Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review: Guardians of Immortal Unity - Exciting News for the Varatoos!

Guardians Of Immortal Unity
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 9781598244465
190 Pages

Guardians Of Immortal Unity by Ruby Moon-Houldson is Book 7 of the Guardian series. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the entire series this month and am already looking forward to Book 10 that is not yet written!

The Great One has initiated the next step in His Plan! Christopher has been asked to bring Jadyn to the Upper Realm for a major event. But can he convince Jadyn to participate?

You see, there is to be one more child born to the Varatoos...and she will be very special!

Readers know by now that the intimacy between Jadyn and Christopher is one of the most enduring and important parts of their love. But that intimacy has occurred only in the middle realm! This time must be different and Christopher must ensure all is ready by arranging that they revisit all places in the Upper Realm where they once were and openly share their mutual love so that residents there see their relationship. The occasion will be the celebration of their wedding anniversary! And renewal of their wedding vows!

All of the Varatoo children and grandchildren have been born with specific magical attributes based upon the merging of the parents. Indeed, the Varatoo family has built homes, teaching facilities, recreation areas in one location so that the strengths that each provides are instantly available when required. So, don’t be surprised that it was Iri and Vukan, the 12-year-old twins who first knew that Jadyn was pregnant, for the baby had called out to them to help protect her and her mother! Jadyn was being attacked internally, without realizing what was happening. One who has lived a long, unsuccessful evil life, the first temptress Lilith, wanted to place a “bit of herself” into this child—just a little taste of evil...

Jadyn and Christopher had to eliminate this danger immediately and the “struggle for dominance” must take place within the Bermuda Triangle where Lilith and her minions live. Frankly I love the battle scenes Moon-Houldson creates! Magical action and adventure at its greatest! No wonder the Triangle is still a mystical site!

One final event ends this wonderful book—Jadyn finds out who she really is! That’s alllllll I’m going to say!

Guardians of Immortal Unity by Ruby Moon-Houldson just may become my favorite book in the this point, I’ll just say that it is Highly Recommended!

~~~FYI from GB: The Guardian series is a sensuous escape into the fantasy world of the ages. I am thoroughly hooked! When I read the More Than Angels books, I declared Moon-Houldson a must-read author. However, the Guardian series, in an entirely different genre, forces, yes, forces me to consider this author a Creative Genius! Book reviews cannot begin to describe the fascinating complexity, compelling storyline and sensuality of these stories. While based upon well-researched somehow familiar magical stories, each idea from Moon-Houldson is unique but totally interwoven into an intricate tale that becomes a reality into which readers invariably fall! Building suspense through character development and constantly more exciting and seemingly impossible challenges is almost magically done through brilliant writing! The Guardian series demands to be consumed!

G. A. Bixler

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