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Ruby Moon-Houldson Finishes Wonderful Month Here!

Ruby in Regalia!
Scaring Scooby!

Six Flag Superman

When I saw Ruby's schedule, I wrote and told her she needed to have some fun! Now that the month is over, she decided to prove that she always takes time out for family fun!

Thinking about my crazy schedule and all, I thought I’d share that next weekend I will be in Minnesota. I didn’t get to attend the commencement and hooding (for my PhD) in the spring due to time constraints, so I will be attending the ceremony next weekend. YEAH!!! So that means I get to dress up in a funny hat (really called a tam) and a heavy robe with pretty blue velvet stripes on the sleeves and two blue velvet runners on the front. I’ve worn the outfit once already—at the commencement exercise where I teach. Faculty have to dress in the regalia they earned when obtaining their most recent degree. It was a hot outfit and very heavy, unlike regular polyester graduation gowns.

Anyway, the hooding is next Friday night and a buffet will be served to graduates and family afterwards. Then Saturday is the commencement. I think it will be exciting. I just hope it doesn’t rain.

Our plan next is to head to Chicago to Six Flags Great America. I LOVE roller coasters. You show me one and I’ll ride it. I’m going to ride the Superman again. YEAH!!! We’ll receive the royal treatment when we visit the park; we’ll have our own special park guide so we won’t have to wait in any lines. I’ll do a small book appearance while I’m out that way—for the guests and staff. As you can see from the pics, the Superman is a fun ride. You sit in a seat, the attendants strap you in at the waist, and then a bar is secured across your ankle/shin area. A bigger bar is then lowered over your upper body. The machine tips you until you’re face down. And that’s the way you are throughout the entire ride—it’s like you’re flying—looking down at the ground. You do some flips, too, so you can see the sky. WHEEEE!!!

Anyway, that’s what fun I’m working on for next weekend.

I’m attaching pics for you to see that show me in my funny outfit—you can’t see all the medallions and cords I’m wearing because they are covered up by the golden colored PhD stole—sorry. :^(

Also, there’s a pic of my middle daughter (Heaven) and I riding the Superman some time back. As you can tell, we loved it!!

Also during my travels I was able to see a space shuttle up close. It was no longer in use but you could still see what it was about. Don’t I look so small standing next to it?

How about another fun trip I took once. I scared Scooby Doo to death! Ha-ha!

Last New Year’s Eve I was out in Hollywood, CA, on Paramount Studio’s Backlot celebrating the New Year. Lots of people and loud music. I called back home (Indiana) so my sister and my husband could hear the countdown and the loud crowd. That was exciting!!!

Anyway, as you can see, I do get to have some fun when I travel. I don’t just work all the time.

See you.


It's been a pleasure to have Ruby with, books, Scooby Due and Superman too! Thanks again Ruby from me and my readers!
Come back to visit soon...and...often!

Review: Guardians of Immortal Truth Closes Month for Spotlighted Author Ruby Moon-Houldson

Guardians Of Immortal Truth
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 9781608620487
146 Pages

Book 8 of the Guardian series goes hi-tech! Hephate had foreseen thousands of years ago what would happen in the 20th century. Now, in Guardians Of Immortal Truth by Ruby Moon-Houldson, the Guardian must lead the fight as the evil vampires use computer technology in the worse possible ways!

Tracking their next meal... Gaining power over the middle realm...

Many of The Benevolent Ones that have been permitted to live in the day are now being tracked and killed. Mortals are being tracked like cattle, slaughtered anywhere they happen to be, found via an embedded computer chip.

But even during the latest crisis, Jadyn is called upon to advise and guide one of her important team members. Jorrell who has risked his life over and over admits that he has fallen in love with a mortal! Taking on the role of family, Jadyn and Christopher agree to meet Kira. Sure enough, Kira is part of The Plan! Not only is she willing to “love a vampire,” she works for one of the computer companies that produces the hardware now being led by evil and used for their purposes and agrees to help the Varatoos in preventing the deadly use to which computers have been diverted.

Working to eliminate all of the tracking systems used brought about retaliation by the evil vampires. A group of children has been kidnapped and held at a power plant, in which bombs have been placed! While everybody works together to save the children, Jadyn hides the fact that she has already gone into labor!

Rayna Amara Rina Varatoo is born... How, where, and delivered by whom is a beautiful tale that you must read yourself!

Readers of Ruby Moon-Houldson have come to realize that her books do not “close” easily...there is always one final issue that must be handled. This time, Jadyn and Christopher meet Liercuf, The Evil One, at Wizard Island...for a little...discussion...

A mortal-vampire wedding, children being kidnapped, bombs destroying power plants, a most special baby born—another story about all things normal happening in the lives of the Varatoo family!

Please note that Guardians of Immortal Truth by Ruby Moon-Houldson is dedicated to Virgil Franklin whose CD, “Night Sins,” was influenced by the Guardian Series. It includes 13 selections, two of which are called, “Guardians of the Night,” and “Jadyn’s Theme.” A separate review of Night Sins has been written.

Enjoy this latest must-read addition to one of the greatest fantasy series written!


The Guardian series is a sensuous escape into the fantasy world of the ages. I am thoroughly hooked! When I read the More Than Angels books, I declared Moon-Houldson a must-read author. However, the Guardian series, in an entirely different genre, forces, yes, forces me to consider this author a Creative Genius! Book reviews cannot begin to describe the fascinating complexity, compelling storyline and sensuality of these stories. While based upon well-researched somehow familiar magical stories, each idea from Moon-Houldson is unique but totally interwoven into an intricate tale that becomes a reality into which readers invariably fall! Building suspense through character development and constantly more exciting and seemingly impossible challenges is almost magically done through brilliant writing! The Guardian series demands to be consumed!

G. A. Bixler

Review: Night Sins - Music Influenced by The Guardian Series - Created and Performed by Virgil Franklin

Night Sins
By Virgil Franklin
Virgil Music 2007 BMI
13 Selections

After reading, my favorite entertainment is music, although this is the first review that I’ve written. It seemed important, however, to highlight the CD, Night Sins by Virgil Franklin, which was influenced by the “Guardian” series by Ruby Moon-Houldson that I’m been reading and reviewing.

First, let me say that my overall reaction to this music is that it would be “exactly” what I would want to hear as the soundtrack theme for movies from the Guardian series! It captures you immediately and flies with you into the night where sometimes things that shouldn’t happen all too often do. But...

It also takes you into that delightful mysterious world where all you can imagine and dream of can and sometimes does come true!

“Night Sins” made me immediately “feel” close to my most favorite overture--for The Phantom of the Opera! In fact many of the pieces have the grandeur and majesty that confront you in this, one of the greatest operas of all time. Just as with the Phantom, when I escape into scenes of the Play, so, too, I found that I could visualize scenes from Moon-Houldson’s books as I listened to the drama, the love, the tension, and the unique magic that is found in the Guardian books!

No words are needed to accompany Night Sins—for the music itself speaks to you and you become engulfed in the story it is telling.

“Jadyn’s Theme” brought to mind the picture of Jadyn and Christopher dancing, swirling with their clothes flowing...and then on to moments of love and intimacy...and completion...

While Guardians of the Night took me right into the times when the good and evil vampires were fighting, swords flashing...and then Jadyn calling for the winds and lightning and power of the earth to...finish!

Vein of Life allowed me to skirt the periods when Jadyn called upon Christopher to share his essence with her, to place part of the vampire into her to replenish her suffering... or also to provide the additional strength needed to vanquish the latest challenger. Feeling the suffering, the hesitation of Christopher to perform this cruel act and yet knowing that the power and strength was needed he would quickly act!

Other selections include “Bad Dream,” “Destiny Calls,” “Between Two Worlds,” “Watching,” “Overture to the Night,” “Sunburn,” “Battle for the Realm,” “As a Beast,” and “Shadows of the Past.” Envision the passages of events in the books and you will find wonderful music to highlight the events! I believe my favorite is “Battle for the Realm” as ghostly music begins and the oboe sets the marching pace of the battle to come, as the Benevolent Ones are joined by the Pure Ones from the Upper Realms face the beasts one more time.

