Friday, July 31, 2009

Ruby Moon-Houldson Finishes Wonderful Month Here!

Ruby in Regalia!
Scaring Scooby!

Six Flag Superman

When I saw Ruby's schedule, I wrote and told her she needed to have some fun! Now that the month is over, she decided to prove that she always takes time out for family fun!

Thinking about my crazy schedule and all, I thought I’d share that next weekend I will be in Minnesota. I didn’t get to attend the commencement and hooding (for my PhD) in the spring due to time constraints, so I will be attending the ceremony next weekend. YEAH!!! So that means I get to dress up in a funny hat (really called a tam) and a heavy robe with pretty blue velvet stripes on the sleeves and two blue velvet runners on the front. I’ve worn the outfit once already—at the commencement exercise where I teach. Faculty have to dress in the regalia they earned when obtaining their most recent degree. It was a hot outfit and very heavy, unlike regular polyester graduation gowns.

Anyway, the hooding is next Friday night and a buffet will be served to graduates and family afterwards. Then Saturday is the commencement. I think it will be exciting. I just hope it doesn’t rain.

Our plan next is to head to Chicago to Six Flags Great America. I LOVE roller coasters. You show me one and I’ll ride it. I’m going to ride the Superman again. YEAH!!! We’ll receive the royal treatment when we visit the park; we’ll have our own special park guide so we won’t have to wait in any lines. I’ll do a small book appearance while I’m out that way—for the guests and staff. As you can see from the pics, the Superman is a fun ride. You sit in a seat, the attendants strap you in at the waist, and then a bar is secured across your ankle/shin area. A bigger bar is then lowered over your upper body. The machine tips you until you’re face down. And that’s the way you are throughout the entire ride—it’s like you’re flying—looking down at the ground. You do some flips, too, so you can see the sky. WHEEEE!!!

Anyway, that’s what fun I’m working on for next weekend.

I’m attaching pics for you to see that show me in my funny outfit—you can’t see all the medallions and cords I’m wearing because they are covered up by the golden colored PhD stole—sorry. :^(

Also, there’s a pic of my middle daughter (Heaven) and I riding the Superman some time back. As you can tell, we loved it!!

Also during my travels I was able to see a space shuttle up close. It was no longer in use but you could still see what it was about. Don’t I look so small standing next to it?

How about another fun trip I took once. I scared Scooby Doo to death! Ha-ha!

Last New Year’s Eve I was out in Hollywood, CA, on Paramount Studio’s Backlot celebrating the New Year. Lots of people and loud music. I called back home (Indiana) so my sister and my husband could hear the countdown and the loud crowd. That was exciting!!!

Anyway, as you can see, I do get to have some fun when I travel. I don’t just work all the time.

See you.


It's been a pleasure to have Ruby with, books, Scooby Due and Superman too! Thanks again Ruby from me and my readers!
Come back to visit soon...and...often!

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