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Jesus was Not a White Man - So Why Do The White Supremacists Insist on Hate, Prejudice and Violence? "The Church Has No Color!" Celebrating Juneteenth!


The Church Has No Color!

It is hard not to be thinking about exactly what your basic beliefs entail these days, isn't it? Prior to the January 6th Insurrection, we routinely heard about the connection between the evangelical christians and the republican party/Trump. That seems to have changed recently? Could it be that somewhere along the line, the recognition of the violence incited--the hate and prejudice incited--by this man who had promised them a number of things... and left him alone to do the horrendous damage upon America that he did!

We are finding out more and more each day as the hearings on the Insurrection are being held and available on news stations across the world. We have seen the individual life stories of damage, of threats of harm or death made by or in this man's name... The President invited us here! We're here because Trump notified us of the time and location, telling us it was going to be "Wild!"

Illustrating its impact was shown just yesterday while the stories of the three generations of the Moss family were shared! The grandmother had so instilled the recognition when those who were Black were now allowed to vote that the child and grandchild became involved in the activities necessary to ensure the routine voting act was carried through... The grandchild even became a permanent employee in responding to those seeking information... That is, until Trump accused them publicly and the routine threats from white supporters of Trump took up their forked tongues to condemn the fact that they were "surely" doing something wrong if they showed no support in getting Trump reelected! It's a sad story, one that is illustrative of the many individuals who were forced into considering falsifying their work just because a president asked them to!

The fact that Trump is white...and that he was seen as the representative of all those who hate anybody who isn't, makes us all sit up and think! How could this man ever have been elected in the first place? Simple: He lies...and lies...and lies... so convincingly that for some, he was believed--perhaps because he was spewing the hateful vitriol that many seem to harbor, sadly.

Plus the fact that they apparently made a deal with the devil... He promised and fulfilled the appointment of conservative judges, which has brought about the evolution of so Many MORE HATEFUL OUTCOMES  THAN EVER COULD HAVE BEEN IMAGINED. All those things that had evolved to change limitations of governmental prejudice which were removed by the Constitution when it proclaimed that all should be treated equally...had slowly came about... Had it gone too far, I wondered? Yet, the millions that were no longer ostracized began to be legally able to live as others live. Could this be wrong?  

So, as I always do when confused, I started looking for more information.

For centuries, the most common image of Jesus Christ, at least in Western cultures, has been that of a bearded, fair-skinned man with long, wavy, light brown or blond hair and (often) blue eyes. But the Bible doesn’t describe Jesus physically, and all the evidence we do have indicates he probably looked very different from how he has long been portrayed.

What Does the Bible Say?

The Bible offers few clues about Christ’s physical appearance. Most of what we know about Jesus comes from the first four books of the New Testament, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. According to the Gospels, Jesus was a Jewish man born in Bethlehem and raised in the town of Nazareth, in Galilee (formerly Palestine, now northern Israel) during the first century A.D.

We know Jesus was about 30 years old when he began his ministry (Luke 3:23), but the Bible tells us virtually nothing about what he looked like―except that he didn’t stand out in any particular way. When Jesus was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane before the Crucifixion (Matthew 26:47-56) Judas Iscariot had to point Jesus out to his soldiers among the disciples―presumably because they all appeared similar to one another.

Consider watching: Jesus: His Life in HISTORY Vault


Most of us realize that Jesus was a Jew and grew up in the Jewish faith.
I found an interesting article about the consideration of whether those who are Jewish are "white..." 

Jeremy Shere: On the evening of August 11th, 2017, hundreds of white nationalist neo-Nazis and others associated with the far right gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee from a local park. Carrying flags with Nazi and Confederate symbols and brandishing torches, the protesters marched toward the park, chanting. [Sound of people chanting]

In case it's hard to make out, the marchers are chanting, “Jews will not replace us.” Now, like most people you were probably horrified by this brazen display of bigotry, antisemitism, and racial hatred. But for American Jews — at least for those born after World War II — the scene in Charlottesville was also surreal, as though a Nazi rally from an old black-and-white newsreel had sprung to life in full color in the present. Jews will not replace us? Who exactly is the “us”?

Eric Goldstein: The “us” is obviously some definition of white society that doesn't include the Jews...

So, I just have to ask...just who ARE those who choose hate toward anybody who is not like Trump--full of prejudice, bigotry, and violence... Where does it come from?

