Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Authors/Writers - Check Out New Site With Creative Strategies for Grabbing The Limelight!

Wealth for Writers Site Launched by Lake That Stole Children Author
By Douglas Glenn Clark

Douglas Glenn Clark has launched a new online site designed to provide writers with creative strategies for grabbing the limelight – and more paychecks.

Los Angeles, CA July 8, 2009 – Money and exposure are two things most writers never seem to get enough of. To end the drought, author Douglas Glenn Clark has launched a free new online site designed to provide writers with creative strategies for grabbing the limelight – and more paychecks.
Clark’s new venture is named after his latest book, The Lake That Stole Children. Although his fable is fashioned after the dark mysteries of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the site offers practical and pragmatic publishing and publicity solutions.
“I’m constantly amazed that many creative writers don’t take the time to learn more about the industry they want to conquer. This new venture will provide a solid foundation for launching and sustaining a writing career,” says Clark.
Clark’s site offers insights from publishing pros such as Arielle Ford and Bob Bly, a renowned copywriter and author of best-selling books. Ford’s “Everything You Should Know” about publishing is a rich source of inspiration and nuts-and-bolts information. Bly offers publishing and marketing guidance, as well as lucrative freelance strategies.
Making money is a core theme at the site.
Freelance writing assignments can be a great way for aspiring novelists and short story writers to make a living – and gain experiences that may help develop their writing. Although some writers may be reluctant to accept business and other non-fiction writing assignments, Clark only sees benefits.
“I’ve learned a lot about story telling from the most unlikely people and assignments. Writing for a wide range of business people has opened my mind. I’ve learned a lot about character and motivation. And these people are appreciative of good writing. The kudos – and the pay checks – can help sustain any writer who is in it for the long run,” says the Los Angeles area writer.
In Clark’s The Lake That Stole Children, children in a quiet Michigan lake town go missing, yet no one is talking. Then the voice of a reclusive fisherman’s lost son is heard keening in the night. And the townspeople realize they can no longer bear to keep quiet about their troubling secret.
Clark’s redemptive adventure book tale that involves a death-defying rescue has attracted teachers and parents who say they have found The Lake That Stole Children suitable for reading aloud to young audiences.
Life lessons in the adventure book revolve around the themes of love, anger, freedom and forgiveness. It begins with a sensitive boy’s deep yearning for exciting experiences. It concludes only after his fierce and protective father has gone to battle with a frightening force of nature – and himself.
Clark has been the subject of feature stories in various New England and Midwestern newspapers. He has also written for the theater. His plays have been produced at the Old Globe Theatre, as well as the Chester Theatre Company in the Berkshires. He has received writing awards from the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Michigan arts councils. His journalism has been published in daily newspapers, such as the Los Angeles Daily News and various print and online publications.
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