Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review: I Celebrated "Read An EBook Week" with Las Vegas Chew Toy!

Las Vegas Chew Toy

By Laura L. Alton
Fireside Mysteries
An Imprint of Cyberwizard
ISBN: 9780982135266
179 Pages

Did you know that we just completed "Read an Ebook Week"? Did you read one? I did--and thoroughly enjoyed it! Laura Alton's new cozy mystery, Las Vegas Chew Toy, was not only suspenseful but it was also fun to read.

Kayla Ann Dailee is a local veterinarian who not only has a practice, but also provides support for the local police when needed, and has recently taken additional training to qualify as an animal behavioral expert. What that means, in this mystery, is that she somehow managed to be in the right place at the right time, or should I say, the wrong place, because she also became obsessed with proving the innocence of, and saving Amy!

Amy is the accused in the case of not one, but two murders!

Perhaps I should say that Amy is a beautiful puma, who was saved when she was young, even though she lost one of her forelegs, and was provided a loving home with, supposedly, her first victim.

In fact, Kayla and the police really didn't believe Amy was involved, even though those who had been killed had claw marks at their throats.

But figuring out who did the murders was not so easy. For an animal activist had helped Amy escape, yet she was the one who was later killed in the same manner! And local people really weren't concerned whether or not she was guilty--only that she was on the loose and could possibly be dangerous...

Sure, there were other people involved--two were local police Detective Kelly as well as the Animal Control Director, who both just happened to be handsome men who were interested in getting to know Kayla better. Somehow that resulted in their helping her rather than the other way around!

Why is it women tend to think they can solve a problem, but they don't take the time to worry about their own safety? For when Kayla was getting close to solving everything, she just drove out to meet the man she thought was guilty! Duh! I have a feeling she's going to be another Angela Lansbury in this series!

Las Vegas Chew Toy has got a little bit for everybody. Teens will enjoy the animals and the work to find and save Amy as well as the behavioral sessions with several dogs who have a very indulgent owner. Those looking for a little romance will enjoy the exchanges between Kayla and the two men involved in the mystery. Quilters will enjoy the quick trip to a quilt show and how it helped Kayla solve the mystery!

Mystery lovers will enjoy the manner in which Laura Alton put all the clues together so that readers could sit back with a cup of tea and slowly help solve the case! This is a great story and highly recommended to cozy mystery lovers, like myself!

G. A. Bixler

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