Readers of the Guardian Series—you MUST have this music in which to fall into the Love Story of the Ages!

If you already have Night Sins by Virgil Franklin and have escaped into his magical nights, then you just might want to meet Jadyn and Christopher!

For me, I’ll be visiting to see what else Virgil Franklin has composed and recorded...I’ve just met him through Night Sins and want to know more!!!

G. A. Bixler

Check out Night Sins and other soundtracks by clicking the title of this article!

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Review: Guardians of Immortal Unity - Exciting News for the Varatoos!

Guardians Of Immortal Unity
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 9781598244465
190 Pages

Guardians Of Immortal Unity by Ruby Moon-Houldson is Book 7 of the Guardian series. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the entire series this month and am already looking forward to Book 10 that is not yet written!

The Great One has initiated the next step in His Plan! Christopher has been asked to bring Jadyn to the Upper Realm for a major event. But can he convince Jadyn to participate?

You see, there is to be one more child born to the Varatoos...and she will be very special!

Readers know by now that the intimacy between Jadyn and Christopher is one of the most enduring and important parts of their love. But that intimacy has occurred only in the middle realm! This time must be different and Christopher must ensure all is ready by arranging that they revisit all places in the Upper Realm where they once were and openly share their mutual love so that residents there see their relationship. The occasion will be the celebration of their wedding anniversary! And renewal of their wedding vows!

All of the Varatoo children and grandchildren have been born with specific magical attributes based upon the merging of the parents. Indeed, the Varatoo family has built homes, teaching facilities, recreation areas in one location so that the strengths that each provides are instantly available when required. So, don’t be surprised that it was Iri and Vukan, the 12-year-old twins who first knew that Jadyn was pregnant, for the baby had called out to them to help protect her and her mother! Jadyn was being attacked internally, without realizing what was happening. One who has lived a long, unsuccessful evil life, the first temptress Lilith, wanted to place a “bit of herself” into this child—just a little taste of evil...

Jadyn and Christopher had to eliminate this danger immediately and the “struggle for dominance” must take place within the Bermuda Triangle where Lilith and her minions live. Frankly I love the battle scenes Moon-Houldson creates! Magical action and adventure at its greatest! No wonder the Triangle is still a mystical site!

One final event ends this wonderful book—Jadyn finds out who she really is! That’s alllllll I’m going to say!