Certainly not from those Caucasians like me who not only accept Jesus as our Savior and the God of Love for all... Certainly not those who are Black and have suffered both in the past and as recently as during this fiasco thrown by Trump and his followers who lied about three Black women who chose to give their time celebrating the time when Blacks were first given the right to vote! And certainly not the Jewish people who are scorned by many who "choose" to hate by ethnic group. It certainly is not the Indigenous people, who are separated and left to try to make a living in whatever way they can... It certainly is not those who have immigrated into America and have become Americans who fight and have fought for our country... 

...For many scholars, Revelation 1:14-15 offers a clue that Jesus's skin was a darker hue and that his hair was woolly in texture. The hairs of his head, it says, "were white as white wool, white as snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace.”

“We don't know what [Jesus] looked like, but if all of the things that we do know about him are true, he was a Palestinian Jewish man living in Galilee in the first century,” says Robert Cargill, assistant professor of classics and religious studies at the University of Iowa and editor of Biblical Archaeology Review. “So he would have looked like a Palestinian Jewish man of the first century. He would have looked like a Jewish Galilean.”

READ MORE: Who Wrote the Bible? Is That Important to Us as we Consider the world today?

Remember the history of many who fled other lands for freedom of religion, only to, then, murder and steal the lands that Indigenous Americans had lived on for decades and perhaps even longer, and thought nothing of the violence they used in this effort? And, remember over the many years when America, through its constitution, welcomed the poor, the hungry, yearning to be free came to America...the land which continued to welcome? Well, many of those individuals came from countries where a State Religion had been declared... and they thought nothing, for instance, in Spain, to force conversion to Christianity...just... because... And history shows that it certainly wasn't because they shared the love of Jesus with all these people, so that they would, be given the choice to accept Jesus as their personal Savior...

Well, some of us...many of us...have been watching a certain segment of those who claim Christianity... become nothing but those who were the heads of authoritarian churches in Europe who followed a State Religion, often claiming that it was God's Will...? Yeah, even I, who know little about the actual details behind the facts of those days...still can see that America is now being tested! Are we the country who welcomed immigrants from all over the world, providing the freedom of religion that the constitution promised was the basis of America? .

Or, are we going to try to "Claim" that God really doesn't love anybody else but Christians.. And that those "people" therefore, should be in control of the government as well?! I live in Pennsylvania. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT SUPPORT A MAN WHO WAS INVOLVED WITH THE JANUARY 6TH INSURRECTION TO OVERTHROW THE 2020 ELECTION!

Personally, I think it is kinda ironic that the Democrat candidate for the position of Governor is from an active and involved Jewish Family with a proven track record in the State. So, some Christians want us to NOW hate the Jews, even though their own history acknowledge that Jewish people were favored of God?

But isn't that the issue...Some Christians quote from a Bible, those parts that can be manipulated to mean exactly what they believe that they mean. I call that deception, not like my God of Love. I call that lying. Not like My God of Truth... As a professional book reviewer, I have a problem with those words which, to me, do not mean what many Trump followers are gaslighting and hoping you accept they mean. Claiming that "they even may have to use violence..." Mastriano, who sought to overturn Pennsylvania’s vote for Joe Biden in 2020, attended the rally preceding the attack and chartered buses to bring others. Though he says he left when things turned violent, video showed he passed through “breached barricades and police lines,” according to a Senate Judiciary Committee report..." He is now a republican candidate for Pennsylvania, as well as "Dr. Oz" a Trump-supported man who is not even a Pennsylvania resident! LIES!

All I say to you is that...I Bear Witness to God's Love for All...Equally... I chose a non-Christian, but faithful man of God as my choice for Governor... All I ask is that you do your own research... Seek God's guidance...NOT those MAGAs who are using a supposed, Holy Book, to manipulate words to create fear, hate, and prejudice... I CAN NOT AND WILL NOT BELIEVE THAT THESE ACTIONS ARE HAPPENING AND SUPPORTED BY MY GOD OF LOVE...FOR ALL PEOPLES...And, to be more, specific. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT AMERICA WAS MEANT TO BE A CHRISTIAN NATION...BY USING LIES AND MANIPULATION AND INCITEMENT OF FEAR AND HATE IN ORDER TO MAKE IT...A COUNTRY BASED ON THE GOD OF LOVE... it is illogic... it does not compute. it does not support the American Constitution...

