn’t even think to click the undo button.

That's happened to me many years ago...once you lose something major like that, you do tend to remember to save, save, save! LOL  Does your story/subject change direction after you have begun writing it?

If I allow it to go where it seems to want to go and don’t rein it in to a particular path.

How do you become knowledgeable about the topic you want to write about?

Research it and try to experience what I can about it. Talk it over with knowledgeable folk.

What do you do when you get stuck in writing? Take a break. Usually a short one.

Who were the people or person that inspired you to write?

There are so many I can’t name just a few. I am still inspired by anyone or anything. The writer being famous has nothing to do with my being inspired, nor does it have to be a written item.

What has been your favorite story/subject that you have written about and why?

The Magic Pencil, so far. I like getting into children’s heads and inspiring them. I like making them laugh too!

What tips do you have for aspiring writers? To read as much as they can and to write as much as they can.

Have you ever wanted to quit? What did you do when that thought struck you?  It hasn’t.

Somehow I knew you were going to say that! Where do you see yourself and your writing in 10 years?

Living the way I want to with plenty of space and freedom to write and create visual art. I also imagine being a mentor to other creatives.

I think you are already a mentor to many of us online! What are you working on now?

My blog, my illustrations for my (40 year old) children’s book and promoting my children’s novel.

What projects do you have for the future?

Other than what I’ve mentioned above, not much else is concrete. I believe I will have to keep writing poetry and play with ideas about what to write next. I occasionally scribble some down and save them for future projects.
What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment to date?

As far as writing is concerned, completing and self-publishing my novel The Magic Pencil.

Do you belong to any interest groups? Presently the National Conference of Artists and the Motown Writers’ Network.

Can we find you anywhere online? Where? I'm also on Facebook, Gather and several other social sites, getting to know people...

How do you feel about social site marketing, is it beneficial to your present marketing?

I enjoy it but I need to be more subtle with my promotion techniques and become a bit more social because no one wants to see you pushing something on them all the time! It has been great for Internet exposure!

Now, that's not entirely true, even though you may feel that way right now since your book is out. If you'll recall, I met you on years ago and we got to know each other fact, you contacted me to give me an important suggestion regarding my book reviews... And I still think of you more as Nyota! (Folks, you'll have to ask her about that name, which has a beautiful interpretation!)

Karen, thanks so much for talking with us today...I hope you don't mind my request for a followup and maybe a few poems, if you're willing...LOL... I'm looking forward to seeing what magic that pencil gets into next time!

Friday, March 26, 2010

CIA Veteran Andre LeGallo Talks the Talk in New Novel - Review Coming Soon!

Porter Goss, former CIA director and President...Image via Wikipedia

"A tale of intrigue too frightening to believe - and too believable to ignore. But you had better believe it, because Le Gallo is the real thing."

Porter Goss, former Director of the CIA, from his introduction.

The CaliphateCIA Veteran Who Has Walked the Walk Now Talks the Talk in Novel that Springs from Today’s News Headlines

 San Rafael – March 5, 2010 - Le Gallo takes us from Ian Fleming’s Cold War tales to realistic 21st century espionage in a whirlwind adventure that will change the politics of the Middle East for ever.

The Caliphate by André Le Gallo was released by Dorchester Publications on January 26, 2010. A business trip takes Steve Church into a world threatened by a radical Muslim group that will stop at nothing, including assassination, to restore the Caliphate, the global Muslim empire of the faith’s early years. Barely escaping separate attempts on their lives, Steve and Kella Hastings, the North African-born adopted daughter of an American diplomat spurn the overly bureaucratic CIA and its French equivalent to stop the terrorists from imposing their medieval values.

Terrorist leader Tariq al Khalil plans to reconquer the lands of the Caliphate from the states bordering the Sahara, as the Prophet initially conquered his empire starting from the sands of Arabia. However, to revive popular support and funding from wealthy patrons, he turns toward the Zionist entity, a more lucrative target. The Mossad, which has a spy in the heart of the extremist organization, the CIA and the French all lose track of Al Khalil’s plans, giving the terrorists running room. Fortunately, Steve has his own penetration of al Khalil’s group and he follows al Khalil’s tracks. Using Unmanned Air Vehicles, al Khalil captures a secret military installation in Israel, giving him control of Israel’s last gasp weapon with which he threatens to destroy the capitals of Middle East regimes it deems apostate.

The lives of millions now depend on Steve and Kella who are al Khalil’s hostages in an underground Israeli bunker.

Available in bookstores, at or at

CIA Veteran Andre LeGallo

About the Book:

The Caliphate by André Le Gallo
ISBN 10: 0843963050 / ISBN 13: 9780843963052
Publisher: Dorchester Publications
Date of publish: January 26, 2010
Pages: 362
SRP: $7.99

About the Author:

André Le Gallo is a veteran of several coups, a war and a revolution. Under cover and accompanied by his (real) bride and family, he operated in all the countries of The Caliphate during a distinguished thirty-year career with CIA’s elite Directorate of Operations, today’s National Clandestine Service. He was Chief of Station in four countries managing counterintelligence, covert action, and special operations. He was also the National Intelligence Officer for Counterterrorism, the one-stop-shop of US intelligence on terrorism.

Following his CIA career, Le Gallo served as a Vice President for an energy company with a presence in over thirty countries, was a Visiting Scholar at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, was President of the Association for Intelligence Officers’ San Francisco chapter, and is active in supporting wounded veterans. He resides in Northern California with his wife Cathy.

The book’s main character, Steve Church, is modeled on Le Gallo’s son, Christopher, who was killed in a plane crash at the age of 33.


André Le Gallo,,

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency of the...
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U.S. History Changed by Antonio? Review Coming Soon!