Guardians of Immortal Unity by Ruby Moon-Houldson just may become my favorite book in the this point, I’ll just say that it is Highly Recommended!

~~~FYI from GB: The Guardian series is a sensuous escape into the fantasy world of the ages. I am thoroughly hooked! When I read the More Than Angels books, I declared Moon-Houldson a must-read author. However, the Guardian series, in an entirely different genre, forces, yes, forces me to consider this author a Creative Genius! Book reviews cannot begin to describe the fascinating complexity, compelling storyline and sensuality of these stories. While based upon well-researched somehow familiar magical stories, each idea from Moon-Houldson is unique but totally interwoven into an intricate tale that becomes a reality into which readers invariably fall! Building suspense through character development and constantly more exciting and seemingly impossible challenges is almost magically done through brilliant writing! The Guardian series demands to be consumed!

G. A. Bixler

Authors/Writers - Check Out New Site With Creative Strategies for Grabbing The Limelight!

Wealth for Writers Site Launched by Lake That Stole Children Author
By Douglas Glenn Clark

Douglas Glenn Clark has launched a new online site designed to provide writers with creative strategies for grabbing the limelight – and more paychecks.

Los Angeles, CA July 8, 2009 – Money and exposure are two things most writers never seem to get enough of. To end the drought, author Douglas Glenn Clark has launched a free new online site designed to provide writers with creative strategies for grabbing the limelight – and more paychecks.
Clark’s new venture is named after his latest book, The Lake That Stole Children. Although his fable is fashioned after the dark mysteries of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the site offers practical and pragmatic publishing and publicity solutions.
“I’m constantly amazed that many creative writers don’t take the time to learn more about the industry they want to conquer. This new venture will provide a solid foundation for launching and sustaining a writing career,” says Clark.
Clark’s site offers insights from publishing pros such as Arielle Ford and Bob Bly, a renowned copywriter and author of best-selling books. Ford’s “Everything You Should Know” about publishing is a rich source of inspiration and nuts-and-bolts information. Bly offers publishing and marketing guidance, as well as lucrative freelance strategies.
Making money is a core theme at the site.
Freelance writing assignments can be a great way for aspiring novelists and short story writers to make a living – and gain experiences that may help develop their writing. Although some writers may be reluctant to accept business and other non-fiction writing assignments, Clark only sees benefits.
“I’ve learned a lot about story telling from the most unlikely people and assignments. Writing for a wide range of business people has opened my mind. I’ve learned a lot about character and motivation. And these people are appreciative of good writing. The kudos – and the pay checks – can help sustain any writer who is in it for the long run,” says the Los Angeles area writer.
In Clark’s The Lake That Stole Children, children in a quiet Michigan lake town go missing, yet no one is talking. Then the voice of a reclusive fisherman’s lost son is heard keening in the night. And the townspeople realize they can no longer bear to keep quiet about their troubling secret.
Clark’s redemptive adventure book tale that involves a death-defying rescue has attracted teachers and parents who say they have found The Lake That Stole Children suitable for reading aloud to young audiences.
Life lessons in the adventure book revolve around the themes of love, anger, freedom and forgiveness. It begins with a sensitive boy’s deep yearning for exciting experiences. It concludes only after his fierce and protective father has gone to battle with a frightening force of nature – and himself.
Clark has been the subject of feature stories in various New England and Midwestern newspapers. He has also written for the theater. His plays have been produced at the Old Globe Theatre, as well as the Chester Theatre Company in the Berkshires. He has received writing awards from the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Michigan arts councils. His journalism has been published in daily newspapers, such as the Los Angeles Daily News and various print and online publications.
For more information:
Contact us:
GB's Note: Interested in the book, The Lake That Stole Children? See my review at online bookstores or do a search here on my blog!!!

When you visit this new site, you can sign up to receive a 9-page free ebook, Story Force!

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Review: Escape Into The Fantasy World Of The Ages!

The Guardian
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 1598240595
184 Pages

The Guardian by Ruby Moon-Houldson is the prequel to the Guardian series. It was written as the sixth book in the series, upon request/demand of the followers. Let me stop here, if I may, to add my own opinion of this series--I am thoroughly hooked!

When I read the More Than Angels books, I declared Moon-Houldson a must-read author. However, the Guardian series, in an entirely different genre, forces, yes, forces me to consider this author a Creative Genius! Book reviews cannot begin to describe the fascinating complexity, compelling storyline and sensuality of these stories. While based upon well-researched somehow familiar magical stories, each idea from Moon-Houldson is unique but totally interwoven into an intricate tale that becomes a reality into which readers invariably fall! Building suspense through character development and constantly more exciting and seemingly impossible challenges is almost magically done through brilliant writing! The Guardian series demands to be consumed!

In the Upper Realms, where agape love existed among residents and the higher leaders, there were certain types of beings who were created to handle specific duties and responsibilities. They were given the skills and/or they were trained in magic to effectively respond to what was needed. But sometime in the past 2000 years, one individual who was a Guardian and one individual who was a Pure One, an angelic being, became aware that their feelings of love were so much more, even though forbidden.

The story of Hephate and Remiel, now known interchangeably as Jadyn and Christopher is the greatest love story of all time. Let me share how they met...

Christopher was a Pure One who had the responsibility to guard the Hall of Souls. He was the mightiest of them all, with a beautiful set of wings that spread as if he could encompass the world! He was extremely good-looking with a muscular body that made him a mighty warrior when he was called upon to protect against anything that was threatening the Upper Realms.

Hephate was created as a Guardian, but she was much more than that beautiful creature! One of Hephate's most important roles was to magically receive a new soul from the Hall and then deliver it to the Middle Realm where a woman would receive that soul especially selected for her new child/children.

And so it was that when Hephate was chosen to deliver her very first soul, she met Remiel...

Love at first sight happened for the first time in the Upper Realms! And continued for 1000 years with nothing shared between the two except a kiss on the forehead and a hug! But one day they magically attended a marriage ceremony in a middle realm small church. There, as the mortal couple spoke of their love, Remiel and Hephate spoke their own vows to each other!

Readers will have the opportunity to learn about the beauties of the various realms as Remiel and Hephate work, study, and spend leisure time together. Until that fateful day, when Hephate decided to go visit Remiel while he was guarding the Hall of Souls and Remiel chose to spend time talking with her. Two souls were stolen during those few minutes!

Remiel was condemned to live in the middle real as a pure vampire forever. Hephate was physically lashed and made to serve all other guardians. Until the loss of Remiel was so devastating that she cried out to The Great One and he allowed her to be born into the middle realm. And in that body, she carried two souls, for Remiel's had been taken when changed to a vampire!

There, where The Evil One now ruled, he had ensured that Christopher was attacked and changed into one of his followers, the evil vampires that dined on the blood of humans. Skylar, the first born Hephate, in the year 1290 found and fell in love with Christopher the vampire and they became lovers. But it was soon known that Skylar was really Hephate and The Evil One vowed to keep them apart. Skylar was burned at the stake based upon claims she was a witch...

And so it happened that every 100 years or so, Hephate would be reborn in the middle realm--until their love grew stronger and stronger, and Jadyn was born!

Could your love endure through thousands of years? Through the death of your loved one over and over? As I said, this is a love story like no other! Read The Guardian by Ruby Moon-Houldson to experience the agony and ecstasy of everlasting love...

The Guardian series is a sensuous escape into the fantasy world of the ages...

G. A. Bixler

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More Pictures From Ruby Moon-Houldson

Ruby and New 2009 Star Trek Book!
Ruby working inside her

Writing Building!

Ruby and Eugene Roddenberry II

Guest Author Ruby Moon-Houldson Talks About Writing...and So Much More!

Jadyn Thia Star Varatoo Houldson and Ruby Moon-Houldson!

Here’s a rundown of what my life is like:

College professor—I teach 5 days a week from 8AM to 5PM. Arrive home around 7PM.
Mother—one teenager left at home.
Wife—one husband waiting for me to get home—he’s retired from the mining industry.
Grandmother—two grandchildren.
Founder and Board Member and Secretary of the local Heritage and Arts Center
Pet owner—one Weimaraner and four cats.

Evenings during the week
1) After I get home I check to see that my son is working on his homework. If I’m lucky supper has already been decided upon or nearly ready. If not, I start on that.
2) After we eat and we’ve all talked at the table, I fill the dishwasher after the men have cleared the table.
3) If I have a meeting to attend in town for the Heritage and Arts Center then I get home a bit earlier so I can make that meeting.
4) Check on son’s homework again.
5) While husband is watching TV I begin grading papers.
6) Over the last 4 years I used to begin work on my dissertation after grading papers, but now I work on reading and written assignments for the “crisis intervention counseling” certificate I’m working on.
7) Around 11PM or midnight, after everyone has gone to bed, I begin working on the book I’m writing at the time. I work on writing my book until about 3AM.
8) I go to bed until 6:30AM.
9) I then get up and start all over.

During the weekend
1) I may have at least half a day to write or maybe most of the day. This depends on whether I have to travel in order to conduct a book signing or if I need to attend some authors function, or serve as guest speaker at some event.
