Monday, March 15, 2010

A Short Excerpt from The Magic Pencil by Karen Dabney!

Excerpt from

The Magic Pencil

a vehicle to drive youth toward self-esteem

by Karen E. Dabney © 2009


This story is about YoungStar Malcolm Bakersfield,

 his mysterious new classmate

 and a pencil that changes everything!

If you don’t understand him at first,

Try reading aloud then you’ll have a thirst.

‘Malc’ has something to say about everything,

Even if no one’s really listening.

You might agree with him or have a different view,

It’s OK wit him if it’s OK witchu!

Now, read his story, then you’ll see,

Malc’s a lot like all, us, we.

 Things are seldom what they seem--

once you see a pencil gleam!

Used With Permission...

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