Antonio Meucci represents an unlikely story in American history. Having come of age in Florence, Italy, he immigrated to America by way of Cuba, where he lived for many years and where he worked with the Italian Opera Company. Familiar with telegraphy, wherein intelligence (information) was being transmitted through a wire, he proposed to transmit human voice through the same type of wire. Having come to New York, and having established several kinds of business, he experimented with his telettrofono (electric phone). Satisfied with the results of having transmitted voice intelligence from one end to the other end of copper wire, Meucci applied for a patent and received a caveat instead. A. Graham Bell, however, received a patent for a similar invention. Now, finally, after more than 160 years, Meucci is being vindicated: 1) A Silver and Bronze Medal were struck by The Italian American Bicentennial Society. 2. The Meucci-Garibaldi Museum has been established in New York. 3. The US Postal Services has published a commemorative stamp, and, 4. The 107th Congress of the United States resolved to recognize Meucci as the inventor of the telephone.

About the Author

Sandra Meucci, Ph.D. lives in the Pacific Northwest where she works as a researcher and writer. On hearing that Antonio Meucci was the inventor of the telephone, at first she rejected that claim. In view of newly discovered inforamtion, she has now changed her mind.

The Electric Scream--The Man Who Invented the Telephone

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: New Cozy Mystery Author, Amanda Flower's Book Out in June!

Maid Of Murder

By Amanda Flower
Five Star Publishing
281 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-59414-864-4

Publication Date 6/16/10

Amanda Flower certainly picked out the right publishing company for her “Five Star” Cozy Mystery, Maid of Murder. Plan on taking this fun novel, due out in June, with you on vacation or for a weekend you plan to “gift” to yourself!

I guarantee you’ll not only enjoy the whodunit, you’ll also be smiling often as you enjoy the characters, including two fighting felines and a nosy neighbor.

This is an India Hayes mystery, which, to me, means that we can plan on meeting her again in the future. Let me warn you now, India doesn’t get along too well with her parents, who have never grown old enough to give up picketing for any cause that comes along. In fact, when India’s brother is accused of the murder, they picketed!

Let me tell you a little about Mark. When India was a child, she became friends with Olivia Blocken and therefore Mark was around them quite often. Mark fell in love with Olivia early in their lives; however, Olivia never returned his feelings, although she never actually spurned him totally. However, when she comes back to her hometown to marry, she not only asked India to serve as a bridesmaid, but finds that Mark still loves her and wants to convince her not to proceed with the wedding.

Olivia agrees to meet to talk to Mark, but is murdered immediately before that meeting. In fact, Mark finds her in a water fountain display on the Martin College campus where both he and India works, he pulls her out and works to save her life! Naturally, he quickly becomes a prime suspect, is arrested, and India finds herself trying to solve the murder!

Town-gown issues and family problems abound—Mark is suspended and India’s job is being threatened because her parents have been picketing on campus. India also finds out just how much Olivia’s family disliked her family, finally being kicked out of the house by Mrs. Blocken.

Little by little India pulls together evidence to help clear Mark; and even if she doesn’t immediately share it with the police investigator, Detective Mains, she sees him enough to realize that he just may be interested in her. Well, after all, she’s been a bridesmaid six times, so she can’t afford not to notice!

The whole storyline worked for me. It took me back to the politics on a college campus, had a couple of fascinating cats as delightful characters, and a promise of romance for India in the future. The parents in the story were real—hateful and funny, respectively. I’m already looking forward to seeing the Hayes family in action in the next book.

This is a series I suggest that you start right at the beginning. If my review sounds like your kind of cozy mystery, then "Trackle" Amanda Flower today so that you’ll receive notice when Maid of Murder is out this June! A promising first book! Highly recommended!

(Visit Amanda's Site by clicking title of this article...)

G. A. Bixler

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Readers Heaven Reviewer Selects 2009 Best Book Series Read!

Guardians of Immortal TruthGuardians of the Immortal RealmsGuardians of Immortal UnityThe GuardianGuardians of Immortal LifeGuardian of an Immortal SoulGuardians of Immortal DestinyGuardians of Immortal HumanityAgain, this is just for fun...but with some excellent book recommendations for you!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal books were all secondary to my love for mystery and suspense until I met Ruby Moon-Houldson online. Her first book that I reviewed was for her Angel Series, which I thoroughly enjoyed and have since read alll three of those books...

More Than Angels: Once Upon a DreamMore Than AngelsMore Than Angels: Once Upon a LifetimeMystery/Suspense

However, it was the Guardian Series that literally pulled me into the fantasy realm as a fan! I've also read several of her delightful single books in fantasy, romance,, however, her series books, for me, were so memorable.  I loved every single one of the books and am urging her to continue the Guardian Series! Right now, I'm reviewing the manuscript for Book 10! Each book I read, I always think that she can't surpass it, but she continues to amaze me! Ruby's creativity in the science fiction/fantasy has wholeheartedly found this fan.

I read The Guardian Series in one long marathon for the first nine books including Guardians of Immortal Faith which is not yet available... 

Click on any book to head to Amazon to learn more about these great series...Read My reviews there too!
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Book Readers Heaven Reviewer Selects 2009 Best Book Read!

Rooms: A NovelJust for fun...

I've selected my favorite books read during case anybody is interested...LOL

I know, I know...I'm not giving any prizes, but, if you want several recommendations, you just want to consider:

Best Book Read in 2009 - Check out My Review!

One of the Perks of being a book reviewer is that you get to review books way in advance! I read Rooms last year through Net Galley! NOW I have the book via Amazon since I wanted the final copy...It has a beautiful cover and will hold a special place on my permanent library shelf!

It is available! You'll be very sorry if you miss this one! In my opinion...
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Next...series books...