2) If traveling and I’m not driving, I will take that opportunity to work on my book while my husband listens to a book on tape. If I’m driving, I have a notebook close by to jot down ideas that pop into my head. If I’m flying then the time is mine to work on my book.
3) I also review books, etc. and post those reviews on the Roddenberry website. (I’m a fast reader. I also don’t review books that are very similar to what I write.)

I feel that if you want to write bad enough you’ll find time to do so. I don’t watch a lot of TV. I do like The Closer, Psych, Monk, House, and Ice Road Truckers. I may watch those shows while grading papers or working on my own homework.

I have my own getaway spot, as you’ve already seen. (More pics too!) I hide out in there whenever I need some extra quiet time. If I’m working on a particularly difficult scene in my book then I’m locked in my writing building until that scene is written.

And to add to my schedule you see above, I also find time to include my granddaughter’s ballgames, my son’s school events, cleaning house, going to church, teaching writing classes at the local heritage and arts center, serving as helper teacher at Vacation Bible School, and tutoring nursing school students. In the fall and spring I have to change my times a bit because I also teach a psychology class one time a week at an area prison, and I’m picking up teaching a class for an area Masters in Nursing program beginning this fall.

As for how much I write—I can write up to seven books a year if I’m on a roll. I sleep little, watch TV very little, and I don’t paint the town. I make good use of my time. I am a great multitasking individual. Yes, I go to the hairdresser, get a pedicure every once in a while, and even sit outside on my swing and just enjoy the weather.

So, if you want to write but say you don’t have the time, well, then you’re probably doing something wrong. I carry out a lot of responsibilities during the week and still find the time to work on my book writing. Take a step back and review your day and then your week. Are there things you’re doing that can be switched around or delegated to someone else for them to do? It’s all about time management and letting everyone around you know you’re serious about writing.

So, that’s it. That’s how I handle writing books among everything else. And sometimes I work on two books at a time, like now. Presently, I’m working on “More Than Angels” (book 3), and “Guardians of Immortal Night” (book 10 of the Guardian series).

Good luck to all of you and happy writing.

Ruby Moon-Houldson

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: Fool Me Once - Great Romantic Suspense!

Fool Me Once
By Jessica Joy
Black Velvet Seductions Publishing
ISBN: 0977468224
216 Pages

One of my online connections recently put out a request for recommendations for a romance book. I had just finished Fool Me Once by Jessica Joy and immediately shared the information...and now I share this highly recommended book with you!

Be prepared for being drawn in to this well-written novel and then enjoy lots of twists and surprises because even the characters don't know what is going on! Blair Kierstead, a professional photographer, had been pulled into FBI undercover work until his informant had betrayed him and two of his partners were murdered. Having put his faith in Toni Greer caused Blair to mistrust his own instincts and he had refused to go undercover again. Toni had been willing to set up her criminal lover but the tables were turned on the FBI!

Now that woman was back in his life! Toni Greer apparently had been on her way to his home when she had an accident that caused memory loss. When he notified the officials of this, his best friend and former boss Drew Bryant asked him to let her stay with him once out of the hospital while they investigated. Blair reluctantly agreed, knowing that nobody would be looking for Toni at his place. Even now her lover had a price on her head and she was being hunted across the country.

But who was this beautiful, friendly woman who cooked his meals, made friends with his family, decorated his cold, lonely home for Christmas holidays, and, most importantly, got under his skin like she had never done in the past! This was not the cool, sophisticated model who had only become his friend so that she could somehow escape her life...

The doctor claimed that all changes were just part of the head injury!

The budding romance between Blair and Toni is heartwarming. He had unknowingly pulled away from his family when his parents had been killed and now this woman was breaking down all those walls and forcing him to embrace the family love he had been starved for, but had withdrawn from. But even Toni couldn't adjust to the reality of being...Toni! She hated all of the clothes she had with her and since the wallet she carried was full, she went out and bought clothes that she felt comfortable in. Finally, she accidentally hears a conversation between Blair and Drew and learns why she was here in his home. Most devastating was that she learned that the lies they had told her about Blair and her being a couple were not true! did that explain the obvious feelings and desires that were bringing these two closer and closer together?

Very cool storyline! Thoroughly enjoyed my one-day read of this book. Satisfying suspense with a maybe not so surprising ending...after all, this couple has been fighting their feelings from the day they met! I loved it and know you will too! Read Fool Me Once by Jessica Joy--you'll be glad you did!

G. A. Bixler

Review: Guardians of Immortal Destiny - Best In Series!

Guardians of Immortal Destiny

By Ruby Moon-Houldson

E-Book Time, LLC

ISBN: 1598240560

242 Pages

Book 5 of the Series, Guardians of Immortal Destiny, by Ruby Moon-Houldson takes us into the Upper Realms! It’s not a new experience for Jadyn and Christopher. In fact, they were created and lived there before they fell in love!

Now, however, they must visit the Upper Realm to prepare for their greatest challenge! Attacks by evil vampires have been coming more often. The ones being sent have been specifically trained to know how to fight the Guardian and those who support her. They have a specific goal: to acquire and eliminate one or both of the Keys to their Destiny!

Of course, those Keys just happen to be the twin children of Christopher and Jadyn, Iri and Vukan, who are only 4 years old, but who were born with great power. It is they who one day, when The Great One decides the time, will rid the middle realm of all evil!

The evil vampires must move now while the children are young to destroy the keys or the way by which that will happen.

In the Upper Realms, Christopher and Jadyn not only have the opportunity to relive the precious moments of their earlier life, but they also discover the two who betrayed them while Christopher was in charge. Later, though it is difficult to forgive them, Jadyn finds that both come to help, one who willingly gives his life to save the keys!

The great love that exists within the Varatoo family is a major part of this novel, as Peyton marries Sabriel in a quiet Stonehenge ceremony. Sabriel, who first appeared in Peyton’s dreams, where she fell in love with him, had to first learn how to love as a human since he was chosen from the Upper Realms to be Peyton’s mate.

Adrian, on the other hand, met T’Vala while he was on a training trip and found his way to a community of followers of Hecate. When it was discovered that Adrian was the son of Hephate, it was immediately known that T’Vala had been chosen for him. Adrian, however, was not too sure of this!

One of the parts for all of the characters in this series that I find most refreshing is that each of them has a human part that arises in emotional situations. The families take time to eat together. Sabriel is given time to learn to love Peyton even though her love has moved much faster than his. And Adrian is allowed to express his fear of knowing why and how to love a woman. Indeed, the twins, at age 4, are caught in a magical moment of terror and it results in the death of a vampire. Seeing what they have done traumatizes them so much that they withdraw from performing the magic they had playfully used within their family. The children and chosen “in-laws” are comforted, loved, and then taught by Jadyn and Christopher to understand their emotions and to look forward to love and to use their magical skills when they must to save lives.

The challenge to save immortal destiny takes the entire family and all helpers to Antarctica, with each and every one playing an important part! Jadyn carries the Cabal of Dominion, which pulls all other magical devices together to create what is needed for the future! Even the twins play an important part. This excitingly original climax surpasses all that has come before! You just can’t miss this one! Best of series (in my opinion): Guardians of Immortal Destiny by Ruby Moon-Houldson!

G. A. Bixler

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Final Farewell By Ruby Moon-Houldson!

This is another shot of Ruby's early family life. You will read back flashes into this life in the More Than Angels series (my personal favorites from Ruby)

A Final Farewell
By Ruby Moon-Houldson

Black. Cold. Quiet.
Pain. Tears. Despair.
All this in one room.

I look upon that which now houses a body that once teemed with life. Now there is only stillness.
I look around and through tear-filled eyes I see the blurred images of those you leave behind.

My mind wanders back in time to the moment just before your death and it seemed that time dragged on into infinity.
Even now your face haunts me. My pain is too real. Your presence still lingers here in this place. I feel you all around me. You’re embodied in the very walls that surround me…in the very object you gave your life to save.
I’ve tried to tell myself that you’re really gone, but still….

I fight to suppress my pain. Pain can be controlled, you once said. But you’ve never faced this kind of pain.

I think back to the trials of your life as the bagpipes play its sorrowful song.
You never realized this, but I fought alongside you many times. My silent voice lent itself to your own. I was there when you cried and even when you smiled…yes, smiled. Without your even knowing, I held your hand through the rough times and I cried for you when you could not. I cried as you fought through the human trials that was your birthright. I was with you, beside you all the while.
But in this, your last battle, words of self-preservation you ignored and you gave your life for the ship. You fell and never rose again.

Listen to the mournful whine of the bagpipes. NO! Block it from your mind, my heart whispers in warning.

Close your eyes. NO! If I don’t close my eyes then I won’t have to relive the nightmare again. I won’t be forced to watch the scene that now so clearly sears across my mind.
Can I will the pain away? I could if I had the will…but that too is buried in the sea of grief as I mourn your passing.

Oh, God. Disease flows through my veins.
Pain. Anguish. Despair. Emptiness.
I can’t go on like this. A void has taken over the place where you once stood. It threatens to take away what is left of you. I can’t allow that!

I force my eyes to look upon the black case that surrounds your body. You are safe. Nothing can harm you now. Your fears are behind you. There is no need to worry that you may lose control over your emotions. Gone is the fear that you might slip and be shamed for it.

