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Review: Guardians of Immortal Destiny - Best In Series!

Guardians of Immortal Destiny

By Ruby Moon-Houldson

E-Book Time, LLC

ISBN: 1598240560

242 Pages

Book 5 of the Series, Guardians of Immortal Destiny, by Ruby Moon-Houldson takes us into the Upper Realms! It’s not a new experience for Jadyn and Christopher. In fact, they were created and lived there before they fell in love!

Now, however, they must visit the Upper Realm to prepare for their greatest challenge! Attacks by evil vampires have been coming more often. The ones being sent have been specifically trained to know how to fight the Guardian and those who support her. They have a specific goal: to acquire and eliminate one or both of the Keys to their Destiny!

Of course, those Keys just happen to be the twin children of Christopher and Jadyn, Iri and Vukan, who are only 4 years old, but who were born with great power. It is they who one day, when The Great One decides the time, will rid the middle realm of all evil!

The evil vampires must move now while the children are young to destroy the keys or the way by which that will happen.

In the Upper Realms, Christopher and Jadyn not only have the opportunity to relive the precious moments of their earlier life, but they also discover the two who betrayed them while Christopher was in charge. Later, though it is difficult to forgive them, Jadyn finds that both come to help, one who willingly gives his life to save the keys!

The great love that exists within the Varatoo family is a major part of this novel, as Peyton marries Sabriel in a quiet Stonehenge ceremony. Sabriel, who first appeared in Peyton’s dreams, where she fell in love with him, had to first learn how to love as a human since he was chosen from the Upper Realms to be Peyton’s mate.

Adrian, on the other hand, met T’Vala while he was on a training trip and found his way to a community of followers of Hecate. When it was discovered that Adrian was the son of Hephate, it was immediately known that T’Vala had been chosen for him. Adrian, however, was not too sure of this!

One of the parts for all of the characters in this series that I find most refreshing is that each of them has a human part that arises in emotional situations. The families take time to eat together. Sabriel is given time to learn to love Peyton even though her love has moved much faster than his. And Adrian is allowed to express his fear of knowing why and how to love a woman. Indeed, the twins, at age 4, are caught in a magical moment of terror and it results in the death of a vampire. Seeing what they have done traumatizes them so much that they withdraw from performing the magic they had playfully used within their family. The children and chosen “in-laws” are comforted, loved, and then taught by Jadyn and Christopher to understand their emotions and to look forward to love and to use their magical skills when they must to save lives.

The challenge to save immortal destiny takes the entire family and all helpers to Antarctica, with each and every one playing an important part! Jadyn carries the Cabal of Dominion, which pulls all other magical devices together to create what is needed for the future! Even the twins play an important part. This excitingly original climax surpasses all that has come before! You just can’t miss this one! Best of series (in my opinion): Guardians of Immortal Destiny by Ruby Moon-Houldson!

G. A. Bixler

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