Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: Fool Me Once - Great Romantic Suspense!

Fool Me Once
By Jessica Joy
Black Velvet Seductions Publishing
ISBN: 0977468224
216 Pages

One of my online connections recently put out a request for recommendations for a romance book. I had just finished Fool Me Once by Jessica Joy and immediately shared the information...and now I share this highly recommended book with you!

Be prepared for being drawn in to this well-written novel and then enjoy lots of twists and surprises because even the characters don't know what is going on! Blair Kierstead, a professional photographer, had been pulled into FBI undercover work until his informant had betrayed him and two of his partners were murdered. Having put his faith in Toni Greer caused Blair to mistrust his own instincts and he had refused to go undercover again. Toni had been willing to set up her criminal lover but the tables were turned on the FBI!

Now that woman was back in his life! Toni Greer apparently had been on her way to his home when she had an accident that caused memory loss. When he notified the officials of this, his best friend and former boss Drew Bryant asked him to let her stay with him once out of the hospital while they investigated. Blair reluctantly agreed, knowing that nobody would be looking for Toni at his place. Even now her lover had a price on her head and she was being hunted across the country.

But who was this beautiful, friendly woman who cooked his meals, made friends with his family, decorated his cold, lonely home for Christmas holidays, and, most importantly, got under his skin like she had never done in the past! This was not the cool, sophisticated model who had only become his friend so that she could somehow escape her life...

The doctor claimed that all changes were just part of the head injury!

The budding romance between Blair and Toni is heartwarming. He had unknowingly pulled away from his family when his parents had been killed and now this woman was breaking down all those walls and forcing him to embrace the family love he had been starved for, but had withdrawn from. But even Toni couldn't adjust to the reality of being...Toni! She hated all of the clothes she had with her and since the wallet she carried was full, she went out and bought clothes that she felt comfortable in. Finally, she accidentally hears a conversation between Blair and Drew and learns why she was here in his home. Most devastating was that she learned that the lies they had told her about Blair and her being a couple were not true! did that explain the obvious feelings and desires that were bringing these two closer and closer together?

Very cool storyline! Thoroughly enjoyed my one-day read of this book. Satisfying suspense with a maybe not so surprising ending...after all, this couple has been fighting their feelings from the day they met! I loved it and know you will too! Read Fool Me Once by Jessica Joy--you'll be glad you did!

G. A. Bixler

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