My mind doesn’t understand what my heart whispers to it. He is gone, I hear. But how can that be? You were always the strong one. You always came through your trials, maybe not always in top shape, but alive nonetheless. What has happened? Why is this time any different?

Dreaming. That’s it. I must be dreaming. Someone, please wake me from this accursed nightmare. If I awake and then dream again, can I close my eyes, ride the stars, and discover you are among them? In all my other dreams you were there. You’ve always been there.

Darkness. Reliving your death in my mind hurts even more now because it plays over and over so agonizingly slow. My heart trembles…it bleeds. The cruel hand of winter has touched you and taken your life away.

I feel loneliness. Hopelessness. If you could see me now you would look upon the face of despair and emptiness.

Someone, please, stop that music for it cuts through my heart like a freezing gust of winter air slicing across exposed, delicate skin.

I feel something wet and warm slide down my face but I’m numb and cannot move to brush it away.

Pain, hot and vivid, sears across my mind. It was logical, you said. What was? I now ask.

It was logical for you to endear us to you, captivate us, and then take that all away?

It was logical for you to claw for solid ground as you fought through searing, killing pain?

It was logical for them to gently carry your body from the wreckage in reverent silence?

Where is the logic in that?

I saw you slide to the floor as your heart ceased to function, as each breath you took burned through your body.

Voices flooded my heart, screaming to be freed, to be heard. Tell him! they yelled. But it’s too late! I replied. Tell him! Tell him that he has been your pillar of strength. That he led you through dark times, if only in spirit. Tell him you’ll never let him go! Tell him now, for you’ll never get another chance!

Dear heaven. I never told you then, but I tell you now. My gift to you brave soul, are these, my immortalized words. For in them are memories and feelings that time and death cannot erase.

Oh, god. Memories seep from my mind and heart. They pour forth from my very veins. Will I ever find peace for my troubled and broken soul? You will be with me for a lifetime of lifetimes. Love was when I found you, when I saw your face. The moment I looked into your eyes you took my breath away and I knew there was something about you that resided in no other. I would have willingly taken your place…died for you. But it was not to be.

What is that message the bagpipe plays? It speaks of making it through many dangers and toils. Oh, you did that many times over the years…until now.

Now you’re gone. The pain deadens my senses. Time stole you away but you still reside in my thoughts, in my heart. You have all of me.

You’re gone. Your resonating light has been put out. Life here is cold and bitter without you. I’m sinking into darkness. All I ever asked of you was for you to allow your strength of will and your kindness to shine across all you came in contact with, for it to continue for all time. But now you’re gone.

Love. It is indeed a powerful force. How can I ever open my heart again? How can I know it won’t be shattered by the power of love? Even though you aren’t here before me, I still feel you. I believe in you. I always have.

If I close my eyes, block out that music that now speaks of being lost and now found, I know you would be standing before me. But I can’t do that. To close my eyes would mean I’d block out the last glimpse I’ll ever have of you, of this moment.

I hear the music again. Its slow, melancholy rhythm pierces my heart once more. It closes in and suffocates me. It crescendos and speaks of death and life. Life? What life? Yours has been stolen from you.

Run! Can I run away from this pain? I know that the faster my feet would carry me from here the closer they would bring me to you.

A faint echo in the distance fills the room. Don’t grieve. My breath catches in my throat. It is your voice. My heart quickens. Don’t grieve? How do I instruct my heart to follow that advice? How is that done? Please, tell me. I beg of you.


Someone steals away the blue flag with the white government symbol emblazoned in its center. You swore allegiance to that entity, and now you have lost your life in the line of duty and their very flag has covered you.
You begin to drift away from me. A better resting place, you hinted to one man. Where is that place? For I wish to go there too.

The volume of the music increases and I feel it sweep beneath my feet. It fills the air and all around me tears flow like a gentle river. I hear broken sobs and my throat constricts as I try to swallow my own that threatens to escape.

As your body slides away, ghostly images of your face appear before me.
I see your eyebrow rise in fascination.
I see your expression of surprise and intrigue.
I see your brows furrow as in thought.
I see your face in stern concentration as you work on a complex problem.
I see a tear slip down your cheek as you mourn for V’ger.
I see your hands as they gently assist your friends to their feet after an encounter with troublesome foes.
I see you hands as they fight for the right to live and for justice.
I see you with the good doctor. Poor doctor. How will he survive this loss?

You found a place in all our hearts. You were never without a place to call home. You were never without a friend, never alone. But now… Now…. Who will hold your hand now? Who will be there to quietly guide your steps as you enter the unknown and unexplored regions of death?

Where does this leave me? Where do I go from here? Oh, my dear. If I had known this would happen, I would have been in that chamber first. For it would have been better for me to go than for you. My absence wouldn’t have left as vast a void in as many lives as your does now. You would still be safe, still be alive.

Someone calls for attention.

My brain hears the command but my body cannot respond for it is caught up in my pain and in the slow death I now experience.

I hear your haunting words from times past.
Most curious.
Live Long and Prosper.

I know now what that is flowing quick and hot down my face. It is the river of tears that I shed for you. When will it end? Until the river has run dry. Until I am completely empty and all that is left…is you.

I see a glimmer of light among the black. It is the light of a new sun reflected off your encasement. You fly through space like a shooting star, a falling star. Dare I wish upon it?

I dare.

I squeeze my eyes shut. I wish with all my heart and soul for one last glimpse of your face, vibrant and overflowing with life. I release my pent up sob. I have to. For there, before my mind’s eyes, you stand with your hands raised in the Vulcan salute. This your last gesture of…

A final farewell.

Write What You Know by Spotlighted Author, Ruby Moon-Houldson

“Write what you know.”

That’s some good advice I received from Nick Sparks some time ago. And I’ve found it to work well for me. So, I wrote the ‘More Than Angels’ series because I know about the main topics that are integrated into that series (abuse, psychology, legal issues, love, dreams, hopes, etc.)…and I know the characters from Star Trek—many of my characters were patterned after those great people. I know about psychology—I have a PhD in that profession. ‘Dragon’s Fire, Insanity’s Reign’ has psychology aspects in it. Also, another book, ‘Romancing the Professor’ has a lot of my own experiences in it—as a college professor. The Star Trek tribute books I’ve authored—again, I know a lot about that franchise. I write for Roddenberry and for an Entertainment Company out of California—I know my stuff so I have the honor of writing for them.

As you can see, I write about what I know. It makes life a bit easier.

Recently, I was asked a few questions regarding my work. I’ll try to answer those questions here.

What made you choose the sci/fi fantasy genre? Do you read other writers and who???

A) I mainly write in the sci-fi genre because of my love for Star Trek. As for fantasy, I have always been intrigued with vampires. There seems to be no end to how someone can write about vampires—both good vamps and bad ones. I do not read other books because I have a little problem---I tend to recall nearly everything I read! How sad. I don’t want to chance it that something I read might bleed into my own work (no pun intended). However, I do like listening to books on tape—Sherlock Holmes (who Spock hinted at being related to on his mom’s side), and Hercule Poirot. I also like the old radio shows of “The Shadow”.

How do you feel about self-published versus mainline publishing?

A) I think that self-publishing is a wonderful thing. Both kinds of publishing have their own positives and negatives. The good thing about self-publishing is that people who wish to share their story can do so. Not so several years back. Mainline publishing takes control of what you created, and in many cases, offers little in return. Once they get your work, it’s their work.

Does your Guardian series carry any part(s) of your personal life (and what about your personal life, what to share more)...Also will the Guardian series continue on for future and how long? Will Jadyn and Christopher ever get to retire?

A) First, I do believe that the ‘Guardian’ series offers some aspects of my personal life in it. Just as the ‘More Than Angels’ series does. In the ‘Guardian’ series, Jadyn is a writer, like I am. Some of the cute antics that the children carry out in the story were the same as what my own kids performed at one time or another. Rayna, who shows up later in the series, is a lot like my granddaughter—inquisitive, shy at times, angelic much of the time, and wants to know about everything right now.
I think Jadyn has attributes that I’d love to have in my life; therefore, she’s a character after my own heart. She loves family ties and justice. Many of the places that Jadyn and Christopher visit are places where I’ve visited myself. I love the Valley of Fire in Nevada. And like I mentioned in the book, which is based on fact, it is the only place on earth that is very close to what it would be like if you were on Mars. In the later books, I look at modern technology. Jadyn looks at it, too. Much of what you see in those books are what I’ve been studying and researching about our real world. I do feel technology will enslave us in some way and we’ll regret it—something like what we see in the Terminator movies and the Terminator series.

As for more books in the ‘Guardian’ series. I’m working on book 10—Guardians of Immortal Night. I’m not sure what comes after that—if anything. The series was supposed to be comprised of only 6 books. But of course, it’s now up to 10. If something exciting comes to mind then I might think about an 11 book. I haven’t really thought past book 10 yet.
As for Jadyn and Christopher retiring….well, if I were in their world I’d say, no. But from this side of reality, they might. I’ve even invited other writers to have at it if they feel they have something great to share in relation to the Guardian series. Yes, I created the characters and their universe as it were, but I don’t mind sharing them.

