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Write What You Know by Spotlighted Author, Ruby Moon-Houldson

“Write what you know.”

That’s some good advice I received from Nick Sparks some time ago. And I’ve found it to work well for me. So, I wrote the ‘More Than Angels’ series because I know about the main topics that are integrated into that series (abuse, psychology, legal issues, love, dreams, hopes, etc.)…and I know the characters from Star Trek—many of my characters were patterned after those great people. I know about psychology—I have a PhD in that profession. ‘Dragon’s Fire, Insanity’s Reign’ has psychology aspects in it. Also, another book, ‘Romancing the Professor’ has a lot of my own experiences in it—as a college professor. The Star Trek tribute books I’ve authored—again, I know a lot about that franchise. I write for Roddenberry and for an Entertainment Company out of California—I know my stuff so I have the honor of writing for them.

As you can see, I write about what I know. It makes life a bit easier.

Recently, I was asked a few questions regarding my work. I’ll try to answer those questions here.

What made you choose the sci/fi fantasy genre? Do you read other writers and who???

A) I mainly write in the sci-fi genre because of my love for Star Trek. As for fantasy, I have always been intrigued with vampires. There seems to be no end to how someone can write about vampires—both good vamps and bad ones. I do not read other books because I have a little problem---I tend to recall nearly everything I read! How sad. I don’t want to chance it that something I read might bleed into my own work (no pun intended). However, I do like listening to books on tape—Sherlock Holmes (who Spock hinted at being related to on his mom’s side), and Hercule Poirot. I also like the old radio shows of “The Shadow”.

How do you feel about self-published versus mainline publishing?

A) I think that self-publishing is a wonderful thing. Both kinds of publishing have their own positives and negatives. The good thing about self-publishing is that people who wish to share their story can do so. Not so several years back. Mainline publishing takes control of what you created, and in many cases, offers little in return. Once they get your work, it’s their work.

Does your Guardian series carry any part(s) of your personal life (and what about your personal life, what to share more)...Also will the Guardian series continue on for future and how long? Will Jadyn and Christopher ever get to retire?

A) First, I do believe that the ‘Guardian’ series offers some aspects of my personal life in it. Just as the ‘More Than Angels’ series does. In the ‘Guardian’ series, Jadyn is a writer, like I am. Some of the cute antics that the children carry out in the story were the same as what my own kids performed at one time or another. Rayna, who shows up later in the series, is a lot like my granddaughter—inquisitive, shy at times, angelic much of the time, and wants to know about everything right now.
I think Jadyn has attributes that I’d love to have in my life; therefore, she’s a character after my own heart. She loves family ties and justice. Many of the places that Jadyn and Christopher visit are places where I’ve visited myself. I love the Valley of Fire in Nevada. And like I mentioned in the book, which is based on fact, it is the only place on earth that is very close to what it would be like if you were on Mars. In the later books, I look at modern technology. Jadyn looks at it, too. Much of what you see in those books are what I’ve been studying and researching about our real world. I do feel technology will enslave us in some way and we’ll regret it—something like what we see in the Terminator movies and the Terminator series.

As for more books in the ‘Guardian’ series. I’m working on book 10—Guardians of Immortal Night. I’m not sure what comes after that—if anything. The series was supposed to be comprised of only 6 books. But of course, it’s now up to 10. If something exciting comes to mind then I might think about an 11 book. I haven’t really thought past book 10 yet.
As for Jadyn and Christopher retiring….well, if I were in their world I’d say, no. But from this side of reality, they might. I’ve even invited other writers to have at it if they feel they have something great to share in relation to the Guardian series. Yes, I created the characters and their universe as it were, but I don’t mind sharing them.

As for the ‘Guardian’ series—I wish to clear up a few points with those who may be reading the series at this time. I think the story or world I’ve created for the Guardian series isn't about "God" as we know him. The series is about the messages I intertwine throughout the story--love, faith, hope, trust, change for the better, the fate of human destiny, the realms where we might find ourselves after life---these concepts helped create the titles. It's just another way to tell of man's great struggle to come to terms with the aforementioned challenges of life.

And, I don't want to give anything away that you haven't read yet, but in the latter books, you will find how I'm including modern devices, that we think are great, in the storyline. Both good and bad vamps use them for their own purposes. So how will humans fare when evil uses those conveniences against them? Are they allowing themselves to be drawn into something that will lead to their downfall or to their being shackled by evil?

As for another part of that question—my personal life. Well, that’s complicated. I am the eldest of three children. My sister, Sandy, has passed on. She was the middle child. She was the weakest, too. She was always pale and had some health issues. But she was cute as a button. It was a sad day indeed when I attended her funeral. Too much of our childhood past haunted me that day. My little sister lives in the same town I do, her name is Ruth. (Ruth and Ruby are shown in picture) I remember when she was two years old (I’m 6 years older than her). She always said cute things, and I recall many of those sayings to this day.

So, being the eldest meant taking on countless responsibilities—and I still seem to be under that umbrella today as I see after Ruth while she’s struggling to make it in life. I still question why I turned out to be so different from my siblings. I am nothing like them. My life took a far different path then theirs did. So when you read about Thia in the “More Than Angels” series; that is mostly me you’re reading about. I went to college, my siblings did not. I have a stable home life, not so with my sisters. I am cautious and question everything, not so with my sisters. I plan for any contingency, they never have. I’ve come to question if what I did as a child is what turned my life on a different path. And here we go, speaking about something that was created—but it impacted many lives. I watched the Star Trek series on TV, actually, I sneaked and watched it—just like Thia did. I learned so much from that series. I also studied the actors. I made many decisions based on what I had picked up from both the real and the imaginary. My sisters however did not share in my love of the series. Now I can’t say that’s what made me different—maybe I was just “different” to begin with, but I think it was a turning factor in my life. It might have saved me from following the same path my sisters did.

So, don’t ever think that something you do, or the way you live your life doesn’t matter. It may very well influence how someone else decided to live their life. You may be the saving grace for some child who’s trying to find their way.

Write What You Know. I’ve done that. I don’t like to write poetry or prose per se, but I have written some pieces that have touched many hearts and caused one great police thriller author to actually ask to meet me when she was traveling through my town. She said the piece she’d read (that I had written titled, “A Final Farewell,” and is in a Trek tribute book) moved her greatly. She wanted to talk to me about the piece and ask me more about certain parts of it. So, this is what I will leave with you. Maybe it will mean something to you.

Thanks for reading my work. I hope you’re enjoying every word.

A Final Farewell will be posted in a separate article...

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