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If somehow I have made someone, even if only in some small way happy, then it's all been worth it...

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The Maid of Winter (haiku)

The Maid of Winter
Arrives with the winter wind

And swirling snowflakes

A Winter’s Dance


A scent in the air

Nature is changing her sheets

The snow is coming


A whisper of wind

Soughs through the boughs of dark trees

As the sky darkens


A splash of siskins

Seeks a haven from the storm

Among the cedars


A few snowflakes fall

Floating on the rising wind

Heralding the storm


In time with the wind

The snow falls more heavily

As darkness deepens


In the wild maelstrom

Of this windy snowy night

The dance continues


Until such a time

As the wind and falling snow

Bow out to the moon


In the bright moonlight

The landscape is magical

White serenity


The storm is over

An owl calls in the distance

One answers nearby


The dawn will witness

Nature’s wonderful artwork

In this snow-clad land


© Regis Auffray


Christmas in 2020 (rhyming acrostic)
Christ is born in Bethlehem
He comes in midst of mayhem
Rejoice for he brings us peace
Ignorance and hatred cease
Sing his praises do not sway
The Lord comes to show the way
Make your enemy a friend
All will be one in the end
Shed your chains and walk away

Copyright © Regis Auffray
December 2004
All Rights Reserved

I Thought of You


I watched a cloud float by in the sky

I saw a bird flying

A butterfly fluttered by

A ladybug landed

A deer came out of the woods

And grazed in the meadow

A breeze came by

And the trees waved

And some leaves wafted

To the ground

The brook giggled

And freshened the air

A feather fell from an eagle above

Rainbow raindrops alit on me

Born of cotton clouds that came and went

Leaving a sky of sapphire


With each marvel

I thought of you

God made me see the loveliness

Of all that you are


© Regis Auffray


Christmas Future    (rhyming acrostic)

Christmas will be all year round
Hope peace and joy will abound
Religions will be as one
Immortal Love will have won
Sorrow will be put to flight
The Light will shine in the night
Mankind will as one unite
And all of the universe
Shall be freed from evil’s curse

Copyright © Regis Auffray
December 2004
All Rights Reserved


Thanks to Regis for Allowing Me to Share!

May the Peace and Love from God's Holy Child Be With Each of You Through the Coming Years!