As for the ‘Guardian’ series—I wish to clear up a few points with those who may be reading the series at this time. I think the story or world I’ve created for the Guardian series isn't about "God" as we know him. The series is about the messages I intertwine throughout the story--love, faith, hope, trust, change for the better, the fate of human destiny, the realms where we might find ourselves after life---these concepts helped create the titles. It's just another way to tell of man's great struggle to come to terms with the aforementioned challenges of life.

And, I don't want to give anything away that you haven't read yet, but in the latter books, you will find how I'm including modern devices, that we think are great, in the storyline. Both good and bad vamps use them for their own purposes. So how will humans fare when evil uses those conveniences against them? Are they allowing themselves to be drawn into something that will lead to their downfall or to their being shackled by evil?

As for another part of that question—my personal life. Well, that’s complicated. I am the eldest of three children. My sister, Sandy, has passed on. She was the middle child. She was the weakest, too. She was always pale and had some health issues. But she was cute as a button. It was a sad day indeed when I attended her funeral. Too much of our childhood past haunted me that day. My little sister lives in the same town I do, her name is Ruth. (Ruth and Ruby are shown in picture) I remember when she was two years old (I’m 6 years older than her). She always said cute things, and I recall many of those sayings to this day.

So, being the eldest meant taking on countless responsibilities—and I still seem to be under that umbrella today as I see after Ruth while she’s struggling to make it in life. I still question why I turned out to be so different from my siblings. I am nothing like them. My life took a far different path then theirs did. So when you read about Thia in the “More Than Angels” series; that is mostly me you’re reading about. I went to college, my siblings did not. I have a stable home life, not so with my sisters. I am cautious and question everything, not so with my sisters. I plan for any contingency, they never have. I’ve come to question if what I did as a child is what turned my life on a different path. And here we go, speaking about something that was created—but it impacted many lives. I watched the Star Trek series on TV, actually, I sneaked and watched it—just like Thia did. I learned so much from that series. I also studied the actors. I made many decisions based on what I had picked up from both the real and the imaginary. My sisters however did not share in my love of the series. Now I can’t say that’s what made me different—maybe I was just “different” to begin with, but I think it was a turning factor in my life. It might have saved me from following the same path my sisters did.

So, don’t ever think that something you do, or the way you live your life doesn’t matter. It may very well influence how someone else decided to live their life. You may be the saving grace for some child who’s trying to find their way.

Write What You Know. I’ve done that. I don’t like to write poetry or prose per se, but I have written some pieces that have touched many hearts and caused one great police thriller author to actually ask to meet me when she was traveling through my town. She said the piece she’d read (that I had written titled, “A Final Farewell,” and is in a Trek tribute book) moved her greatly. She wanted to talk to me about the piece and ask me more about certain parts of it. So, this is what I will leave with you. Maybe it will mean something to you.

Thanks for reading my work. I hope you’re enjoying every word.

A Final Farewell will be posted in a separate article...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Review: Sandman Slim - No Recommendation From Me...

Sandman Slim
By Richard Kadrey
388 Pages

Because I had made the commitment to review Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey, I waded through nearly 400 pages, even though I did stop several times thinking I wouldn’t go on. I guess I had just a tiny bit of curiosity of how it would end and there was just a touch of redemption at the very end, but not much...

Sometime in the middle of the book, somebody calls James Stark, the main character, Sandman Slim...thereafter a few other people do the same; however, the main character, Stark, has no idea why or when he supposedly got this name—guess somebody couldn’t come up with a title?

In any event, Stark is a magician. Others would call him a Wizard, but in this book, he calls himself a magician. He and his so-called magician friends were together when Stark was 19 and one of the other magicians, I gather with some assistance or just no resistance in support of Stark, sent him to Hell. Nice friends, huh?

For 11 years Stark lives in Hell where he is a novelty—a live human living amongst the Hellions. So they promptly make him their whipping boy and used him to hold spectator fights. Sound familiar from history? Only of course, the human fights monsters. And he does it well, for he discovers that he apparently can’t be killed. The reason for this skill is thrown in near the end of the book.

Stark is owned by one of the leaders of Hell and he realizes that there are a number of objects owned by this Hellion that might be able to get him out. He kills and steals to obtain a knife, an 8-ball question artifact with a fancy name and the only thing I found interesting—a key of 13 doors, which he implanted into his body and which can be used to move from one place to another, if there is a shadow around. Otherwise, taxis or stealing cars is how he gets around once back on earth.

His goal: to kill the magicians that placed him in Hell. Not necessarily because they sent him to Hell, but because they also killed the girl he had loved when he was 19. Along the way in between his killing, he does help a few human or inhuman individuals. Even Homeland Security receives his assistance, but not their angel leader.

Coincidentally, when I read this book, I had already read four books of The Guardian Series by Ruby-Moon Houldson, which has similar basic concepts and characters. Perhaps reading that great series was too much of a difference, but I do try to look objectively at each book and try to evaluate it for its own merit...

Admittedly Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey was written to be “amusing” according to a quote on the front cover. I might have smiled once. The book had little to offer in plot, a few new and different weapons, but still had lots and lots of guns, knives, and whatever else can be used to kill. If talking and living with a head with no body sounds like your speed, then go for it.

Sorry, would never consider recommending this to anyone I know...

G. A. Bixler

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review: Immortal Life is Saved With Jadyn's Supreme Sacrifice!

Guardians of Immortal Life
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 1598240021
212 Pages

When your enemy can enter and read your mind, any plan to rid the world of the monster is going to fail! That's what Jadyn faces in Book 4, Guardians of Immortal Life, by Ruby Moon-Houldson...

Saving the world sometimes can be frustrating--Jadyn got rid of the evil vampires who had stolen The Stone of Light and Life; however, during that bit of magic, a greater monster used her activities to reach back into the mortal world. And his power is now being used to enter the dreams of Jadyn and Peyton.

If you've been reading this series along with me, you should have immediately questioned--who is Peyton?!

Between Books 3 and 4, it has been fairly quiet, both Christopher and Jadyn handling their routine respective duties; however, they have also had two children! Peyton and Adrian! At the time we enter Book 4, both children are in their teens and are already being trained to assume future duties. Peyton has the mark of a Guardian, but also has traits received from Christopher. Adrian is a Pure Vampire and Pure One but also has traits gained from Jadyn. In fact, they are constantly finding out what new abilities they have! Even those in the Higher Realms have taken notice of their inherited traits and are sending specific teachers to help them learn how to use each skill as best they can...

Both Jadyn and Peyton are having the same dream--it is the memory of the beast as he killed all of the guardians during his earlier time on earth. Magically, he is using the dream of killing guardians to pull in Pure Vampires this time. Having killed all the living guardians in the past, he is planning to kill the last two--Jadyn and Peyton. Trying to save the Pure Vampires and themselves, Jadyn and Peyton stay awake for days, until it is impossible for them not to sleep.

When Peyton drops off, Adrian is on watch and immediately finds Jadyn to join her in sleep and fight this demon, which, of course, does take some time! But Peyton does not remain alone for long. A young man appears in Peyton's dream and provides a charm for Peyton to use until Jadyn joins her. I'll let your own imagination develop who this dream-man is!

Never before has Jadyn been placed in the position of having to worry not only about her life, but her daughter's. Finally, she arrives at a plan of action, only to learn the monster has now gained sufficient power to enter her mind and learn what she is going to do! She then begins to work more with Peyton, trying to determine what Peyton is able to provide in support of her own efforts; but Peyton is just not experienced or powerful enough.

Guardians of Immortal Life once again provides evidence of Ruby Moon-Houldson's powerful imagination and creativity in this one! The book has one surprise after another. But this time Jadyn gives her all to save Immortal Life and proves that love is greater than any other force! Readers you really don't want to miss this one! It's a Winner!

G. A. Bixler

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Ruby Moon-Houldson Shares Pics of Star Trek Memories!

Ruby and Spock Tells the World About More Than Angels

Ruby Enjoying Time at Star Trek Shows!

Ruby and "Scotty"

Ruby Joins the Enterprise Team - Yikes! Where is Spock!

A Moment Like This - Spotlight Author Ruby Moon-Houldson Shares Star Trek Moments!

You know the song sung by Kelly Clarkson titled, “A Moment Like This”? Well, I’ve felt that way several times over the last few years. The words in the chorus echo the awe inspiring moments I’ve experienced. The words in that song are:

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime,
For a moment like this
Some people search forever,
For that one special kiss
Oh, I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime,
For a moment like this

What do you mean by this? you may ask. Well, I’ve been a fan of Star Trek ever since I was about seven years old. (The original cast members were my heroes). I’d take every opportunity that presented itself where I could sneak some time to watch the original series episodes on the small black and white television we had. I did so when my dad wasn’t around. He hated the show. He said the show was “bunk” and full of crazy ideas. He always said that nothing on there would ever happen. (So does that mean we don’t have automatic doors at the stores? I’m dreaming that? Or does it mean we really don’t have cell phones? Another dream on my part??) My mom said Spock looked like the devil. So you get the picture—in my house, Star Trek was off limits for it was junk pure and simple. If I was caught watching such trash then I was in trouble, big time.

