Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Responsive Poetry - Poet Thomas Kemp...and Moi!

I cannot sleep tonight
And the day went on forever.
When I first stopped today it was only noon
I was hoping my daydreams would surrender by then
Shamelessly I spent the entire morning hours with you
Was I unbearable to be with?
Did you enjoy breakfast and coffee in bed?
I had to have bored you by dinner time…
Your perfume still on my fingertips each time I took a bite.
The music from the movie playing was an inauguration for my desires.
So I ask...When will you be home?

Thomas Kemp/poet

I will be home each time you call
Your words always touch me, make me want
But now I only think of you,
Just every other day...
You see, there must be trust
Before love lives forever...
I thought you loved me and then I knew
Your words are only memories
Of someone's else's love...
That I only wished were mine...


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