God Bless you in fighting your way to the truth through this group who will do anything...including lying to Americans, without any remorse, shame, and, really, void of sympathy, empathy...and God's Love... Just My Personal Opinion, Of course...Bearing Witness to God as Love for all that He created...just as we are...After all, if you really believe what your Bible says, God knew each of us before we were born. That means, he created many different types and colors of people, don't you think?

Tonto says: White Man Speaks with Forked Tongue... READ, READ, READ, SEARCH FOR TRUTH! . I stand on the Rock of Ages...Solid Ground... Make sure what your house is built on...Lies cannot stand a solid ground...

Gabbie admits: Between you and me, I often get soooo confused with what is going on these days... Who do we believe? Who do we Trust? Is there anybody who speaks Truth? If you're like me, let's just continue working our way through all the lies...and, surely, surely, we'll be able to freely

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One Final Shout Out to WVU Hospital! The WVU Medicine, Center for Joint Replacement: Getting You Back In The Game of Life!


You Gotta Love when a phrase pops into your mind, and immediately you can find some video about it, and even one that will make you smile! This one did for me. For you see, my experiences of medical attention over the last year or so has indeed included all three situations--The Good, The Bad...and The Ugly... 

The Good

Of course, the good includes all those who performed their duties as medical staff, doctors, and more...even to those who wheeled me around from one place to another... I've met them... As you may know, I've already written a number of articles about these past months. They can be found on my sister Blog, Just My Personal Opinion, Of Course... If you haven't visited there before, please look around and enjoy! The first five or so posts are the most relevant...

On my first visits to meet with the Center for Joint Replacement, I was given a notebook. That notebook was to be used as a direct support to all that I would be involved with as I underwent a joint replacement. The book I received was for Hip. I am assuming that a book for each potential replacement issue has been provided or are in the midst of being prepared, for the people I learned included over 700,000 replacements annually!

Additionally, I was introduced to the beginning of a Team that would be working with me either, for specific issues, or throughout the entire process through to completion and release from my surgery. There were also relevant videos available for illustrating such things as the pre- and post-surgery exercises I was assigned. Given my business background, I was impressed not only with the preparation of such a manual, but also all of the staff that actually worked on the Joint and Bone Replacement Floor at the Hospital. Including my two rehabilitation counselors who helped me use great tools that were provided to help with dressing, putting on shoes and socks, etc., that would be greatly limited for the six weeks after surgery.

A few shout-outs--to that night nurse who was caught in a time when I was frustrated by an issue...and when I apologized she noted that was what she was there for... and again in the morning. No real face time was realized, but I still remember her one statement..."That's What I'm Here For..." And no apologies from me were even needed...

A shout-out to one of the rarely seen--a custodial manager (not sure proper title) who happened to be conducting an on-site interview with patients regarding how his staff were providing support for me. I might be one of the few who actually read the little tent sitting on my bedside table, which showed what duties were to happen each day... Unfortunately, it was not a good our joint opinion... So the good part was that I knew the very real problem he and others in a busy hospital wing would have... I considered my time with him a God Incident. He would not be hearing good news; but, on the other hand, I was a person with direct background experience that could help him see, and, maybe better communicate, the very real issues that he and his staff daily faced.

So I shared my personal background, referring to my year-long assignment to create a plan of action for the WVU main campus of all deferred maintenance (and highlighting my own past responsibility for all general-purpose classrooms, earlier). I created, working with all Physical Plant trade staff, a comprehensive report, as well as an online inventory for all land, buildings, and rooms, specific jobs required, a cost estimate, and a final cost analysis and requirement to meet the needs of just getting all facilities up and totally renewed for future use.  As we talked, I realized one thing. There was No Way that his staff could conduct the required services--even if they were based on Covid requirements. The rooms were used 24-7, being replaced with a new patient as soon as one was discharged. When I was responsible for renewing and upgrading classrooms on campus, I also had total responsibility for scheduling all University I could actually block out a few rooms to keep for maintenance work, while ensuring all classes were still scheduled, albeit, with a few more early morning or late afternoon classes that were not preferred by faculty.

To close that issue, I hope I get a chance to pass on my concerns about custodial staff not really being able to do their work, as required... That they did show up, but rarely could actually do what all was required, sadly... Mainly due to other medical staff moving in and out of the rooms to take tests, monitor meds, etc.

The Bad

Other than when I was born, also in a Morgantown, WV, hospital, Vincent Palotti, which is no longer open, I've only been in the hospital two times. I thank God for those blessings, even while acknowledging that I did little to actually take care of the "temple" he gave me (more on that some day). I was grateful to have two exceptional surgeons--I knew they were, based upon our exchanges, with them--Always professional, but always responsive to providing complete information and responses to my questions.