But that didn’t change my mind on the matter. I loved the show. I loved the moral that Gene Roddenberry intermixed with each episode. My dad made me read Aesop’s Fables when I was growing up. I felt that watching Star Trek was no different. Each had a moral to the story that one could learn and live by. My favorite character was Spock. I loved him because he was smart. I wanted to be smart. I cherished my education and I loved to read and learn new, interesting things. He was a man after my own heart. I felt that if I could be like Spock then I could win half the battle of getting through this thing called life. Also, Spock was an outcast—among his people and even in Starfleet to a certain extent. He was always searching for his place in life. That reflected my own situation as a child. We were alike in many ways—I could relate to him. But of course, he was much braver than I.

So, throughout my life I worked hard at my studies, advancing in my classes, and was on the honor roll every year; and finally in the top five percent of my graduating class. I carried this on into my college life, receiving scholarships for good grades, and then finally graduating Summa Cum Laude in post graduate school where I received my PhD in Psychology and Forensic Science.

So what has that to do with Star Trek and the song I mentioned above, “A Moment Like This’? Well, it’s this….I became an actual part of the Star Trek world. Without much warning, I found myself enmeshed in the very heart of Star Trek and all that it entailed. Spock, the “devil” as my mom called him, has actually stood next to me, sat next to me—well, in his rightful form as Leonard Nimoy. I met Gene Roddenberry, who created Star Trek, and now I work for his son. I’ve met all the original Star Trek cast. I’ve received gifts from some of them—my most cherished possession being the IDIC charm that I wear every day. (This is mentioned in the “More Than Angels” series that I have written.). I received the IDIC charm from Deforest Kelley (Dr. McCoy) a long time ago. He offered some words of wisdom with that present, and I’ve taken those words to heart. Leonard Nimoy’s signature is upon the IDIC charm that I wear.

A few years back I was allotted the rare privilege to read and offer input into Walter Koenig’s (Chekov) movie manuscript, Illegal Alien. I still have the copy of the signed manuscript he sent to me. I wrote a speech for Nichelle Nichols for when she spoke at the Great Bird of the Galaxy Celebration out in El Paso, Texas—an event honoring Gene Roddenberry and his vision. I also wrote a “Great Bird of the Galaxy” Tribute piece in honor of Gene Roddenberry. (You can find that piece on Roddenberry’s website at: I wrote the bios for that event and for the Tribute to James Doohan Celebration event that took place in Hollywood, CA. And I was present at both of those momentous occasions. I had the rare privilege of staying backstage where I mingled with the Star Trek stars and special guests—those guests included people like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Martin Cooper (cell phone creator).

I’ve been given a special table for book signings whenever I’ve attended certain Star Trek cons. One time I sat next to Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Gene Roddenberry’s wife. Majel played Nurse Christine Chapel on the original Star Trek series, and played Lwaxana Troi on The Next Generation. She was as sweet as can be and told one funny story after another.

When James Doohan’s (Scotty of Star Trek) Celebration event was taking place in Hollywood, CA, during an evening meal I sat with his family and heard stories about Jimmie’s life with his family. The next day I had the privilege of joining George Takei and Grace Lee Whitney (Janice Rand of Star Trek) on The Next Generation bridge film set. I ate ice cream and strawberries while sitting in Captain Jean Luc Picard’s captain’s chair. How cool! I had a video camera with me and got it all on tape!!

During the time I was backstage with James Doohan out in El Paso, TX, I watched out for him while he sat in his power chair. We looked at Michael David Ward’s rendition of the “Great Bird of the Galaxy” painting, which Michael had painted on glass with a unique technique called reverse-glass painting. I also met one of the co-discoverers of the Hale-Bopp comet, Alan Hale. He had part of his telescope with him and was getting James Doohan’s signature on it.

In honor of James Doohan (Scotty), I wrote a piece titled, “Beam Me Up Scotty…One Last Time.” This piece was featured in the program book for the event, alongside a print of world renowned artist, Michael David Ward. This piece was quickly adopted by several online groups as a commemorative piece for collectors. And while I was in Hollywood, CA, I did present a copy of my Tribute book (A Tribute to James Doohan) to James Doohan and his family. I was drawn on the stage and stood before a packed room (hundreds of people) and told everyone how Scotty had influenced my life. How many people get a chance to do that in their lifetime?? I’ve also created Trek pic videos—some of which are on YouTube.

I attend a Star Trek convention every now and then. I conduct book signings at them, too. Sometimes I’m afforded my own ‘body guard’ of sorts when I’m in certain cons. That person is in charge of keeping me safe while I’m wandering about the convention grounds. That’s kind of neat.

I have tons of memorabilia at home, items signed by various Star Trek cast members. I am the proud owner of the only book copy of, “A Tribute to James Doohan,” that was signed by James Doohan and other surviving original series cast members. That book has been set behind glass so the signatures will not be smudged. I have a Tribble signed by William Shatner, a computer mouse signed by James Doohan, and a phaser signed by Denise Crosby and Jonathan Frakes.

I am privileged to write for Roddenberry. I work for an Entertainment Company out of CA that has a hand in hosting Star Trek Celebration events. In this way I get to connect with those who I watched on television when I was a child (the Star Trek actors), connect with those who were just figures on a small television screen. I never dreamed that I’d actually meet them one day, that I’d actually touch them. And blow me over with a feather—that I’d actually write a speech that one of them would read before the world.

How about picture taking tips? Photography is one of my hobbies. Nimoy has offered me some tips, seeing that he loves photography, too. I’ve reaped rewards from his wisdom in that I’ve won “Best of Show” awards and ribbons for my work when I’ve entered my photographs in various contests. My pictures are on book covers, too. And speaking of Nimoy, one of the recent interviews I conducted as an assignment for Roddenberry was an interview with Leonard in regards to his latest photography endeavors.

So the chorus to that song….
Oh, I can't believe it's happening to me. Some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this…

That fits my life to a “T”. I’ve met my heroes, talked with them, worked for them, and have even sat down and eaten a meal with them. And Leonard Nimoy is just as wonderful as he seems. He’s smart and has a great sense of humor. There’s a lot of Spock there inside him…and he acknowledges that fact with pleasure.

All this, and my own childhood story, led me to writing my favorite book series, “More Than Angels.” This series is based in part on my life and how I looked up to my heroes. A copy of my first book is signed by Nimoy himself…and he has copies of both books in the series. I’m now writing book 3.

Thinking back to Nimoy, about two years ago I worked with Nimoy and his art agent in obtaining a signed print (made directly from Nimoy’s dark room with his own hands) from Nimoy’s Shekinah series. That print, along with a note from Nimoy, is now displayed in the new Library in my hometown. It’s the only Library I know of that has an original Nimoy print mounted on its wall, along with a personal message.

I travel a lot when working with various companies in connection with Star Trek events. Places I go and things I see then become a part of some book that I write. I guess I should say that my writing career began in high school. When I was in the eleventh grade I wrote a one-page paper about what I’d like to do with my summer. It was supposed to be a fantasy story. For me, that paper encompassed the Star Trek world. And that paper started me on the road to writing in the Star Trek universe—with a lot of support from my English teacher. (I have put together 5 Star Trek reference/tribute books, with two more yet to be released. Also, I’ve written two Trek novels.) To hear the television interview about this you can visit this link:

So, there you have it. A childhood dream whisks me across the stars to a dream come true. I’d never in a million years believed that I’d be doing what I am today, or that I would meet all the people that I have. I thank everyone who made it possible. I also thank all the Star Trek actors who make me feel welcome when we chance to meet and work together.

So, for those of you who believe dreams can’t come true…they can. It may take time and work, but some part of your dream can be realized in some way. And as I learned….’some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.’

And oh, what a moment it’s been!

Ruby Moon-Houldson

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review: Vampires Gain Ability to Live In the Sun!

Guardians of Immortal Humanity
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 1598240013
155 Pages

Ruby Moon-Houldson thrusts the deep love between Jadyn and Christopher to the forefront in Guardians of Immortal Humanity, Book 3 of the Guardian Series. In fact, Jadyn almost dies! And Christopher is fighting his own demon as the evil vampire that had been dormant for so many years is now fighting for dominance over the good vampire within him. Will the good part of Christopher win and will he get back to Jadyn who is slowly fading away because she is physically separated from her soul mate before it is too late?

Readers of this series are now very familiar with the erotic and sensuous love that joins Jadyn and Christopher. However, when the dark side of him took over during a time of intimacy, Jadyn had been hurt and Christopher felt it could become even worse for her and the baby (Yes, Jadyn is going to have another child!). He would not believe Jadyn’s cries that she was fine and that she could protect herself and the baby; he left and did not tell her where he was going!

The Stone of Light and Life has been stolen! Fortunately the two evil vampires are sufficiently greedy that they do not share the power of the stone. For they have now been transformed so that they are able to live under the rays of the sun and they are feeding during the day when many mortals are active. At the same time, they are using the power to become active and then take over major corporations across the world!

