Friday, July 31, 2009

Review: Guardians of Immortal Truth Closes Month for Spotlighted Author Ruby Moon-Houldson

Guardians Of Immortal Truth
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 9781608620487
146 Pages

Book 8 of the Guardian series goes hi-tech! Hephate had foreseen thousands of years ago what would happen in the 20th century. Now, in Guardians Of Immortal Truth by Ruby Moon-Houldson, the Guardian must lead the fight as the evil vampires use computer technology in the worse possible ways!

Tracking their next meal... Gaining power over the middle realm...

Many of The Benevolent Ones that have been permitted to live in the day are now being tracked and killed. Mortals are being tracked like cattle, slaughtered anywhere they happen to be, found via an embedded computer chip.

But even during the latest crisis, Jadyn is called upon to advise and guide one of her important team members. Jorrell who has risked his life over and over admits that he has fallen in love with a mortal! Taking on the role of family, Jadyn and Christopher agree to meet Kira. Sure enough, Kira is part of The Plan! Not only is she willing to “love a vampire,” she works for one of the computer companies that produces the hardware now being led by evil and used for their purposes and agrees to help the Varatoos in preventing the deadly use to which computers have been diverted.

Working to eliminate all of the tracking systems used brought about retaliation by the evil vampires. A group of children has been kidnapped and held at a power plant, in which bombs have been placed! While everybody works together to save the children, Jadyn hides the fact that she has already gone into labor!

Rayna Amara Rina Varatoo is born... How, where, and delivered by whom is a beautiful tale that you must read yourself!

Readers of Ruby Moon-Houldson have come to realize that her books do not “close” easily...there is always one final issue that must be handled. This time, Jadyn and Christopher meet Liercuf, The Evil One, at Wizard Island...for a little...discussion...

A mortal-vampire wedding, children being kidnapped, bombs destroying power plants, a most special baby born—another story about all things normal happening in the lives of the Varatoo family!

Please note that Guardians of Immortal Truth by Ruby Moon-Houldson is dedicated to Virgil Franklin whose CD, “Night Sins,” was influenced by the Guardian Series. It includes 13 selections, two of which are called, “Guardians of the Night,” and “Jadyn’s Theme.” A separate review of Night Sins has been written.

Enjoy this latest must-read addition to one of the greatest fantasy series written!


The Guardian series is a sensuous escape into the fantasy world of the ages. I am thoroughly hooked! When I read the More Than Angels books, I declared Moon-Houldson a must-read author. However, the Guardian series, in an entirely different genre, forces, yes, forces me to consider this author a Creative Genius! Book reviews cannot begin to describe the fascinating complexity, compelling storyline and sensuality of these stories. While based upon well-researched somehow familiar magical stories, each idea from Moon-Houldson is unique but totally interwoven into an intricate tale that becomes a reality into which readers invariably fall! Building suspense through character development and constantly more exciting and seemingly impossible challenges is almost magically done through brilliant writing! The Guardian series demands to be consumed!

G. A. Bixler

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