Friday, July 31, 2009

Review: Night Sins - Music Influenced by The Guardian Series - Created and Performed by Virgil Franklin

Night Sins
By Virgil Franklin
Virgil Music 2007 BMI
13 Selections

After reading, my favorite entertainment is music, although this is the first review that I’ve written. It seemed important, however, to highlight the CD, Night Sins by Virgil Franklin, which was influenced by the “Guardian” series by Ruby Moon-Houldson that I’m been reading and reviewing.

First, let me say that my overall reaction to this music is that it would be “exactly” what I would want to hear as the soundtrack theme for movies from the Guardian series! It captures you immediately and flies with you into the night where sometimes things that shouldn’t happen all too often do. But...

It also takes you into that delightful mysterious world where all you can imagine and dream of can and sometimes does come true!

“Night Sins” made me immediately “feel” close to my most favorite overture--for The Phantom of the Opera! In fact many of the pieces have the grandeur and majesty that confront you in this, one of the greatest operas of all time. Just as with the Phantom, when I escape into scenes of the Play, so, too, I found that I could visualize scenes from Moon-Houldson’s books as I listened to the drama, the love, the tension, and the unique magic that is found in the Guardian books!

No words are needed to accompany Night Sins—for the music itself speaks to you and you become engulfed in the story it is telling.

“Jadyn’s Theme” brought to mind the picture of Jadyn and Christopher dancing, swirling with their clothes flowing...and then on to moments of love and intimacy...and completion...

While Guardians of the Night took me right into the times when the good and evil vampires were fighting, swords flashing...and then Jadyn calling for the winds and lightning and power of the earth to...finish!

Vein of Life allowed me to skirt the periods when Jadyn called upon Christopher to share his essence with her, to place part of the vampire into her to replenish her suffering... or also to provide the additional strength needed to vanquish the latest challenger. Feeling the suffering, the hesitation of Christopher to perform this cruel act and yet knowing that the power and strength was needed he would quickly act!

Other selections include “Bad Dream,” “Destiny Calls,” “Between Two Worlds,” “Watching,” “Overture to the Night,” “Sunburn,” “Battle for the Realm,” “As a Beast,” and “Shadows of the Past.” Envision the passages of events in the books and you will find wonderful music to highlight the events! I believe my favorite is “Battle for the Realm” as ghostly music begins and the oboe sets the marching pace of the battle to come, as the Benevolent Ones are joined by the Pure Ones from the Upper Realms face the beasts one more time.

Readers of the Guardian Series—you MUST have this music in which to fall into the Love Story of the Ages!

If you already have Night Sins by Virgil Franklin and have escaped into his magical nights, then you just might want to meet Jadyn and Christopher!

For me, I’ll be visiting to see what else Virgil Franklin has composed and recorded...I’ve just met him through Night Sins and want to know more!!!

G. A. Bixler

Check out Night Sins and other soundtracks by clicking the title of this article!

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