Their plan: to use humans as breeding stock for their blood needs while they control more and more of the middle realm and later, the upper realms!

Jadyn, who has always been able to win over an evil vampire, now has to deal with two who cannot be harmed in any way! She conducts extensive research, works with local college professors of physics and finally devises a plan... But it requires going back to Stonehenge and it requires Christopher’s presence and his being willing to once again take some of her blood! Will Christopher once again stand by her as she saves humanity?

Yes, of course, good wins over evil! Jadyn once again figures out what to do to destroy those that cannot be destroyed! But this time, it is not through battle, although there is indeed a major battle, which includes a new group of “good guys.” Jadyn’s uses her intelligence, her power, the powers she can control, and, of course, the help of her soulmate! For as soon as Christopher learned that Jadyn was ill because of their separation, he “flew” to her side!

I must say that I am amazed at the various scenarios that Moon-Houldson creates for this series! The creativity of the concept and her flair in following through with the details of the event is unlike any other author of my experience. Moon-Houldson has surely found her niche in the Fantasy/SciFi genres!

Better and better? Yes, that is exactly what this series is providing for readers! Guardians of Immortal Humanity has once again saved the world so that you and I can read about it in this great series by Ruby Moon-Houldson! And...already I’m wondering what is going to happen in Guardians of Immortal Life! My review’s coming soon!

G. A. Bixler

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review: See Australia Through Eyes of Cynthia Clampitt!

Waltzing Australia
By Cynthia Clampitt
ISBN: 1419663062
497 Pages

“As I sped over the soft earth, the wind in my face, the colors crowding in around me, I felt fleeter and freer than I can ever remember. Such is the liberating quality of joy.”

You could read Waltzing Australia by Cynthia Clampitt and thoroughly enjoy a great travel book. This highly recommended journal is full of the history, the beauty and the mystery of Australia. In fact, if you suffer from occasional wanderlust, you should keep this book on your permanent library shelf so that you can escape into the various parts of Australia whenever you wish! I personally would visit Tasmania more often since Cynthia immediately captured me through the stories of her travels there.

But if I told you only about traveling through Australia, you would not be prepared and perhaps not realize until it is later in the book, that there is a very personal story being told. It’s about one of our present-day female role models we should share with our children. It’s about a gutsy woman who, while being in a successful corporate career realized that it was not what she wanted for her life. She wanted a writing career. Leaving the security of her corporate role, she first chose to fulfill a lifetime dream. She spent six months touring Australia!

There is little that Cynthia writes about herself, but when she does add those personal comments, such as the one quoted above, I urge you to stop and consider those words about your own life—Can we say that we experience “the liberating quality of joy”? Let your heart decide whether Cynthia has a special message for you that will run throughout this book... If so, then sit back and enjoy waltzing along with Cynthia as she tests her limits, especially physically, and in many other ways!

“My spirit seemed to sympathetic response to...innocence, the fierceness, the solitude...I studied them a while longer, smiled...”

This lengthy journey covers approximately 20,000 miles as Cynthia toured Australia. The book has been easily divided into parts of the country so that you can hone in on that section if you are fortunate to have a few weeks to travel to a specific spot. It is written in a travel diary format that provides broad strokes as well as daily activities of events. There will be information about the history of the location being traveled, notes on wildlife as well as the land and water displays. To give you a taste, I’ll share with you just some of the details that show the variety of information and that were especially interesting to me:

· Nearly everybody knows the old song about the Kookaburra. It is the largest member of the kingfisher family and is best known for its rollicking “laughter.”

· Wages were once paid in “rum.”

· “Beyond words” can only be used to describe the beauty of the rainforest.

· Everything, including cars, the weather, referred to as “she.”

· The riverboat postman on Hawkesbury River carries not only mail, but food, medicine and even people!

· Captain Cook traveled along the coast naming bays, islands and landmarks. He “peacefully changed the map of the world more than any other single man....”

· Rub a large the fertility cave to become pregnant, according to Aboriginal legend!

· The Stirling Bells grow nowhere else in the world other than the Stirling Ranges; each of the seven varieties has its own mountain, growing nowhere else in the ranges!

· Tasmania’s Wallabies are only 2 to 3 feet and they grasp fingers to eat out of your hand.

· Wombats have short necks, making it impossible to look up, so they beg for food by trotting up and staring at your ankles.

· Tasmanian devils owe their names and reputations to the insanely wild screaming/choking/snarling/roaring sounds they make for normal conversation!

· Sydney’s opera house cost $102M, raised mostly through lotteries.

With that last I must stop. There seems to be one overlying theme about Australia that is readily apparent. People are happy, friendly and proud of their country. People open their homes to strangers. When a car or bus is broken down, everybody stops to help. I love the Australia that I read about in Waltzing Australia by Cynthia Clampitt. I was 18 when I, too, thought of traveling to that country. If I never get to, though, Cynthia has given me a taste of that “heaven” that I missed. Perhaps you, too, have a dream...

“I wondered again, as I have wondered before, why this place moves me so. I am drawn to the remoteness, to the vigor, the fierceness...and its spirit whispers to my spirit...”

G. A. Bixler

Review: Interested in Writing? Keeping A Diary May Help!

No Ordinary Lives:
Four 19th Century Teenage Diaries
Branden Books
ISBN: 9780828321587
192 Pages

Do you keep a diary, a journal? Do you have children or teenagers who enjoy writing and may be encouraged through a gift showing others who wrote about their daily activities? No Ordinary Lives by Marilyn W. Seguin gives you that opportunity!

In addition to basic information about writing and keeping a diary, there are tips for locating available diaries and an extensive list of resources, both in written form and online.

The four diaries included in No Ordinary Lives, were written in the 1800s and are all from children and teenagers from Maine, including a diary from Nat Hathorne who later called himself Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Interestingly, there is some question as to whether Hathorne’s diary was “faked” by somebody else, which, in itself, is a sad commentary, but also illustrative of the potential value of documents written while they were young, by those who later become famous. If the diary is real, and I choose to believe it is, then it records probably the earliest “story” written by Hawthorne. It is an endearing, silly little story about having a conversation with a horse who is very hungry, had no breakfast, but had to stand waiting while they were grinding the corn he had pulled to town! Of course, Nat crept in and took some of the corn and gave it to the horse! Later, after Nat had done even more to help, he begins to feel guilty and worry about being caught for helping the poor animal.

One of the differences between Nat’s diary and that of Ethel Godfrey was that Nat wrote about events and activities that occurred in his area, while Ethel had chosen to write only about her personal life. Of course, this is a major decision issue for diarists and obviously affects what the individual may decide to record.

Ethel was writing her diary in her mid-teens and describes her interpersonal relationships with friends with whom she goes to school. One point that perhaps highlighted a difference in school relationships at that time was that the children got together to study. I think, although I could be wrong, that as time passed, and as children became more involved with different activities, that this faded as a routine activity, yet it seemed from this diary that it helped cement friendships between boys and girls. Sad to have lost that from the past.

The other two diaries, although written by individuals who were 13 and 19, are very similar in style. They are written as a log of daily activities, some of which include personal comments while others merely state what occurred daily. The content though is entirely different!

The first book, written by a 13-year-old boy who, after being taken to live with the Shaker community when his parents were not able to support the children, chose not to leave even though his parents begged him to return home. The diary covers daily work activities performed by this young man and certainly does not appear to in any way be similar to the lives of today’s children. Yet the young boy had found a home, a faith, that was meaningful to him and there are many references where he would speak during their religious services.

The last book was written by the daughter of a sea captain who was forced to travel with her parents as they traveled around the southern end of South America and on to the west coast. Although there are times of happiness, there is much loneliness and boredom shared in her diary. One point mentioned only by the book’s author was that she later fell in love with a captain! I wonder if she then took her place onboard as the Captain’s wife and continued to sail the seas?

Coincidentally, I had just finished reading and reviewing Waltzing Australia by Cynthia Clampitt, who recently published her nearly 500-page diary she wrote to document her tour of Australia. Obviously made me wonder whether our sea captain’s daughter grew to love her life and continued to write and even publish the stories about her time sailing. I add this note also to show that as one of today’s writers, Cynthia certainly found a perfect way to use the diary form—to log her activities as she traveled, with personal notes included!

Marilyn Weymouth Seguin, by giving the title No Ordinary Lives to her book, highlights that diaries are personal—they provide the opportunity to write about our innermost thoughts, to be seen only by ourselves. Or, they may be used to provide an intimate look at the lives we have led for our family and those who study historical times in an intimate fashion.

Myself, I would not be willing to share my diary with anybody because I would tend to write about my own personal life. What about you, would you share your life with another through your diary? If you are not sure, but are thinking about keeping a diary, then I highly recommend No Ordinary Lives to you—it may be just what you needed to help you get started!

G. A. Bixler