Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review: Alma Hudson's Second Book Dedicated to Women Struggling With Domestic Violence...

The Trouble with


By Alma Hudson
Eloquent Books
ISBN: 9781608608003
105 Pages

Do you know the difference between a dream and a nightmare? Alma Hudson does! Her dream was shared with us in Checkered Fences. However, her second book, The Trouble With Change will speak to more readers. In today’s world, nightmares often occur more often than a beautiful dream, sad to say.

Hudson’s book is dedicated to all the women struggling with domestic violence...

The Introduction of her book reminded me of my favorite Psalm 121. Let me share just a few lines of these beautiful words:

I can’t help but lift up my head and look to the sky.
For above lies my one true love...
Here I stand through life’s changes and adversities.
This is my story of my first storm. (p. 1)

Sondra had won an academic scholarship for the University of Southern California. However, she soon realized that there were many more expenses than she had earlier considered. She was hungry most of the time. In fact, she met her neighbor Vick because he was hosting a party and she could smell the food and couldn’t pass it by. He quickly saw how fast she was eating and he offered her the key to his apartment, telling her to come over any time, cook and leave a plate for him since he came home late.

At first she refused, but then...well, that’s how it started... In fact, an offer of lunch also got her into another touchy situation where a man actually molested her but fortunately she was able to get away.

Months went past quickly as she and Vick settled into a routine; she cooking for him. However, Vick started coming home earlier and finally one evening tried to force her into having sex. When she refused, he apologized, bringing her flowers home. But a closer relationship did develop and they started dating and about a year later, he asked her to marry him. It was then that he brought up going home to Alabama, because his mother was scheduled to have surgery for glaucoma.

But Vick became a different person in Alabama...

His mother moved into the home of her parents and allowed Vick and Sondra to live in her home, especially during the surgery and recuperation. Interestingly, Sondra quickly became involved with Vick’s family and was quickly accepted and loved. But Vick quickly got into the same business there—prostitution, drugs, and drinking, which led to the first time he started beating Sondra. Soon she realized that he enjoyed violence as a part of sex.

One good thing came from their relationship. She gave birth to her beautiful daughter Patrice...

Only to have Vick begin to use Patrice to dominate Sondra even more, including having her guarded during his absences so she could not take Patrice and leave!

But Vick had never realized his wife was an intelligent, brave, and praying woman. Readers, I applaud this gutsy lady’s story! It’s one of those that you read and say, “You Go Girl!” Her ending may not be the same as yours, but if you are in a domestic violence situation, this book is a must-read! Alma Hudson’s The Trouble With Change will help you find the strength to do what you need to do. For all others readers, read this story based upon true life to find a wonderfully courageous woman and spend a little time getting to know her like I have. You’ll be glad you did!

G. A. Bixler

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