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Review: 2nd in MPire Trilogy by T. L. James - Fascinating!

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The MPire: Death Cometh
The Mpire:
Death Cometh

By T. L. James
Five Star Publishing
281 Pages

It is an exciting world of sex, power and greed in which the Haulm Mpire reigns. It is also a world of fear, sexual abuse, and murder. The question regarding T. L. James’ Trilogy, though, is--is it fantasy or based on today’s reality...

Readers will be quickly pulled into the world created by James. The world of power where the Haulm Mpire is the “front” for the Four Horsemen, who, as you may know, control War, Pestilence, Famine...and Death. This second book moves closely into the life of Mallory Towneson Haulm, who has just rejoined his family to assume his role as Death.

Many surprises await readers of this second in a trilogy! You should know that the novels are “R” and definitely for mature readers. You should also be aware that the fantasy conceived by the author is well beyond the “norm.” I am fascinated with her ideas and wonder where she will wander before she finishes her books!

You see, sex is the primary driving force in the Mpire. Evil has invaded all realms of the world and is now in control. Husbands are involved with their brothers’ wives; fathers sexually abuse their sons; still others do not claim the children that they created.

For Mallory, it seems that his entire life has been one lie after another, one betrayal after another. Only one love remains true—his worst enemy!

According to the rules of the Mpire, Mallory was forced to wed a woman he did not love. But Stacy soon became pregnant, although Mallory knew he was sterile. Who was the baby’s father and why did Mallory finally accept the child?

But he would not accept Stacy as his wife... He had found his first love again and was doing everything possible, including creating special rooms in which they could meet, for them to be together. But the energy that it took was draining Mallory and others began to notice and wonder where he was and what he was doing...

Of course, one of the things they noticed was that Mallory’s “quota” was falling behind. Being questioned by his brothers placed Mallory in a rage, until he began to sing, “One glad morning when this life is over... I’ll fly away... and by September 12th, his soul collection was complete!

His family was not happy at his creating a man-made catastrophe that took souls that were not yet to be taken! And it had been right in the middle of a major community of humanity that would never overlook what had occurred!

Mallory was out of control; his family was afraid of what could happen next. But nothing that they could have conceived was worse than what finally happened. And nobody wanted the true story to be told!

Would the family continue following what fate had placed in their paths?

These books are not for the weak of heart. Be prepared for the unimaginable and you just might be able to accept what is said...but you would never have thought of it! T. L. James in, The Mpire: Death Cometh will startle you with her imaginative creations in this Trilogy like no other! Do you dare to seek out those who are members of The Mpire?

Be brave and you may just be one of those readers, like me, who will be looking for the next book to find out what could possibly happen next!

G. A. Bixler

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