Monday, July 6, 2009

Review: Night Angel - A Heartwarming, Sizzling Romance

Night Angel
By Renee Reeves
Black Velvet Seductions Publishing
ISBN: 9780980224634
252 Pages

"...the first time I saw you...with the moonlight highlighting your face and looked like an angel, and right then I knew you were the woman I wanted."

Can a book be both heart-warming...and...sizzling at the same time? You bet--Night Angel by Renee Reeves is just that!

I've read a lot of books that feature abuse; it is never easy to read. However, I believe that the more we learn about the reality of what it does to people, the more we are able to speak out against and support those who have been abused! So, first, I applaud Renee Reeves for handling an extremely sensitive issue in such a well-written manner!

Morgan never had a chance. She was romanced and wooed by a professional who never touched her intimately until the night of their marriage, when they were on their honeymoon. Richard was his name. Richard took Morgan's virginity through rape and assault. That type of abuse lasted for six years until Richard was killed in an automobile accident. We are all glad he is dead! As Morgan admits, if he hadn't been killed, she probably would have been dead because the beatings were getting worse and worse.

Nick also never had a chance. He stayed in his bed at nights listening to his father rape and beat his mother, without being able to do anything. He and Jake, his brother, were also abused. Until Jake was 17 and big enough to defend himself, but by that time, it was too late--his father had murdered his mother! And Nick had taken his revenge.

Throughout the book, the past lives of both Morgan and Nick creep into their present lives. Morgan had moved to Montana to get away and start a new life. Nick and his brother had bought a ranch using money their grandfather had left them. Fate clearly brought the two together! Because as Morgan sought and found a perfect spot to be her hideaway, it just happened to be on Nick's property; they were now neighbors!

It was seeing one of the abused horses that Nick had saved and brought to the ranch that made Morgan realize that she could perhaps trust her feelings that were growing for Nick. There just was no doubt--she was very attracted to him and Nick felt the same. But Morgan's fears from her past came unbidden, even when she had no real reason to be afraid.

It was seeing his face painted on one of Morgan's canvases that made Nick realize that he might have a chance to win Morgan's love.

I read Night Angel in a day. It is easy reading and fast, especially in some parts... Those are the sizzling parts you'll have to enjoy yourself. I've shared the heartwarming story of two individuals, hurt and alone, but still willing to find and fight for a life-long love!

Like romance novels? Then Night Angel by Renee Reeves will take you on one of the "Sensuous Journeys" that is promised on the front cover. It's a winner!

G. A. Bixler

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