It was my first visit that confused me most. All because of very poor communication by those involved. What I discovered was that when I described a specific need on the very first day, that need was never fully addressed all the way through to my last days in the hospital for brain surgery--about five days. Once I realized the problem, I was quick to ensure that I knew exactly what the issue was and I worked to get it fixed, albeit, not in total control of my emotional level. By the way, part of that was due to one of the pain drugs I was given. Finding out you have a side effect to something "while" you are taking it, is not a good thing. But, of course, who could have known that I would have such a reaction... (I did learn and refused the same med on my second visit...)

Gabbie Adds: If you have the unfortunate problem of incontinence, nobody wants to deal with it...maybe because they have no real experience with your situation in relation to their planned set of activities that has no attention to bodily functions, except during the actual surgery. "Making accommodations" were terribly handled. I advise being prepared before you even consider going into surgery, by dealing with your sometimes embarrassing situation...right...up...front...

The Ugly

Gabbie Begins: Can there be an "Ugly" related to medical situations? In my opinion, yes, there can. The reason why I've been carefully sharing everything I experienced, not only because I was being zapped with God Incidents left and right, but also because I had experienced what occurred...first... IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE BEING TREATED INCORRECTLY OR IN AN UNSATISFACTORY MANNER...FROM ANYBODY...WITHIN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION... YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, AND, IN MY OPINION, THE RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The following is an open "Whistleblower" account of my first visit to gain help with for my hip, and, to some extent, knees. This is described in my own words, and to the best of my ability, to accurately portray what occurred.

By the way, I believe in whistleblowing...oftentimes, it can be done quietly, behind the scenes and with no no potential negative impact to the whistleblower. If we aren't willing to pinpoint really bad problem areas, then we should expect that bad behavior will not only grow, but spread!
a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.

It had been my intention, at first, to check with a local orthopedics doctor to explore what my options were related to the deterioration of my hip. I was referred to a local doctor located near the Uniontown Hospital, which is now a part of West Virginia University. I was scheduled to meet with Dr.....

When I arrived, I was immediately shocked at the number of patients that were sitting, roaming around, and/or called in for their appointment. I pictured that I would have a long wait. Instead, almost immediately, I was shown into a small room and a young woman, who happened to be Black, helped me confirm why I was here...

Before I finished talking with her, a tall man, came up beside me to the left, and, literally, without any notice, jabbed a needle into my knee! Shocked, I turned around. He never introduced himself, so I assumed he was the doctor to whom I was to meet. He immediately stated that he knew I was going into Brain Surgery and that the only thing that could be done at that point, was to give me shots...He then proceeded to stick another "giant" needle into my other knee. It should be noted that, never, had I asked for shots. Indeed, although I was aware I had arthritis in both knees, they never really bothered me with much pain. 

Nevertheless, a judgment call was made, without any discussion with me, the patient, and shots were administered. To this day, I have not seen any significant difference in my knees, different from before those shots. 

Then he left, to talk to my niece, apparently deciding I was too old to be competent???! I asked my niece about what he discussed and she said it was general and not specific to anything. As I got up to leave, the woman who was helping me, thoughtfully asked about my having brain surgeon soon. She was cordial, intelligent in her words...and happened to be Black. I point this out because I, to this day, am now sure whether what the tall man then did was based on prejudice. When he saw me standing, ready to leave, and in discussion, he gave the Black woman, the dirtiest look I've ever seen. If he wasn't prejudice, then he certainly did not want to have her standing and sharing her blessings for my upcoming surgery. Obviously, he wanted her to have the next patient quickly moved in for his surprise shots...

After I was released from the brain surgeon's care, I scheduled another meeting at the same office, again, I was given the same doctor's name to see. It was not as heavily scheduled that day, but was still sufficient to make me think that I was in some type of medical mill that scheduled patients for in-out service, just like a fast food restaurant...or worse, a chicken meat packing facility... Seriously, I am not joking, that was my feeling.

On this visit, the same Black girl came in. She stood near the wall, without saying a word, and apparently was assigned to taking notes. Another woman, White, was very cordial, just as the other had been. She helped me to sit up on the exam table. Another man came in with an x-ray and placed it up for viewing.

