Friday, March 19, 2010

Maid of Murder: An India Hayes Mystery Coming In June - Watch for My Review

Maid of Murder:

An India Hayes Mystery

Author: Amanda Flower

Front flap jacket blurb

India Hayes is a lot of things . . . starving artist who pays the rent as a college librarian, daughter of liberal activists, sister of an emotional mathematician, tenant of a landlady who has kissed the Blarney Stone one too many times, and a bridesmaid six times over. But she’s about to step into the most challenging role of her life: amateur sleuth.

Childhood friend and now knockout beauty, Olivia Blocken is back in town to wed her bodybuilder fiancĂ© with India a reluctant attendant . . . not just because the bridesmaid’s dress is a hideous mess, but because she’s betraying her brother. Mark still carries a torch for the bride who once broke his heart and sent his life into a tailspin.

When Olivia turns up dead in the Martin College fountain and the evidence points to Mark, India must unmask the real culprit while juggling a furious and grieving Mother of the Bride, an annoyingly beautiful Maid of Honor, a set of hippie-generation parents, the police detective who once dated her sister and is showing a marked liking for her, and a provost itching to fire someone, anyone—maybe even a smart-mouthed librarian.

India’s investigation leads her on a journey through childhood memories that she’d much rather have left in the schoolyard, but to avoid becoming the next victim, it is a path she must follow.

Maid of Murder is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud mystery set in an amusing world of academia. Readers will fall in love with India Hayes’s fierce loyalty and wit.


Ohio Author’s First Mystery a Novel Treat

Akron, OH – March 1, 2010 – Humor and wit abound in a new cozy mystery called Maid of Murder from first-time author Amanda Flower. The book, set to be released June 16, 2010, by Five Star Mystery/Gale Cengage Publishing, follows the misadventures of India Hayes, a librarian at a small college in Northeast Ohio. When India’s best childhood friend is murdered a week before her wedding, India’s mathematician brother is arrested for the crime.

As she sets about to prove her brother’s innocence, India also finds herself dealing with her protest-happy hippie parents, an Irish-centric neighbor who fears India is dating an Englishman, and a checking account emptied to purchase the most hideous gold bridesmaid gown India’s ever seen. These are just some of the trials India Hayes faces in Maid of Murder, her debut as an amateur sleuth.

Anthony award-winning author of the Amanda Pepper mystery series, Gillian Roberts, calls Maid of Murder, “a most welcome debut.”

Author Amanda Flower works as an academic librarian for a small college in Ohio’s Western Reserve. When she is not at the library or writing her next mystery, she is an avid traveler, aspiring to visit as much of the globe as she can. Recent trips have taken her to Slovakia, Ireland, and Israel. She lives and writes near Akron, OH.

Five Star Mystery is an imprint of Gale/Cengage and is a publisher of Library-Edition and Standard Print Original Fiction. Five Star books are regularly reviewed by Library Journal, Kirkus, and Booklist. Libraries can purchase through Five Star either individually or by standing order. Five Star titles are also sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders websites or can be order from any independent or chain bookstore.

Maid of Murder: An India Hayes Mystery
By Amanda Flower
Five Star Mystery/ Gale Cengage Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-59414-864-4
Release date: June 16, 2010

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  1. Very cool to read about a new author close to my own town. Thank you for the heads up! Another author I am waiting for a book release from is Evinda Lepins. She shares her life's experiences in her fiction novel, which I have to admit are very tragic and triumphant!

    It is really nice to be inspired by such creative and talented women authors.

  2. I agree Melissa, in fact, I'm quite partial to women authors, though that's more for my personal choices than with clients. Don't think I've heard the name Evinda Lepins, so thank you for the link...I'll go check her out!