During a, what I thought would be, a preliminary confirmation, of my reasons for the meeting, the White girl listened to everything, while the Black girl, I guess, typed things in notes. The White girl then left and I heard her repeat what I said to a man in the hallway. By the Way, I purposely am identifying individuals by race, or height...simply because I had NO idea to whom I was speaking...not their names, their titles...NOTHING. I was merely a number, NEXT, to be seen and moved on...

A shorter man came in...NOT the...tall man I had seen for my first I immediately surmised that again, I had NO idea who this man was. Nevertheless, he sat down and said...

"I understand you don't want to think about surgery until absolutely necessary... The thing is, I can't do anything for you. It's a Mess in There!" Yep, you guessed it, again I was shocked with the abruptness, the total lack of professional awareness that I was the patient, in theory, the boss... (even I laugh) because I really felt like that chicken being told, "Off with Your Head..."

But first, you'll be going for a physical exam to ensure you are able to have surgery. We have an arrangement with a doctor, pointing to a nearby building, where I would be sent... Immediately, I wondered, truthfully, how much of a kickback did they get??? Anyway, no discussion occurred related to that x-ray, even to clarify just how much of a "mess" it was... That guy immediately left... The man who had put the x-ray up was called in to help me down from the exam table...He was very courteous, as was all staff there.


Gabbie has to ask: Does anybody wonder why I called this the ugly?!

In any event, I left that office, and immediately called back and told the individual who answered the phone, that NO further actions were to be taken for me, until and unless I specifically called for it... I then went back to my primary care doctor and asked to be referred to WVU. 

I also, at that time, did a search for the doctor's name to whom I had been scheduled. He was definitely NOT either of the two men I had seen. Of course, it crossed my mind if they were even doctors, or residents...who knows... And they both were in and out so fast, that I could not even begin to describe them, except as tall and shorter...'Nuf Said. 

I also called and asked to talk with somebody, with a title that sounded like a manager of some sort. I got no response... However, I did get an announcement WEEKS LATER that so and so was gone--yeah, the guy who I supposedly was to talk my surgeon? And was assured that they were prepared to continue to give me the same service, even though he wasn't there anymore...

Surely, they jested!

When I reached WVU, was immediately given a notebook, explored options, etc., I was so very amazed at the quality of care being given to me, as opposed to the in-out-thank-you-ma'am. actions of the first group, that I immediately felt, I had to speak out and share just how "ugly" the attitudes, the lack of personal respect for patients, and the overall lack of professionalism  I would expect when I was to meet with a surgeon, who would be cutting into me...

Thank you for allowing me to share...It's important that I allow people to know of my experience, so that, if and when they may be faced with a similar situation, they would get up, walk out, and stop any further involvement with such a group of supposed medical professionals.

Gabbie Says: I pray that none of you ever need to read a book like this one, unless you really need medical help... Then, of course, I recommend our local University Hospital, in Morgantown, WV.

God Bless,


A Children's Doctor speaks about those injuries that cannot be healed by the hands of humans... That those injuries, really, should never have been placed on their young bodies--for one, who could not be identified because of the ruin of her face and body... only identified by her shoes...

Remember always: I can only see what the truth of reality is... Why are Senate Republicans stopping all actions that would help to lead to stop those who HATE, perhaps, even, incited by those who constantly speak The Big Lie..." For surely, more murders have occurred during the past months since the January 6th Insurrection.

I can only ask Why? Can you explain to yourself, you who are republicans, WHY? Because all of the majority of Americans are hurting because of YOUR HATE AND CONTINUAL LIES...

It is time to vote out all those who use guns for entertainment ...or... murder! We SEE that all you can speak of is hateful rhetoric about this or that that YOU do not like... In a democracy, you have that right...BUT YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO FIGHT AGAINST THE RIGHTS AWARDED US IN THAT SAME CONSTITUTION...THOSE THAT PROVIDE THAT ALL MEN AND WOMEN BE TREATED EQUALLY... 


But, even more importantly, we were created equally by God, who cares not that he painted some of us black, red, yellow, green, maroon, purple... Get the Message... God created NON-Whites! He loves all of us equally. And White people, who believe in His Love, KNOW THIS!

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Amidst Breaking News About the Southern Baptist Report and LDS Group Legal Actions, Comes a Must-Read Book At the Right Time! Dusty Rugs in the Sanctuary (Revised)


Readers, I have begun working with the author of this book to hold one of my usual, fairly extensive and indepth, interviews. It will appear as soon as the author and I both feel comfortable with the exchange, sufficient to be published. In the meantime, the following excerpt will, I hope, provide you with an introduction of this very important topic...

Abuse in Christian culture. It happens not only within certain churches but also in some broader church communities, where the people’s relationships with each other extend outside of the church walls. Since a time in the past when I personally had to recognize an abusive church situation for what it was, I’ve become more aware of how abuse is often tolerated or goes unrecognized in the church and in Christian circles.
Not all Christians have learned a great deal about the various forms abuse takes on. When they think of abuse, it means creepy perverts lurking near schools to prey on innocent children. Or it’s something that’s made evident by that one unfortunate coworker who shows up from home with a bruised mouth or a black eye now and then.
If abuse does involve the church, they automatically think of it as an issue plaguing parts of the Catholic world, possibly including a few abnormal churches of other denominations here and there.
At times, 

Christians who don’t all know what they’re celebrating actually celebrate abuse, seeing it presented or practiced under different labels in their churches. 

Too often, abuse is confused with godly discipline for Christians submitting to authority. When abuse comes with a misapplied, loving label attached to it, it can be easier for Christians to justify inflicting it, to rationalize accepting it, or even to romanticize it. 

As a lifelong book lover, I’ve recently been disturbed while revisiting some of the Christian novels I first read when I was younger, not being fully aware back then when abuse played out in stories before my inexperienced eyes. Because I’ve since grown up, it’s disturbed me even more to see such books still being sold to and praised by Christian audiences, as if it’s swoon-worthy or somehow a display of acceptable masculine authority when men in Christian novels kidnap the women they want, or the men manhandle women into compliance—or when big, strong, handsome heroes force their embraces and kisses on beautiful heroines who didn’t invite or grant permission for that sexual contact. Sometimes the heroines tell those heroes no and struggle to get away from them, but the heroes press right on, ordering the heroines around or exerting physical control over them. 

And I comb through online reviews of the books, seeing how few readers mention anything about the way these novels present domineering, disrespectful, and dangerous behavior as “romantic.” I’ve had to wonder, “How has this kind of behavior passed as romance in Christian fiction for this long? 
Are Christians truly that unaware of what abuse is, or are Christians that conditioned to accept it or to let it slide?” 
It’s a much bigger issue than a question of novels, whether the books are old or new. Abuse isn’t a problem limited only to romantic relationships, and it isn’t only about abusive men, as not all abusers are male, of course. 

But the point is that overall abuse in the church continues when Christians can’t or don’t recognize it or are otherwise made to believe that enduring harsh, humiliating, or controlling treatment in Christian culture is simply a part of being patient and humble followers of Christ. 

Or they don’t think that kind of treatment means anything is seriously wrong—that it’s only a sign that people, including Christians in authority, aren’t perfect, so we just have to tolerate some bad or questionable treatment. 

In the following pages, the outcry against abuse isn’t an exhaustive study on the subject, though I added a few notes at the end for those who may want to look up more information on some of my points. While my personal frame of reference is that of an American and a Protestant, I’m writing this essay for anyone who’s concerned about the overall issue, especially because the issue isn’t limited to any one Christian denomination or organization, any one nationality of people, any one church size, etc. 

Hopefully my reflections can raise more Christians’ awareness and understanding of abuse so that we can better stand against it. 

Wondering if Saying Something Will Fix Anything

 For years, I was reluctant to write about this. I don’t want people to think I’m saying that all churches or all church leaders everywhere are bad. That isn’t what I believe, and I’ve been nervous that some people might get the wrong idea about what I share. Then I thought about the people who may still be where I’ve been before, feeling alone and defeated after being mistreated. 

They went to church hoping to draw closer to God and to grow in their faith.

They went to connect with fellow believers and to receive encouragement and counsel. When they joined their church communities, they wanted to love and be loved, and there were probably good days when that happened. 

But there was more going on, more that wasn’t right. Somewhere along the line, they started to realize that much of what they experienced in their church communities wasn’t love at all...*

I will be providing a review as well. But, I have been led by reading this book, to perhaps expand upon it, if there is a need.  Information will soon be available on my sister Blog, Just My Personal Opinion, Of course. 

I remember a writer who had somehow connected with me about his desire to publish his poetry. I remembered him from his youth when we were attending the same church. I also worked with him as editor to merge his stories into the book, entitled One Man's Madness: Living with AIDS. 

I was also privileged to write the Foreword for the book...and used my own limited poetic skills to do so. I found it relevant to this book and would like to share it here...

Joe sat there, looking just a little bit pale,
watching my face, seeking an answering smile
I looked closely and "saw" him coming down a hill;
it was when he was a teen but it seemed just a while.

This young man is dying, much younger than myself,
But his spirit rings aloud, he tries nothing to hide.
We didn't talk of death then, we left it on the shelf.
We talked as new friends about this and that,
the other would abide.

I told him how I came to call, about my urge to reach him.
He told me of his need for me; for what he did not know.
I told him chances of publishing a book were very, very slim.
But still, I knew, word after word, from his heart and mind did flow.

His inner life--thoughts, fears and pain, 
were placed upon those sheets,
I typed them all, delving in deeper and deeper, 
and then would go back again.
He told of a stranger, frozen, cold and feeding,
who stole his body's heat.
I couldn't relate, yet knew how to help,
checking his words with my pen.

He thanked his "Higher Power," I asked,
do you mean God?"
He shared a male preacher abused him when young,
after that, attending church had been hard.
Many who would hear of my work,
would consider it to be strange or odd...
But I knew that his words, 
from his heart had been wrung,
so I neither stopped nor paused.

We both knew and agreed, this book must be shared.
For whatever reason, we two had been paired,
God brings folks together, as part of His plan.
In this case, a single, Christian woman, and a
homosexual man.

AIDS is the stranger, killer of lives.
Nobody is safe from it, everyone dies.
This young man named Joe fights daily to win
Though his legs now carries him, to a chair, 
one day, he'll be penned.

But the fight and courage keeps him going and going,
How can we not fight, then, along side of him?
And if, when needed, we must share God's great love,
For, sometimes, the fire inside the infected grows dim.

Then hug him tight; hold him, as Jesus would,
It's bound to be what God would have you do.
Remember, friend, right now there isn't a cure.
As with the lepers, from His love--take your cue.

AIDS victims are God's children, too;
their lives may be different than yours, friend, or mine.
But He sees inside where hearts seek Him true.
And His Love we must offer--The Virus to bind!

One Man's MADNESS: Living With AIDS
Published by Joseph Michael Fortney

All highlights or emphases are mine...

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Velshi, Books, and What is Really Happening in America... Consider Whether or Not You WANT to Prepare Better!


I have to admit that I thought I was running as fast as I can, metaphorically, that is. The urgency is high, but I have to realize that I can't possibly become aware of all the things that are affecting our daily lives, in these days of chaos... Still, when I happened to turn on a program, Velshi on MSNBC, I felt a sense of panic again. At this time, I've at least calmed down in recognizing that I can only do as much as I can...and it is UP TO YOU MY READERS, to decide whether you become as concerned as I was...

On the way to a video regarding the first book author who was a guest on Velshi this morning, I saw this video about Rob Reiner's increasing concern. He speaks as an activist, far more involved than I could ever be... So I decided to begin with sharing his words...

Velshi has been running a series on Banned Books, ever since the Republican Party started their crusade against just about anything other than...say, the Bible, and even that book had The Book of Solomon identified NOT to be read by fragile white children. You know, those who apparently are never to be exposed to the idea of sexuality--until the day when their innate curiosity and biological urges are more important to them than what their banned books parents have been willing to help them understand and learn in a safe way...

A Democracy Relies on Informed Citizens...  
Banning Books Imperial Society...

If Our Government Leaders Have No Empathy for All of its citizens, then there can be no democracy

My Apologies to Those With Whom I've been working on special projects.
Some things just can be ignored...

Because that's what The Authoritatarian Republican Party (Fascist?) Wants !?1

But the introduction of today's two books, I admit, threw me into a spiral into turmoil, anger, and, even worse, an overwhelming feeling of being... overwhelmed... What in the world is going on? How much worse can it get in America (and in other parts of the world).

The first book was by a history professor, and things were moving too fast, that I finally landed on the word Lucid, to ensure I could do the appropriate searches for her. Lucid, by the way, is a subscription to various methods of learning about being Lucid in today's world. As of now, I've subscribed just for the free material to see what it will be covering.

Author Ruth Ben-Ghiat's book follows the leaders of fascism through history up through and including Trump and Putin... all purported to follow a specific pattern(s) by which they have succeeded in moving to, or creating, an authoritarian fascist country. I had learned, already, that Trump's actions were Fascist... Ironically, he became almost outraged about the people who identified as ANTIFA  Learn more at, for example, a news coverage.... at
Yes, it is really not an organization, but a philosophy that many have seen that Trump's actions leaning toward fascism... 

Now we learn of the new book, STRONGMEN: MUSSOLINI to the Present by Ruth Ben-Ghiat. I have not read the book, but, I, along with all of you, hopefully, plan to listen carefully to her discussion as presented in the following video.

Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present - One of the actions pinpointed by the author was the routine practice to keep having elections, which implied to the country's residents, that there was a free election of their leader. At the same time, the mechanics (hacking is the only way I can think of explaining) of the equipment used for elections would be done "under cover" so that the authoritarian leader would always win!

It wasn't hard for me to immediately think about recent breaking news by Politico about the RNC's plan for future elections! It's Going to be An Army! If you have not already heard about the latest shenanigans of republicans, the link is provided, noting that they will have an "army" to challenge anything and everything related to elections! UNBELIEVABLE! And yet, IT IS QUITE BELIEVABLE GIVEN WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING BY THAT PARTY. WHICH IS NOW ALREADY BEING IDENTIFIED AS THE AUTHORARIAN PARTY OF AMERICA...

The Second Book hits anybody who has been horrified by the Texas school shooting,, that have happened Every Day for about a month. Most of us are acquainted with SWAT, as a result of a television program. SWAT is a supposedly highly trained group of individuals who are used to handle high danger situations. You guessed it, they are the only ones that use the high-power, multi-bullet, fast-kill guns (my descriptive words). 

Apparently (not researched to confirm) more and more police are establishing SWAT Teams. The thing is that, since, hopefully, in most areas, there is not sufficient incidents at which SWAT would be required.

Consider, as was discussed, that the group who first arrived in Texas. Say, for instance, that in Uvalde, Texas, was SWAT. Would that be good or bad? My first thought was that it could have been good, but then, it is now well known, that the head of the first responders not only did not carry his radio, but that he kept his officers from entering the school, assuming that there were no children now alive, even if shots were still going off...  And even while 911 calls from children within the school, continued to be received (but not communicated to the police leader).We all will be watching to see what the formal investigation by the federal government will actually reveal...

But, for now, let's consider that even small towns would be "equipped" as SWAT... Yet, because they have few really dangerous situations, they would still be fully "loaded" to take care of, for instance, domestic disturbances, a story robbery, or a drug bust... Being trained to shoot first, apparently, has already resulted in, in my memory, the death of a woman whose apartment was taken by police for drugs...only to later find that the police were not at the right address!

Yikes! I would never not want to be without police support. On the other hand, I will never forget the young 17-year-old boy who took his gun, purchased for him by somebody else, who crossed state lines, pretending to be there only to help if medical assistance was needed... Yet, was followed by a photographer, had announced on a social site that he would be going...and, who, carried a deadly weapon...for his own protection... Yet he was the one who murdered that night...was not charged for those deaths...and was supported and praised by the RNC at a national meeting, even implying he was needed for jobs in the future... Scary is the only word that comes to mind about that situation and the potential of so many others...

I don't know what is going to happen in the future. All I can do is share my devastation that, with the placement of, in my opinion, a criminal, guilty mostly for the insurrection of January all the damage he'd done to eliminate restrictions such as safety for workers, while allowing rich owners to get even richer... via, especially, with a tax cut that wound up only serving the rich! What I do know, is that I can feel the danger in the air...It is toxic! It is insidious, and almost overwhelming in even allowing and speaking of what they plan to do. You, who are republicans... I don't even know how to talk to any of you any more. I'm am scared to death of where the future seems to be heading...

Yet I feel compelled to point out, again... that, even though the Evangelical Christians, have apparently merged their future into the plan of action for this Political Party, I do not believe that God supports what is happening. Violence, deception, hate, prejudice, seeking power for its sake, seeking money through criminal God's plan...

And by the way, talking about criminal actions...have you heard that Trump's son-in-law, as they were leaving office, managed to make a deal for handling of billions of the Prince's money... Again, things are coming out so fast, I'm not sure of details, other than the WHO involved and the WHEN it happened.

Finally, I've been trying to provide a little lighter discussions and spotlights on my sister blog, Just My Personal Opinion, Of course. I can guarantee only one thing...You'll never know what topics will be covered...and I'll be trying to have a little fun in sharing my opinions... Why not bookmark it right now! Or link will always appear at top right on Book Readers Heaven Blog...

God Bless,